Obamacare: Great Haste. Less Served.

Obamacare. Great Haste. Less Served.


The Obamacare Nightmare was supposed to serve more people.  Instead, millions are losing the health plan they liked… the one President Obama promised them over and over they could keep.   Socialist democrat politicians enacted this law with great haste.  No one read it.

Health & Abortion Services Director Kathleen Sebelius has been a great waste.  How is it that the payment system, after 3 years and 600-million dollars, has not even been designed yet.  Everyone Obama likes, is granted a waiver or a delay by royal decree.   That darn Constitution just gets in Obama’s way, so he ignores it.  Republicans in congress are deathly afraid of the media picking on them if they go after a partially black president.  So Obama’s illegal actions go unchecked by congress.   The courts fail to intervene and when they do, the media even gets to John Roberts.

Unlike Miller Lite, which tastes great and is less filling, Obamacare tastes awful and fails to fill anyone’s need for the return of the greatest health system the world had ever known… the one President Obama is killing.

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