Obama Wrong Again

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

President Obama today said North Korea’s testing of a nuclear bomb invites “stronger international pressure.” Yep. Stonger pressure from the international community. Maybe some additional “harsh words” from the United Nations. The world will need to respond…

Because the United States sure as heck isn’t going to do a darn thing!

So, the President parades out to give a talk and issue some tough-sounding words. Just like he did when they launched the missiles he told them not to launch. He and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both promised “there will be consequences.”

You guessed it. No consequences from the firing of those missiles.

Associated Press reports: “President Barack Obama assailed North Korea Monday for new missile tests, saying the world must “stand up to” Pyongyang and demand that it honor a promise to abandon its nuclear ambitions.” – Yeah, the “world must stand up,”…because Obama is not going to.


The lack of foreign policy from this rookie administration is not doing us any good at all. The White House has a phone call in to Rodney King to ask for his advice on how to handle this.

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