Obama: Sanctions Don’t Work, Putin: Yes They Do!

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Barack Obama & John Kerry – Weak & Weaker

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

So President Bamster yesterday told the nation sanctions against communists don’t work. After all, he said, look at Cuba. In his mind, it is time for a new direction. So, he surrendered to Cuba and gave up the fight.

It’s a common theme for Obama; “Let’s just quit and go home.” He’s done it in Iraq, he’s doing it in Afghanistan and he’s trying to do it with our sanctions against Cuba. After all, he says, they just don’t work. Really?!

Meanwhile, in Russia the Ruble currency is deflating rapidly. ABCDemocrat News reports, “Russian President Vladimir Putin says that Western sanctions have been an important factor in the current economic crisis…”

So, I guess they do work.

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