Obamacare – List of 310 Lies & Broken Promises!!

Originally published January 12th, 2011

We thought it would be helpful to compile a single article listing all of the broken promises, lies, flip-flops and scandals related to the Healthcare Reform Bill, the ObamaCare Nightmare, in one place. [And this list only goes through January 12th of 2011!]


By Peter Andrew – Originally posted on January 12, 2011
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Many people have questions, concerns and even outrage over what we call the “Obamacare Nightmare!” This list contains all of the healthcare related Team Obama lies, broken promises, flip-flops and scandals. Each item comes from the pages of our Obama Mistakes List linked at the top of the page.

Terence Jeffrey

“History will remember how often and how adamantly President Barack Obama insisted that the socialized medicine law he signed last week would reduce the federal deficit. It will be his defining lie.
– Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

  1. Obama’s Big Fat Trillion Lie – War on Fat People 12/13/2007 – From FactCheck.org: “Obama: “If we went back to the obesity rates that existed in 1980, that would save the Medicare system a trillion dollars.” Obama got this claim from a “candidate briefing book” put out by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank run by former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta. CAP cites the CDC and the Commonwealth Fund as sources for the estimate, but representatives from both organizations told us that the claim was unfamiliar to them. We worked up our own back-of-the-envelope estimate, using official figures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officially estimates that obesity cost $75 billion in 2003. The CDC also says that “approximately half” of the cost burden for both overweight and obese people is borne by Medicaid and Medicare. Obesity rates doubled between 1980 and 2000, also according to the CDC. So if obesity rates returned to “rates that existed in 1980? they would be cut in half, and that in turn would imply that Medicare and Medicaid together (not just Medicare alone) would save about a quarter of $75 billion, or roughly $18.75 billion per year. – by Brooks Jackson, with Viveca Novak, Justin Bank, Jess Henig, Emi Kolawole, Joe Miller and Lori Robertson .”
  2. Team Obama Disagrees with Itself on Mandating Individual Insurance Coverage! 6/26/8 – NelsonGuirado.com’s Politics & Culture: “Asked if Obama would be seen as reversing himself if he were to endorse an individual mandate after clashing with Clinton on the issue, (Obama spokeswoman Kavita) Patel dismissed the concern. ‘He has not said he is opposed to it,’ Patel told ABC News. ‘He has voiced his disagreement with having that be a part of his health-care plan last year. But he is not opposed to the idea itself.’…Obama: “We’ve got a philosophical difference which we’ve debated repeatedly, and that is that Senator Clinton believes the only way to achieve universal health care is to force everybody to purchase it, and my belief is the reason that people don’t have it is not because they don’t want it, but because they can’t afford it.” (Barack Obama, CNN/Univision Democrat Presidential Debate, Austin, TX, 2/21/08)”– ConservativeAmerican.org: Only a glimpse of the many lies, broken promises and flip flops still to come. He has taken John Kerry to a new level and is both for, and against everything!
  3. Obama Flip Flop on Welfare Reform 7/1/8 – NelsonGuirado.com’s Politics & Culture: “”Barack Obama aligned himself with welfare reform on Monday, launching a television ad which touts the way the overhaul ‘slashed the rolls by 80 percent.’ Obama leaves out, however, that he was against the 1996 federal legislation which precipitated the caseload reduction.”
  4. Obama Breaks Promise to Anti-Life Anti-Family Pro Choice Crowd 1/25/9 – Last year before the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Barack Obama told pro-abortion activists: “The first thing I’d do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act.” With a single stroke of the pen, Barack Obama (promised he) would wipe away virtually every state law on abortion nationwide. Instantly, it will undo thirty-seven years of legal work, research, and educational successes that AUL has accomplished in the 50 states.” – UPDATE 7/16/9: Obama no longer has to worry about this Act. He has included it within the Obama Health Care Plan.
  5. Obama’s Healthcare Spending Lie …and in a bizarre statement, he claimed using tax dollars to create a socialist medicine program would reduce the deficit (he made no attempt to explain that).UPDATE5/3/9: Obama: “the more we do on the (disease) prevention side, the more we can obtain serious savings down the road. … If we’re making those investments, we will save huge amounts of money in the long term.” Fox News says not so fast: “the New England Journal of Medicine cautioned that “sweeping statements about the cost-saving potential of prevention, however, are overreaching.” It said that “although some preventive measures do save money, the vast majority reviewed in the health economics literature do not.” And a study released in December (2008) by the Congressional Budget Office found that increasing preventive care “could improve people’s health but would probably generate either modest reductions in the overall costs of health care or increases in such spending within a 10-year budgetary time frame.”
  6. Obama Bankruptcy Lie – ABCDEmocrat News: Obama kicks off his health care reform 3/5/9 with a mischaracterization of data. “The cost of health care now causes a bankruptcy in America every thirty seconds.” Simply unsupportable. The figure comes from a 2005 Harvard study saying that 54 percent of bankruptcies in 2001 were caused by health expenses. ABCDEmocrat News reviewed it and knocked it down. A more recent study, indicates in 2007 about eight-tenths of one percent of Americans lived in families that filed for bankruptcy as a result of medical costs. That rings a little less loudly than “one every 30 seconds.”
  7. Obama Appointment Scandal #28 – Dr. Gupta – 3/5/9 Apparently worried about being forever tied to creating socialist healthcare in America, CNN’s Democrat Celebri-Doc, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, withdraws from consideration for Surgeon General. Another embarrassment for Team Obama.
  8. Team Obama Cap & Trade Flip Flop4/1/9 – Harry Reid as Harry PotterThe White House says all money stolen by cap-&-trade taxes will be used to offset increased utility bills that will result from the stupid tax. However, Harry Reider accidentally disagreed with the Half-Black Prince saying the government should use the revenue for health care reform!
  9. Obama’s Health Care Tax Flip-Flop– 6/2/9 Candidate Obama made fun of John MaverDick McCain for being open to taxing health care benefits. He even pointed out it was on McCain’s website. Now President Obama does another flip flop according to Erica Werner at Associated Press: “Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., raised the issue with Obama during a private meeting with the president and other Democratic senators and later reported the president’s position: “It’s on the table. It’s an option.” The White House said later that Obama did not want to go that route.” So they flipped, then flopped, then flipped again. AP: “Obama spokesman Reid Cherlin said in a statement. “He stated again his belief that health reform can’t wait another year, and that while all options should be considered, those options should include the revenue proposals that he included in his budget.” …then flopped again!
  10. Obama Administration Just Makes Up Health Savings Numbers!– 6/22/9 – Oh, c’mon…what’s a few billion dollars between friends?! The White House claims $80-billion in savings from its socialist healthcare plan. The catch? They have no idea where any of it will come from! From Fox News: “Thee White House estimates $30 billion in savings will be achieved through drug companies reducing by at least 50 percent the cost of brand-name prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries who fall into the so-called coverage “donut hole.” The other $50 billion in savings will come from unspecified and unknown changes to drug costs linked to Medicare and Medicaid.” – Say what? Unspecified? Unknown? How do you spell bullsh**? This $80 Bill is just a stupid guesstimate spread out over 10 years that they just pulled out of thin air!! Fox: “White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said…details on…savings remain to be negotiated…“They’re still continuing to work through some of the details on that,” Gibbs said. “Some portion of this is going to go to the pharmaceutical interest — industry, making good on the savings proposals that the president has outlined to make health care more efficient, which will impact the amount that the government pays.” – Yeah, yeah, bla, bla, bla. Do these guys even listen to the absolute rubbish coming out of their mouths?
  11. Rahm F-Bomb Emanuel & the Obama Street Gang!– 6/24/9 – Obama Chicago Street Gang member Rahm Emanuel is calling congress to let them know they better F’n pass the socialist healthcare plan that no one wants. While recent polls show 77% of Americans like their health coverage and don’t think anything is broken, Team Obama pushes forward with its socialist agenda to have government control your life. And, they do it with foul mouths. Fox News quotes Paul Begala from the Washington Post: “A conversation with Rahm Emanuel can be as little as 30 seconds. He calls, drops a few F-Bombs, makes his point and hangs up.”
  12. Obama Flip Flops on mandatory health care coverage and fining those who don’t sign up! – 6/24/9 Rush Limbaugh notes: “And surprise, surprise. His thinking on mandates is now evolved. Remember he blasted Hillary for having mandates during the campaign but his promise of having no mandates has expired. Diane Sawyer said, “Will you accept mandates with fines for individuals if they don’t sign up? You were against that during the campaign.” OBAMA: “I have to tell you that this is an area where people have made some pretty compelling arguments to me, that if we want to have a system that drives down costs for everybody, then we’ve gotta have healthier people not opt out of the system. I think my thinking on the issue of mandates has evolved.” So it’s called “evolution” when socialist-democrats flip flop? UPDATE 9/9/9: Obama now tells congress his plan will require that people buy insurance. He also wants people fined for violating his plan. BTW, he still doesn’t have an actual plan!
  13. Obama Planning to Break Promise on No Higher Taxes for People Making Less than $250,000 a year!– 6/29/9 The White House Press crew got out of hand this week and acted like they didn’t work for the Obama 2012 campaign. They asked Robert Gibbs actual questions and he tells them he will NOT reaffirm the President’s pledge not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000 a year, leaving the door open for such taxes to be included in the socialist healthcare reform plan Team Obama wants passed. Watch Gibbs squirm for yourself…
  14. Obama’s Wal-Mart Flip Flop!
  15. – 7/1/9 Before election, Wal-Mart Bad. After election, Wal-Mart Good!!! President Barack Hugo Obama has gone from joining with democrat unions to bash Wal-mart for not hiring union workers to loving Wal-mart for supporting his idea to mandate health insurance coverage by large employers. Wal-Mart used to be the bad guy and Obama’s campaign was critical of Hillary Clinton for her ties to the Wal-Mart Board. What he didn’t tell you then is that he and his wife made a lot of money from the Treehouse Foods Co., which does big-time sales with Wal-Mart. In at least two years he and Michelle pocketed more than $100,000 in money made from Treehouse sales at Wal-Mart! He makes big money from this liberal hated ‘evil’ corporation! Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke announced 6/30/9 that his company supports the Obama health insurance mandate, part of Obama’s socialist nationalization of healthcare. So, Wal-Mart is good now with the democrats…yet another blatant hypocrisy from the Hypocrite-in-Chief!

  16. Obama stages “Town Hall” on Socialist Nationalization of Healthcare!– 7/2/9 You know he went overboard with pre-staged guests and pre-scripted questions at a so-called “public forum” when even CBS’s Chip Reed and AP’s Helen Thomas are upset with the Obama Administration! Thomas calls the White House’s “Horrible engagement of pre-packaged” events “Shocking!” See for yourself…
  17. Obama Stages Hug for Woman He Planted in the audience!– 7/5/9 – The Obama File: “It turns out that the woman at a White House-sponsored healthcare forum who pulled the heartstrings of the media by asking Obama for help in treating her cancer — as if she were channeling the afflicted who, in the New Testament, besought Jesus of Nazareth for a healing touch — was an Obama plant. Debby Smith is a member of Organizing for America, a network of volunteers whose mission is to rouse public support for Obama and his political and social agendas; it is also a project of the Democratic National Committee. Smith was invited to the event not by an outside group but by the White House itself.No wonder Obama hugged her.”
  18. The Forbes Five Obama Health Care Lies – #1 No one will be compelled to buy coverage– 7/5/9 – Shikha Dalmia has a great story at Forbes magazine about Obama’s top five health care lies! #1 on her list is that Obama won’t make anyone buy coverage. From Forbes: “Obama insisted that he would not resort to an individual mandate to achieve universal coverage. In fact, he repeatedly ripped Hillary Clinton’s plan for proposing one. “To force people to buy coverage,” he insisted, “you’ve got to have a very harsh penalty.” What will this penalty be, he demanded? “Are you going to garnish their wages?” he asked Hillary in one debate. Yet now, Obama is behaving as if he said never a hostile word about the mandate. Earlier this month, in a letter to Sens. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., he blithely declared that he was all for “making every American responsible for having health insurance coverage, and making employers share in the cost.” But just like Hillary, he is refusing to say precisely what he will do to those who want to forgo insurance. There is a name for such a health care approach: It is called TonySopranoCare.” UPDATE 9/9/9: Obama tells congress EVERYONE will be compelled to buy coverage! So much for him insisting that he wouldn’t “resort to” an individual mandate!
  19. The Forbes Five Obama Health Care Lies – #2 No New Taxes on Employer Benefits– 7/5/9 – Shikha Dalmia’s second Obama lie: “”For the first time in history, he wants to tax your health benefits,” he thundered. “Apparently, Sen. McCain doesn’t think it’s enough that your health premiums have doubled. He thinks you should have to pay taxes on them too.” Yet now Obama is signaling his willingness to go along with a far worse scheme to tax employer-sponsored benefits to fund the $1.6 trillion or so it will cost to provide universal coverage. Contrary to Obama’s allegations, McCain’s plan did not ultimately entail a net tax increase because he intended to return to individuals whatever money was raised by scrapping the tax deduction. Not so with Obama.”
  20. The Forbes Five Obama Health Care Lies – #3 Government can Control Rising Healthcare Costs Better than the Private Sector!!!– 7/5/9 – Shikha Dalmia’sShikha DalmiaShikha Dalmia –
    Obama Lie # 3: “Ignoring the reality that Medicare–the government-funded program for the elderly–has put the country on the path to fiscal ruin, Obama wants to model a government insurance plan–the so-called “public option”–after Medicare in order to control the country’s rising health care costs. Why? Because, he repeatedly claims, Medicare has far lower administrative costs and overhead than private plans–to wit, 3% for Medicare compared to 10% to 20% for private plans. Hence, he says, subjecting private plans to competition against an entity delivering such superior efficiency will release health care dollars for universal coverage. But lower administrative costs do not necessarily mean greater efficiency. Indeed, the Congressional Budget Office analysis last year chastised Medicare’s lax attitude on this front. “The traditional fee-for-service Medicare program does relatively little to manage benefits, which tends to reduce its administrative costs but may raise its overall spending relative to a more tightly managed approach,” it noted on page 93. In short, extending the Medicare model will further ruin–not improve–even the functioning aspects of private plans. ” UPDATE 9/9/9: Obama lies to congress claiming he will have billions in Medicare savings without cuts! “I will protect Medicare,” he promised. He says he’ll make it more efficient and get rid of waste. Billions of it. Without cutting any service to you. Maybe the “H” in Barack H. Obama is for “Houdini.”
  21. The Forbes Five Obama Health Care Lies – #4 The Public Plan is not a Trojan Horse for a Single-Payer Monopoly– 7/5/9 – Shikha Dalmia has done a great jobexplaining these big healthcare lies. “Obama has repeatedly claimed that forcing private plans to compete with a public plan will simply “keep them honest” and give patients more options–not lead to a full-blown, Canadian-style, single-payer monopoly. As I argued in my previous column, this is wishful thinking given that government programs such as Medicare have a history of controlling costs by underpaying providers, who make up the losses by charging private plans more. Any public plan modeled after Medicare will greatly increase this forced subsidy, eventually driving private plans out of business, even if that weren’t Obama’s intention. But, as it turns out, it very much is his intention. Before he decided to run for office–and even during the initial days of his campaign–Obama repeatedly said that he was in favor of a single-payer system. What’s more, University of California, Berkeley Professor Jacob Hacker, who is a key influence on the Obama administration, is on tape explicitly boasting that a public plan is a means for creating a single-payer system. “It’s not a Trojan horse,” he quips, “it’s just right there.”
  22. The Forbes Five Obama Health Care Lies – #5 Patients Don’t Have to Fear Rationing!!– 7/5/9 – Shikha Dalmia sums it up with this one. “Obama has been insisting, including during his ABC Town Hall event last week, that the rationing patients would face under a government-run system wouldn’t be any more draconian than what they currently confront under private plans. This is complete nonsense. The left has been trying to address fears of rationing by trotting out an old and tired trope, namely, that rationing is an inescapable fact of life because every system rations whether by price or fiat. But there is a big difference between the two. If I can’t afford caviar and champagne every night, any rationing involved is metaphoric, not real. Genuine rationing occurs when someone else controls access–how much of a particular good I can consume. By that token, Obama’s stimulus bill has set in motion rationing on a scale unimaginable in the land of the free. Indeed, the bill commits over $1 billion to conduct comparative effectiveness research that will evaluate the relative merits of various treatments. That in itself wouldn’t be so objectionable–if it weren’t for the fact that a board will then “direct financing” toward approved, standardized treatments. In short, doctors will find it much harder to prescribe newer or non-standard treatments not yet deemed effective by health care bureaucrats. This is exactly along the lines of the British system, where breast cancer patients were denied Herceptin, a new miracle drug, until enraged women fought back. Even the much-vilified managed care plans would appear to be a paragon of generosity in comparison with this.”
  23. Obama Lies to the Pope!!! 7/16/9 Reuters reports: “President Barack Obama promised Pope Benedict on Friday that he would do everything possible to reduce the number of abortions in the United States, the Vatican said.” – Days after the meeting, the Obama Health Care Takeover is announced. By not including language to remove abortion from coverage, the ObamaCare plan includes the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act,” which undoes ever advance the Pro Life crowd has made since 1973. It wipes out parental notification and will increase the number of abortions in the United States…meaning Obama lied to the Pope.
  24. CBO Says ObamaCare Nightmare Cost Savings Claim is Nuts! 7/17/9 – Fox News: “The director of the Congressional Budget Office issued a warning to Democrats Thursday that their health care proposals would raise costs, not lower them. One day after a Senate panel approved its version of the health care reform plan, the first committee to do so, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf gave a dose of bad medicine to a separate committee. Asked by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., whether costs would be lowered — also known as “bending the curve” — Elmendorf responded: “The curve is being raised.”
  25. ObamaCare Nightmare Breaks Promise to be more Open (Again) 7/19/9 The Obama Health Care Plan (ObamaCare NightMare) was written in secret and passed out of two committees before anyone even read it! That breaks his promise to have “meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public.”
  26. ObamaCare Nightmare Breaks Secrecy Promise 7/19/9 ObamaCare also breaks candidate Obama’s promise to have “no more secrecy” in Washington so that the work in Washington will be “Open and transparent so that anyone can ensure that our business is the people’s business.” Not sure how that fits in with writing the plan in secrecy and then approving a bill from committee before even the elected officials have read it!
  27. ObamaCare Nightmare Breaks Promise that American People will know what is in a Bill before it Passes! 7/19/9 See him make the promises, (like… “You’ll know what’s in it”) here:
  28. The ObamaCare Nightmare & the Big Health “Crisis” Lie! 7/20/9 A New Zogby Poll says there isn’t any health care crisis! It’s the Big Health Crisis Lie! Fully 84% of Americans are either satisfied or VERY satisfied with their health care coverage! So where is the crisis?! The nation’s first socialist President has simply invented a “crisis” to help him push through “emergency” legislation that will allow the socialist-democrats to control a huge chunk of the economy and to take away more and more of your freedom and liberty!
  29. Obama Gaffe: Admits His Health Reform will Cause “Inefficiencies!”– 7/20/9 Politico reports: “Would health care reform bring “greater inefficiencies” to the country’s health care system? That’s exactly what Obama said Monday when he spoke about health care reform at the Childrens National Medical Center in Washington. “The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system,” Obama said in remarks after a health care roundtable with physicians, nurses and health care providers. “And greater stability and security to America’s families and businesses.”
  30. Obama Says He’s “Not Familiar” with Key Part of ObamaCare Nightmare! 7/21/9 From the Heritage Foundation and Real Clear Politics: “During the call, a blogger from Maine said he kept running into an Investors Business Daily article that claimed Section 102 of the House health legislation would outlaw private insurance. He asked: “Is this true? Will people be able to keep their insurance and will insurers be able to write new policies even though H.R. 3200 is passed?” President Obama replied: “You know, I have to say that I am not familiar with the provision you are talking about.” Rush Limbaugh says it’s on page 16 of your own ObamaCare Nightmare!
  31. ObamaCare Nightmare is a “Dream” for Illegal Aliens! 7/21/9 Obama will be providing free health care to illegal aliens and YOU will be paying for it! From The Obama File and Newsmax: “Democrats moved one step closer to giving free health insurance to the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal aliens when they successfully defeated a Republican-backed amendment, offered by Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nev., that would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving government-subsidized health care under the proposed plan backed by House Democrats and President Barack Obama. The House Ways and Means Committee nixed the Heller amendment by a 26-to-15 vote along straight party lines.” –UPDATE 9/9/9 Rep. Joe Wilson shouts “You lie!” at Obama during the President’s address to congress after Obama claims no illegals will get care under “his plan” (despite not having a real plan). UPDATE 9/11/9 – Unless Obama comes up with a system where hospitals check ID’s before offering service, Obamacare certainly will cover illegal aliens. Politifact is wrong on this one. UPDATE 9/12/9 From ALIPAC: “Further evidence of Obama’s lie is found in the FACT that while illegal immigrants are mentioned in HR 3200 as being ineligible for health care benefits, there are no enforcement provisions and Republican lawmaker attempts to amend the legislation and add enforcement provisions have been voted down by Democrats. “Under current law, illegal aliens are not supposed to receive welfare or medicaid benefits. They are not supposed to register to vote or have jobs, either,” said William Gheen. “But due to a virtual non enforcement of our existing immigration laws, illegal aliens are stealing American jobs, registering to vote, and receiving welfare and medicaid benefits.” UPDATE 9/28/9: Fox News reports 21 socialist-democrats are trying to make sure illegals ARE covered by ObamaCare! “A group of House Democrats say it’s unfair to bar illegal immigrants from paying their own way in a government-sponsored exchange.” Would you like a side order of “You Lie!” with that?
  32. Team Obama Claims the Obamacare Nightmare will cost less and add benefits! 7/22/9 Conservative American Bobby Jindal: “Mr. Obama’s rhetoric paints a picture of a massive new benefit that will actually cost average Americans less than what they pay today. The Democrats want middle-class taxpayers to believe they won’t feel the pinch of this initiative, even as their employers are assessed massive new taxes. They might as well try to argue that up is down.
  33. ObamaCare Breaks Obama’s own Transparency Promise! 7/22/9 – Team Obama continues to conduct the public’s business in top secret meetings! You can’t even find out who Obama has been meeting with to discuss the ObamaCare Nightmare! From the Los Angeles Times: “Invoking an argument used by President George W. Bush, the Obama administration has turned down a request from a watchdog group for a list of health industry executives who have visited the White House to discuss the massive healthcare overhaul. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington sent a letter to the Secret Service asking about visits from 18 executives representing health insurers, drug makers, doctors and other players in the debate. The group wants the material in order to gauge the influence of those executives in crafting a new healthcare policy….(the group) said it would file suit against the Obama administration as early as today. The group already has sued the administration over its failure to release details about visits from coal industry executives. A White House spokesman, Ben LaBolt, said, “We are reviewing our policy on access to visitor logs and related litigation.”
  34. ObamaCare Nightmare Transparency Lie # 2

7/22/9 Peter Nicholas at the LA Times: “As a candidate, President Obama vowed that in devising a healthcare bill he would invite in TV cameras — specifically C-SPAN — so that Americans could have a window into negotiations that normally play out behind closed doors. …Having promised transparency, the administration should be willing to disclose who it is consulting in shaping healthcare policy, said an attorney for (a) citizens’ group. In its letter requesting the records, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics asked about visits from Billy Tauzin, president of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America; Karen Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans; William Weldon, chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson; and J. James Rohack, president of the American Medical Assn., among others. “It’s extremely disappointing,” said Anne Weismann, the group’s chief counsel. Obama is relying on a legal argument that “continues one of the bad, anti-transparency, pro-secrecy approaches that the Bush administration had taken. And it seems completely at odds with the president’s commitment . . . to bring a new level of transparency to his government.UPDATE 1/7/10: Fox News: “C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb accused President Obama of using his network as a “political football” during the presidential campaign, citing the president’s broken pledge to televise health care reform negotiations on the nonpartisan channel which is devoted to covering Washington. Lamb, speaking on liberal host Bill Press’ radio show Wednesday, said Obama had “no right” to assume C-SPAN would cover the talks in the first place. And while he said his network would naturally want to cover the negotiations in full anyway, Lamb expressed disappointment that the White House has not lived up to that commitment. He said the “only time” the network has been allowed to cover the White House’s involvement in the talks was a “one-hour” event in the East Room which he described as a “show-horse” affair.” Meanwhile Robert Gibbs refuses to answer questions…

