Obama Wants to Govern as Dictator, Skipping Congress – Democrats Were Right About Him

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way right

It was February of 2009, only a few weeks after Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States.  A senator in his own party warned the nation that the President was planning to get his way by skipping congress.  For the most part, the whole thing blew over in a day… just a misunderstanding, and only those wacky conservatives were making a big deal of what the Senator said. Eight months later, a different democrat senator, also called into question the President’s tactics of appointing czars that do not answer to congress, but only to the President.

Yet this week, President Barack Obama will proudly proclaim that he will do whatever the heck he wants to do! And, if congress won’t “act,” he will skip them and rule by issuing executive decrees, and rules and regulations through czars and federal agencies.  He will get his way and he wants you, the American people, to know he doesn’t care what you think! You should know that by now.  We need only say “Obamacare Nightmare” to prove our point. White House Senior Dictator’s Assistant, Dan Pfeiffer, made that clear to Fox News Sunday today.

Remember, when the President says in his State of Obama address, “If congress fails to act…,” what he really means is if congress fails to give him 100% of what he wants on every issue, he will rule as dictator.

From Page 2 of the Official Obama Administration Scandals List

“#198. Democrat Warns Obama about Constitutional Violations – 2/25/9 America’s Watchtower: Democrat senator Robert Byrdsent a letter to President Obama warning him that he is pushing the constitution’s limits in regards to Obama’s appointment of all of these “czars” to oversee issues (health reform, energy, climate change, urban issues) that are supposed to be handled by the legislative branch of the government.  UPDATE 4/18/9 Byrd still upsetUPDATE 10/6/9: Feingold Hearings on Czars – Fox News reports liberal U.S. Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin wants to know if all of these Czars have to answer to congress: “Feingold said, “It’s not good enough to simply say, ‘Well, George Bush did it too.’” …White House counsel Gregory Craig… said some presidents have used such special advisers, or czars, to undermine Congress, but “that is simply not the case in the current administration.” Feingold also was critical of the administration for declining to send a witness to the hearing. “The White House decided not to accept my invitation … to explain its position on the constitutional issues we will address today,” Feingold said, referring to the Senate’s role in confirming top officials. “That’s unfortunate. It’s also a bit ironic since one of the concerns that has been raised about these officials is that they will thwart congressional oversight of the executive branch.”


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