Obamacare 2014: Who Dies First?

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

Obamacare. Great Haste. Less Served.Obama lied. People died.

Will that be the headline as soon as next month? Because of the Obamacare Nightmare, someone may soon pass away after finding they were not able to get the care they needed.

Who will be the first to die? 

There are so many ways that someone could die because of the democrat-induced Obamacare that it seems likely to happen soon.  Democrats who make a living by pretending to care will soon have blood on their hands.

  • Some doctors don’t even want to mess with Obamacare and are simply retiring.  Fewer doctors with the same amount of care needed could mean longer waits which could result in a death while a patient waits “in line.”
  • Remaining doctors (with longer lines) may need to prioritize remaining patients, lowering productivity.  It makes sense for them to accept the paying customers instead of those who may, or may not, actually have Obamacare which may, or may not, pay the doctors enough to cover their costs. That means a person may need to go to the back of the bus and wait, and wait and wait.  This also could result in a death.
  • Doctors may not accept your insurance which could result in a death because a person may not get the care they need.  Some doctors say they will treat Obamacare like Medicaid and simply decline these patients.
  • The working poor may not be able to get doctors to help them which also could result in a death.  Merrill Matthews, director of the Council for Affordable Health Insurance, said the only way many insurers are going to be able to control costs is by “simply clamping down on the amount they are willing to pay.” Doctors will quickly grow tired of not getting paid and this Obamacare Nightmare will create a cash-only healthcare system.  No money, no service.  
  • Top hospitals Opt-Out of Obamacare’ – If your hospital won’t take your insurance, you may have to travel for an hour or more to get to a hospital which could result in a death in transit.
  • Many who think they signed up for Obamacare and are insured may have a ‘Nasty Surprise’ when they learn they have no insurance at all.  This could delay needed treatment which again could result in a death.

These are just a few of the ways this nightmare could result in death next month. So I ask again,

Who will be the first to die? 


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