  1. ObamaCare Nightmare Transparency Lie # 3 7/22/9 Team Obama said the ObamaCare plan would not add to the huge budget deficit. Not true! Fox News: “House Democrats want to give doctors a $245 billion sweetener that helps ensure their critical support for a health care overhaul bill. Next up: Trying to explain how they could do it without breaking President Barack Obama’s promise that health legislation won’t increase the federal deficit. Obama reiterated the pledge in a “CBS Evening News” interview Tuesday, saying: “It’s got to be deficit neutral. It can’t add to our deficits.” So what of the Congressional Budget Office’s conclusion that the House bill does add to the deficit? Democrats and the Obama administration argue that the $245 billion included for doctors — the approximate 10-year cost of adjusting Medicare reimbursement rates so physicians don’t face big annual pay cuts — does not have to be counted in the overall cost of the health care bill. Their only-in-Washington reasoning is that they already decided to exempt it from congressional “pay-as-you-go” rules that require new programs to be paid for. In other words, it doesn’t have to be paid for because they decided it doesn’t have to be paid for“!!!!!
  2. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 1 7/22/9 – Twice during his press conference, Obama lied saying he inherited from President Bush a $1.3-trillion federal budget deficit. Not true. On July 13th, we reported the deficit had just topped $1-trillion for the first time ever. That is Obama’s deficit. Bush never had a deficit anywhere near $1.3-trillion. For Obama to say so is an outright lie. Even the Associated Press noted: “Obama is…proposing a budget that assumes a jaw-dropping deficit of $1.75 trillion this year, a quadruple increase from the year before.” – More fuzzy math from this socialist administration.
  3. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 2 7/22/9 Obama makes the outrageous claim that the USA is “no healthier than any other nation” despite the money we spend on healthcare. Clearly an unsubstantiated claim.
  4. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 3 7/22/9 Obama says the “biggest driving force behind the federal deficit is the skyrocketing costs of Medicare and Medicaid.” Not True. Fox News reported on July 13th the real causes for Obama’s huge deficit: “the huge deficit is caused by, “the huge sum the government has spent to combat the recession and financial crisis, combined with a sharp decline in tax revenues. Paying for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan also is a major factor.
  5. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 4 7/22/9 Obama repeated his pledge that his health care plan “won’t add to the deficit. And I mean it!” Later he even added his plan is “designed to lower it!” – So what of the Congressional Budget Office’s conclusion that the House bill does add to the deficit? Democrats and the Obama administration argue that the $245 billion included for doctors — the approximate 10-year cost of adjusting Medicare reimbursement rates so physicians don’t face big annual pay cuts — does not have to be counted in the overall cost of the health care bill. Their only-in-Washington reasoning is that they already decided to exempt it from congressional “pay-as-you-go” rules that require new programs to be paid for. In other words, it doesn’t have to be paid for because they decided it doesn’t have to be paid for“!!!!! UPDATE 9/9/9 – Obama repeats the lie to congress and adds, “These are the facts. Nobody disputes them.” ANOTHER LIE!!! UPDATE 9/30/9: The National Review Online adds “This comment continues Obama’s already long tradition of trying to curtail debate by denying that anyone disagrees with him.”
  6. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 5 7/22/9 Obama says his plan “lowers healthcare expenses.” The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says that’s not true. How long until he starts firing the CBO guys just like the inspectors generals he has canned?
  7. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 6 7/22/9 Obama says his plan will, “slow the growth of healthcare expenses.” WHat growth?! You just said it is going to lower the expenses! Apparently there will be growth in expenses just like the CBO said this plan would do. UPDATE 9/30/9: The National Review Online adds “In July, CBO director Douglas Elmendorf said, “In the legislation that has been reported we do not see the sort of fundamental changes that would be necessary to reduce the trajectory of federal health spending by a significant amount. And on the contrary, the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health-care costs.” The CBO projects that the legislation that Sen. Max Baucus (D., Mont.) has since introduced “would reduce the federal budgetary commitment to health care, relative to that under current law, during the decade following the 10-year budget window,” but hints that the 40 percent cut in Medicare’s reimbursement rates, which helps Baucus achieve that feat, is politically unrealistic.”
  8. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 7 7/22/9 Obama says the Obamacare plan will “improve health care for seniors.” Not true. Rationing care means some get it and some don’t. Those with better chances (younger people) will get the care, the seniors won’t. Also, Obama says he’ll save money by getting rid of “things that don’t make you healthier.” HE gets to decide what those things are, not seniors or geriatric doctors!
  9. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 8 7/22/9 Obama lies (David Axelrod repeated the lie on 7/23/9) saying his healthcare proposal “promotes choice.” Wrongo. The plan eliminates choice by 2013. Those seeking new health insurance will have no choice at all in 2013. They will HAVE TO go with the government-run, socialist healthcare plan. See the 7/21/9 scandal (above) where he said he’s “not familiar” with that part of the plan!!
  10. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 9 7/22/9 Obama has the audacity to claim that he’ll pay for 2/3rds of his $1.5-Trillion healthcare plan by realizing “savings” from the fact the government will run healthcare!!! Has the government ever saved us a dime running anything?! What makes him think he can do so now? $600 hammer anyone?
  11. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 10 7/22/9 Obama was dishonest with the american people when he claimed the “debt and deficit are deep concerns of mine.” We have demonstrated his deficit deception here. Democrats no longer care about deficits. Even the Associated Press noted: “Obama is not simply proposing a budget that assumes a jaw-dropping deficit of $1.75 trillion this year, a quadruple increase from the year before. He’s trying to redirect strong currents in American society.”
  12. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 11 7/22/9 Obama used his own “new math” to claim he reduced the deficit! He said doing nothing would mean a budget deficit of $9.3-Trillion over ten years, something he can’t possibly know. But he said with his changes it will only be $7.1 trillion in ten years. He is already up to $1-trillion in the first year (and climbing rapidly). So, how does he claim that it will go down so dramatically while he increases healthcare spending? CBS News Chip Reed asked him about it at an earlier press conference (click here to see the video) basically “asking what about years 6, 7, 8 and 9 of his budget when the deficits keep going up, up, up. The president said “we’ll make new budgets by then,” and basically not to worry about it since it is so far away!!” – So, the President is using ficticious future budget cuts from a time when he may not even be president to claim that he is reducing the budget deficit! More blazing deficit hyprocrisy. We have been Leading the way Right on this story. Check out what we said on 3/21/9. UPDATE: Here’s what the NY Times added on 7/23/9: “The president continued to take credit for deficit reduction by making a claim that has been challenged by many experts. “If we had done nothing, if you had the same old budget as opposed to the changes we made,” the deficit over the next 10 years would be $2.2 trillion greater, the president said. In fact, $1.5 trillion of those “savings” are mainly based on an assumption that the United States would have had as many troops in Iraq in 10 years as it did when Mr. Obama took office. But before leaving office, President George W. Bush signed an agreement with Baghdad mandating the withdrawal of all American forces within three years.
    So Mr. Obama is claiming credit for not spending money that, under the policy he inherited from Mr. Bush, would never have been spent in the first place”!!!UPDATE: Here’s what the Associated Press added: “Beyond that, budget experts have warned about various accounting gimmicks that can mask true burdens on the deficit. The bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget lists a variety of them, including back-loading the heaviest costs at the end of the 10-year period and beyond. THE FACTS: Obama’s numbers are based on figures compiled by his own budget office. But they rely on assumptions about economic growth that some economists find too optimistic. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, in its own analysis of the president’s budget numbers, concluded that the cumulative deficit over the next decade would be $9.1 trillion.”
  13. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 12 7/22/9 Obama again used his own “new math” to make the bizarre claim that he has “cut spending.” It’s more of the “Obama Gap” we reported on April 21st: “addressing congress he promised to get rid of government programs that don’t work and cut out that spending, then he proposes the biggest increase in government spending ever, now he asks his cabinet to cut $100-million in spending. He wants to increase the size of government to $4-Trillion a year, and asked for a cut FROM HIS HUGE BUDGET REQUEST of 1/35,000th of the amount he wants to spend.” – And that is how he claims he has “cut” spending…he cut the size of his gigantic increase.
  14. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 13 7/22/9 Answering a reporter question from a hot news babe, Obama said he wasn’t actually lying about having health care meetings on C-Span. He had said in the past these meetings were held in secret but in his new era of transparency, he would put them on C-Span. The reporter babe saw right through that. Obama says it wasn’t a lie though because he put the first meeting about healthcare on C-Span. Uhmmmmmmmmm….As O’Reilly said, “I don’t understand what the president is trying to say.”
  15. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 14 – THE BIG ONE 7/22/9 Obama repeated his anti-Jim DeMint lie that the health care debate is “Not about me.” The Fox News Ticker earlier reported that U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley told them the president told a group of democrats, “You’re trying to destory my Presidency!” The hot-headed response came after the president learned a “large number” of centrist democrats are against his socialist healthcare plan. It really is all about him. UPDATE 7/28/9: More from Rush Limbaugh.
  16. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 15 7/22/9- The New York Times added some lies to our list. They report experts tell them “some of his points were debatable. – “For example, with the Obama-proposed new cost-control agency, the times notes: “Mr. Obama said: “It’s not going to reduce Medicare benefits. What it’s going to do is to change how those benefits are delivered so that they’re more efficient.”Hospitals say the cuts could indeed cut services in some rural areas and from teaching hospitals, which receive extra payments because of higher costs.
  17. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 16 7/22/9 NY Times: “Mr. Obama said doctors, nurses, hospitals, drug companies and AARP had supported efforts to overhaul health care.While it is true the American Medical Association has endorsed a bill drafted by House Democratic leaders, (it’s also true that) a half-dozen state medical societies have sharply criticized provisions that would establish a new government-run health insurance plan.
  18. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 17 7/22/9 NY Times: “The president said that health insurance companies were making “record profits.” America’s Health Insurance Plans, the main lobby for insurers, contends that “for every $1 spent on health care in America, approximately one penny goes to health plans’ profits.” UPDATE 10/26/9: St. Louis Tea Party adds the following, “health insurers historically see about a 6% profit margin, which is well below many other industry groups. Contrary to Obama’s claims, this margin did not change significantly during the Bush administration, and last year it was only 2.2%. It’s true that insurance premiums increased significantly during the past ten years, but it’s false to assert that these increases fed any kind of “obscene profits.”
  19. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 18 7/22/9 The Associated Press & Yahoo! News added some lies to our list. For Example: “President Barack Obama’s assertion Wednesday that government will stay out of health care decisions in an overhauled system is hard to square with the proposals coming out of Congress and with his own rhetoric. Even now, nearly half the costs of health care in the U.S. are paid for by government at all levels. Federal authority would only grow under any proposal in play.” – UPDATE 8/8/9: Obama lies during his weekly radio address saying his socialist plan will not be government-run! “the president pushed back against claims “that reform will…bring about a government takeover of health care. That’s simply not true.”
  20. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 19 7/22/9 The Associated Press & Yahoo! News:OBAMA: “We already have rough agreement” on some aspects of what a health care overhaul should involve, and one is: “It will keep government out of health care decisions, giving you the option to keep your insurance if you’re happy with it.” THE FACTS: In House legislation, a commission appointed by the government would determine what is and isn’t covered by insurance plans offered in a new purchasing pool, including a plan sponsored by the government. The bill also holds out the possibility that, over time, those standards could be imposed on all private insurance plans, not just the ones in the pool. UPDATE 9/9/9: To laughter from congress, Obama makes the claim that there are “just a few details” left to be worked out!
  21. ObamaCare Press Conference Lie # 20 7/22/9 The Associated Press & Yahoo! News:OBAMA: “You haven’t seen me out there blaming the Republicans.” THE FACTS: Obama did so in his opening statement, saying, “I’ve heard that one Republican strategist told his party that even though they may want to compromise, it’s better politics to ‘go for the kill.’ Another Republican senator said that defeating health reform is about ‘breaking’ me.” UPDATE 9/9/9: Obama continues to blame republicans, lying to congress about a “partisan spectacle” going on in the Obamacare debate. He does not need a single republican vote to pass his plan. If there is a problem getting it passed, it is a democrat-only problem!!! UPDATE 9/13/9: Obama said in an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes. “There are those in the Republican party who think the best thing to do is just to kill reform. That that will be good politics.” — ConservativeAmerican.org’s take: Obama continues to spread the lie (un-checked by most in the media) that republicans are to blame for anything. He knows they are powerless to stop any health reform Obama wants. Obama’s claims simply are false.
  22. Obama Flip Flops on Urgent Need for Healthcare Bill! 7/23/9 Just one day after offering a 21-lie salute about his Obamacare healthcare bill, the President has made a major u-turn in his opinion. Just last night he said the urgency of getting his socialist healthcare passed right now is all those letters he supposedly has on his desk…today Fox News reports he now says it’s okay that Harry Reider has dumped the Half-Black Prince and said no vote will happen in Washingtonwarts until at least the fall! And Obama claims he’s okay with that! He just got done losing his cool telling democrats against him that they are trying to “destroy my Presidency!” and now he’s ok with it??!!
  23. Team Obama Limits Free Speech!!! 7/28/9 – RUSH LIMBAUGH: By the way, Connie Hair at Human Events reports that House Republicans… are now barred by Democrats on the Franking Commission — that’s in charge of mail — from saying “‘government-run health care’ in the communications with their constituents.” They have to pay for the postage themselves if they want to be able to say “government-run health care.” The Democrats on the Franking Commission have refused the Franking privilege, free mail to constituents, if they use the term “government-run health care.” This is a perfect illustration of the authoritarian — or as Mark Levin calls them, the statist.” — Hints of Fascism from Team Obama.
  24. Obama to break promise not to raise taxes on the middle class!! 8/2/9 – Fox News: “President Obama may have to break his campaign pledge and raise taxes on middle-class Americans to pay for public health care and the growing deficit, an eventuality that administration officials touched lightly on Sunday as they promoted an economy emerging from recession…Asked point blank whether it was right to suggest it is a matter of when, not if, taxes will be raised, (Tim the Tax Cheat) Geithner responded, “It is absolutely right.” – – This could be Obama’s Biggest Lie Yet!
  25. Sebelius Mad at Free Speech! – 8/3/9 Obama’s Health and Abortion Services Director, Katherine Sebelius, shouts back at socialist medicine protesters. Fox News: “The Senate bill isn’t written so don’t boo the senator (Specter) for not reading a bill that isn’t written,” she said. That explanation, which undermined an earlier failed argument that the legislation should be passed quickly, didn’t satisfy many of the more than 400 people estimated in attendance. Dozens in the back shouted at Sebelius when she said the bill would stop the system of rationing that insurance companies use. Sebelius then scolded the audience who jeered her, saying she would take questions if people could stop shouting at each other.
  26. Obama Lies About Reducing Medicare Benefits! – 8/3/9 From CNN July 28th comes this Obama quote: “”Nobody is talking about trying to change Medicare benefits,” he said. “What we do want is to eliminate some of the waste that is being paid for out of the Medicare trust fund.” – – Then, from MicroSoft-NBC today comes this statement about Medicare Cuts: “Furthermore the CBO said an administration-backed independent council of medical experts to recommend Medicare cuts would only yield modest savings.” — So it seems there will be Medicare CUTS after all! UPDATE 8/8/9: Washington Post: “In his weekly Internet and radio address, the president pushed back against claims “that reform will…cut Medicaid,…That’s simply not true.”
  27. Orszag Claims ObamaCare Nightmare is “Deficit Neutral!!!” – 8/3/9 The ObamaCare Nightmare will add from $1-Trillion to $1.5-Trillion to federal government spending over the next ten years. The federal government does not have that money. It will need to print more money, or go back to its parent company (China) to ask for more money…AGAIN. It certainly will add to the deficit that Mrs. Peter Orszag, Obama’s liberal blogger turned budget director who used to care about budget deficits, says won’t grow under the plan!!! From MicroSoft-NBC comes his outrageous claim: “White House Budget Director Peter Orszag, a former CBO director, insists that the health care effort “is deficit neutral over the first decade”
  28. Obama Acts Like a Fascist: Keeps White House List of those who Oppose the ObamaCare Nightmare! – 8/4/9 From Redstate and Jeff Emanuel: “If you see anybody publicly opposing President Obama’s plan to implement a government-centric overhaul of the health care system, the White House wants you to report that person (or persons) ASAP. From the White House website: ‘There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.’ …The White House has, as yet, offered no explanation of what it is they plan to do with the tips on policy opposition they hope to receive from citizen informers.” Hitler also asked informants to turn in lists of names of those who opposed him. Obama is out of control with this one! UPDATE 8/5/9 Fox Nation:Republican John CornynRepublican John Cornyn“Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn…“I am not aware of any precedent for a president asking American citizens to report their fellow citizens to the White House for pure political speech that is deemed ‘fishy’ or otherwise inimical to the White House’s political interests,” Cornyn writes today in a harshly worded letter to President Barack Obama in which he asks the president to immediately halt the effort.” UPDATE 8/17/9: Fox Nation: “The White House on Monday implemented several new changes to its Web site, apparently aimed at reducing the number of people who receive unsolicited e-mails from the administration and at battling charges that it’s collecting personal information on critics. After the White House took heat for asking people to report “fishy” information about health care reform, the e-mail address set up for that purpose became inactive Monday.”
  29. Team Obama Invented Astroturfing, now Accuses You of working for Lobbyists and Health Insurance Companies! – 8/6/9 Without a single fact to back up Obama claims of fake protesters, the media repeats the lie over and over. From Rush Limbaugh: “you’ve heard Dick Turban and others say that these (protesters at socialist-democrat town hall meetings) are all trumped up, they’re phony, they’re not genuine, they’re sponsored by and promoted by the evil insurance companies. These are just people that are agitators, don’t even know what they’re talking about, they’re organized and they’re driven in there and they’re just designed to harass. Now, there’s a term for this. It’s the opposite of grassroots, astroturf. These town halls they’re claiming are not grassroots, they are astroturfed. Astroturfed is a plan, it’s a mechanism invented by David Axelrod. From a very approving BusinessWeek, March 14th of 2008 story on Axelrod: “‘The Secret Side of David Axelrod’ — The Obama campaign’s chief strategist is a master of ‘Astroturfing’ and has a second firm that shapes public opinion for corporations…Axelrod operates a second business, ASK Public Strategies,…the firm helped set up front organizations that were listed as sponsors of public-issue ads. Industry insiders call such practices ‘Astroturfing,’ a reference to manufacturing grassroots support,” that doesn’t really exist. You create the image of grassroots supporters and organization, you create it. It’s fake.” — So, while Obama says you’re a fraud for being against his ObamaCare Nightmare (and writes your name down on a White House list!), his socialist-democrats bus in astroturfed protesters in Wisconsin (source: Jay Weber, WISN radio) to make sure they are not overwhelmed by HONEST citizens!! Bottom Line? THEY LIE and use fake protesters, THEN ACCUSE YOU of being the one who is DISHONEST! Outrageous stuff! Is this what all of you who were tired of George Bush voted for?!
  30. Obama’s Chicago Street Gang accuses Citizens of being in the Mob! – 8/6/9 This stuff is getting so outrageous it is beyond belief. Democrats hooking their wagon to this Socialist President, may soon find the horse has driven them right off a cliff. Now this Gang Leader, President Obama, is saying it is bad to get people to act like a mob when just weeks back he encouraged it! What hypocrisy! From the Associated Democrat Press: “Pushing back, Democrats have accused Republicans of sanctioning mob tactics, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., accused protesters of trying to sabotage the democratic process.” — By speaking up??!! These men are either lunatics or they don’t honestly believe what they are saying. Democrat Hillary Clinton screamed about stifling the debate when she thought George W. Bush was trying to do it. She said it was good for people to get mad and speak up and take part. Obama urged his own followers to “argue with them” and “get in their face when he was using his own Obama Street Gang community organizing to get elected! On March 20th, 2009 we wrote about his Street Gang tactics of lynching AIG: “make a villain out of bailed-out insurance giant AIG. He and his pals are acting like a Chicago Street Gang in creating a mob mentality against AIG and specific US citizens. They want names and addresses of AIG employees who got bonuses. “Gang” leader Barack Obama and gang members Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Rahm Emanuel, Dick Durbin and Harry Reid…the mob they created is getting out of hand…one group wants to take angry gang members on a bus tour of the homes of AIG hot shots. This figurative lynching could turn into actual lynchings and AIG employees are fearing for their lives and the lives of their families. The Obama Street Gang not only doesn’t care about those US Citizens, it created this artifical anger against them to selfishly cover up the gang’s own lies! Fox Business reports today that emails they obtained show the United States Treasury knew about these AIG bonuses back in November.” — Author John Lott has also written about Obama’s Bullying: “…it was only because hedge funds have not taken government funds that they could stand up to this bullying. The TARP recipients had no choice but to go along.” This is just the latest in a string of intimidating tactics starting with threatening costly public audits to get compliance. Then there were the threats of firing CEOs (See the 4/26/9 Citigroup Scandal) who had the audacity to oppose government plans. The very latest is threats to use “ the full force of the White House press corps [to] destroy [the firm Perella Weinberg’s] reputation” (See the 4/28/9 Scandal involving Thomas Lauria).– His own Rahm Emanuel Mob has ignored laws that assign priority to secured creditors and instead took over and then gave away Chrysler and GM to his Union Pals. Talk about MOB/MAFIA ACTION! It’s not the republicans, folks. “Reid scoffed at the notion that the protesters reflect grass-roots sentiment. He held up a piece of artificial turf during a session with reporters….the AFL-CIO announced plans to mobilize labor activists to attend town hall meetings in 50 congressional districts this month to counter the conservative protesters.” — AP assumes all the protesters are conservatives?! This is an Obama-Axelrod-Emanuel Chicago Street Gang running this country. They are mobilizing their own union gangs in real mob-like action! This behavior is completely on their side and yet they try to portray us as acting this way!!! Outrageous.
  31. Obama Tells Protesters Not to “Do so much Talking” at health care Town Halls! – 8/7/9 President Obama yesterday asked Americans, at least those who don’t agree with his ObamaCare Nightmare, to sit down and shut up! From the White House’s own website comes this quote where he again reminds the nation that he won the election: “I’m the President. (Applause.) But I don’t want the folks who created the mess — I don’t want the folks who created the mess do a lot of talking. I want them just to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. (Applause.) I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking. (Applause.) Am I wrong, Virginia? AUDIENCE: No!” — As Queen Amidala said in Star Wars, “So this is how democracy dies. To the sound of thunderous applause.”
  32. Team Obama Threatens to “Punch Back twice as hard” against protesters to the ObamaCare Nightmare! – 8/7/9 Fox News: “Senators saw videos of disruptions at events held by House members, and were told to organize their events more carefully as well as work with labor unions and other friendly groups to generate enthusiasm…. (White House Aide Jim) Messina, the deputy White House chief of staff, also said any advertising attack would be met with a bigger response, these officials said. “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” Messina told senators, according to two people in the room. “It’s a challenge, no question about it, and you’ve got to get out there and make the case,” Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., said afterward. “This is not the time for the faint-hearted.”
  33. Obama’s Fascist List of Opponents Illegal!!! FISHYGATE!- 8/7/9 The White House is apparently breaking the law with its fascist-like list of opponents it is asking people to email in. From Fox News Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano: “The White House is in bit of a conundrum because of this privacy statute that prohibits the White House from collecting data and storing it on people who disagree with it,” Judge Andrew Napolitano, a FOX News analyst, said Friday. “There’s also a statute that requires the White House to retain all communications that it receives. It can’t try to rewrite history by pretending it didn’t receive anything,” he said. “If the White House deletes anything, it violates one statute. If the White House collects data on the free speech, it violates another statute.” Napolitano was referring to the Privacy Act of 1974, which was passed after the Nixon administration used federal agencies to illegally investigate individuals for political purposes. Enacted after Richard Nixon’s resignation in the Watergate scandal, the statute generally prohibits any federal agency from maintaining records on individuals exercising their right to free speech.” — So how will the nation’s first Socialist President deal with this??!!
  34. Obama Administration wants Immediate Access to Your Bank Account! – 8/7/9 As Neil Cavuto pointed out this week on his Fox News afternoon show, the U.S. House version of the ObamaCare Nightmare includes language that could allow the federal government immediate access to your personal bank account! From Page 58 of the document, the health plan will: “enable the real-time (or near real time) determination of an individual’s financial responsibility at the point of service and, to the extent possible, prior to service, including whether the individual is eligible for a specific service with a specific physician at a specific facility, which may include utilization of a machine-readable health plan beneficiary identification card” — In other words no service unless your bank account has the funds to pay at that moment (and unless they can get at that money immediately!).
  35. Obama Death Panels – Requirement Encourages Euthanasia with End of Life Counseling

8/8/9 With what the VA is doing to our veterans, the Sarah Palin charge of “death panels” deciding who will live or die is a completely legitimate concern. Thanks to her, the senate removed the language from its health reform bill. Here’s what we know: Within the House bill is a change that would provide Medicare coverage for an end-of-life consultation every five years. That simply means if you want to (sessions are not required), you can go learn more about things like Hospice and Palliative care. If you are already facing a life-threatening disease, you can get Medicare to pay for more frequent sessions. Why do this? Some Harvard study said it would save a ton of money on healthcare costs. The bill requires health providers explain to seniors the end-of-life services available. That’s what scares people and, given what happens with veterans, rightly so. “This provision may start us down a treacherous path toward government-encouraged euthanasia if enacted into law,” House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich. said in a statement last month. — Republicans know if seniors are scared and motivated, Obamacare is dead on arrival. UPDATE 9/9/9 – Obama calls Sarah Palin a liar and claims again that no government bureaucrat will be on panel to decide if you get care. Then he said he would have a team of doctors on a panel to find waste that can be eliminated. UPDATE 9/30/9: The National Review Online adds, “Sarah Palin claimed that Obama’s “death panels” would deny people medical care, not actively kill them. If Palin believes her claim, it is not “a lie, plain and simple.” Most important, the substance of Palin’s claim is, in fact, true. Obama himself proposed a new Independent Medicare Advisory Council with the authority to deny life-extending care to the elderly and disabled.” UPDATE 5/28/2010: From the CATO Institute: “…in fairness, with a few minor exceptions governing Medicare reimbursements, the law does not directly ration care or allow the government to dictate how doctors practice medicine. But if President Obama wanted to keep a lid on that particular controversy, he just selected about the worst possible nominee for director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the office that oversees government health care programs. Obama’s pick, Dr. Donald Berwick, is an outspoken admirer of the British National Health Service and its rationing arm, the National Institute for Clinical Effectiveness (NICE)…To Dr. Berwick , this is exactly how it should be. “NICE is not just a national treasure,” he says, “it is a global treasure.” And, Dr. Berwick wants to bring NICE-style rationing to this country. “It’s not a question of whether we will ration care,” he said in a magazine interview for Biotechnology Healthcare, “It is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

