Obama Worried About Saving his Legacy

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

abcdemocrat news Even the All Barack Channel is admitting the President is worried.  ABCDEmocrat News’ Rick Klein writes today

“Just as powerful was an admission he [Obama] didn’t make explicitly, but didn’t have to: The president is clearly worried about saving his legacy project.”

The President is clearly worried about his legacy.  His legacy has already been cast.  Since 2009, we have known what the President’s legacy is…

obama legacy
The real Obama legacy

I even wrote the book!!  The only legacy this President will have is his “LOL,”  his Legacy of Lies.  For George H.W. Bush it was “Read my lips. No new taxes.”  For Barack Hugo Obama, of the thousands of lies he has told, this will be remembered as the biggest; “If you like your plan, you can keep it.  Period.”  He knew it wasn’t true even as he said it.  That’s what a lie is.  (BTW, it’s not a lie when you say what you believe to be true at the time, but later it turns out you were wrong.  That is not the case here like it was for W with weapons of mass destruction).

Oh, and for those liberals who love this man, remember how the President keeps repeating this is only 5% of Americans that this lie impacts.  Unless this nightmare law is repealed, tens of Millions will lose the plan they liked next year when employers decide to save money by dumping employees into this democrat “Democare” Nightmare.

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