Obama Uses Benghazi Arrest as Distraction

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.
Clapping our hands because we feel that’s what we want to do.

It’s the old comedian’s joke when something goes wrong; “Hey! Look over there!” The move gets the audience to look somewhere else and hopefully move on to that item, forgetting whatever it was that went wrong.

It’s what President Barack Hussein Obama did today by arresting Ansar al-Sharia terrorist Ahmed Price Abu Khattala for leading the terrorist attack on the American outpost in Benghazi, Libya two years ago. He’s flying to the USA. Nope, he won’t go to Gitmo. He’ll be taking to a jail cell in New York and tried as a criminal instead. That’s because, of course, the ‘War on Terror’ is over. Obama fixed that. Remember?!

Ask yourself, why was this clown arrested today? Why today? We’ve known where the dude was for two years. Reporters met with these punks in public coffee shops shortly after the attack.

Mr. Obama needed to distract Americans from the unfolding disaster in Iraq. He pulled soldiers out as promised and lost the war. He is having tea (again) with Iran to see if we can’t just all get along and be pals to deal with Iraq. He sent a very small number of soldiers in to protect our embassy. But, as we predicted earlier, he actually isn’t doing anything about it. Nor will he. The Obama Doctrine says he must always side with the ones he perceives as the victims. The USA cannot be a victim as it is a perpetrator. In President Obama’s eyes, the Islamists using our weapons and our vehicles that Obama left behind, are the real victims. That’s who he will side with.

Meanwhile, Team Obama “lost” emails that would have put a few of them in jail for using the IRS to target Conservative Americans. How convenient. Those emails could have even resulted in impeachment. Phew! Close call for the socialists on that one!

Another Meanwhile: hundreds of kids jumping the border into refugee camps in the United States! Another blundered policy that has had bad consequences. Hmmm, can’t have the press looking at that too long either.

This Iraq disaster is an awful story for Team Obama-Hillary. And both of them know it. They were dead wrong on Iraq. Time to distract. Hey, and why not help Her Hillaryness at the same time by making the distraction about that whole made-up republican “scandal” called Benghazi. The old two birds with one stone trick.

So what better way to make journalists look somewhere else? ‘Hey! Look over there! It’s Benghazi!’ Now MSNBC can say those mean ol’ wepublicans were wong, Obam and Hillary really DID do something about Benghazi, it just took a while.

Gag me.

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