  1. Sebelius Encourages Violence at Town Hall’s 8/10/9 President Obama’s Health & Abortion Services Director, Kathleen Sebelius tells the SEIU to show up at the health care town halls…the same group that beat up a black protester in St. Louis! From Michelle Malkin: “She hailed them as her “brothers and sisters” and urged them to show up at town hall meetings. She gave the same stultifying mini-lecture about the sanctity of Medicare. “Change is not easy,” she droned. “We need to roll up our sleeves.” — She did not mention the beating or call for non-violence. — “SEIU heavy Dennis Rivera then took over, taking calls from scripted SEIU members who read statements…Rivera closed by railing against the “radical fringe” of “right-wingers” and urged his “Purple Army” to fight “terrorist tactics.” — You’d think the Health lady would be against people getting hurt!
  2. Team Obama says those who oppose the Obamacare nightmare are “Un-American!” 8/10/9 Fox News: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned the health care debate up a notch Monday, penning a column along with her top deputy that questioned the patriotism of those disrupting town hall meetings to air their complaints. Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer claimed such behavior is “simply un-American.” It’s hardly the first time Pelosi, who earlier this year accused the CIA of lying to Congress and repeatedly has called Republicans unpatriotic, has employed some serious name-calling to characterize her opponents’ views. The jab Monday drew swift scorn from Republicans and critics who say the health care demonstrations are as American as apple pie.” — Probably not the best way to win votes…calling voters Un-American!
  3. Obama’s Fascist List of Opponents EXPANDS to a full-blown website! 8/10/9 – As we pointed out in a scandal above dated 8/4/9, President Obama is keeping a fascist-like list of political opponents. As we also noted on 8/7/9 his actions are ILLEGAL! Rather than back down, Fox News says he is expanding his FISHYGATE emails to a full blown FISHYGATE website! “The Obama administration has launched a new Web site to battle what it calls “wild rumors” about the health care reform plans being pushed through Congress — including an invitation for the public to tattle on any other “myths” they come across. It comes a week after the White House asked the public to send in “fishy” information about health care reform. The Web site (was) activated 8/10/9.”
  4. Obama’s Health Spokeswoman Linda Douglas Admits they are Breaking the Law! 8/10/9 A YouTuber sums it up well with this video of Douglas admitting the law-breaking
  5. Obama Promises Nobody Will Lose Coverage– He Can’t Make That Promise! 8/11/9 – Cornyn’s Fishy Claim #3 is about cutting the deficit in half (see Scandal dated ). Fishy Claim # 4 from Sen. Cornyn: “President Obama: “If You Like Your Current Plan, You Will Be Able To Keep It. Let Me Repeat That: If You Like Your Plan, You’ll Be Able To Keep It.” (President Obama, Remarks At The White House, Washington, D.C., 7/21/09) — AP Fact Check: “This Is A Pledge That’s Beyond The President’s Power To Keep.” (“Fact Check: Obama’s Words About Iran Get Tougher,” The Associated Press, 6/23/09) –AP Fact Check: “Health Care Coverage For 160 Million People Is Provided By Employers, And Obama’s Plan Leaves Companies Free To Change Their Health Plans In Ways That Workers May Not Like, Or To Drop Insurance Altogether. In addition, his health care plan is only that – an idea proposed by the administration – and is subject to reworking by Congress. A preliminary analysis by the Congressional Budget Office estimates that a Democratic plan being worked on in the Senate would force 10 million Americans to seek new coverage because their employers would no longer offer it.” (“Fact Check: Obama’s Words About Iran Get Tougher,” The Associated Press, 6/23/09)
  6. Obama Claims He Won’t Raise Taxes, But His Advisers And Democrats Have Other Ideas 8/11/9 Senator Cornyn’s Fishy Claim #5: “You Don’t Raise Taxes In A Recession,” Obama said. ‘We have not proposed a tax hike for the wealthy that would take effect in the middle of a recession,‘ he said of his plans for financing healthcare reform, with taxes for higher-income Americans planned after 2011.” (“Obama: No New Taxes In A Recession,” Chicago Tribune’s “The Swamp,” 8/5/09)– Then-Sen. Barack Obama: “If You Are A Family Making Less Than $250,000, My Plan Will Not Raise Your Taxes – Not Your Income Taxes, Not Your Payroll Taxes, Not Your Capital Gains Taxes, Not Any Of Your Taxes.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks On Taxes, Kaukauna, WI, 6/12/08)…Secretary Tim Geithner: “We Have To Bring These Deficits Down Very Dramatically” And “That’s Going To Require Some Very Hard Choices.” ABC’s GEORGE STEPHANOPOLOUS: “Including new revenues?” SEC. TIM GEITHNER: “Well, we’re going to have to look at — we’re going to have to do what’s necessary. Remember, the critical thing is people understand that when we have recovery established, led by the private sector, then we have to bring these deficits down very dramatically. We have to bring them down to a level where the amount we’re borrowing from the world is stable at a reasonable level, and that’s going to require some very hard choices.” ( 8/2/09) CBS’ BOB SCHIEFFER: “No tax increases for -” LARRY SUMMERS: “– of this economy.” SCHIEFFER: “– middle-income Americans?” SUMMERS: “There’s a lot — oh, there’s a lot that could happen over time. But, the priority right now — and so you, it’s never a good idea to absolutely rule things, rule things out no matter what.” (8/2/09) — “House Democratic Leaders Took A Big Step Toward Guaranteeing Health Insurance For Most Americans On Tuesday As They Unveiled A Bill That Detailed How They Would Expand Coverage, Slow The Growth Of Medicare,Raise Taxes On High-Income People And Penalize Employers Who Do Not Provide Health Benefits To Their Workers.” (“House Health Plan Outlines Higher Taxes On Rich,” The New York Times, 7/15/09) — “Starting In 2011, A Family Making $500,000 Would Have To Pay $1,500 In Additional Income Tax To Help Subsidize Coverage For The Uninsured. A Family Making $1 Million Would Have To Pay $9,000.” (“House Health Plan Outlines Higher Taxes On Rich,” The New York Times, 7/15/09) –“The Surtax Would Apply To Any Adjusted Gross Income Exceeding $280,000 A Year For An Individual And $350,000 For A Couple Filing A Joint Return. The Tax Rates Would Range From 1 Percent To 5.4 Percent.” (“House Health Plan Outlines Higher Taxes On Rich,” The New York Times, 7/15/09) –”Combined With The Expiration Next Year Of Tax Cuts Enacted During The Bush Administration, The Surtax Would Drive The Top Federal Tax Rate To 45 Percent, The Highest Level Since Lawmakers Rewrote The Tax Code In 1986.” (“Health-Care Plan Would Add Surtax On Wealthy,” The Washington Post, 7/15/09)
  7. Obama’s Town Hall Flip Flop on using tactics that Scare & Mislead the American People 8/11/9 President Obama today urged his supporters not to listen to those who “scare and mislead the American public.” What a huge flip flop! I guess we all need to quit listening to HIM now! Remember the scare tactics he used on the economy? This from the guy who said “economic catastrophe,” “might not ever recover,” “unable to reverse,” “create a negative spiral,” “Could become dramatically worse,” “Economic crisis could linger for years,” and on and on. We have been Leading the way Right on this story. Remember the scare tactics he used to pass his Deficit Stimulus Plan that he told us would keep unemployment below 8%?! Obama has made a career out of community, and now nation, agitating and uses fear and chaos as his weapons! It’s Obama Leadership by Fear that we have been talking about since before he even took office! He is the Hypocrite-in-Chief. This is an absolutely outrageous statement coming from him. He projects what he sees in the mirror onto other people! This would be like Bill Clinton encouraging men not to cheat on their wives!
  8. Obama Denies His Own Fascist-Like Enemies List! 8/11/9 President Obama today, at a carefully orchestrated town hall meeting on healthcare, denied the White House is keeping ‘an enemies list.’ “What we’ve said is, if someone sends you an email and you forward the question to us, we’ll answer that question.” Then to audience laughter he added that he is just trying to be responsive and some of his foes are painting his responsiveness as if he has an enemies list. Call it what you want. The White House is required to keep correspondence and does have a list of those against the Obamacare Nightmare. Rush Limbaugh today wondered why they would need the emails forwarded, rather than just receiving a question, if they didn’t want names. Another serious point is this: What he said isn’t true. He has not even told the American people what all the comments and questions were, so how on earth would we know if he has answered them? He certainly has not answered all of the questions even though he said, “We’ll answer them.” — Okay, Mr. President, show us the entire list of questions and answer each one. Then you can explain why you felt the need to have names and contact information of those opposing you! As we point out in our Scandals dated 8/4/9 and 8/7/9, his administration is breaking the law either way with this list. The law-breaking continues today with no one to tell the President that he is not above the law.
  9. Obama Town Hall Lie about Single Payer System! 8/11/9 President Obama told a bold lie today at his carefully staged Town Hall meeting on Health Care: “I have not said I am in favor of a single payer system.” — In fact, he has said precisely that! Rush Limbaugh has audio of Obama saying he is in favor of a single payer system in 2007 and again in 2003.
  10. Obama Town Hall Lie about Public Plan 8/11/9 President Obama said today he is in favor of having a public plan in the health care reform legislation to keep “insurance companies honest.” He said it will keep them honest “unless the public plan gets a tax-payer subsidy.” How would we start the public plan (there isn’t one now) without a subsidy? Who is going to pay the start-up costs for the public plan to get going even though they initially have no clients? And, does anyone really believe the public plan will not wind up being heavily subsidized? UPDATE 9/9/9: Obama promises Americans that taxpayers won’t subsidize “his” public health care plan! Hmmm…why does it cost $1.5-Trillion then? And, uhm….where do you get that $1.5-Trillion, if not from taxpayers? UPDATE 9/30/9: The National Review Online adds: “How quickly we forget the example of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Like those institutions, the public option would benefit from an implicit subsidy: Everyone would know that Washington would not allow the program to fail, and financial institutions would therefore offer it better rates. (During the Clinton administration, Obama adviser Larry Summers reported that a similar implicit guarantee was worth $6 billion per year to Fannie and Freddie.) The public option would thus be able to undercut its less-subsidized competitors.”
  11. Obama’s Post Office Blunder – Uses UPS & FedEx to Denounce His Own Health Plan at Town Hall!!! 8/11/9 The nation’s first socialist President said today that a public option health insurance plan would not put private insurance companies out of business. He said, “If you think about it…UPS & FedEX are doin’ fine…It’s the Post Office that’s always havin’ problems.” — Read that quote again. Sooooooooo, the government plan for mail is “always havin’ problems” and now you want the government to be in charge of health care?! No way! Thanks for making our argument for us! It’s also a strong argument for eliminating the Post Office completely…and making sure we don’t re-elect you!
  12. Obama Tells kid at Town Hall He Won’t Kill Grandma! 8/11/9 Presidentt Obama said there is no “death panel” in the Obamacare Nightmare and he won’t be killing your grandma. That’s reassuring. These words today despite his earlier comments that “these types of decisions are already being made by Medicare, Medicaid…” (that’s the government by the way). Earlier, A woman asked him if his plan would take into consideration her mother’s “will to live.” Obama said that they would not be able to take that into account and that perhaps the better option for Grandma would be to take a pain pill instead of having costly surgery. — So, is he killing Grandma or not?!
  13. Even Politico says Obama will cut Medicare! 8/12/9 The Politico website also says there are Medicare cuts in the democrat’s government-run healthcare plan: “Critics say the proposed $380 billion Medicare cuts in the House bill — including cuts to the privately administered Medicare Advantage program — will lead to long waits for care, doctors dropping patients and doctors deciding if their older patients “are worth the cost,” as one TV and Web ad from the 60 Plus Association (AARP) warned.” — This President simply says whatever he wants, regardless of if it is true or not.
  14. AARP Says Obama is Lying About Health Care Plan!! 8/12/9 Fox News: “A group usually seen as one of…Obama’s allies in the health care debate — AARP — says the president went too far Tuesday when he said the seniors lobby had endorsed the legislation pending in Congress. AARP is sensitive to the issue because polls show that Medicare beneficiaries are worried their health care program will be cut to subsidize coverage for the uninsured. At the town hall in Portsmouth, N.H., Obama said, “We have the AARP onboard because they know this is a good deal for our seniors.” He added, “AARP would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining Medicare.” But Tom Nelson, AARP’s chief operating officer, said, “Indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate.” – UPDATE 8/13/9 Fox News: “White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters that Obama did not mean to misinform Americans when he said Tuesday at a town hall in Portsmouth, N.H., that the senior lobby had backed his legislation. “AARP has said they are certainly supportive and have been for years on comprehensive health reform,” Gibbs said. “I don’t think the president meant to imply anything untoward. I think he discussed the notion that AARP is supportive of legislation — or, I’m sorry, an agreement that would — that would fund filling the doughnut hole for seniors as part of Medicare Part D, as well as additional savings for comprehensive health care reform.” — Even the Gibbster can’t get it right.
  15. Little Girl at Obama Town Hall comes from family of Obama Supporters! 8/12/9 Nothing staged at the Obama Town Hall? Just a coincidence the whole audience loved him? The Boston Globe: “Eleven-year-old Julia Hall asked: “How do kids know what is true, and why do people want a new system that can — that help more of us?”…Julia’s mother was an early Obama supporter and donor in Massachusetts during the presidential election, so she had previously met First Lady Michelle Obama, the Obama daughters Sasha and Malia, and Vice President Joe Biden. “This was my first time meeting Barack Obama, and he’s a very nice man,” Julia said.” — You don’t meet those people with out connections.
  16. Obama Flip Flops on Health Insurance Companies Within a Single Hour! 8/14/9 At a town hall meeting today, President Obama said Americans are being held hostage by health insurance companies. From Fox: “Obama also said he isn’t trying to vilify the insurance companies, but rather stop their practices that hurt people.” — So he is vilifying the companies,…but not really?! Fox: “A distinction made in response to a question from an insurance salesman about the president’s change in terminology. Obama has switched from calling for “health reform” to “health insurance reform.” He’s also complained about insurance companies’ profits. The president says his intent was not to target all big companies. He said some, like Aetna, are working with the administration on overhaul. But he said others are spending money to oppose his efforts to remake the system.” — And as the White House has threatened before, those who go against it will pay dearly.UPDATE 9/9/9: During talk to Congress, Obama said the big evil insurance companies are killing people, like a man from Illinois he mentioned. He also flip flopped on them again saying, “I have no interest in putting insurance companies out of business!” UPDATE 10/12/9: Fox reports, “The White House and congressional Democrats, along with prominent supporters of their health care reform plans, fired back Monday at the insurance industry for issuing a study that claims the reform bill working its way toward a key vote Tuesday will raise the cost of individual coverage by hundreds of dollars a year…The accounting firm study projects the legislation would add $1,700 a year to the cost of family coverage in 2013, when most of the major provisions in the bill would be in effect.”
  17. Health Adviser to Obama Flip Flops on Rationing Care and Death Panels! – Palin was Right! 8/14/9 Washington Times: “Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, the White House official targeted by Sarah Palin…as an advocate for health care rationing and “death panels,” said…his “thinking has evolved” on the need to decide who gets treated and who does not. “When I began working in the health policy area about 20 years ago … I thought we would definitely have to ration care, that there was a need to make a decision and deny people care,” said Dr. Emanuel, a health care adviser to President Obama…”I think that over the last five to seven years … I’ve come to the conclusion that in our system we are spending way more money than we need to, a lot of it on unnecessary care,” he said. “If we got rid of that care we would have absolutely no reason to even consider rationing except in a few cases.” Dr. Emanuel, the elder brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.”
  18. Obama Flips back on Flip Flop about Health Insurance Companies! 8/14/9 Will the real Obama please stand up?! First he tried to make health insurance companies the bad guys, then he told a town hall questioner on Friday that he was not trying to do that, now he is doing it again!!! Fox News: “President Obama took aim at the health insurance industry Sunday, using an op-ed to accuse the insurance companies of discriminating against millions…The op-ed in The New York Times escalated an approach…The president cited a “2007 national survey” which he said showed insurance companies “discriminated” against more than 12 million Americans over three years because of pre-existing conditions. “Almost everyone knows that we must start holding insurance companies accountable and give Americans a greater sense of stability and security when it comes to their health care.” — It’s all part of Team Obama’s effort to say the whole thing is only about insurance, not your health care! He needs to make America hate to get his ideas passed. Instead of hating congress and him, he wants you to hate big, bad, corporate-jet flying insurance company executives!
  19. Obama – Health Care Debate is About Him After All! 8/14/9 As we point out in our scandal dated 7/22/9 (Obama Press Conference Lie # 14), the President claims the health care debate is “not about me.” Yet Today Fox News reports it was about Obama: “President Barack Obama has made it clear that his efforts to reform the U.S. health care system have meaning to him personally. On Saturday, Obama invoked his own anguish over the death of a loved one as he challenged the notion that Democratic efforts to overhaul the nation’s health care would include “death panels” that decided who would get care and who wouldn’t. “I just lost my grandmother last year. I know what it’s like to watch somebody you love, who’s aging, deteriorate and have to struggle with that,” an impassioned Obama told a crowd as he spoke of Madelyn Payne Dunham. He took issue with “the notion that somehow I ran for public office or members of Congress are in this so they can go around pulling the plug on grandma, when you start making arguments like that, that’s simply dishonest.” — Oh really? Obama was asked if his health care plan would take into consideration a person’s will to live. His answer was no! He said maybe grandma could just take a pill instead of having surgery! This was in the plan and the senate removed it. However, Obama continues to lie about it and make the argument about himself. Conservative American Jim DeMint says losing the health care reform battle could “break him.” Obama got mad and said it was not about him, but U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley told Fox News the president told a group of democrats, “You’re trying to destory my Presidency!” The hot-headed response came after the president learned a “large number” of centrist democrats are against his socialist healthcare plan. — BTW, Dunham is his white grandmother who gave birth to his white mother, making Obama only half-black. He’s not the first “black” anything.
  20. Obama Appointment Scandal # 62 – Regina Benjamin – Burger King Surgeon General! 8/15/9 – NBC Washington reports: “President Barack Obama’s nominee for surgeon general has worked part-time for one of the corporations keeping the youth of America fat — and not from behind the counter. According to financial disclosures, Dr. Regina Benjamin has received $10,000 since last year to serve on a Burger King scientific advisory board, the Washington Times reported. The documents didn’t say on what issues Benjamin has advised the fast-food chain, but company officials said she served on a nutritional advisory panel “to promote balanced diets and active lifestyle choices,” the Times reported. You know, kind of like Big Tobacco funding cancer research — dead customers don’t pay.” UPDATE 10/8/9 Catholic News Agency: The White House says Dr. Benjamin supports the President on “reproductive health issues.” But, does she? She has been recognized as a leading Catholic doctor and a member of the Catholic Health Association, a group that is pro-life. “Dr. Benjamin, a rural Catholic doctor from Alabama, has served on the board of the Catholic Health Association. She has also received the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice award from the Pope because of her example in her Catholic faith and in her medical profession.” Dr. Benjamin has not said if she is pro-life or anti-family.
  21. Obama Flips back on Flip Flop about “Public Option!” 8/18/9 During a July radio address, President Obama promised he would not sign a health bill without the “Public Option,” socialist, government-run health care. Then on Saturday, the Flip-Flopper-in-Chief said “…The public option, whether we have it or we don’t have it, is not the entirety of health care reform. This is just one sliver of it, one aspect of it.” – Today, the Associated Press reports Spinner Robert GibbsGibbs with ObamaGibbs with Obamasaid, “that news stories suggesting that the administration was ready to abandon the public option as it battles to push health care reform through were overblown. The rash of reports began after Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appeared to signal the president was open to health care cooperatives as an alternative. Gibbs said there was no intention to indicate a change in policy. He said, “If it was a signal, it was a dog whistle we started blowing weeks ago.” – – That’s as clear as mud! UPDATE 8/20/9: Fox News quotes Obama: “”We said that’s a good idea, but we haven’t said that’s the only one,” he said. The president added that the goal of health care reform remains the same. “Our position hasn’t changed,” he said. “We think the key is cost control, competition, making sure people have good quality options. If we achieve that, that’s the end we’re seeking…” — Position hasn’t changed??!! The real question is how many times has the position changed? He flips more often then we can note!
  22. Obama Hires Axelrod’s company to Run Ads for the ObamaCare Nightmare! 8/20/9 Talk about an inside job! Fox News says Team Obama has hired the company founded by White House Senior Astroturfist, David Axelrod, to do the ads for ObamaCare! Turns out the company owes Axelrod $2-million “and some Republican critics now question whether the firm was hired to indirectly fund his severance package!” — White House staffers getting rich from the Obama Administration…no conflict of interest there, eh?!
  23. Obama Lies (AGAIN) About Reaching out to Republicans! 8/20/9 The Associated Press:Obama told his audiences he is trying to reach across the aisle to craft a bipartisan plan, even as he blamed Republicans for delay. He peppered his DNC remarks with jokes and jabs at conservatives that had the partisan crowd breaking into applause and laughter. In response, a spokesman for the No. 2 Republican in the House said he had a question for Obama and his team. “We would love to know when, exactly — time, date, place — the president or his staff reached out to Republican leaders?” said Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va. Republican leaders in May sent Obama a letter outlining the GOP’s principles and asking to collaborate. “And the president’s response?” Dayspring said. “Meeting? Nah. Work together? No thanks. Further discussion? Nope. Instead, they went with, ‘Thanks for the letter.’”
  24. Obama Purposely Misleads Americans by Blaming Republicans for Delay in passing the ObamaCare Nightmare! 8/20/9 The Associated Press: “Obama told his audiences he is trying to reach across the aisle…even as he blamed Republicans for delay.” Blamed Republicans??Obama and his socialist-democrats can pass anything they want on any day of the week without a single republican vote. Republicans factually do not have the votes to delay anything Obama wants. It isn’t the republicans delaying ObamaCare, it is Democrats. The blame lies ONLY with them! Meanwhile ABCDEmocrat News quotes Service Employees International Union Prez Andy Stern on the idea of blaming republicans: “”I think if health care reform dies, the Democrat majority in Congress dies with it,” said Andy Stern, the president of the Service Employees International Union. “It’s hard to imagine the Democrats convincing the public that Republicans are to blame for health care reform going down when the Democrats have such large majorities. … After last year’s promise of change, voters will start feeling buyer’s remorse.”
  25. Obama is “Fabricating” About Abortion Funding in the ObamaCare Nightmare! 8/21/9 CNS News reports: “President Barack Obama and Cardinal Justin Rigali, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Pro-Life Activities, have taken directly contradictory positions on whether the health-care bill in the U.S. Congress funds abortion. Cardinal Rigali says the bill does fund abortion and that those who say otherwise are pushing an “illusion.” President Obama says the bill does not fund abortion and that those who say otherwise are guilty of a “fabrication.” Who is right and who is wrong? Cardinal Rigali laid out his position in a carefully reasoned and detailed argument presented…to the U.S. House…Obama laid out his position in two terse sentences…on BlogTalkRadio yesterday…But even…the New York Times’ explanation, the basic fact is impossible to ignore: The bill mandates that everyone getting federal subsidies to buy health insurance must have an opportunity to buy health insurance that covers abortion. Reported the Times: “…it says, in every part of the country, the government must ensure that there is at least one plan that covers abortion and at least one that does not.” — So your taxpayer dollars will fund abortions. Obama is being dishonest to say otherwise. Thanks to Ric on our Facebook page for this tip! UPDATE 9/9/9: Obama repeats the lie to Congress promising there won’t be money used to pay for abortions in “his” health care plan. UPDATE 9/30/9: Senate Democrats block any attempt to prevent ObamaCare from covering abortions. Doesn’t match with Obama’s lofty promise to congress!
  26. Obama Deals with the “Devil” – Big Pharma! Liberals call him Fascist! 8/21/9 From Hot Air, Redstate, and Naked Emporer News …Air America Liberal Radio calls Obama a Fascist! Amazing. They’re mad about his deal with Billy Tauzin and big pharma! Obama campaigned on the promise he would not have back room deals with Tauzin and any meetings with people like him would be on C-SPAN. He did make a back room deal with Tauzin and the meetings were not on C-SPAN! Interesting to note HOT AIR called us “turds” for saying Fascist in discussing Obama and now even HOT AIR writes about it! I guess they are “turds” too? To learn more about Fascism click here.
  27. Don’t Like ObamaCare? Well, YOU ARE PAYING to Promote It! 8/22/9 A Fox News Exclusive report indicates Team Obama is spending your tax dollars to push its own political agenda to nationalize health care! From Fox: “”This is yet another ominous chapter in the administration’s rabid campaign to jam its radical health care scheme onto an unwilling public by any means necessary,” Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan said in a statement…The White House hired a private communications company based in Minnesota to distribute mass e-mails, helping to shed light on how some recipients received e-mails in support of President Obama’s health care plan without signing up for them, FOX News has learned. The company, Govdelivery,…says its e-mail service provides a fully-automated on-demand public communication system. It is still unknown how much taxpayer money the White House provides to Govdelivery for its services.” — This is a huge scandal and a disgusting use of taxpayer dollars. Since when can a President use our tax dollars to further a political agenda?
  28. Non-Secretary Daschle Playing Both Sides of Socialist Health Care Debate! 8/23/9 The New York Times: “Six months have passed since the morning Tom Daschle, the former Senate Democratic leader, under fire for not paying certain taxes, called President Obama to withdraw his nomination as health secretary and overhaul czar. But these days it often seems as if Daschle never left the picture. With unrivaled ties on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, Daschle talks constantly with top White House advisers, many of whom previously worked for him. He speaks frequently to the president, who met with him as recently as Friday in the Oval Office. He also remains a highly paid policy adviser to hospital, drug, pharmaceutical and other health-care-industry clients of Alston & Bird, the law and lobbying firm.” — So much for Obama not having lobbyists on his team, promising transparency, and on and on and on…Tom Daschle and Barack Obama are part of the Democrat Culture of Corruption.
  29. Obama’s Lie About Abortion Funding in Government-run Health Care 8/24/9 – From HyScience.com: “So much for Obama’s desperate and cynical conference call to religious leaders August 19 where he accused his opponents of “bearing false witness” and of “divisive and deceptive attacks.”…even the Obama-loving AP points out there is no wiggle room in the legislation:”Since abortion is a legal medical procedure, experts on both sides say not mentioning it would allow health care plans in the new insurance exchange to provide unrestricted coverage.” –ConservativeAmerican.org says: Make no mistake, it’s in there! This President even lies to religious leaders!
  30. ObamaCare Nightmare Might Be Unconstitutional!! 8/26/9 – The feds don’t have the Constitutional power to force Americans to buy anything, including health insurance. From Bill O’Reilly’s 8/25/9 Talking Points Memo: “President Obama is taking a week off on Martha’s Vineyard with his family. The president will rest and recharge, and he needs it. The health care chaos has damaged the president’s credibility and job approval ratings, and there is another significant problem coming down the road – forcing Americans to buy health insurance may be unconstitutional. According to a number of scholars, the feds can’t force us to buy anything, which is just another annoying thing for the president to consider. Talking Points hopes the president understands that not all of those who oppose his policies are doing so for nefarious reasons. Yes, there are some who despise the president, but most of us want what’s best for America, and bankrupting the nation certainly does not fit that mindset. Finally, the president must know that his health care vision is in serious trouble. Blaming dissenters and news agencies like Fox is hurting the president.” — ConservativeAmerican.org’s take: Obama has always felt the U.S. Constitution is in his way.
  31. Team Obama Uses Kennedy Death to Promote Socialist Healthcare 8/27/9 – Fox News says John Kerry spoke of it at Kennedy’s memorial: “Anyone addressing the health care bill at the (memorial) service would tread a fine line between taste and politics, especially since conservative commentators have already objected to proposals to name the measure The Kennedy Bill. “He labored with all his might to make health care a right for all America, and we will do that in his honor,” said Sen. John Kerry, his Democratic colleague from Massachusetts for decades.” — Politico: “”Placing [Kennedy’s] name on a health-care bill, in memoriam, or using his name as a sympathy ploy to advance a health care bill that would deny Americans the choices Sen. Kennedy had is an insult and is supreme hypocrisy,” the talk show host Rush Limbaugh said…(Sean Hannity said) “we’re now being implored to get behind Obamacare because it’s what Ted Kennedy would have wanted”…Bill Hillsman, an independent political consultant…”I don’t think Ted Kennedy’s memorial is going to be a cheerleading session for health care.”UPDATE 9/2/9:Fox News: “I think it’s going to help us,” the Nevada Democrat (Harry Reid) told the Reno Gazette-Journal. UPDATE 9/3/9: Fox notes John Freakin’ Kerry also plans to use the Kennedy death to his advantage: “Kerry quickly invoked Kennedy’s memory and promised to push for the best health care reform package possible.”That means taking on these battles in the way that Teddy would and I pledge to you that I will,” he said.
  32. Obama’s Lie to the Joint Session of Congress! 9/3/9 – He hasn’t even given the talk yet, and already Team Obama is announcing the President will lie to the nation! As Fox News reports, “White House aides say the president will not be very specific about details of a health care reform policy, but he will deliver the message that Democrats are willing to go it alone if they can’t get Republican support. ” — ConservativeAmerican.org: What a bunch of bull! “Willing to go it alone?!” They have never needed, nor sought, any republican input or support. Remember Obama saying, “It’s not going to happen like that. I won.” That’s how he feels about Republican support. This has never been about republican support and it is a lie to suggest otherwise.Obama can’t get his own democrats to vote for this stupidity. Fact: Republicans are powerless to do anything about socialist, government-run health care. The democrats run everything. If they want it, all they have to do is stand up and be counted….then face the voters. It’s the last part that scares them.
  33. Obama’s Political Organization Calls those against Obamacare “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists!!” 9/3/9 – The Fox & Friends morning show reported today that Obama’s political group, “Organizing for America” had information about the 9/11 memorial indicating that it was a day to remember the 3,000 Americans killed by terrorists and to renew the fight against “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists” fighting the Obama Agenda!!! These guys are far, far beyond “beyond belief!” They want the CIA in jail, those who oppose are called terrorists, but they give a free plane ride back home to an Afghan Terrorist who attacked U.S. Soldiers and simply set him free!! (See scandal dated 8/25/9) Scandal doesn’t seem like a big enough word.
  34. Obama Lies to Congress # 1 – Promises to give Americans the “Same Opportunity” as Congress! 9/9/9 – President Obama has no problem speaking lies. You can see a list of his repeated lies from his address to congress by clicking here. He also told some new ones. He told congress that it’s about time Washington gives Americans “the SAME OPPORTUNITY we give ourselves!” This line also got applause. Odd. Democrats have defeated any measure that would require congress to take part in the public option. So if we get the SAME OPPORTUNITY, can we skip out on the public option too? What if our employer goes to this plan? Then we have no choice. That’s not exactly the SAME OPPORTUNITY, is it?
  35. Obama Lies to Congress # 6 -”Strong Majority” supports Obamacare! 9/9/9 – Obama claimed in his address that the “strong majority of Americans” support health care reform. Every national poll contradicts that statement. Mr. President, the nation wants you to work on the economy. Not destroy our healthcare.
  36. Obama Lies to Congress # 7 -Public Option is not a Government Takeover! 9/9/9 – Obama tells congress his Obamacare Public Option is not a government takeover of healthcare. Shikha Dalmia of Forbes has done a great jobexplaining these big healthcare lies. “Obama has repeatedly claimed that forcing private plans to compete with a public plan will simply “keep them honest” and give patients more options–not lead to a full-blown, Canadian-style, single-payer monopoly. As I argued in my previous column, this is wishful thinking given that government programs such as Medicare have a history of controlling costs by underpaying providers, who make up the losses by charging private plans more. Any public plan modeled after Medicare will greatly increase this forced subsidy, eventually driving private plans out of business, even if that weren’t Obama’s intention. But, as it turns out, it very much is his intention. Before he decided to run for office–and even during the initial days of his campaign–Obama repeatedly said that he was in favor of a single-payer system. What’s more, University of California, Berkeley Professor Jacob Hacker, who is a key influence on the Obama administration, is on tape explicitly boasting that a public plan is a means for creating a single-payer system. “It’s not a Trojan horse,” he quips, “it’s just right there.”
  37. Obama Lies to Congress # 8 -Obama Lied About Insurance Case! 9/9/9 Sweetness & Light: “One man from Illinois lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found that he hadn’t reported gallstones that he didn’t even know about. They delayed his treatment, and he died because of it.” This is the sad story of Mr. Otto Raddatz, a case that Mr. Obama has cited several times before, including in his August 16th editorial in the New York Times. For the record, however, the case is not exactly the way Mr. Obama has characterized it, at least according to the sworn testimony of Mr. Raddatz’s sister…Mr. Raddatz’s lawyer sister contacted the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. They investigated and found that the doctor who did the CT scans could not remember whether he had ever told Mr. Raddatz about his findings. Consequently, the insurance company overturned their original decision to rescind her brother’s coverage, and he was reinstated in the words of his sister, “without [any] lapse.” — ConservativeAmerican.org notes: Remember when Obama said others were not telling the truth about health care? He even accused Sarah Palin of lying. He should look in the mirror once in a while.
  38. Obama Lies to Congress # 9 -Obama Lied About the Cost of the Obamacare Nightmare! 9/9/9 The Media Research Center caught another lie in Obama’s talk. Brent Bozell notes, “”Barack Obama will not stop committing serial dishonesty with the American people until the media expose his false figures and bogus exaggerations for what they are: fraudulent scare tactics. “Last night Obama told a litany of lies. He said the total cost of his health reform would be $900 billion over ten years, but even the government-run Congressional Budget Office found it would cost $1.6 trillion.”
  39. Obama Lies to Congress # 10 -Obama says he’s not trying to build “An Entirely New System from Scratch!” 9/9/9 Real Clear Politics adds this lie to the list: “I believe it makes more sense to build on what works and fix what doesn’t, rather than try to build an entirely new system from scratch. And that is precisely what those of you in Congress have tried to do over the past several months. Does it take a thousand pages of legislation to not “disrupt one-sixth of our economy”? The reality is that the proposals he advocates would create a vast new bureaucracy from scratch, with sweeping powers to regulate private health-insurance plans-eventually including employer-provided plans-and forcing individual health-insurance plans to be offered on a government-controlled “exchange.” It is a plan for the comprehensive restructuring of the health-insurance industry-but Obama wants you to think that he’s not really doing anything. Which makes you realize that he doesn’t want to you notice or think too hard about what he is doing.”
  40. Obama Lies to Congress # 11 -Obama Claims ObamaCare Nightmare is Bipartisan! 9/9/9 Real Clear Politics catches this distortion of the truth: “This is another attempt to deflect scrutiny by claiming that everything he is proposing is safe, bland, anodyne. Thus, his plan “incorporates ideas from many of the people in this room tonight-Democrats and Republicans.” Which explains why Obama has so few Republican votes that his allies in Congress are now talking about ramming the bill through, in a dubious parliamentary maneuver, on Democratic votes alone.”
  41. Obama Lies to Congress # 12 – Claims He’s Always been for Health Choices!! 9/9/9 Real Clear Politics: “Here’s a tip: when Barack Obama says, “So let me set the record straight,” he is about to lie to you about his past. Thus, in rebutting the claim that he wants a “government takeover” of medicine, he assures us that “My guiding principle is, and always has been, that consumers do better when there is choice and competition.” So how is it that he was recorded only six years ago describing himself as an advocate of a Canadian style “single payer” system-the very opposite of “choice and competition”?” — And, if he really wants choices...let people buy insurance accross state lines!
  42. Obama Lies to Congress # 13- About Buying Insurance on Your own 9/9/9 National Review Online did its own fact-checking on the Obama address to congress and they added a few to our list on 9/28/9. OBAMA: “Buying insurance on your own costs you three times as much as the coverage you get from your employer.” The Congressional Budget Office writes, “Premiums for policies purchased in the individual insurance market are, on average, much lower — about one-third lower for single coverage and one-half lower for family policies.” It is true that individual insurance policies are generally 30 percent less comprehensive than employer-provided insurance, and comparable individual policies are about twice as expensive. But much of the extra cost is a function of the tax penalty on purchasing such insurance and the stunted market that penalty has yielded.”
  43. Obama Lies to Congress # 14- About Americans Losing Insurance Coverage 9/9/9 National Review Online add another to the “Joe Wilson ‘You Lie!’ List!” – OBAMA: “And every day, 14,000 Americans lose their coverage.” The paper that generated this estimate assumed that two months of severe job losses would continue forever. Applying that paper’s methodology to a broader period of rising unemployment (January 2008 through August 2009) produces a figure below 9,000.”
  44. Obama Lies to Congress # 15 – About Why Employees Have to Pay More of their Insurance Costs 9/9/9 National Review Online: OBAMA: “Rising costs are “why so many employers . . . are forcing their employees to pay more for insurance.” Perhaps no other issue generates as much of a consensus among health-care economists as this one: The “employer’s share” of employees’ health-care costs comes out of those employees’ wages, not out of profits. In this comment and in five others in his speech, Obama contradicts that basic truth. Employers aren’t forcing their employees to pick up a larger share of the bill because they can’t. Workers are already paying the entire bill.”
  45. Obama Lies to Congress # 16 – Saying U.S. Business can’t compete globally because of Rising Health Insurance Costs 9/9/9 National Review Online reports even Obama appointees Peter Orszag and Christina Romer think this statement is bogus!!! OBAMA: “Rising costs are “why American business that compete internationally . . . are at a huge disadvantage.” False. The rising cost of health benefits does not increase employers’ labor costs because, again, wages adjust downward to compensate. The Congressional Budget Office, under the leadership of Obama’s OMB director, Peter Orszag, confirmed that health-care costs do not hinder competitiveness. Obama economic aide Christina Romer has called this competitiveness argument “schlocky.”
  46. Obama Lies to Congress # 17- The Hidden Growing Tax Lie 9/9/9 National Review Online OBAMA: “Those of us with health insurance are also paying a hidden and growing tax for those without it — about $1,000 per year that pays for somebody else’s emergency room and charitable care.” That number comes from a left-wing advocacy group. A Kaiser Family Foundation study debunked the group’s analysis, reaching an estimate closer to $200 per year for a family. The CBO report mentioned above reached the same conclusion.”
  47. Obama Lies to Congress # 18 – About Special Interests Fighting the ObamaCare Nightmare 9/9/9 National Review Online: OBAMA: “I won’t stand by while the special interests use the same old tactics to keep things exactly the way they are.” Who are these special interests? In case Obama hadn’t noticed, everyone from the drug-makers to the unions to the insurance companies he demonizes are spending millions to build momentum for his version of reform — in no small part because Obama has promised to buy them off with middle-class tax dollars. When President Obama makes a factual claim about health-care policy, he does not deserve the benefit of the doubt about its accuracy. We do not know whether he has been badly misinformed or is deliberately trying to mislead. Either way, he cannot be trusted to reform American health care” The National Review Online article was written by Michael F. Cannon, director of health-policy studies at the Cato Institute, and Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor at National Review.
  48. Obama Lies to Congress # 19 9/10/9 – Reason Magazine reports, “The lies last night began in Obama’s opening paragraph. “When I spoke here last winter,” he began, “credit was frozen. And our financial system was on the verge of collapse.” In fact, Obama spoke on Feb. 24, at least six weeks after credit markets began to thaw, and one week after he proclaimed that the passage of his $787 billion stimulus marked “the beginning of the end, the beginning of what we need to do to create jobs for Americans.” Obama’s speech that day wasn’t about staving off a collapse, it was about cleaning up the mess and tackling long-ignored issues. Such as health care.”
  49. Obama’s Lies to Congress # 20 – Numbers Don’t Add Up! 9/10/9 – Reason.com reports, “the president’s numbers didn’t add up. “There may be those—particularly the young and healthy—who still want to take the risk and go without coverage,” he warned, in a passage defending compulsory insurance. “The problem is, such irresponsible behavior costs all the rest of us money. If there are affordable options and people still don’t sign up for health insurance, it means we pay for those people’s expensive emergency room visits.” No, it means that, on balance, the healthy young don’t pay for the unhealthy old. The whole point of forcing vigorous youth to buy insurance is using their cash and good actuarials to bring down the costs of covering the less fortunate. Such fudges reveal a politician who, for whatever reason, feels like he can’t be honest about the real-world costs of expanding health care.”
  50. Obama Lies to Congress # 21 – “Special Interests” involved in Health Care Debate 9/10/9 – Reason.com reports, “Again last night, Obama invoked the boogeyman of “special interests” who “lie” in order “to keep things exactly the way they are,” despite the fact that the special interests in this case are lining up to support the president, and that the critics of his plan tend to bemoan, not defend, the status quo. Opponents of his plan, he said, were “ideological”; Ted Kennedy’s support for health care reform, meanwhile, “was born not of some rigid ideology, but of his own experience.” Obama said his door was “always open” to those bringing “a serious set of proposals,” and he slammed that door shut on any attempts to break the almost universally unloved link between employment and insurance. He yearned to “replace acrimony with civility,” then got Democrats stomping on their feet with attacks against the Iraq War and “tax breaks for the wealthy.” The center of the debate, as always, was wherever he chose to stand.”
  51. Obama Flip Flops on Congress # 1 – You can Keep Your Plan & Doctor 9/9/9 – Obama used to spread the lie that “you can keep your plan and your doctor.” Major lefty news outlets have even pointed out this one is nothing he has control over. Now he flip flopped and says instead, “Nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have.” That’s the catch. They won’t be required, but economics will result in many companies taking the bait and offering employees only the public option. That means your doctor and your plan would change and you would have nothing to say about it. This one is just a promise he cannot make. UPDATE 9/30/9: The National Review Online adds: “But even on its own terms, Obama’s claim is false. The CBO estimates that slashing payments to Medicare Advantage, as Obama advocates, “would reduce the extra benefits that would be made available to beneficiaries through Medicare Advantage plans.” It would also cause some people to lose their coverage.”
  52. Obama Flip Flops on Congress # 2 How many Uninsured are There? Obama Loses 16-million People! 9/9/9 – From the AP:“OBAMA: “There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage.”THE FACTS: Obama time and again has referred to the number of uninsured as 46 million, a figure based on year-old Census data. The new number is based on an analysis by the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, which concluded that about two-thirds of Americans without insurance are poor or near poor. “These individuals are less likely to be offered employer-sponsored coverage or to be able to afford to purchase their own coverage,” the report said. By using the new figure, Obama avoids criticism that he is including individuals, particularly healthy young people, who choose not to obtain health insurance.” — So I guess there are millions without health insurance, give or take,…I dunno,…say 16-MILLION PEOPLE!!!
  53. Obama Flip Flops on Congress # 3 – Plays both sides of issue within three sentences!! 9/9/9 Obama tells congress, “No bureaucrat will come between you and your care. I will ensure it.” Two sentences later, he says he will appoint a commission of doctors whoo will determine what is waste and then get rid of it. So if he thinks it is wasteful, you won’t get the care. Hmmmm….that sure puts a bureaucrat between you and your care!
  54. Palin catches Obama Flip Flop on Congress # 4- “Scare Tactics” 9/9/9 From Sarah Palin: “Our objections to the Democrats’ health care proposals are not mere “bickering” or “games.” They are not an attempt to “score short term political points.” And it’s hard to listen to the President lecture us not to use “scare tactics” when in the next breath he says that “more will die” if his proposals do not pass.
  55. Obama Flip Flops on Congress # 5- No Changes to Your Plan?! Your costs will Skyrocket! 9/9/9 Real Clear Politics wants you to note: “while claiming he won’t change your existing coverage, Obama goes on to detail a whole set of changes to that coverage that will be mandated by government: What this plan will do is to make the insurance you have work better for you. Under this plan, it will be against the law for insurance companies to deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition…. They will no longer be able to place some arbitrary cap on the amount of coverage you can receive in a given year or a lifetime. We will place a limit on how much you can be charged for out-of-pocket expenses…. And insurance companies will be required to cover, with no extra charge, routine checkups and preventive care. And notice what each of these regulations would do: it would increase costs for private health-insurance companies. They would have to pay more to cover people with pre-existing conditions; more for people who go over their yearly or lifetime caps, more to make up for the limits on your out-of-pocket expenses, and more for routine checkups. Oh yes, and later on, Obama explains that his bill will be paid for by increased taxes on drug companies and insurance companies. There is no way to increase all of these costs for the insurers without causing a corresponding increase in health-insurance premiums.”
  56. Obama’s Scandalous Admission to Congress! 9/9/9 In one speech, the President said both that,”I will not back down! If you can’t find affordable insurance, we will provide you with a choice (public option)”…and that the public option plan is bad for the nation! If it is so bad, why won’t he back down? Speaking to congress he said those on the left want a single-payer public option and those on the right want companies to stop providing health insurance and instead have people buy their own. He then said that EITHER ONE (So, INCLUDING the public option) “Represents a RADICAL shift that would disrupt the health care most people currently have!” Nancy Pelosi stood up and clapped to that! She applauded the President saying a public option represents a radical shift that would disrupt health care! Amazing.
  57. Obama Lie About The Urgency of Healthcare 9/12/9 Conservative American Thomas Sowell points out at Town Hall: “One plain fact should outweigh all the words of Barack Obama and all the impressive trappings of the setting in which he says them: He tried to rush Congress into passing a massive government takeover of the nation’s medical care before the August recess– for a program that would not take effect until 2013! Whatever President Obama is, he is not stupid. If the urgency to pass the medical care legislation was to deal with a problem immediately, then why postpone the date when the legislation goes into effect for years– more specifically, until the year after the next Presidential election? If this is such an urgently needed program, why wait for years to put it into effect? And if the public is going to benefit from this, why not let them experience those benefits before the next Presidential election?…The only reasonable alternative seems to be that he wanted to get this massive government takeover of medical care passed into law before the public understood what was in it. Moreover, he wanted to get re-elected in 2012 before the public experienced what its actual consequences would be.”
  58. Obama Imposes Tariffs on China to help pass his Obamacare Nightmare?! 9/12/9 Barack Obama just slapped China by imposing new import tarrifs. Breaking News 24/7 reports the move was likely made to keep his union pals happy so he can get his Obamacare Nightmare passed! “While the White House announcement late Friday is likely to placate union supporters important to the president’s health care push at home, it could alienate the strategically important Asian powerhouse and trading partner. Chen Deming, China’s minister of commerce, said the Chinese government strongly opposed the tariffs, calling them a serious case of protectionism that will not only harm China-U.S. trade relations, but also the interests of the United States. He said the U.S. had broken its promise at the G-20 summit and the action violated World Trade Organization rules.” InvestmentU calls this “Tiregate.”
  59. Obama’s Trigger Promise Can’t Be Relied On 9/14/9 NH Watchdog reports: “In his health care speech to Congress on Wednesday, President Obama refused to show how his plan would achieve the cost reductions he claims it would. Instead, he presented another grand assertion: Any cost overruns will be balanced with spending cuts mandated by law. There’s just one problem with such triggers. They don’t work. The New York Times reported on Friday that “once in law, such automatic triggers have not proved effective as a way to reduce federal spending. In the past, Congress and the White House have simply overridden or ignored them.”
  60. Obama’s Democrat Pals Limit Free Speech in Congress!– 9/16/9 What the heck country is this anymore?! From Rush Limbaugh: “‘Under Section 370 of the House Rules and Manual, it has been held that a member could: refer to the government as ‘something hated, something oppressive.’ – refer to the president as ‘using legislative or judicial pork.’ – refer to a presidential message as a ‘disgrace to the country.’ – refer to unnamed officials as ‘our half-baked nitwits handling foreign affairs.’ – “Likewise, it has been held that a member could not: – call the president a ‘liar.’ – call the president a ‘hypocrite.’ – describe the president’s veto of a bill as ‘cowardly.’ – charge that the president has been ‘intellectually dishonest.’ – refer to the president as ‘giving aid and comfort to the enemy.’ – refer to alleged ‘sexual misconduct on the president’s part.”’ – So the House of Representatives and their rules committee has now put out a list of things that can and cannot be said on the floor of the House of Representatives in what was the greatest representative republic in the history of the world.
  61. Obama’s “Most Outrageous Health Care Myths” # 1– 9/16/9 From John Lott at Fox News: “Two claims are made all the time in the health care debate: 1) that there is little competition among those providing health insurance…It turns out that claims about too little competition are based on a misinterpretation of the data…”There is a serious problem with the lack of competition among insurers,” said Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine. “The impact on the consumer is significant.” Several studies point to how concentrated the health care insurance market is. A 2008 study by the American Medical Association shows that one or two health insurance providers dominate the market in most states, implying that the providers could be exploiting a monopoly-like situation to generate “excessive” profits…But they leave out the fact that for most people it is their employer, not the insurance companies, that pays for any bad health outcomes. The firm does so out of the company’s own pocket. The companies do what is called “self-insure” or “self-fund” their plans, and that occurs for around 55 percent of employees according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality with the Department of Health and Human Services. Take Maine, Senator Snowe’s state, as an example. There, the two largest insurance companies appear to control 88 percent of the market. And Well Point Inc. makes up most of that, with 78 percent. But what isn’t made clear is that these numbers only deal with privately insured patients who are insured by insurance companies. Slightly over half of the privately insured in Maine (52.1 percent) get their insurance through their employers who “self-insure.” So what about President Obama’s claim that in the 34 states most concentrated states 75 percent of the insurance market is controlled by five or fewer companies? Given that self-insured firms cover 57 percent of people insured in those states, the correct total market share for the largest five firms control is 32 percent, not 75 percent.”
  62. Obama’s “Most Outrageous Health Care Myths” # 2– 9/16/9 From John Lott at Fox News: “Two claims are made all the time in the health care debate: “2) that it is important to take the profit motive out of providing health insurance…non-profit insurers are so abundant that the largest insurer in virtually every state is a non-profit…by far the dominant players in the “full” insurance market are non-profits. Indeed, one of the motives of the government insurance option is to take profits out of the picture. “But having a public plan out there that also shows that maybe if you take some of the profit motive out, maybe if you are reducing some of the administrative costs, that you can get an even better deal, that’s going to incentivize the private sector to do even better. And that’s a good thing,” President Obama told the nation during his July 22nd press conference.Yet, in 29 of the 43 states that data are available for in the American Medical Association report mentioned earlier, the dominant company in the “full” insurance market is a non-profit company. In state after state, Blue Cross and Blue Shield hold the largest market share. On average, the largest non-profit hold over half of the “full” market share in those 29 states. Why add another non-profit operation to the mix? Getting rid of profits wouldn’t make costs go down – they would go up, because without profits there would no longer be the same incentive to hold down costs.”
  63. Obama Promotes ObamaCare and puts War on Hold! 9/18/9 – While President Obama delays a decision on sending more troops to Afghanistan, more soldiers continue to die. The President has time to dance around the country doing what he loves best, campaigning for socialist health care reform. Why doesn’t he have time to make up his mind about something as important as the troop levels in a war we are fighting?! His own general says he needs 40,000 more troops to win the war. Earlier, Obama provided his own troop surge of 17,000 additional troops when generals asked for 30,000. To put this on hold to deal with health reform is outrageous. UPDATE 9/22/9: 300 soldiers have died now since President Obama took office. UPDATE 9/24/9: From Fox News: “OBAMA: What I’m not also going to do, though, is put the resource question before the strategy question. Until I’m satisfied that we’ve got the right strategy, I’m not going to be sending some young man or woman over there beyond what we already have. SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, (R) ARIZONA: Let me tell you what’s the worst part of this is that the administration has told General McChrystal not to send his recommendation for the additional troops.” ConservativeAmerican.org notes: What difference does it make if he officially sends something we all know about already anyway? The fact is he wants the troops now and Obama is not about to give him what he needs to WIN. UPDATE 10/7/9: Fox News, “”We are witnessing a profound lack of focus,” House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence, R-Ind., said Wednesday…Sen. John McCain, told Obama that he should not move at a “leisurely pace,” according to people in the room.That comment later drew a sharp response from Obama, they said. Obama said no one felt more urgency than he did about the war, and there would not be nothing leisurely about it…”We do recognize that he has a tough decision, and he wants ample time to make a good decision,” said House Republican leader John Boehner. “Frankly, I support that, but we need to remember that every day that goes by, the troops that we do have there are in greater danger.”…”Half-measures is what I worry about,” McCain, R-Ariz., told reporters.”
  64. Obama Admits Health Care Reform could Cost $90 to $100-Billion in new taxes each YEAR!!!!! 9/20/9 – Naked Emporer News has the video proof…President Obama also says it will cost $15-Billion in new money to keep a child health care program going.
  65. Feds use the National Endowment for the Arts to Promote the ObamaCare Nightmare?!!! (& Obama Appointment Scandal # 78 – Yosi Sergant) 9/20/9 – Syndicated Columnist George Will of the Washington Post reports, “”This is just the beginning,” Yosi Sergant told participants in an Aug. 10 conference call that seems to have been organized by the National Endowment for the Arts and certainly was joined by a functionary from the White House Office of Public Engagement. The call was the beginning of the end of Sergant’s short tenure as NEA flack — he has been reassigned. The call also was the beginning of a scandal that illuminates something gargantuan — the Obama administration’s incontinent lust to politicize everything. Sergant’s comments, made to many individuals and organizations from what is cloyingly called “the arts community,” continued: “This is the first telephone call of a brand-new conversation. We are just now learning how to really bring this community together to speak with the government.” Wrong preposition. Not “with” the government, but for the government. Did the White House initiate the conference call-cum-political pep rally? Or did the NEA, an independent agency, spontaneously politicize itself? Something that reads awfully like an invitation went from Sergant’s NEA e-mail address to a cohort of “artists, producers, promoters, organizers, influencers, marketers, tastemakers, leaders or just plain cool people.” They were exhorted to participate in a conference call “to help lay a new foundation for growth, focusing on core areas of the recovery agenda.” The first core area mentioned was “health care.” The NEA is the nation’s largest single source of financial support for the arts, and its grants often prompt supplemental private donations. He who pays the piper does indeed call the tune, and in the four months before the conference call, 16 of the participating organizations received a total of nearly $2 million from the NEA. Two days after the call, the 16 and five other organizations issued a plea for the president’s health-care plan.” — The Washington Post reports, “Sergant became well known during campaign 2008 for his work with artist Shepard Fairey around the iconic Obama HOPE poster, and first came to Washington as a staffer in the White House…The National Endowment for the Arts has reassigned former communications director Yosi Sergant, who had become the latest target of FOX News talk show host Glenn Beck…The move came after he had come under attack from Beck, a conservative commentator who accused Sergant of attempting to use taxpayer money to fund art to support the president’s initiatives. UPDATE 9/24/9: Fox News reports Yosi had to resign today! UPDATE 10/29/9: Judicial Watch got a ton of information on the political conference call. UPDATE 10/31/9: Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air website links another White House executive to this scandal, Kalpen Modi.
  66. Obama’s White House Staffer Pushed ObamaCare on the National Endowment for the Arts! (& Obama Appointment Scandal # 79 – Buffy Wicks)

