Obama & Toronto Mayor: Caught in Lies – Expert Advice for Both

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The President of the United States and the mayor of Toronto have something in common. They have both been caught in big lies. Each has damaged his reputation and has proven he is not trustworthy. Each has a big public relations problem.

Frasier on Fox
Frasier on Fox

Fox – “Oh, look! Another blonde”- News this morning interviewed public relations hot shot Frasier Seitel, a consultant with Emerald Partners and author of the book, “The Practice of Public Relations.” They only talked to him about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, not President Obama. However, doesn’t the advice apply to both?

Seitel basically said this is a pretty simple thing to handle in terms of public relations. “Do the right thing,” he said. I suppose if I had said it, I would have said, “Do the RIGHT thing.” (See what I did there?) Just sayin’. In any event, Seitel defined doing the right thing with three easy steps that I suggest President Obama also should follow. What’s good for the gander is good for the, uh, other gander!

1. Step Down.

2. Tell the Truth.

3. Get Help.

This is perfect PR advice for Rob Ford and Barack Obama. Both caught in a big lie. Both aware that no one trusts them anymore to tell the truth. And the President, if not Ford as well, is continuing to lie about the big lie he got caught in!

Following the Seitel advice, President Obama should address the American people, admit he lied to get this thing passed, acknowledge that was a mistake (Tell the Truth), announce he will Step Down, and that he is going to Get Help with his inability to tell the truth. Growing up abandoned by both of his parents, the President has a mental problem where he now justifies constant lying because it is done for some sort of imagined socialist “greater” good.

I like that Seitel dude. He should call the White House.

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