Obama says Gas Prices “Bordering on a Crisis”

And, he actually said that when gas was at $3.60 a gallon! Now it is nearly $5.00 a gallon.


By Danny Dangerous for ConservativeAmerican.org

So his Barackness said while the rich don’t care about higher gas prices, “to most Americans, they are a huge problem. bordering on a crisis!” That’s how bad he thought things were when gas was $3.60… oh, and that’s what he though when he was NOT in charge!!

Now that high gas prices are Obama’s problem, it’s just not that big of a deal.

Now he says the problem was “politicians in Washington!” He was one of them when he made the comment and now he’s in charge of all of them! Soooooo, why didn’t he fix it?!

He said back in 2008 that he would be different, that he would push a windfall profits tax on big oil. Uhm… that hasn’t happened. Seems now all those he used to call big, evil, fat-cat corporate CEO’s who make evil, black oil he now calls friends and donors.


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