9/21/9 Breitbart’s Big Hollywood identifies Buffy Wicks Buffy Wicks – the “functionary from the White House Office of Public Engagement” that George Will >wrote about as having pushed ObamaCare during a conference call to grant recipients of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) as being Buffy Wicks. Rush Limbaugh today refers to Wicks as “Buffy the Wal-Mart Slayer” because of her involvement in protests against Wal-Mart. As we pointed out July 2nd
, Obama has done a huge flip-flop on Wal-Mart: “President Obama has gone from saying he wanted to “force” Wal-Mart to “re-examine its corporate values,” to being a fan of the company he has personally profited from. That’s because Wal-Mart now is backing at least part of Obama’s socialist healthcare plan!” Wicks was part of Team Obama California and was in charge of Obama’s Inauguration. Ron Galloway writes at the Huffington Post that, “I met Buffy two years ago when she was instrumental in the anti-Wal-Mart effort. She was polite to me, which she didn’t have to be, and frighteningly smart. And frightening to me in general.” ConservativeAmerican.org wonders what the young Buffy, (who works for Valerie Jarrett–see scandal #75 dated 12/18/2008), thinks of Obama suddenly liking Wal-Mart now! Wicks crossed ethical, and perhaps even legal, lines in pushing federal arts grant recipients to help promote the ObamaCare Nightmare. She also asked them to produce pro-Obama artwork! UPDATE 11/4/9:The Washington Examiner wants to know why Wicks remains on the White House payroll after the NEA scandals.

