Obama, The President Who Cried “Wolf!”

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

By Peter Andrew
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The President Who Cried "Wolf!"This guy is getting waaaaaaaaaay too predictable. President Obama is delaying promised “tough” sanctions against Iran. Yawn. Fox News reports today, “Obama said Iran must grant international inspectors “unfettered” access to its newly disclosed nuclear facility within two weeks.”

Yeah…or Else! We reeeeeeeeally mean it this time too! The delay came after six nation talks today with Iran.

Just one week ago, Hillary Clinton told reporters

While Clinton wouldn’t detail what a next step could look like, she stressed there would be consequences if Iran doesn’t show progress. “We want to see a serious effort by Iran to discuss the nuclear issue,” Clinton said, and added Iran must realize it is “at a turning point” and invite international investigators to see and verify its total nuclear program.

Iran said it will “allow” inspectors. We’ll see. Hillary Clinton, just as she and Obama did with North Korea, had promised “there would be consequences,” instead, they get a delay.

Say…what ever happened to the promised consequences for North Korea?

Leading the Way Right, we have been reporting (to you here, and here, and over here, and over there, and again here, …99 bottles of beer on the wall…oh, sorry. Hello! Is this thing on? And another here, and you…suspense…guessed it, here too!)…how the promised consequences for North Korea from Team Obama have amounted to nothing, zippo, zilch. Why should Iran be any different?

So, careful not to offend our dear friends in the Iranian government, we played nice and gave them a two week delay, but told them we reeeeeeeeeeeeally mean it this time. That’s the same thing we told North Korea.

To foreign leaders, Obama has become the President Who Cried “Wolf!” His cries of, “Sanctions! Sanctions!” don’t attract any attention from people in the world village anymore.

No doubt Iran is scared of us this time. If they don’t follow through, we might actually ask the U.N. to write them a harsh letter!

Add your comments and feedback! Do you think we’ll have any “REAL” consequences this time?



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