Obama Trying to Change Subject to Immigration

No big surprise that Team Obama wants to change the subject.  They are working overtime to get the media to get off the Obamacare Nightmare coverage.  The effort underway now is to push hard for immigration reform.

‘Yeah, that’s the ticket… immigration! Yeah, get our democrat pals in the press to talk immigration. They love that issue!’

Here’s the real question.  How quickly will republicans play stupid and join them?!  I wanted to write that the real question was, “Will republicans join them?”  I can’t do that because we know they will join them.  So how quickly?

They duped Conservative Americans Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio into pushing the issue earlier this year.  They could be eager to jump back on board.  If that happens, we have to remind Mr. Ryan about his sell-out budget deal that he pushed claiming the GOP could then keep the attention on Obamacare.  If Ryan backs immigration reform, then all of that about the reason for the budget deal was just political double-talk.

And, remember the Reince Priebus special report after Romney lost about all the things wrong with the republican party?  You know, the report he released that we all felt was a really stupid thing to do?  Yeah, that one.  One of his big “findings” in his BS report was that republicans needed to cater more to Hispanics to gain their support.  Who wrote that report and why on earth did Reince take it seriously? Republicans tried the whole amnesty thing (Remember Ronald Reagan?) and it gained us no favor at all with Hispanic voters.

So, should we start an office pool?  We can take bets on how long before the GOP dances merrily into the immigration issue and agrees to help the democrats knock the Obamacare Nightmare off of page one.  My bet is on the first few of them caving prior to January 1st.  What’s your bet?

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org

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