  1. Obama Tells ABC there’s no tax in Obamacare, but Yes There Is!

9/21/9 Fox News: “President Obama gave ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos a stern talking-to Sunday for suggesting that a mandate to buy health insurance would amount to a tax. But the language of the health care reform plan proposed by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., explicitly labels the penalty attached to the mandate as an “excise tax…”The excise tax would apply for any period for which the individual is not covered by a health insurance plan with the minimum required benefit,” the Baucus plan says. ” UPDATE 9/30/9: The National Review Online adds: ““The middle class will realize greater security, not higher taxes.” Obama would make health insurance compulsory for the middle class (and everyone else). If he thinks that isn’t a tax, he should listen to his economic adviser Larry Summers, or his nominee for assistant secretary for planning and evaluation at HHS, Sherry Glied. Both liken the “individual mandate” to a tax, as do other prominent health economists like Uwe Reinhardt (Princeton) and Jonathan Gruber (MIT). The CBO affirms that the penalties for non-compliance “would be equivalent to a tax or fine.” UPDATE 11/4/9: Reason Magazine reports, “President Obama broke his promise to raise taxes only on the wealthy barely two weeks after taking office, says Senior Editor Jacob Sullum, and he will break it again if Congress passes the health care legislation he wants. But Sullum says Obama has come up with a strategy to avoid the fate of George H.W. Bush: Although he will raise your taxes, he will never admit he is raising your taxes.”

  1. Obama Uses Another Bad Example 9/21/9 Remember the Post Office example he used about UPS? Well he used a similar example on George Step-in-a-lot-of-it at ABCDEmocrat News: “And,” Obama said, “you actually can afford health insurance, but you’ve just decided, you know what, I want to take my chances. And then you get hit by a bus. And you and I have to pay for the emergency room care.” Bad example. Not true. The bus driver’s insurance would pay for the care, not “you and I.”
  2. Obama Breaks Promise on Negotiating for Cheaper Drug Prices 9/21/9 This is one of VERY FEW that come from CBS (gasp) News: “In the Jan. 31, 2008 debate, Mr. Obama said, “If a drug company — if the drug companies or a member of Congress who’s carrying water for the drug companies wants to argue that we should not negotiate for the cheapest available price on drugs, then I want them to make that argument in front of the American people. We’ll negotiate with the drug companies for the cheapest available price on drugs,” Mr. Obama said again in an Oct. 15, 2008 debate with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). It turns out, however, Mr. Obama reneged on this promise in a secretive way. In July the president praised the drug industry for its agreement to reduce its revenues by $80 billion over 10 years by discounting the cost of medicines for some seniors. After Congress sought to extract further funds from the pharmaceutical industry, however, it was revealed that the White House made some previously undisclosed deals to get the industry to stay at the negotiating table. “The White House had tracked the negotiations throughout, assenting to decisions to move away from ideas like the government negotiation of prices or the importation of cheaper drugs from Canada,” the New York Times reported.
  3. Obama Breaks Promise on Allowing You to Buy Drugs from Other Nations 9/21/9 Also from CBS: “During the campaign, Mr. Obama said his plan would “Allow consumers to import safe drugs from other countries” because “some companies are exploiting Americans by dramatically overcharging U.S. consumers.” As noted above, the Obama administration secretly conceded to forgo the importation of cheaper drugs in its deal with the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Obama Breaks Promise That the Average Family will save $2,500 a Year with Obamacare! 9/21/9 CBS News ran a story about the 5 Health Care Promises Obama Won’t Keep. Two of them, his promise of transparency and that he won’t mandate that individuals buy insurance, have already been covered on our list. The two above and this one make up the other three. From CBS: “”The only thing we’re going to try to do is lower costs so that those cost savings are passed onto you. And we estimate we can cut the average family’s premium by about $2,500 per year.” This campaign promise is the trickiest to explain and to evaluate. Mr. Obama gave this figure repeatedly, but he was not being completely forthright about what he meant. His administration never expected families to see savings of $2,500 in premiums; instead, his advisers calculated the total cost savings for both individuals and the government.”UPDATE 9/23/9: CATO institute says Obama breaks tons of promises and is batting 1 for 61!
  5. Obama Tries to Punish ObamaCare Nightmare Opponents! – Humana 9/22/9 – The : “The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched an investigation into Humana Inc.’s effort to enlist beneficiaries to fight proposed cuts to Medicare’s private plans. The investigation, launched Friday, is looking at whether Humana, one of the largest providers of Medicare Advantage plans, violated marketing rules by sending letters to beneficiaries in Michigan, Florida and other states urging them to contact lawmakers to register their opposition to proposed cuts. The letters state that “millions of seniors and disabled individuals could lose many of the important benefits and services that make Medicare Advantage health plans so valuable” — a claim congressional Democrats say is false…(Government) Officials on Friday requested that the company stop the mailings and shut down the Web site…If Humana violated marketing rules, sanctions could include fines or suspending its ability to market their plans and enroll new beneficiaries.” — So for voicing opposition to the Baucus-Obama Bill, Humana gets thrust into a government probe. That’ll teach companies not to fight the Rahm Emanuel-David Axelrod-Barack Obama White House! UPDATE 9/23/9Fox adds: “Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell blasted the investigation of Humana on Wednesday, calling it a “federal gag order” that seeks to silence a health provider that disagrees with the administration. McConnell said he’s called for a complete legal justification of the probe.”This is so clearly an outrage,” McConnell said on the Senate floor. “For explaining to seniors how legislation might affect them, the federal government has now issued a gag order on that company, and any other company that communicates with clients on the issue, telling them to shut up — or else. This is precisely the kind of thing Americans are worried about with the administration’s health care plan. They’re worried that government agencies which were created to enforce violations even-handedly will instead be used against those who voice a different point of view,” he said. UPDATE 9/24/9: Wall Street Journal: “Humana gets whacked for telling the truth, AARP gets a pass for spreading falsehoods.”
  6. Obama Appointment Scandal # 80 – Nancy Ann DeParle 9/22/9 From RedState: “Who has he chosen as his health policy czar to make sure the waste, fraud, and abuse gets stamped out? Nancy-Ann DeParle. And why do I call her a non sequitur appointee? Well, a non sequitur is a logical fallacy and that’s what this appointment is. Why the hell would you appoint as your healty policy czar who will focus on rooting out Medicare’s waste, fraud, and abuse the woman who ran Medicare for Bill Clinton and utterly and completely failed to root out waste, fraud, and abuse?…According to the Investigative Reporting Workshop of the American University School of Communication and MSNBC (!!!)…In touting DeParle’s accomplishments when he appointed her in March, Obama didn’t mention the lucrative private-sector career she built since September 2000, when she left her government job running Medicare for the Clinton administration. Records show she earned more than $6.6 million since early 2001, according to a tally by the Investigative Reporting Workshop. And the public wasn’t told that much of that corporate career was built at companies that have frequently had to defend themselves against federal investigations. After leaving government, DeParle accepted director positions at half a dozen companies suspected of violating the very laws and regulations she had enforced for Medicare. Those companies got into further trouble on her watch as a director. Now she’s back in government as a leading voice in deciding the shape of health care reform. As director of the White House Office of Health Reform, DeParle is the point person in pushing for the administration’s plans for changing health care and the ways Americans pay for it — changes in which her former companies have a great deal at stake.”
  7. Obama Breaks No Earmarks Pledge – Again 9/27/9 From Carol Marin at the Chicago Sun Times: “The story that stood out was by David D. Kirkpatrick of the New York Times. It was headlined, “Health Bill Could Hold Reward for 4 Cancer Centers.” His report should make our national blood boil enough to tell Barack Obama that all his compromising on health-care reform isn’t reforming Washington one iota. His story line was simple. In exchange for supporting aspects of the Obama health initiative, some members of Congress, including the leadership of the president’s own party, want pork. And so, imbedded in the fine print of the 1,000-page-plus legislation, are sweeteners for certain senators who intend to bring home some bacon in exchange for their vote. The worst example cited was none other than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He wants to ensure that the Nevada Cancer Institute, a cancer treatment center with no particular national reputation, reaps “a big gain in federal reimbursements as part of the health-care overhaul.” Functionally, it’s an “earmark,” which Obama railed against during the campaign. Kirkpatrick found a number of them tucked in this so-called reform package, written in a wily way to slip by us taxpayers unnoticed, proposals that “would provide more favorable Medicare payment rates to just a handful of specific medical facilities.” I’d call it a scandal but sadly, it’s not. “It’s just business as usual.”
  8. Obama Priorities Screwed Up – Has Only Spoken to General in Charge in Afghanistan Once in 70 days! 9/28/9 C-BS (C for Couric and BS for what she does) “60 Minutes” interviewed Gen. Stanley McChrystal yesterday who acknowledged he has only spoken to President Obama once in 70 days. While Obama continues to have time for the artificial priority of socialist health care, he doesn’t even have time to talk to the man in charge of the U.S. war in Afghanistan! This is a disgrace. Rush Limbaugh highlights the issue on his radio show today. McChrystal wants more troops. Still no response from Obama. UPDATE 9/30/9: It makes news on Fox today that the President will actually meet soon with the general in charge of the Afghan War! As for critics like us that say he needs to respond to the general’s request for more troops, White House Spinster Robert “Brothers” Gibbs says, “The American people deserve an assessment that’s beyond game playing.”
  9. Obama’s Other Story was a Lie Too!! 9/29/9 – The President of the United States used two FAKE examples to push his ObamaCare Nightmare when addressing congress! We told you about the first one in a scandal dated 9/9/9, “Obama Lies to Congress # 8 -Obama Lied About Insurance Case!” Now, Fox News says the other story was a lie too!! “(The) President said a Texas woman about to have breast cancer surgery lost her health insurance because she didn’t disclose a case of acne to the insurer. That’s not what happened. One of President Barack Obama’s health care “horror stories” is about a woman who, he says, lost her health insurance on the verge of breast cancer surgery…Robin Lynn Beaton, 59, of Waxahachie, Texas, indeed had her insurance suspended and then terminated when she needed it the most. Hers is a cautionary tale about how an insurance company can act in a seemingly arbitrary manner to revoke coverage for lifesaving treatment. But not for the reasons Obama cites. She “was about to get a double mastectomy when her insurance company canceled her policy because she forgot to declare a case of acne,” he said in one telling. Beaton…lost it (insurance) because, when enrolling in the plan, she had not reported a previous heart condition and did not list her weight accurately…Beaton’s case is just one cited by Obama that mixes fact with fiction…Rep. Joe Barton, Beaton’s Republican congressman in Texas, fought the insurer until it restored her coverage, enabling her to get the surgery 10 weeks after it was postponed. She told The Associated Press she owes Barton and his aides her life. But somewhere along the way, Beaton’s case became a White House tale of an insurer canceling coverage because she forgot to report acne…But five days after (the policy) was finally canceled, (it was Republican) Barton (who) called the company president directly, said the lawmaker’s spokesman, Sean Brown. Among the points raised: The possibility of a news conference drawing attention to the case. Barton also said he might name a bill after Robin Beaton. Four hours later, Barton said, he got a call saying her insurance would be reinstated. Barton is a Conservative (American) who is no fan of Obama’s health care plans. UPDATE 9/30/9: Jake Tapper has more on this story!
  10. Obama Increases Health Care Costs for the Military!! 10/4/9 The Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi Sun Herald reports: “Defense health officials didn’t do the Obama administration any favor Wednesday when they announced a “small” increase in the daily fee that military retirees under 65, their families and covered survivors must pay for inpatient care in civilian hospitals under Tricare Standard starting Oct. 1. The jump, in fact, for working age retirees and their families is $110 per day, a 20.6 percent increase. Tricare Standard is the military’s fee-for-service insurance option…Families of active duty members who use Standard for civilian hospital stays will see a more modest increase in their daily charge, from $15.65 a day to $16.30, or $25 per admission, whichever is greater. The increase for retirees stunned and angered at least one service association.“This shocking announcement is extremely disappointing, given your public assurances earlier this year that the Defense Department would not be proposing any Tricare fee increases for [fiscal] 2010,” retired Navy Vice Adm. Norbert R. Ryan Jr., president of the Military Officers Association of America told Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Ryan’s protest letter was sent hours after Tricare officials unveiled their new inpatient fees for Standard.
  11. Obama’s Broken Timeline Promises 10/5/9 Caroline Myss writing at the ultra-liberal Huffington Post says President obama has broken timeline promises more than once. “he has made the mistake more than once — the foolish mistake — of promising to complete projects by certain dates, like closing Gitmo by January 2010 and signing off on the Health Care Reform Bill by the summer break. (Now the date is moved to Thanksgiving.) All those broken promises do is give the Republicans yet another failure they can use in the next presidential election. And he has yet to show that he has the capacity to lead with fire in his gut.” – Ouch. Pretty tough words from his friends!
  12. Obama: The White Coats are Coming! The White Coats are Coming! 10/5/9 CBS News reports that Obama staged a White House rally today with doctors who were all given white coats to wear so they’d look more like…well, doctors! “The White House said the group “Doctors for America,” which advocates health care reform, distributed the labs coats to the doctors…Republican National Committee emailed reporters a Wall Street Journal editorial from three former presidents of the American Medical Association in which they complained that by inviting only supporters to the event Mr. Obama “missed an opportunity to learn more about the real issues facing patients and doctors and to formulate a plan that truly puts patients in control with doctors as trusted advisers. One easy reform would be to enable individuals to buy policies offered in any state, not just where they live,” they write. “This will enhance competition. But more government-run health insurance will only lead to disaster.”
  13. Michelle Obama Created a Chicago Health Plan to REDUCE Service to “Poor, Black, Medicare and Medicaid Patients!!!” 10/7/9 GetLiberty.org has a very interesting story up about the first lady getting involved in creating a newMichelle Obama's Plan to Avoid Serving the Poor!!!Michelle Obama’s Plan to Avoid Serving the Poor!!! health care plan. No, it’s not Hillary Clinton this time…it’s Michelle Obama. From writers Richard McCarthy and Carter Clews: “Several years ago a wealthy, well-respected Chicago hospital realized that it had a problem: Too many poor, black, Medicare and Medicaid patients were “seeping” into the hospital’s emergency room. Since it has been illegal for two decades to just drop indigent patients off at competitors’ hospitals, what could the University of Chicago Medical Center do? Enter Michelle Obama. To solve this problem, Susan Sher, Vice President for Legal and Government Affairs, hired her friend Michelle Obama in 2002. Mrs. Obama was hired as Executive Director for Community Affairs. Michelle Obama immediately understood the problem. She declared, “The world is seeping in, and our salvation will be the success of our partners” (i.e., alternative, less hoity-toity medical facilities). To deal with the “seepage” problem, Mrs. Obama helped create the so-called…“Urban Health Initiative”. This program aimed to reduce the number of non-paying patients utilizing UCMC’s emergency room. And it did so by instituting a highly selective program that redirects poor patients to other medical facilities with decidedly less advanced technology – not to mention, less prestigious clientele — than UCMC…Upon entrance to the UCMC emergency room, patients are now greeted by a “patient advocate” whose job it is to convince them to seep over to some other, less exclusive medical facility. Free short-bus shuttles are even provided to haul the willing off. To add insult to injury, this program was started with a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services. Which means the working poor are helping to finance their own neglect.” You have to read the rest of their story! No wonder she has never been proud of her country!
  14. Obama’s Press Spinster Lies about Abortion Coverage in the ObamaCare Nightmare! 10/10/9 Kathryn Lopez catches another White House distortion: “A reporter referred to a letter from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, addressed to lawmakers: “So far the health reform bills considered in the committee, including the new Senate Finance Committee bill, have not met the president’s challenge of barring the use of federal dollars for abortion.” The reporter asked: “Is that statement wrong?” Gibbs responded: “Well, I don’t want to get me in trouble at church, but I would mention there’s a law that precludes the use of federal funds for abortion. That isn’t going to be changed in these health care bills.” The reporter pressed: “There have been, though, several amendments that would explicitly bar abortions, that would therefore reject it …” Gibbs insisted: “Again, there’s a fairly well documented federal law that prevents it.” Gibbs was being dishonest. He was clearly talking about the Hyde Amendment, a 1976 provision that bans federal funding of abortions for Medicaid recipients; it was attached as a rider on a Medicaid allocation bill. The reporter and the bishops, of course, were not talking about appropriations bills. They were focused on the health-care reform revolution upon which President Obama has set so much of his reputation…If the so-called “public option” plan or “affordability credits,” which are premium subsidies, come to pass, abortion funding will be very much on the table, and possibly part of the law. In fact, in an amendment added to the predominant House bill, federal funding for abortion is explicitly required in the credits scenario.”
  15. Harry Reid Says Obama is Lying About the Cost of Health Care Reform! 10/15/9 – Democart Harry Reid goofed up recently admitting the cost of the ObamaCare Nightmare is a full $2-Trillion dollars! If that’s true, it means that President Obama lied when Reason.com reports he said, “Add it all up, and the plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over ten years,” he said, trying hard to sound like those numbers weren’t pulled out of Joe Biden’s pants, and won’t be dwarfed by actual costs within a year or two.”
  16. Obama Administration Bad Mouths Union Leader for Speaking Up!!– 10/18/9 – From ultra-liberal FireDogLake: “Gerry McEntee is president of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). He leads one of the largest unions in America and has been one of the most vocal advocates for progressive health care reform. He is one of the few establishment figures willing to openly challenge Obama for repeatedly breaking his word in regards to health care reform… “We have had just about enough of his gratuitous slaps,” said a senior White House official Friday, calling the politically charged language “outrageous and unacceptable” from an ally — even from one that had, the official noted, devoted substantial resources to health care efforts. “He’s doing his members a real disservice,” said the official, who said that while all other labor leaders had been careful to keep their opposition to elements of health care proposals modulated and largely inside the tent, McEntee was “beyond the pale.” That’s interesting because the progressive community thinks Obama’s broken promises and secret deals are the real gratuitous slaps. Having a top progressive reform priority, allowing Medicare to save billions by directly negotiating drug prices, sacrificed in a backroom deal for campaign ads from PhRMA is beyond the pale. The question is who is gratuitously slapping whom? Is it the Obama administration, which with repeated broken promises stabbed labor unions in the back? Or is it McEntee for simply calling bull**** when he sees it?”
  17. Obama Administration Failing To MakeObama and Sebelius Can Smooch - But Can't Get You the Flu Shot!Obama and Sebelius Can Smooch – But Can’t Get You the Flu Shot!Sure Those Who Want Flu Shot Can Get One! 10/18/9 – We’ve been warned for many months about this flu season and especially the H1N1 Swine Flu outbreak. So, why didn’t Obama’s Health & Abortion Services Director, Kathleen Sebelius, make sure there were enough flu shots for those who wanted them? If this had been Bush in the White House, the media would be all over it calling it a “failure” of his administration. Since their own guy is in power, however, the manufacturers are quietly blamed. Even for the normal flue, vaccination clinics are being canceled and doctors are telling patients to call back. There isn’t enough vaccine available! For H1N1, more kids have already died from that this early in the flu season than normally die in an entire year…and Sebelius doesn’t have any shots available to the general public yet. The earliest doses are being handed out to health care workers in a few locations. Most simply can’t get the shot yet. Obama and Sebelius have known about this for months, but did not do enough to prepare and make sure Americans that wanted shots were protected with vaccines. It is a scandal, but you won’t hear much about it.
  18. Senator: Obama Administration uses Taxpayer Funded Website to Push Socialist ObamaCare Nightmare!! 10/21/9 National Review Online: “Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is raising concerns that a Department of Health and Human Services Web site that urges visitors to send an e-mail to President Barack Obama praising his health care reform plan may violate rules against government-funded propaganda. The Web page is accessed through a “state your support” button featured prominently on the HHS Web site and carries a disclaimer that the Web site is maintained by HHS. In a letter sent to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Tuesday, Grassley warned that “any possible misuse of appropriated funds by the executive branch to engage in publicity or propaganda in support of an Administration priority is a matter that must be investigated and taken seriously,” noting that in 2005 Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) argued that “the use of official funds for similar activities were ‘underhanded tactics’ and that these tactics ‘are not worthy of our great democracy.’”
  19. Senator: Obama Administration Using Nixon-style Enemies list! 10/21/9 U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander “accused the Obama White House on Wednesday of using Nixon-style tactics to vilify political opponents and members of the media, suggesting the administration is on the brink of compiling its own “enemies list.”…(Alexander) urged President Obama and his aides to dial back their attacks on White House critics…joined by Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., cited a litany of instances where he said Obama was inappropriately targeting groups — from the Chamber of Commerce to Fox News — just as President Nixon did four decades ago. “I have an uneasy feeling only 10 months into this new administration that we’re beginning to see the symptoms of this same kind of animus developing in the Obama administration,” Alexander said. Gregg also expressed concerns and suggested Obama was “Nixifying” the White House. Alexander, chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, pointed to the administration’s public criticism of the health insurance industry, Republicans in Congress, the Chamber of Commerce and Fox News.
  20. Obama’s Empty ObamaCare Promise! – Turns out 73-Million May Not Be Covered!

10/21/9 Google News and the Associated Press: “Despite promises by President Barack Obama, more than 70 million Americans who have

Democrat Rockefeller
Democrat Rockefeller

health insurance through their jobs could be open to higher costs or denials of some coverage under a leading overhaul plan making its way through Congress. That’s because large employers that directly assume the cost and risk of health coverage for their workers — including Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Caterpillar Inc. and Xerox — wouldn’t be subject to the same rules and restrictions that would be imposed on health insurers in the measure approved this month by the Senate Finance Committee…”I want to make very clear that we cannot promise the American people that the insurance reforms they have been hearing so much about will benefit everyone, when the reality is that this bill leaves out” up to 55 percent, or 73 million people covered by such arrangements, said Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W. Va.”

  1. Obama Administration Lies About Being

    Ready for Swine Flu Outbreak 10/23/9 Back in April, the Obama Administration said it was already prepared to handle the expected swine flu outbreak. From the scandal dated April 27th, “While President Obama was out golfing…Homeland Security Chieftess Janet Napolitano said the USA is ready to handle the Swine Flu outbreak. The news conference went to her by default because the President (had) yet to appoint a reasonable person to serve as Health & Human Services Secretary. Three months in to his term, 19 key positions remain(ed) open at HHS as the nation prepare(d) for what some fear could be a pandemic.” USA was ready? Team Obama was ready? Why the shortage of regular flu shots and the H1N1 vaccinations then? Apparently, they weren’t ready after all.

  2. Obama Administration Battling Unions over Taxing Good Health Plans! 10/26/9 ABC’s Teddy Davis reports: “The Senate Finance Committee bill includes a tax on high-priced insurance plans, suggested by Senator Kerry. A policy along these lines, designed carefully, will encourage both employers and employees to be more watchful health care consumers,” said Christina Romer, the chair of the Council of Economic Advisors…”It will discourage insurance companies from offering high-priced plans that would otherwise eat up larger and larger shares of workers’ wages,” she continued…Romer’s full-throated endorsement of the “Cadillac tax” keeps the Obama administration at odds on this issue with some of its closest allies. Organized labor has made killing the “Cadillac tax” a top priority and more than half of House Democrats have signed a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging her not to include a “Cadillac tax” in health-care legislation.The union-funded Health Care for America Now group recently launched a television ad attacking the “Cadillac tax” as the wrong way to pay for health-care reform.” — So if you have a great health plan, Team Obama wants to tax the heck out of it to pay for the socialist ObamaCare Nightmare! UPDATE 1/12/9: From the New York Times blogs: ” Union leaders said Monday afternoon that they planned to tell President Obama in a meeting later in the day that it would be a costly political mistake to enact an excise tax on high-priced, employer-sponsored health benefits. They said they would warn the president that enacting the tax, which the president favors and is part of the Senate health bill, would give Republicans lots of political ammunition — enabling them to run ads saying that Mr. Obama and the Democrats had imposed a tax on the middle class after Mr. Obama had promised during his presidential campaign not to raise taxes on average Americans.”
  3. Top Secret Health Care Meetings in “Most Open & Transparent Government?” 10/27/9 The Politico: “When Barack Obama was running for president, he vowed to lead the most open and transparent government in history. Candidate Obama even promised to negotiate health care reform live on television.Then it came time to govern, and President Obama has negotiated major parts of the health care bill behind closed doors. Earlier this year, he announced deals his administration had cut with drug companies and hospitals after brokering them out of public view. And now his top lieutenants are working in secret with leading Democrats to craft the health care bill that will be debated on the Senate floor. All of the insider wheeling and dealing has good-government groups disappointed in an administration that promised more openness than it has delivered. Bill Allison of the Sunlight Foundation expressed the watchdog community’s frustration when he said, bluntly, “This is a broken promise. We didn’t get anywhere near the level of transparency that we were promised.”
  4. Obama’s Broken Promise to end “Business as Usual” Politics in Washington 11/20/9 Freedom Eden reports: “Obama promised to be the one to turn the page on “playing the same Washington game.” What a load! What a pack of lies! Obama promised to change business-as-usual politics in Washington. Add that to the ever-growing list of his broken promises. Obama hasn’t changed how Washington works. He’s playing the same old games, making shady deals. From Jonathan Karl, ABC News: On page 432 of the Reid bill, there is a section increasing federal Medicaid subsidies for “certain states recovering from a major disaster.” The section spends two pages defining which “states” would qualify, saying, among other things, that it would be states that “during the preceding 7 fiscal years” have been declared a “major disaster area.” I am told the section applies to exactly one state: Louisiana, the home of moderate Democrat Mary Landrieu, who has been playing hard to get on the health care bill. In other words, the bill spends two pages describing what could be written with a single world: Louisiana. (This may also help explain why the bill is long.) Senator Harry Reid, who drafted the bill, cannot pass it without the support of Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu. How much does it cost? According to the Congressional Budget Office: $100 million.’ This makes me sick.”
  5. The ObamaCare Nightmare “Tax & Delay” Fraud 11/23/9 – Conservative American U.S. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina told Fox News today the real cost of the ObamaCare Nightmare is more than $2-Trillion! He says the only way the democrats get their price under $1-Trillion is to start the taxes imposed by the bill immediately, then wait to offer benefits for four years! It’s the Tax & Delay fraud. And, remember we earlier pointed out that the only way the ObamaCare Nightmare doesn’t add to the deficit is because the democrats took the $250-billion payment to doctors out of the bill and are dealing with that separately! This is the check they want to give doctors to make up for the fact they’ll be screwing them with the Medicare Cuts! Seniors need to wake up on this one. Democrats are taking health care away from aging citizens with this bill!
  6. Obama’s No Money for War Lie 12/1/9 It’s suddenly about the economy?! For his entire Presidency, it’s all been about health reform. Now, in a sudden change, he claims the big issue is the economy. He said the American people are focused on rebuilding the economy. And he said we simply can’t afford the price tag of these wars! What an outrageous claim! We can’t afford the war, but we can afford the trillion he said the wars cost for health care?! This is nuts!! He is being dishonest with the American people to suddenly claim its all about the economy and that we just can’t afford the war…while he pushes his huge, costly socialist agenda! This is a stupid and foolish claim. Does anyone read his talks ahead of time? Is no one honest with him about what the reaction will be?
  7. Obama’s Brookings Bull # 9 – Proposes Tax Cuts Without “Paying” For Them 12/8/9 OBAMA: we’re proposing a complete elimination of capital gains taxes on small business investment along with an extension of write-offs to encourage small businesses to expand in the coming year…(later) Folks passed tax cuts and expensive entitlement programs without paying for any of it – even as health care costs kept rising, year after year. FACTS: The President failed to explain how he will “pay for’ the tax cuts he proposes while criticizing others for doing the same. ConservativeAmerican.org notes it is nonsense to even suggest tax cuts need to be “paid for.” We have dealt with that topic numerous other times.
  8. Obama’s Brookings Bull # 13 – Audacity of Waxing Political!!! 12/8/9 OBAMA: One of the central goals of this administration is restoring fiscal responsibility. The deficit had been building dramatically over the previous eight years. Folks passed tax cuts and expansive entitlement programs without paying for any of it, even as health care costs kept rising year after year. These budget-busting tax cuts and spending programs were approved by many of the same people who are now waxing political about fiscal responsibility while opposing our efforts to reduce deficits by getting health care costs under control. It’s a sight to see. FACTS: First he waxes political about fiscal responsibility. Then he tries to tell you about Bush doubling the deficit in 8 years but completely ignores the fact he took that Bush deficit and quadrupled it in just a few months!! “Spending programs were approved by many of the same people who are now waxing political about fiscal responsibility.” Is he looking in a freaking mirror or something?!! HE approved these spending programs as a Senator! HE voted for them. HE is now “waxing political!” Give us a ‘Rev. Jeremiah Wright shouldn’t have said that’ Break! The audacity of this man is out of control!….Wait, what’s that smell? Oh…nevermind. Just my blood boiling!
  9. Obama Lied About Substantive Talks with Republicans 12/9/9 A website called HotAirPundit reports that Karl Rove exposed this lie, “Rove: “There has not been one substantive meeting on Health Care in the House, the Senate or at the White House in which Republicans have a given seat at the table for substantive discussion”
  10. ObamaCare Nightmare Cost Control Illusion 12/14/9 Wall Street Journal Op-Ed: “ObamaCare’s core promise—better quality care for everyone at lower costs—is being exposed as an illusion as it degenerates into the raw exercise of political power. Naturally, the White House and its media booster club are working furiously to prop up this fiasco, especially on cost control.As Obama budget director Peter Orszag put it at a revealing media breakfast earlier this month, the Senate bill does everything the experts recommend to “get at the underlying drivers of health-care costs.” While he admitted that “we don’t know enough” to produce results right away, the key is to encourage “continuous improvement” through pilot programs and demonstration projects. Cost containment will actually take “years to decades,” Mr. Orszag conceded.” UPDATE 12/19/09: Freedom Works notes Obama said, “And it will slow the growth of health care costs for our families.” However, The U.S. Senate’s healthcare bill would raise insurance premiums by at least 10 percent by 2016 for those independently buying coverage… the Congressional Budget Office said.” UPDATE 12/19/09: Freedom Works notes Obama said, “And it will slow the growth of health care costs for our families.” However, The U.S. Senate’s healthcare bill would raise insurance premiums by at least 10 percent by 2016 for those independently buying coverage… the Congressional Budget Office said.”
  11. White House Lies about Pressuring Reid to Cut a Deal with Lieberman 12/15/9 The Huffington Post today says Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama have gone too far this time. The headline reads, ‘A Rahm Too Far: Time for Obama Voters to Pull the Plug!‘ This is the ultra-liberal Huffington Post mind you! They want socialist healthcare now and they feel like Obama is selling them out. Lee Stranahan writes, “Whatever happens with this bill, one thing is now crystal clear – the White House is calling the shots and they want a bill that’s a giveaway to the insurance industry with no real protections, public option, or Medicare rollback. There is NO standard here except passing a bill. Oh. And the White House is willing to lie about it, too. Enough. It is now time for anyone who supported Barack Obama in 2008 to let the President know loud and clear that this is not what we voted for it.” The lie Stranahan refers to comes from Talking Points Memo: “As Politico first reported, the White House is pressuring a reluctant Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to cut a deal with Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) to keep the prospects for health care reform legislation alive, a keyed in aide confirms…The White House denies the charge. Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer tells TPMDC, “The report is inaccurate. The White House is not pushing Senator Reid in any direction.”
  12. Obama’s Latest Health Care Lie 12/15/9 Fire Dog Lake reports, “After exiting a meeting with the Senate Democratic caucus, President Obama approached the microphone and proceeded to tell a bald-faced lie about health care reform: “You talk to every health care economist out there, they will tell you that what ever ideas exist in terms of bending the cost curve and starting to reduce cost for families, businesses, and government, those elements are in this bill.” This statement is 100% false–and Obama knows that. This bill does not contain anywhere near most ideas for controlling health care costs. This bill does not even contain most of the cost-reducing ideas that were part of Obama’s health care plan during last year’s presidential campaign. What makes his lie so unbelievable is that Obama’s administration is right now fighting against one of the biggest cost control ideas that the president previously claimed to support. His administration is working to kill Dorgan’s drug re-importation amendment.”
  13. Obama’s “Mother of All Broken Campaign Promises!” 12/16/9 True/Slant reports Obama has broken his promise not to have smokey back-room deals with the drug companies. “A memo obtained by the Huffington Post confirms that the White House and the pharmaceutical lobby secretly agreed to precisely the sort of wide-ranging deal that both parties have been denying over the past week. . . .It says the White House agreed to oppose any congressional efforts to use the government’s leverage to bargain for lower drug prices or import drugs from Canada — and also agreed not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D, which would cost Big Pharma billions in reduced reimbursements.” Obama said once, “We’ll tell the pharmaceutical companies ‘thanks, but no, thanks’ for the overpriced drugs — drugs that cost twice as much here as they do in Europe and Canada.” Watch him make the promises below.
  14. Obama’s Broken Promise to Take on the Drug Industry 12/16/9 The Washington Post: “On the campaign trail, Barack Obama vowed to take on the drug industry by allowing Americans to import cheaper prescription medicine. “We’ll tell the pharmaceutical companies ‘thanks, but no, thanks’ for the overpriced drugs — drugs that cost twice as much here as they do in Europe and Canada,” he said back then. On Tuesday, the matter came to the Senate floor — and President Obama forgot the “no, thanks” part. Siding with the pharmaceutical lobby, the administration successfully fought against the very idea Obama had championed. “It’s got to be a little awkward,” said Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.).”
  15. Obama Scare Tactics: Nation Will Go Bankrupt Without ObamaCare! 12/16/9 Charles Hubris Gibson (why hasn’t he retired yet?), complete with his snobby grandma glasses, interviewed Obama. The President used scare tactics he has accused republicans of using. He said without his ObamaCare Nightmare, your health insurance costs will go up, your employer might drop health insurance all together and the nation will go bankrupt! He sure has that one backwards! It’s WITH ObamaCare that the nation may go Bankrupt! As Sarah Palin said in our Scandal dated 9/9/9, “And it’s hard to listen to the President lecture us not to use “scare tactics” when in the next breath he says that “more will die” if his proposals do not pass.”
  16. Robert Gibbs Disagrees with Obama on Signing an Agreement Just to Have An Agreement! 12/17/9 You know how democrats are willing to dump all their original plans for health reform just to get a bill, any bill, signed by Christmas? Apparently some high up in Obama’s administration think that’s a dumb idea. Fox News reports White House Spinster Robert Gibbs made the following comment, “We’re not going there just to get an agreement for the sake of something that’s called an agreement.” Here’s the catch. Gibbs was talking about the Climate Hoax Conference in Copenhagen. Shouldn’t the same thing apply to issues here at home? Surely he must think so. It can’t be that he’s just being a BIG, FAT HYPOCRITE!!
  17. Axelrod says Howard Dean is Insane! 12/17/9 The Politico reports that White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod called former DNC Chair Howard Dean “Insane” while on MicroSoftNBC today! “Axelrod said Thursday that Howard Dean’s criticisms of health-care reform are “predicated on a bunch of erroneous conclusions” and that for progressives to torpedo the legislation “would be a tragic, tragic outcome. To defeat a bill that will bend the curve on this inexorable rise in health-care costs is insane!” – UPDATE 12/20/9: ABC: “Axelrod clarified that he didn’t say Dean was insane, but that “it would be insane to pass on the opportunity to enact the reform that would have such a positive impact on our future…it was probably an unfortunate choice of words.” – ConservativeAmerican.org observes it’s such a shame to see these guys fighting each other!
  18. ObamaCare Nightmare Breaks Obama Pledge to Save Businesses Money 12/19/9 – Freedom Works has the Obama quote: “And it will slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses, and our government.” However, the National Federation of Independent Businesses says the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is short on savings and long on costs, is the wrong reform, at the wrong time and will increase healthcare costs and the cost of doing business. Freedom Works also reported that the Congressional Budget Office said that in general, firms with more than 50 workers that did not offer coverage would have to pay a penalty of $750 for each full-time worker if any of their workers obtained subsidized coverage through the insurance exchanges.”
  19. ObamaCare Nightmare Breaks Obama Pledge to Cut the Cost of a Typical Family by $2,500 12/19/9 – Freedom Works has the Obama quote: “I have made a solemn pledge that I will sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year.” However, Freedom Works says the CBO reports the Reid Bill would cause the average premiums to increase by $2,100 for a family policy in the individual market.” — This one is a bit tricky. Team Obama was counting money the government would save in its $2,500 figure per family. Regardless, it seems to be very much false.
  20. Obama Lies About ObamaCare Reducing the Deficit (AGAIN) 12/21/9 President Obama today said his ObamaCare Nightmare will reduce the deficit by $132-Billion in the first ten years and another $1.3-Trillion in the second ten years. He said those “carping about big spending” have an argument that doesn’t hold water. Rush Limbaugh notes the ObamaCare Nightmare will worsen the budget and the budget deficit every year. If what the President is claiming is true, then why the need for billions in new taxes within the plan?! Hmmmm? UPDATE ADDED 12/26/9: Jake Tapper at ABC News, “But the deficit reduction number cited by the president has been disavowed by CBO. When CBO first guesstimated by how much the Senate health reform legislation would reduce the deficit, they said it would be about half a percent of GDP — $1.3 billion, said Democrats. But on Sunday, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf issued a correction, downgrading the estimate from half a percent of GDP to between a quarter and a half a percent. The reason is that CBO misinterpreted when recommendations from the Medicare Advisory Committee would kick in.” – Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air wants to know why ABC Nightly News ignored the fact Obama was lying! If Tapper had the story, why not air it?!
  21. Senate Democrats Vote to Kill 210,000 Americans!! 12/21/9 From the Rush Limbaugh Show: Democrat Harry Reid told the Senate today that one American dies every ten minutes due to lack of health care and that the federal government must fix that now….well, maybe not “now.” What democrats keep forgetting to point out is that the taxes in the ObamaCare Nightmare start right away, but the new reforms don’t start for another four years to help with the Obama 2012 campaign. That delay of four years, if Reid is right, will cost the lives of 210,000 Americans!
  22. Obama Breaks Promise Not To Tax Americans Earning Less than $200,000 a Year! (AGAIN) 12/21/9 Former White House Spokeswoman Dana Perino pointed out of Fox & Friends this morning that no one is talking about how the ObamaCare Nightmare bill in the Senate also breaks Obama’s big promise to to raise taxes on individuals making less than $200,000 or couples making less than $250,000. There are billions and billions in new taxes in this nightmare bill and many of them apply to all taxpayers.UPDATE ADDED 12/27/9: Just A Conservative Girl points out, “With the release of Sen. Harry Reid’s Manager’s Amendment, the Senate healthcare bill now contains seven tax hikes on families making less than $250,000 per year. Each of the seven tax hikes are in violation of President Obama’s “firm pledge” not to raise “any form” of taxes on these families.”
  23. Obama Helping the Same Insurance Companies He Tried to Vilify! 12/21/9 While President Obama spent much time painting insurance companies to be the bad guys in health reform, his ObamaCare Nightmare working its way through the U.S. Senate is a huge Christmas gift to those same companies! It requires all Americans to buy medical insurance…from Private Companies! So, he’s helping the same ones he calls “fat cats?”
  24. Obama Skips Church on Christmas Eve! 12/24/9 while the Time magazine’s headline says “No Churchgoing Christmas for the First Family,” the mag seems more concerned about the Obama’s making it to Hawaii for Christmas! From Time: “The Senate vote on final passage of health reform almost scuttled their plans, but it looks like the First Family will still make it to Hawaii for Christmas. They’ve had a whirlwind holiday season so far, starting with the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, through hosting more than 50,000 people for 27 parties and open houses, and ending with a visit by the First Lady, Malia and Sasha, and the family’s dog Bo, to deliver cookies to the Children’s National Medical Center. The Obamas have also started their own holiday traditions in their new home, adding a Christmas wishing tree to the decorations festooning the White House. But there’s one common Christmas practice not on the First Family’s schedule: a visit to Christmas Eve church services. Church, in fact, has been a surprisingly tough issue for the Obamas. They resigned their membership with Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in 2008 after Obama renounced the church’s controversial former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. And while the First Family intended to find a local church to attend when they moved to Washington, concerns about crowds and displacing regular worshippers has prevented them from finding a new religious home during their first year here. The Obamas have attended Sunday services in Washington three times this year — once at the predominantly African-American 19th Street Baptist Church, and twice at St. John’s Episcopal Church across Lafayette Square from the White House. Asked at Tuesday’s White House briefing whether the First Family is still searching for a local church to join, press secretary Robert Gibbs responded: “The President has attended fairly regularly up at Camp David a church that he’s comfortable in and has enjoyed attending.”UPDATE 12/30/09: Sunlit Pundit wonders if this is a lie based on what candidate Obama said about his faith during the campaign.
  25. Reid & Obama Are Using Double Entry Lie Accounting on Health Reform Claims! 12/26/9 Ace of Spades reports, “Of course our “deficit hawk” president will veto this bill if it gets to his desk in this condition, right? …To describe the full amount of HI trust fund savings as both improving the government’s ability to pay future Medicare benefits and financing new spending outside of Medicare would essentially double-count a large share of those savings and thus overstate the improvement in the government’s fiscal position. That’s CYA bureaucrat speak for “These fools are playing you like a Steinway suckers!” An even simpler two word translation: “they lie”.
  26. Obama’s “Biggest” Broken Campaign Promise 12/26/9 The Seminal at the liberal FireDogLake website and AlterPolitics.com report, “Obama’s biggest campaign promise, as Digby reminded us all, was that he would not be beholden to special interest groups — the ones who always manage to thwart all efforts of meaningful reform (as Obama eloquently described above). And, yet, before the health care initiative was even launched, Obama essentially smothered ‘Change’ in its crib, by doing EXACTLY what he said he wouldn’t — he struck backdoor deals with the entrenched interest groups. And the President now pretends that he fought hard — though we all saw he didn’t. In fact, not only was he MIA — refusing to outline any priorities for a health care reform bill — his own White House was undermining his campaign promises at every turn, insisting they weren’t essential for Obama’s signature. He now pretends the opposition was just too fierce, too dug in — though we’ve heard from the Senators themselves that he never once pressured anyone on the public option. And, of course, he clearly didn’t want Reid using reconciliation. Obama wanted the bill he got — the one cooked up by the entrenched interests in his back door deal. By not using reconciliation, he believed the Blue Dogs would give him the cover he needed to emerge from this industry giveaway unscathed. And now Obama appears frustrated; frustrated that the Left won’t give him HIS due victory, and applaud him for this bill — this trillion dollar wealth redistribution from the middle class to special interests.” – And that’s what his lefty pals think of him!
  27. Obama’s Broken Public Option Promise 12/26/9 The Left is unhappy Obama caved on his promise not to sign a bill without the public option. From liberal website FireDogLake: “Barack Obama told the Washington Post that he never campaigned on the public option. I recently provided resounding proof — as aggregated by Think Progress — and also included a new scathing ad being run by The Progressive Change Campaign Committee SHOWING Obama telling his supporters that he would only sign a plan that contained a public option. Obama had in fact made the public option a major part of his health care reform promise during his campaign. Anyone who supported him knows this, and so his lying about it is only going to polarize him even further from his base — or should I say, whatever remains of it.” Ouch. These people are ticked off!
  28. Obama’s Broken Promise to the Alex Hermstad Family– 1/2/10 Recent reports at ExposeObama.com, and Western Journalism speak of a Pilot-Tribune story by Editor Dana Larsen. “Every politician will tell you they will be there when you are desperate for help…But who will keep that promise when a crisis comes? Apparently not the…Democratic candidate for the presidency, according to a Storm Lake family facing a critical, undiagnosed illness of a teenager daughter. “It has been one long frustration,” said Lori Hermstad, who has watched her previously healthy, athletic 15-year-old daughter Alexandria – Alex – slowly lose all movement of her body since 2005, in a mysterious illness that doctors have been unable to explain. After exhausting all other avenues for help in trying to gain the attention of medical experts,…shortly before the Iowa Caucuses, she started to appeal to various presidential candidates. Only one, Barack Obama, responded at all. The Hermstads were encouraged, and invited Obama to visit their home while he was in town to campaign at Storm Lake High School…”And when Obama came in he was smiling and shook my hand and gave me a hug and said that he was coming to see Alex after all – that they just hadn’t been able to tell us because of security reasons,” Lori said. Obama talked to Alex for a few moments, and had his picture taken with her. He was kind to her twin sister Jaci, and listened to Lori’s concerns. He said he would like to be our liaison with the federal government.” Lori had previously spoken with John Edwards, who never took any action on their behalf. “After that kind of letdown, finally, with Obama, it was the first time that it seemed that someone had heard us,” Lori said.She tried to share the story of Obama’s visit to Alex with the media, but no one in the metropolitan media would do it, she said. The family tried to be patient, realizing that Obama would be tied up with campaign events during the caucus season, but finally, Lori started calling his staff. “Okay, when is Senator Obama going to start helping?” she asked. No one would follow through on the promises. Lori asked the Obama campaign to use his pull to get her story on the Oprah Winfrey show…They even drove to Chicago to try to get into the studio to meet with Oprah’s people. They could not get access, but Obama’s staff said they had five people working on it and that they would call the Hermstads back within 30 minutes. “Five hours later we were still standing there, and they never did call back. Here we were in winter weather standing outside these locked doors. It really takes away your dignity…” Lori said. “I realize now that the Obama people…thought that Alex would die over the summer and the issue would go away,” the Storm Lake mother said. All she really wanted from Obama, she says, is a phone call. “We needed to get through to doctors who might be able to give us some answers. I don’t think it was a lot to ask. He has pull – he could have made one call.” Alex’s relatives were losing patience rapidly. Despite a barrage of messages, Obama’s staff was no longer responding. “…how can you stand at the bedside of a girl like this and not be moved to do something? I guess that they feel that he came, so he’s done his part.” …a world renowned neuro-geneticist has offered to come to Storm Lake himself to see Alex.
    Finally, it seems to the family, there is some hope…(LORI:) “A lot of times it seems that our politicians Say they are here to help, but when it comes down to it, they are not. People should know that.” — Dana Larsen later wrote the President saying in part, “Hours after Tom Harkin met Alex Hermstad, he had been on the phone, and had almost instantly been accepted into a national program for children for undiagnosed diseases. Mr. Obama, you could have made that call. You promised. And it isn’t too late to help the girl and others like her. But if has come to the point where even for you, campaigning, winning is more important than the people you are suppose to serve, goodness help us. There is no Change in that, sir.
  29. Obama Team Breaks Transparency Promise with Secret No-Conference Committee! 1/4/10 The Atlantic is reporting: “democrats in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate are planning to skip the Conference Committee process on the health reform bill… “Democrats are “almost certain” to bypass the conference process to pass a merged health care bill through both chambers of Congress, according to two senior Democratic Hill staffers (one from the House and one from the Senate), The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn reports–a decision that will likely fuel some GOP attacks on health reform. Instead of convening a formal conference committee–where a handful of lawmakers of both parties from the House and Senate negotiate to hammer out a final bill–Democrats from the both chambers will likely meet privately, without Republicans, to finalize a bill that will be sent back to each chamber for final passage.”
  30. Obama Pays MIT man to Invent Health Reform Data! 1/11/10 From the liberal FireDogLake website: “MIT health economist Jonathan Gruber has been the go-to source that all the health care bill apologists point to to defend otherwise dubious arguments. But he has consistently failed to disclose that he has had a sole-source contract with the Department of Health and Human Services since June 19, 2009 to consult on the “President’s health reform proposal.” He is one source for the claim that the excise tax will result in raises for workers (though his underlying study is in-apt to the excise tax question). He is the basis for the argument that the Senate bill reduces families’ risk–even if it remains totally unaffordable. Even Politico stenographer Mike Allen points to Gruber’s research….don’t you think it’s rather, um, dubious that the guy evaluating the heath care reform–for $300,000–is also the package’s single biggest champion? And no one has been transparent about this contract? Update: Actually, Gruber failed to disclose his $392,600 contracts with HSS. The reference to ongoing work in the bigger, second one refers to a $95,000 contract he had from March 25, 2009 to July 25, 2009.”
  31. Obama’s Scandalous Marriage Taxes Hidden in ObamaCare Nightmare! 1/15/10 – InsuranceNewsNet details the punishment team Obama plans to give couples who get married! “In addition to unconstitutional measures, unfair individual mandates, higher taxes, penalties for lifesaving medical devices and a potentially devastating rationing of care, Obamacare also contains several penalties on couples for getting married. Those penalties make government the enemy of both good romance and good finance. The first sort of marriage penalties affects low- and middle-income couples who would get their insurance without employer assistance but with government subsidies. The penalties accrue through the “caps” on premiums. In the House plan, an unmarried couple living together with each earning $25,000 would pay no more than $3,076 in combined premiums each year. If the same couple got married, their annual cap would skyrocket to $5,160 – a 68 percent punishment just for saying “I do.” (The penalty in the Senate bill is slightly lower, at 48 percent.) What is even worse is that the subsidies are suddenly and completely cut off once somebody reaches 400 percent of the official poverty-level income ($63,360 in 2016). The arithmetic is complicated, but what it means is that two unmarried persons earning $32,000 each ($64,000 total) would pay a maximum combined $5,684 in premiums, but if they got married, they would pay about $15,000. That is an astonishing penalty of 164 percent. It is almost impossible to imagine a policy that could be any more anti-family than that. “ – Unbelievable. Not only does it break his promise not to tax those making less than $250,000 a year (AGAIN), the ObamaCare plan taxes low and middle income families! He’s taxing the poor!
  32. ObamaCare Lets Union Members Skip Insurance Tax! 1/15/10 The President of the United States is bribing union members into supporting his so-called Cadillac Tax! This is a tax imposed on very good (Cadillac) and expensive health plans…the ones his pals at the SEIU have! The move turned his democrat controlled labor union bots into adversaries. As Conservative Wisdom notes, “Secret, non-transparent backroom deals at the White House have led to a special deal for labor unions…Unions will be exempt from paying the proposed Cadillac taxes, which are set up to pay to insure Americans who can’t afford insurance.” The unions are exempt until 2018 in the deal. Plenty of time for socialist-democrats to make the exemption permanent. UPDATE 1/18/10: Armstrong Williams at the Washington Times adds, “To call this $60 billion compromise grossly unfair to nonunion American workers is an understatement; it is a national scandal to pay off the political allies of the Democratic Party. The union bosses who agreed to this compromise should be ashamed of their hypocrisy toward American workers. Union leaders have once again shown they care more about their power and influence in the Democratic Party than they do about American workers. It is no wonder that unions in the U.S. have been declining for decades.”
  33. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #9 – Obama Still Lying to Alex Hermstad! 1/20/10 – (See our entry above dated 1/2/10 for the story of Alex Hermstad…a sick young girl Obama visited, promised to help, then forgot all about) Obama tells G-Steph that he tackled healthcare because of all the “heart-breaking stories about families” he heard on the campaign trail! Bunk! “So there is no doubt that,” Obama said, “that this is something that we had to do. Not because of what I hear in Washington, but because of what I’ve heard around the country.” You mean like the story you heard from young Alex Hermstad when you visited her in the hospital along the campaign trail? You remember, the one where you promised to help the family, but never did! More than a year later, the president continues to lie to Alex Hermstad and the American people.
  34. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #10 -Says Socialist Health Reform Unpopular, but “Necessary” 1/20/10 – “What is absolutely true is, during the course of this year, what you have is a situation in which we’ve got to take a lot of steps quickly that we know are unpopular, but were necessary.” He basically just admitted he doesn’t give a darn what America thinks! He knows ObamaCare is unpopular and doesn’t care. He thinks his socialism “is necessary!”
  35. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #12 -Obama wishes he had pushed Socialist Healthcare Through FASTER!! 1/20/10 – Ignoring the Massachusetts election completely, Obama says he only wishes he had pushed his socialist ObamaCare through FASTER!!! STEPHANOPOULOS: “But it sounds like you’re saying – no second thoughts on your fundamental strategy?” OBAMA: “Well look, what I would say is that first of all, I wish we had gotten it done faster!” – Later in the same interview he says a mistake his administration made was moving so fast. He can’t even keep up with his own lies! Then he said, “I would advise that we try to move quickly.” How is anyone supposed to know when this Liar-in-Chief is actually telling the truth?!
  36. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #13 – Obama Admits Alinsky Strategy to Force Socialism on America!! 1/20/10 – So was Obama telling the truth this time? He told G-Steph, “Health care is part of a broader context of how am I going to be able to move the middle class forward in a more secure and stable way.” Hmmmmm. That’s what Rush Limbaugh has been saying all along! It’s not even about health care itself, it’s about using health care to control more and more of your life, to grow labor unions, and to buy and insure permanent socialist workers party democrat voters. It’s straight out of the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals playbook. It’s not about health care, it’s about socialism.
  37. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #14 – Obama Thinks Americans Love ObamaCare and those that Don’t Have Thick Skulls! 1/20/10 – OBAMA: “I have learned in Washington… you have to repeat yourself a lot because, because unfortunately it doesn’t penetrate.” In other words, all you Tea Partiers out there are stupid and you have such thick skulls that the “truth” of his government takeover of healthcare just hasn’t “penetrated” your thick head yet! This is unprecedented arrogance! He also claimed some “specific provisions” of the ObamaCare Nightmare “are actually very popular.”
  38. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #15 -Repeats His Fear Mongering Lie

1/20/10 – After telling congress and the nation that people would die if his socialist takeover of healthcare wasn’t passed, the President continues to charge that republicans are “fear mongering!” The audacity! He told Stephanopoulos, “It is very important to look at the substance of this package and for the American people to understand that a lot of the fear mongering around this bill isn’t true.”

  1. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #16 – Back to Saying Insurance Companies are Villains! Wants to Eliminate them! 1/20/10 – This president can’t keep track of his constant flip-flops either! First he paraded around the country talking about “health insurance reform” and how awful the health insurance companies are. Then, when confronted at a Town Hall meeting by an employee of an insurance company, he lied saying he was NOT trying to Vilify the Insurance Industry. Now, with ABCDEmocrat News, he’s back to the first strategy. “We know that we need insurance reform, that the health insurance companies are taking advantage of people.” He always has to give Americans some big nasty corporation or industry to hate, so he can ride in as the savior on the white horse and solve all your problems with even bigger government! Obama actually said, and this is a direct quote, “If you don’t make sure that everbody has health insurance, then you can’t eliminate insurance companies.” Eliminate them??!!
  2. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #18 – Lies About Involving Republicans 1/20/10 – From day one, this President made it clear he won the election and things would get done his way. The only republicans he has been willing to talk to are those that agree with him on elements of his health care takeover. Yet he is pompous enough to tell G-Steph, “So now in fairness, I think it’s important to remind everybody that part of this process was having conversations with Republicans for months and asking them what exactly they wanted to do and what their solutions were to these problems…If they have clear plans and clear ideas in terms of how to move forward on certain issues, I’m always open to that.” Yeah, if they have ideas on how to move forward on YOUR “certain” issues and YOUR agenda! This man has deliberately made no effort to reach out to republicans. To claim that he has done so is nutzoid. Republicans suggested lawsuit reform to reign in health costs. Where is that idea in his plan?! Republicans suggested consumers be able to purchase health insurance over state lines. Where is that idea in his plan?! This is a blatant lie and George Step-in-a-lot-of-it let him get away with it.
  3. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #19 –Obama: Health Reform is Not About Me, But it IS about ME 1/20/10 – Obama: “The reason I tackled healthcare wasn’t because this way my personal hobbyhorse.” Oh really? In true Geraldo Rivera form, Obama later in the same interview admitted healthcare really IS all about HIM! “Look, I have every interest in seeing a unified country solving big problems. That is something that is very much in my interest because if it happens, not only do I have a successful presidency, but more importantly the country is successful.” Sounds like it’s all about you, sir. If the country is first, why is it last in your rhetoric? Jim DeMint was right. This is Obama’s Waterloo.
  4. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #20 – Lies About Republicans Stopping Healthcare 1/20/10 – With large majorities in both the U.S. House and the Senate, the democrats did not need one single republican vote to pass ObamaCare. Despite this fact, Obama continues to blame republicans for his own failures and the bickering in his own party! “I think that some of it had to do with a sense that the best political strategy was to simply say no.” It didn’t matter if republicans said no, no way, or took a vacation. You did not need a single republican vote to do any of this. This is a deliberate and repeated attempt by Obama to mislead Americans.
  5. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #25 – American People Just Don’t Get It! 1/20/10 – OBAMA: “I think the assumption was, if I just focus on policy, if I just focus on the, you know, this provision, or that law, or are we making a good rational decision here – STEPHANOPOULOS: That people would get it. OBAMA: That people will get it.” See, the problem is that YOU just don’t get it! You just don’t understand yet! It’s not ObamaCare that is the problem, it’s YOU! It’s how STUPID YOU are! (And don’t you love how the G-Steph man is always right there, holding Obama’s hand, ready to jump in to help Obama word things?! Remember when Steph…sounds like an infection… corrected the President when Obama spoke of “my Muslim faith?”)
  6. Obama-Nopoulos Interview Error #26 – Obama Turns on Dime & Says He Should SLOW DOWN on ObamaCare Nightmare!! 1/20/10 – After moments earlier saying he should have rushed healthcare through quicker, Obama contradicted himself! “That also means, by the way, that we can spread out what we do so it’s not so cram packed. It doesn’t mean I back off the agenda on health care, or energy, or education, or financial regulatory reform, or dealing with our deficits. But it does mean that it doesn’t have to be all on top of the other piled on.” Don’t even get me started on the deficit bullogna!
  7. 2010 State of Obama # 3– Sudden Focus on Creating Jobs?! 1/27/10 Obama pretended that job creation is now (has always been?) his main focus, when in reality he spent most of his time in 2009 on the attempted Socialist healthcare coup. If job creation truly is his main focus, then why is it that $500 Billion of the $787-Billion Economic Stimulus money still has not been spent? And why on earth would he need ANOTHER jobs bill? Notice he doesn’t call this one a stimulus. Not only is a new jobs bill a bad idea, the President should stop any further spending of stimulus money and use it to pay off part of the loan he had to take since we don’t have the money to afford the stimulus in the first place!
  8. 2010 State of Obama # 9 – He Doesn’t Really Get the Massachusetts Message 1/27/2010 – Trying to play both sides of the health reform debate, President Obama used phrases like “as temperatures cool,” but also still promised to push forward. He said he’d listen to any new plan, even one from a Republican but quickly rattled off a list of 7 or 8 items the plan would have to include… it boiled down to the equivalent of him saying, “Give me what I want or I won’t even listen to you!” Despite the public outcry to move along, Obama urged his audience not to give up.
  9. 2010 State of Obama # 19 – We Can’t Have a Constant Campaign! 1/27/2010 – In a foolish and bizarre claim that must have been written by a two-year-old Democrat speech writer, the President said the American people are fed up and “We can’t have a constant campaign.” He forgot to mention at that point in the speech that his own constant campaign for his new agenda starts tomorrow with a campaign-style road show in Florida! Blazing and stupid hypocrisy. This president has a habit of accusing others of what he, himself actually does!
  10. 2010 State of Obama # 21 – Meetings With Republicans Too Late 1/27/2010 – The President announced he will actually start to meet with real, live republicans in the future. Part of that whole new thing to be above partisanship. If he was so against partisanship, why the H*** didn’t he start these meetings right after taking office??!!
  11. 2010 State of Obama # 24 – Accept Responsibility But Not Blame! 1/27/2010 From the Chicago Sun Times: “The day before President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address last week, the New York Times reported that “aides said he would accept responsibility, though not necessarily blame” for failing to deliver on campaign promises. If you accept responsibility for something bad, aren’t you accepting blame by definition? Not if you’re Barack Obama, who has a talent for accepting responsibility while minimizing and deflecting it. “With all the lobbying and horse-trading, the process [for producing health care legislation] left most Americans wondering, ‘What’s in it for me?’ ” he said in his State of the Union speech. “I take my share of the blame.” For breaking his oft-repeated promise to televise health- care negotiations on C-SPAN? For agreeing to provisions that would benefit special interests at the expense of the general public? No. “For not explaining it more clearly to the American people” — as if the problem could have been solved with a nifty PowerPoint presentation.”
  12. 2010 State of Obama # 37 – The “Eager to See New Ideas” Lie! 1/27/2010 David Lindorff at CounterPunch reports on the Obama quote: “If anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen Medicare for seniors and stop insurance company abuses, let me know. Let me know. Let me know. I’m eager to see it.” Hm-m-m. Actually, he has not been eager to see other ideas at all. John Conyers has had another idea: extending Medicare to cover everyone. He had it in the form of a bill, HR 676, but at the urging of the White House, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kept that bill from even getting a hearing… But the truth is, he doesn’t want to talk about it and doesn’t want to even hear about it.”
  13. 2010 State of Obama # 40 – Obama Pot Calls Congress Kettle Black 1/27/2010 Fox News: “OBAMA: He called for action by the White House and Congress “to do our work openly, and to give our people the government they deserve.” THE FACTS: Obama skipped past a broken promise from his campaign — to have the negotiations for health care legislation broadcast on C-SPAN “so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.” Instead, Democrats in the White House and Congress have conducted the usual private negotiations, making multibillion-dollar deals with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders behind closed doors. Nor has Obama lived up consistently to his pledge to ensure that legislation is posted online for five days before it’s acted upon.”
  14. Obama Claims ObamaCare Nightmare Debate Really Was on C-SPAN!

2/1/2010 Newsmax reports, “Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told the president… “you stood up before the American people multiple times and said you would broadcast the healthcare debates on C-SPAN, you didn’t.” Obama answered Chaffetz by saying, “Look, the truth of the matter is that if you look at the healthcare process, just over the course of the year, overwhelmingly the majority of it actually was on C-SPAN, because it was taking place in congressional hearings in which you guys were participating. I mean, how many committees were there that helped to shape this bill? Countless hearings took place.” The president seemed to be saying… what he really meant was “congressional hearings.” The trouble with that claim is that congressional hearings have been televised by C-SPAN for many years… Obama made it clear repeatedly that what he was promising in opening the process governing the formulation of healthcare legislation was something new – letting the public in on what would usually be private negotiations…”

  1. Obama Lies About Involvement in Shady Health Care Deals! 2/4/10 John McCormack at the Washington Examiner reports, “Mary Katharine Ham notes that President Obama tells ABC:
    “Let’s just clarify. I didn’t make a bunch of deals [on health care]. … There is a legislative process that is taking place in Congress and I am happy to own up to the fact that I have not changed Congress and how it operates the way I would have liked.” But the Washington Post reported on December 20 that Obama’s top aides were involved in the negotiations with Nelson: …Keenly aware how tense the talks were, the White House dispatched two aides who together have decades of experience in the Senate — Jim Messina and Peter Rouse — to work with Nelson. They relayed their intelligence to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who monitored the talks from a dinner in Georgetown… Michelle Malkin sums it up: The unmitigated chutzpah here is so blinding that I don’t just need sunglasses to protect my eyes. I need blackout curtains. Watch President Obama blame Congress for Demcare bribery and sabotage of transparency. As if Rahm and all the senior goons in the White House weren’t twisting arms and cracking heads to ensure that the deal met their boss’s timeline. As if the Cadillac tax break for unions hadn’t been hashed out at 1600 Pennsylvania.”
  2. Obama Gets Creepy (& Lies!) About Death of Cancer Victim from St. Louis!

2/7/10 From Fausta’s blog: “(OBAMA:) ‘I got a letter — I got a note today from one of my staff — they forwarded it to me — from a woman in St. Louis who had been part of our campaign, very active, who had passed away from breast cancer. She didn’t have insurance. She couldn’t afford it, so she had put off having the kind of exams that she needed. And she had fought a tough battle for four years. All through the campaign she was fighting it, but finally she succumbed to it. And she insisted she’s going to be buried in an Obama t-shirt.’ Plweeeez! I respect her decision to be buried in anything she best chose, but must Obama tell us about it? And not even bother mention her by name – Melanie Shouse? The Lonely Conservative points out that Melanie Shouse had insurance, She had delayed going to a doctor after she began to feel sick. She explained that she could only afford so-called “catastrophic” insurance — one that required her to pay $5,000 in deductibles before the insurance kicked in. My heart goes out to her family, but to say she didn’t have health insurance is a lie.” — ConservativeAmerican.org: Rush Limbaugh also blasted Obama for this very odd behavior. It’s all about Obama. She wanted to be buried in his t-shirt… that’s the important thing to Obama. He’s certainly full of himself!

  1. Obama’s Lawsuit Reform Lie 2/8/10 – Obama told congress last September, “Many in this chamber — particularly on the Republican side of the aisle — have long insisted that reforming our medical malpractice laws can help bring down the cost of health care,” Obama said. “Now, I don’t believe malpractice reform is a silver bullet, but I’ve talked to enough doctors to know that defensive medicine may be contributing to unnecessary costs. So I’m proposing that we move forward on a range of ideas about how to put patient safety first and let doctors focus on practicing medicine. I know that the Bush administration considered authorizing demonstration projects in individual states to test these ideas. I think it’s a good idea, and I’m directing my Secretary of Health and Human Services to move forward on this initiative today.” – However, Republican Congressman Darrell Issa says that never happened! From the Liberal Huff-n-Puff Post: “An Issa staffer attempted to get some information from HHS about malpractice reform and was told that tort reform “is not a priority with this Administration,” Issa charged. “The first question I have for President Obama is if he still stands by his call for tort reform or was he just lying to Congress when he directed Sec. Sebelius to pursue an initiative addressing the costs of defensive medicine,” Issa asked. “When HHS is telling me that malpractice reform is not a ‘priority of this Administration,’ I have to question the sincerity of the President’s commitment to working with Congressional Republicans on a bipartisan basis.”
  2. Obama Breaks Promise Not To Raise Taxes on Those Earning Less Than $250,000 A Year! (AGAIN!)- Also Open to Medicare and Medicaid Cuts! 2/11/10 For the sake of the nation (*insert gagging sounds here*), Barack Hugo Obama may have to break his promise not to raise your taxes, “Not One Dime!” The New York Times: “President Obama, still seeking to get Congressional Republicans to join in a bipartisan commission to reduce the federal debt, suggested he would be willing to break his campaign promise against raising taxes on households with less than $250,000 annual income. “The whole point of it is to make sure that all ideas are on the table,” the president said in the interview on Tuesday with Bloomberg BusinessWeek that the publication released online today. That included not only tax increases, he added, but also spending on the popular government health programs, Medicare and Medicaid, whose fast-growing costs are driving the projections of unsustainable annual deficits in coming years. “What I can’t do is to set the thing up where a whole bunch of things are off the table,” Mr. Obama said. “Some would say we can’t look at entitlements. There are going to be some that say we can’t look at taxes, and pretty soon, you just can’t solve the problem.” – Oh, Gosh, we are lucky to have him as our President. He’s willing to work so hard and even go back on his promise just to help us! Excuse me while I go throw up.
  3. Obama’s Health Summit Lie! 2/20/2010 While trying to tell the media that he wants to meet with both parties to craft a bipartisan health reform plan, the President is not-so-secretly planning to use what democrats called “The Nuclear Option” when Republicans were in charge. Now that the Obamanator is in power, going “nuclear” by using “reconciliation” is okay again. Hypocrisy! From Fox News: “President Obama is working on health care legislation intended to reconcile differences between House and Senate Democrats that could be attached to a budget bill and avoid a Republican filibuster, according to a published report. The president’s proposal, which is still being written, will be posted on the Internet by Monday morning, senior administration officials and Congressional aides told the New York Times. By piggybacking the legislation onto a budget bill, Democrats would be able to advance the bill with a simple majority of just 51 votes, averting a Republican filibuster in the Senate.”
  4. Obama’s Fake and Staged ObamaCare Nightmare Summit! 2/24/2010 The fake healthcare summit today produced only one result: It gave Socialist-Democrats the chance to say the nasty Republicans just aren’t cooperating so they will simply have to do it all on their own! Politico says the Socialist-Democrats will start going Nuclear on Monday. Politico says, “After a brief period of consultation following the White House health reform summit, congressional Democrats plan to begin making the case next week for a massive, Democrats-only health care plan, party strategists told POLITICO. A Democratic official said the six-hour summit was expected to “give a face to gridlock, in the form of House and Senate Republicans.” Democrats plan to begin rhetorical, and perhaps legislative, steps toward the Democrats-only, or reconciliation, process early next week, the strategists said.
  5. ObamaCare Nightmare Gets Worse After Health Summit! 2/24/2010 The National Legal & Policy Center says you better hold on to your wallet: “The plan is costly and its burden will fall on many Americans, not just “the rich.” Among its more controversial features, the White House proposal retains, in scaled-down form, a key Senate provision: a 40 percent excise tax on high-cost (“Cadillac” or “gold-plated”) health insurance plans originally scheduled to go into effect in 2013… Finding ways to pay for this won’t be easy… One possible revenue source is the Senate excise tax on high-cost insurance policies… Being subject to an excise tax presumably makes consumers more price-conscious and induces doctors to think twice about ordering tests or conducting surgeries of dubious necessity. On paper, this makes sense. In reality, many will pay. Formally, insurers rather than customers make tax payments. But inevitably they would pass the extra cost onto plan enrollees in the form of higher premiums. It’s hard to see how middle-class families would avoid getting slammed, despite Obama’s assurances to the contrary. Indeed, Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation, in evaluating the Senate bill, concluded that 84 percent of the total tax burden in 2019 would be borne by households making less than $200,000.
  6. It’s All About the “O” – ObamaCare Nightmare Summit! 2/24/2010 The Washington Times: “President Obama pledged to “listen” at the outset of his much-ballyhooed bipartisan health care summit on Thursday. Turns out he meant he’d be listening to his own voice. By the end of the televised event, Mr. Obama had spoken for 119 minutes – nine minutes more than the 110 minutes consumed by 17 Republicans. The 21 Democratic lawmakers used 114 minutes, giving the president and his supporters a whopping 233 minutes, according to a “talk clock” kept by GOP aides. From the beginning, no one could agree on anything, even how much time each side had used. When a miffed Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, pointed out early on that Democrats had controlled 52 minutes to Republicans’ 24, Mr. Obama jumped in to dispute even that…” The Associated Press made this funny observation, “President Barack Obama’s televised health care meeting with lawmakers Thursday fulfilled a promise he broke before he kept. Now Obama has made good on the pledge — at least for one day.” As Michelle Malkin likes to say, Obama’s promises have expiration dates!
  7. Obama Repeats “Same Health Choices as Congress” Lie 2/25/2010 The “You Lie!” shout this time comes from GD Critter: “Obama claimed earlier this week that his plan gives ordinary Americans the same health care choices as the members of Congress. Presumably that also means at the same cost Congressmen pay — $503 per year for full coverage, including drugs.”
  8. Obama’s “Summit of Broken Promises” 2/25/2010 The Heartland Institute’s Health Care News says, “The president’s first broken promise this week is perhaps the most obvious: the promise that he would present a bill in advance of this summit, one that would include bipartisan ideas, for his opponents in Congress to review. He did not do this… No actual legislation was posted online, and none has been shared with the American people or Congress. When the Congressional Budget Office was asked by many members to provide an assessment of the cost of the president’s proposal, CBO responded, “CBO cannot provide a cost estimate for the proposal without additional detail.” As always with policymaking, the devil is in those details. By not sharing them, Obama shows once again that this summit is about political posturing, not good policy.” The institute says Obama also renewed his broken promise not to fund abortions with your tax dollars.
  9. Obama Breaks Promise He Flip-Flopped On and Kept…Wait, What?! 2/25/2010 John Lott catches this bit of nonsense from the White House: “I have written many times about how different parts of the Democrats’ government takeover of health insurance will raise costs. Dems have focused on insurance taxes that would reduce demand for health as their way of reducing costs, but now that is gone also. Of course, Obama promised in the campaign not to use such taxes, then he promised to use them, now he isn’t using them. So Is this returning to his original promise or breaking a broken promise?” Beats us, John.
  10. More ObamaCare Nightmare Lies – Small Business Taxes will not go up to Pay for the Uninsured 3/1/2010 Verum Serum (Truth Serum) reports on 8 ObamaCare Nightmare lies. Most we already have on our list. Here’s a few to add: “…Depends on what the definition of a small business is. The President’s proposal defines this as any business with less than 50 employees. Any business with 51 or more employees which does not provide insurance will be required to pay a fee of $2,000 per worker if any of their employees receive subsidized coverage in the government insurance exchange (although the President’s proposal does except the first 20 employees from this calculation). In addition, any small business owner who earns more than $200,000 per year will be required to pay an additional .9% in payroll taxes for Medicare, and a brand new 2.9% tax on unearned income (interest, dividends, etc.).
  11. More ObamaCare Nightmare Lies – Premium Costs for Individuals Will Drop “14 to 20%” 3/1/2010 Verum Serum (Truth Serum) reports, “the CBO reported that these premiums on average will increase by 10 to 13 percent, and for families who obtain coverage directly they will actually increase on average by 16%, or $2100 per year by 2016.”
  12. More ObamaCare Nightmare Lies – ObamaCare Represents the Largest “Tax Cut for Health Care in History” 3/1/2010 Verum Serum (Truth Serum) reports, “This one IS new and it is my personal favorite. I suppose it’s true insomuch as no one else has ever had the gall to spin the creation of a $2+ trillion entitlement program as a “tax cut”. Personally I think the fact that the President proposes to provide tax-payer funded subsidies to families earning up to $88,000 the most fiscally irresponsible aspect of the entire plan. Coming a close second is the fact that over half of the cost of these “tax cuts” will be funded from reductions in Medicare spending, when Medicare itself faces insolvency within the next 10 years. If the White House wants to tout these subsidies – funded largely at the expense of seniors – as a “tax cut”…then I say go for it. In the now immortal words of Congressman Joe Wilson, President Obama: You lie.”
  13. White House Spokesman Lies About Republican Health Care Plan! 3/1/2010 CentristNet Blog reports, “Despite the indisputable fact that the Republican Party posted its health care plan on gop.gov in October 2009, and the fact that the White House website itself has a link to the GOP plan, White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer authored a blog post… smearing the GOP for not providing a health care plan prior to the vaunted health care summit set for Thursday.” ConservativeAmerican.org notes White House Der Spinmeister Robert Brothers Gibbs has made the same comment. These two know the GOP plan is out there. They also know if they say the GOP has no plan, reporters will repeat that message and some Americans will believe it. So… they lie! Conservative American Paul Ryan’s health care plan can be seen (online) by clicking here.
  14. Another Big ObamaCare Nightmare Lie! 3/1/2010 From Free Republic: “The exact quote from the Obama press release is: “It sets up a new competitive health insurance market giving tens of millions of Americans the exact same insurance choices that members of Congress will have.” This is complete and ongoing BS. Congress and their staffers and friends don’t just get Cadillac care; they get Rolls Royce care… care no American will ever see. How good is the medical care for Senators and Congressmembers? There is a physician or nurse practitioner on duty in EVERY Senate and House office building all day/every day. Not just one for the Senators and one for House Members; there is a doctor or nurse practitioner on duty in EACH of the three Senate office buildings and one in each of the three House office buildings! There is even one on duty in the Capitol building itself. That means no Member or Senator is ever more than a 250 foot walk away from a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner who will see them immediately, with no waiting as soon as they walk in the door! It is called the “Office of the Attending Physician of the United States Congress.” All Members pay for instant health care and all their drugs is $503. No, not $503 per month. $503 per YEAR!”
  15. Obama Against Nuclear Option for Healthcare Before He Was For Nuclear Option 3/3/2010 Rush Limbaugh reveals today there is video of Barack Obama speaking out AGAINST using the nuclear option (so-called “reconciliation” or a “simple majority vote”) to pass health care reform. Now the Flip-Flop Obamanator is all for shoving his foot into the doorway to Socialism any way he can do it. He doesn’t care if his foot gets broken in the process.
  16. Obama’s Budget Trickery and Lies! 3/4/2010 The Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Obama claimed that “my proposal would bring down the cost of health care for millions—families, businesses and the federal government.” He said it is “fully paid for” and “brings down our deficit by up to $1 trillion over the next two decades.” Never before has a vast new entitlement been sold on the basis of fiscal responsibility, and one reason ObamaCare is so unpopular is that Americans understand the contradiction between untold new government subsidies and claims of spending restraint. They know a Big Con when they hear one. Mr. Obama’s fiscal assertions are possible only because of the fraudulent accounting and budget gimmicks that Democrats spent months calibrating. Readers can find the gory details in Mr. Ryan’s pre-emptive rebuttal nearby, though one of the most egregious deceptions is that the bill counts 10 years of taxes but only six years of spending.”
  17. ObamaCare Nightmare to Expand Abortion Paid for by Taxpayers! 3/5/2010 Charmaine Yoest writes at the Wall Street Journal: “It’s now becoming clear that Barack Obama is willing to put everything on the table in order to be the president who passes health-care reform. Everything, that is, except a ban on federal funding for abortion. Last September, the president promised that “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.” Yet the legislation most likely to move forward in Congress would be the single greatest expansion of abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.” UPDATE 3-9-2010: More here from a site dedicated to the BS of ObamaCare.
  18. Massa Says Obama/Dems Kicked Him Out To Prevent His No Vote on Health Care! 3/8/2010 Fox News: “…outgoing New York Rep. Eric Massa (says) A “salty” comment made in the company of drunken staff members at a wedding reception on New Year’s Eve was all the Democratic “forces that be” needed to push him out of the House of Representatives and prevent him from possibly casting the vote that would kill health care reform, says outgoing New York Rep. Eric Massa.”
  19. ObamaCare NightMare Tour – Foolishly Still Blaming Republicans 3/8/2010 In Pennsylvania today, President Obama continued his foolish and transparent faux outrage at Republicans who he says are the ones preventing health care reform from passing. As everyone in America knows, Democrats controlled everything for an entire year and still have huge majorities in both the House and Senate. The Republicans have not had the power to stand in the way of anything. The truth, obviously, is that Democrats haven’t been able to agree with each other to get anything done. Rush Limbaugh today said Dems in the House are worried about voting for the Senate Health Care Bill. He says they don’t trust the dems in the Senate or the White House and they worry that no “fix” bills (designed to ‘fix’ problems House members have with the Senate bill as it is now) will ever actually happen! The problem, as you know Mr. President, is not a Republican one!
  20. Obama Hypocrisy on Health Care Props! 3/10/2010 Hot Politicians.com wants to know why it’s okay for Obama to parade out a group of white-lab-coated doctors as props to help sell his Socialist ObamaCare Nightmare, but it wasn’t okay when “President Barack Obama scolded Virgina Republican Rep. Eric Cantor for the stack of paper he brought with him to the health summit, calling it the type of political stunt that gets in the way of lawmakers having a serious conversation. Cantor said he brought a copy of the 2,400-page Senate bill and the 11-page proposal Obama posted online earlier in the week. Taking offense at the display as Cantor began to speak Thursday, Obama said the “truth of the matter” is that health care is a very complicated subject. He said all the Republican ideas discussed during the first half of the daylong summit would generate a bunch of paper, too.”
  21. Democrat Dick Durbin says President Obama is Lying About Health Insurance Costs! 3/10/2010 Watch the video here:Durbin says anyone who would say if you pass healthcare reform, then next year’s health care premiums are going down, “I don’t think is telling the truth.” President Obama has said his ObamaCare plan will reduce most people’s premiums! I guess Obama isn’t telling the truth then! But, we already knew that.
  22. Half-Black Obama Pot Calls Democrat Kettle Half-Black? Urges Dems not to Flip-Flop!! 3/10/2010 This Politico headline is LOL funny: “White House warns Democrats: Don’t flip-flop.” You have got to be kidding me! The king of flip-flops is telling others not to flip-flop? Give us a break already. From Politico: “Two senior administration officials said the White House is telling Democrats reconsidering their support for health care reform that they will pay the price for their original vote no matter what happens, so they should reap the political benefits of actually passing a law… “Flip-flopping is dangerous in this business,” said a senior Senate Democratic aide familiar with the strategy.” — ConservativeAmerican.org wonders if Democrats can actually hear themselves speak? If two Democrats speak in the woods and no one else is there to hear them, was anything actually said?
  23. Obama Administration Has Progressive-Socialists Considering SLAUGHTER Option! 3/15/2010The U.S. (Slaughter) HouseFor apparently the first time in history, the Progressive-Socialist-Democrats are trying to pass a bill through the U.S. House without ever voting on it! The Slaughter Cheat involves the House first passing the bill to “fix” the Senate bill they never approved, and then to simply change the rules for a moment and declare that the approval of the “fix” bill means that they have deemed the Senate bill to have passed the U.S. House. American Freedom and Justice is what will be Slaughtered if Nancy Pelosi turns her chamber into the U.S. Slaughter House!
  24. Obama Flip-Flops on Sweetheart Deals for Congressmen…They’e A-Okay Now!! 3/15/2010 From Fox News: “The White House is backing down from efforts to drop “sweetheart” deals poisoning health care legislation as House Budget Committee Democrats meet Monday to craft a “fix-it” bill that does not yet have a price tag. In a new take on its policy, White House top strategist David Axelrod said President Obama only objects to state-specific arrangements, such as an increase in Medicaid funding for Nebraska, ridiculed as the “cornhusker kickback.” But instead of dropping them, the concept behind those deals could be widened so that all states benefit.” — ConservativeAmerican.org’s take: If buying one state off doesn’t work, try buying them all! Corruption Gone Mad.
  25. Obama Gaffe: Says Woman Upped Her Health Deductible to the “Minimum!” 3/17/2010 In one of his seemingly four-million speeches on health care, President Obama goofed this week saying a woman “Upped her health insurance deductible to the minimum.” Watch video here…
  26. Obama Gaffe: Says Health Costs Will Drop 3,000 Percent! AND You’ll get a raise! 3/17/2010 In one of his seemingly four-million speeches on health care, President Obama promised everyone would get a pay raise! From HotAirPundit comes this: “”How many people are getting insurance throught their jobs right now, raise your hands, alot of those folk , your employer, it’s estimated would see premiums fall by as much as 3000 percent so they could give you a raise.” – ConservativeAmerican.org thinks Obama is getting tired and sloppy.
  27. Obama Says He Doesn’t Care About Procedure Used to Pass ObamaCare Nightmare! 3/17/2010 Fox News posts exclusive video of the President saying he doesn’t care about what procedure is used to pass ObamaCare! Watch the Video…
  28. Obama’s Misleading Health Reform Example…His Plan Would Cost this Woman More! 3/17/2010 The Publius website catches this one: “cancer patient Natoma Canfield, who wrote the president she gave up her health insurance after it rose to $8,500 a year. Obama repeatedly has cited that letter from a self-employed cleaning worker who lives in the Cleveland suburb to illustrate the urgency of the massive overhaul.” And what would happen to this woman under Obamacare? $8,500 is where the 40% excise tax on “cadillac insurance plans” kicks in… So this poor woman’s insurance would not have been $8,500, but instead $11,900. That would sure help her out.”
  29. Obama Caught in Another Lie: ObamaCare Nightmare will Increase Your Costs! 3/17/2010 Capitol Hill Blue reports, “There’s no question premiums are still going to keep going up,” said Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a research clearinghouse on the health care system. “There are pieces of reform that will hopefully keep them from going up as fast. But it would be miraculous if premiums actually went down relative to where they are today.” The statistics Obama based his claims on come from two sources. In both cases, the caveats got left out. A report for the Business Roundtable, an association of big company CEOs, was the source for the claim that employers could save $3,000 per worker on health care costs, the White House said. Issued in November, the report looked generally at proposals that Democrats were considering to curb health care costs, concluding they had the potential to significantly reduce future increases. But the analysis didn’t consider specific legislation, much less the final language being tweaked this week.”
  30. Brett Baier Catches Obama in Yet Another Lie 3/18/2010 Ace of Spades HQ reports: ” This is the first time anyone in the press has challenged Obama on his dishonest claim that the cuts to Medicare can simultaneously be used to “strengthen” Medicare and also expand coverage to 30 million new people. Paul Ryan mentioned this during the summit, but Obama ignored the question… First, he claims that “nobody’s claiming” that this fixes the 38 trillion unfunded liability gap. But that’s not true at all — he’s claiming that, for one. He continuously says that Medicare is going bankrupt without his supposed reform, but with his reform, it apparently won’t. Under pointed questioning, he walks his grand claims back to the is that his reform “doesn’t weaken Medicare.” Well! That’s a lot different than claims the reform “strengthens the finances of Medicare,” isn’t it?”
  31. Obama Telling Democrats Health Reform Could Ruin His Presidency! 3/19/2010 Republican John Boehner says President Barack Hussein Obama is telling Democrats in congress if they don’t pass his ObamaCare Nightmare, it will ruin his Presidency. So, I guess Obama agrees with Jim DeMint now! If health reform fails, it really will be his Waterloo! If God would be so kind as to make that happen, we would be forever grateful! Reports today say the Progressive-Socialist-Democrats have just two more votes to buy by Sunday in order to pass this Socialist takeover of 1/6th of the nation’s economy. Let’s see, we could let the Socialists takeover and preserve the Obama Presidency, or we could pressure real Democrats to vote NO and give up the chance of having Obama on Mount Rushmore. Hmmmmm. Don’t need long to think about that one! Remember Obama insisting that the health care reform debate was not about him? That was just another lie. It’s all about the “O”… Obama!
  32. Obama Flip-Flops on Caring About Process! He Used To! 3/19/2010 President Obama told Brett Baier of Fox the other night that he can’t be too worried about what process is used. However, in the past, he said, “I’m a strong believer that uh, the way you change our uh, policies is by including the American people in the process. Uh, that that’s how democracy has to work. If you’ve got barriers that lock in insiders, then you get dysfunctional policies.” Watch the video from Naked Emperor News…
  33. Obama’s Socialist Takeover of Student Loan Business!! 3/20/2010 Without debate or discussion, the Obama administration has inserted the socialist takeover of the student loan business into the healthcare takeover bill! Conservative American Paul Ryan tells Fox News the move will make the U.S. Department of Education into the 7th largest Bank in the country! More centralization of power! This is just the latest move to institutionalize the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat party and make it into the official state religion!
  34. ObamaCare Final Bill Omits Obama Promises # 1 3/20/2010 The Associated Press reports the President promised to give federal authorities the power to block “unreasonable” insurance rate hikes. “Yet when Democrats unveiled the final incarnation of their health care bill this week, the proposal was nowhere to be found.”
  35. ObamaCare Final Bill Omits Obama Promises # 2 3/20/2010 Obama said he wanted to include a Republican idea from Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma in “his” plan. It’s not there either. AP says the plan was “to send investigators disguised as patients to hospitals in search of waste, fraud and abuse.”
  36. ObamaCare Signing Breaks 5-Day Promise (AGAIN) 3/23/2010 The New American points out, “President Obama’s statement that he will sign the bill into law as early as Tuesday morning, contradicts his assurance of transparency, known as the “Sunlight Before Signing” promise: “Too often bills are rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them. As president, Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.”
  37. ObamaCare Signing Breaks “Not One Dime!” Tax Promise SEVEN TIMES! – #1 3/23/2010 In a great report by John Kartch at Americans for Tax Reform, details are provided on seven ways the President is breaking his promise not to increase taxes on those making less than $250,000 year. SEVEN TIMES he breaks the promise in ONE BILL!! First, “President Barack Obama’s central campaign promise – a “firm pledge” not to raise “any form” of taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year – is about to be shattered when Obama signs the healthcare bill into law. Individual Mandate Excise Tax (Page 324/Sec. 1501/Jan 2014*): Starting in 2014, anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance must pay an income surtax according to the higher of the following (page 71 of manager’s amendment updates Reid bill): (From $495 to $1,485) Exemptions for religious objectors, undocumented immigrants, prisoners, those earning less than the poverty line, members of Indian tribes, and hardship cases (determined by HHS).”
  38. ObamaCare Signing Breaks “Not One Dime!” Tax Promise SEVEN TIMES! – #2 3/23/2010 Also from Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) “Employer Mandate Tax (Page 348/Sec. 1513/Jan 2014*): Small business owners pay their business taxes on their personal 1040 forms. This tax does not exempt startup small business owners even if they make less than $250,000. If the employer does not offer health coverage, and at least one employee qualifies for a health tax credit, the employer must pay an additional non-deductible tax of $750 for all full-time employees. Applies to all employers with 50 or more employees. If the employer requires a waiting period to enroll in coverage of 30-60 days, there is a $400 tax per employee ($600 if the period is 60 days or longer)…”
  39. ObamaCare Signing Breaks “Not One Dime!” Tax Promise SEVEN TIMES! – #3 3/23/2010 From ATR: “Medicine Cabinet Tax (Page 1997/Sec. 9003/$5 bil/Jan 2011): Americans would no longer be able to use health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), or health reimbursement (HRA) pre-tax dollars to purchase non-prescription, over-the-counter medicines (except insulin).”
  40. ObamaCare Signing Breaks “Not One Dime!” Tax Promise SEVEN TIMES! – #4 3/23/2010 …and “HSA Withdrawal Tax Hike (Page 1998/Sec. 9004/$1.3 bil/Jan 2011): Increases additional tax on non-medical early withdrawals from an HSA from 10 to 20 percent, disadvantaging them relative to IRAs and other tax-advantaged accounts, which remain at 10 percent…”
  41. ObamaCare Signing Breaks “Not One Dime!” Tax Promise SEVEN TIMES! – #5 3/23/2010 AND… “Flexible Spending Account Cap – aka “Special Needs Kids Tax” (Page 1999/Sec. 9005/$14 bil/Jan 2011): Imposes cap on FSAs of $2500 (now unlimited). Indexed to inflation after 2011 (added on page 363 of manager’s amendment). There is one group of FSA owners for whom this new cap will be particularly cruel and onerous: parents of special needs children. There are thousands of families with special needs children in the United States, and many of them use FSAs to pay for special needs education. Tuition rates at one leading school that teaches special needs children in Washington, D.C. (National Child Research Center) can easily exceed $14,000 per year. Under tax rules, FSA dollars can be used to pay for this type of special needs education…”
  42. ObamaCare Signing Breaks “Not One Dime!” Tax Promise SEVEN TIMES! – #6 3/23/2010 AND… “Medical Itemized Deductions Cap (Page 2034/Sec. 9013/$15.2 bil/Jan 2013): Currently, those facing high medical expenses are allowed a deduction if the total cost of the expenses reduces the filer’s income by 7.5%. The new provision would impose a threshold of 10%. This new tax will most adversely affect early retirees and the catastrophically ill. Waived for 65+ taxpayers in 2013-2016 only.”
  43. ObamaCare Signing Breaks “Not One Dime!” Tax Promise SEVEN TIMES! – #7

3/23/2010 and, (Yes, still one more)… “Tax on Indoor Tanning Services (Page 373 of Manager’s amendment/$2.7 billion/July 1, 2010): New 10% excise tax on Americans using indoor tanning salons. NONE OF THE ABOVE PROVISIONS EXEMPTS FAMILIES MAKING LESS THAN $250,000!” Aaaah! Promises Schmomises! No big deal, right?

  1. Liberals Say ObamaCare Deal Goes Back on Obama Hyde Amendment Promise 3/23/2010 You know it’s bad when even the Progressive-Liberals say President Obama is breaking promises. From Meg White at the liberal BuzzFlash comes this unhappiness with the Executive Order on Abortion Bart Stupak was promised: “Even more galling is the fact the Candidate Obama said he was opposed to the Hyde Amendment when he was running for president. So, now that he is president, why would the man functionally cement the provision into law? What happened to the candidate who said he believes that “the federal government should not use its dollars to intrude on a poor woman’s decision whether to carry to term or to terminate her pregnancy and selectively withhold benefits because she seeks to exercise her right of reproductive choice in a manner the government disfavors”? Obama was right back then. But now, with the full weight of the White House behind Hyde, Stupak is welcome to oppose my tax dollars being spent to allow a low-income woman access to a legal abortion. But I won’t be able to stop those same dollars from going to fund, say, an illegal war.” UPDATE 3/23/2010 Ed Morrissey at Hot Air also points out some view this “rule by executive order” as a violation of Obama’s previously broken promise (see Broken Promise # 238: Obama Fails to Consult Congress- 3/24/9) not to use signing statements to get his way.
  2. Obama Flip-Flops on Using the Word “Victory!” 3/23/2010 Obama used to say, “I’m always worried about using the word, ‘Victory.’” However, that’s when the war was in Afghanistan. When it’s the healthcare war he has waged on the American people, the word apparently no longer conjures up images in his mind of the Japanese surrendering after World War II. Today, in signing his Socialist takeover of healthcare, Obama said, “And of course, this victory was also made possible by the painstaking work of members of this administration.” Perhaps you remember Obama uttering the earlier quote. From our Official Obama Administration Scandals List (Page 11, scandal #544 dated 7/24/9).
  3. Obama Told Joe the Plumber the Truth: ObamaCare is Scheme to Redistribute the Wealth!! 3/24/2010 Investors Business Daily is equating the ObamaCare Law with “Enacting a Lie!” They write, “Sunday’s vote exposed the ugly truth that ObamaCare is not really about health care at all. It’s all about who pays for it and who controls it — in effect a massive wealth-redistribution scheme. Those who believe this will lead to some medical nirvana will likely be disappointed. Fact is, this poorly designed monstrosity will lead to lower-quality care, higher costs, fewer practicing physicians, higher taxes and fewer jobs. We’ve done more than 150 editorials in the past year or so documenting these problems. Democrats surely understand them. Yet, despite a recent CNN poll showing that 59% of Americans oppose ObamaCare, Congress approved it anyway. Why? Because it’s not really about health care. It’s the largest wealth grab in American history, masquerading as health care “reform,” another step in the socialization of Americans’ income in the name of “fairness” and “spread(ing) the wealth around,” as Obama himself has put it. That’s why we call the program a lie.”
  4. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 1 – Middle Class Will Pay More! 3/24/2010 Susan Ferrechio at the Washington Examiner does a great job of outlining 10 things President Obama told us health reform would accomplish that are not, in fact, going to take place. First on her list? So much for helping Main Street, the Middle Class will pay more under ObamaCare! “the new bill will actually make it more costly for middle class families to buy health insurance by forcing those who shop on the individual market to buy generous, but expensive plans mandated under the new law. Middle class families earning $88,000 or more a year won’t qualify for health care subsidies. A family earning $100,000 would end up spending nearly a quarter of their net income on health care.”
  5. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 2 – Premiums Go Up for Half of America! 3/24/2010 Again from Susan Ferrechio at the Washington Examiner: “Health care premiums for those in the individual insurance market will rise 10 percent to 13 percent by 2016 under the plan, according to the Congressional Budget Office. While the cost of premiums will be subsidized with taxpayer dollars for 57 percent of those enrolled in the new government-run insurance exchanges, the 43 percent of enrollees who do not qualify for assistance will have to pay higher costs.”
  6. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 3 – Where’s the Jobs? 3/24/2010Susan FerrechioSusan Ferrechio reports: “The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, found that the new taxes would kill 690,000 jobs per year… The Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, says that the health care reform bill will create “between 2.5 million to 4 million additional jobs over the next 10 years.” And there’s more…
  7. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 4 – Abortion – Yeah, It’s in There 3/24/2010 “…pro-life groups say the executive order does not carry the force of a law and will do nothing to curb the provision in the bill they believe will allow taxpayer dollars to cover the procedure. “The president cannot amend a bill by issuing an order…” and….
  8. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 5 – Millions Will Lose Employer Health Plans! 3/24/2010 “…The new health care law will impose a list of benefits each health care plan will have to offer if they are to remain in business. The Congressional Budget Office also estimates that about 4 million people would lose their employer-based plan…” and…
  9. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 6 – Sorry Grandma, The Dems Cut Your Medicare!

3/24/2010 “…The bill makes $528 billion in cuts to Medicare, including a $136 billion reduction for Medicare Advantage. The Medicare Advantage cuts will force 4.8 million seniors off the popular plan by 2019. An additional $23 billion in cuts to Medicare will come from a panel charged with slashing Medicare spending.” – ConservativeAmerican.org: This one bugs me. Dems who only get news from nightly Liberal TV content this is a right-wing lie, that in fact there are no Medicare cuts, only to that “add-on” Medicare Advantage stuff. No big deal, they say. Wrongo! After decades of enduring the political BS of Progressives scaring seniors into thinking those wascally wepublicans are going to take away everything from them… turns out it’s the Progressive Democrats who are DOING IT!! Susan Ferrechio still has a few more in her report…

  1. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 7 – The Bill Won’t Pay For Itself 3/24/2010 Another broken promise from Team Obama. The Washington Examiner: “The CBO found that the bill would reduce the deficit by $138 billion over 10 years, but the savings was achieved by leaving out a $208 billion provision lawmakers will have to enact later to ensure doctors are adequately paid for treating Medicare patients. When the “doc fix” is included in the bill, it runs $59 billion in the red over the next decade. And former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin said that “if you strip out all the gimmicks and budgetary games” the 10-year deficit would exceed $560 billion.” – ConservativeAmerican.org: The whole thing is a dang game to these Progressive Pretend-to-Cares! A game to destroy our nation. They’ve nationalized mortgages, mortgage insurance, the auto industry, banks, student loans and the bill allows them to take over health care. Repeal the bill! Obama broke his promise not to sign any health care legislation that adds to the deficit. Just another lie! Jon Kraushar at Fox asks, “What big government entitlement program has ever: • Reduced the deficit? • Only cost what it says it will and lowered the costs of goods and services? • Improved quality? • Enhanced efficiency? • Decreased delays? • Fostered more choice and competition? • Featured competent bureaucracy? • Operated with honest accounting? • Avoided fraud, abuse, waste, maddening red tape, and higher taxes?”
  2. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 8 – State Taxes Will Go Up Too! 3/24/2010 Unfunded mandates gone mad! Ferrechio notes, “The health care reform bill expands Medicaid to all non-elderly individuals up to 133 percent of the poverty line. The federal government would foot the bill for this expansion, but only until 2016. Beginning in 2017, states would gradually begin paying a portion of it.” And…
  3. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 9 – Long Health Care Lines 3/24/2010 If you thought the lines at Disney were bad, wait till you see this! The report says, “46 percent of physicians said they would quit or retire if the Democratic health care reform bill becomes law. The survey noted that “even if a much smaller percentage such as ten, 15, or 20 percent are pushed out of practice over several years at a time when the field needs to expand by over 20 percent, this would be severely detrimental to the quality of the health care system.” – ConservativeAmerican.org notes, So much for the broken promise, “If you like your doc, you can keep her.” Yeah, right. Jon Kraushar at Fox asks, “How will we deal with a doctor shortage caused by Obamacare, particularly when doctors are being asked to treat 32 million more Americans now insured by the new law?” One more from the Ferrechio piece…
  4. ObamaCare Inconvenient Truth # 10 – Raising Taxes During the Recession! 3/24/2010 “The bill imposes a 40 percent excise tax on insurance plans costing $10,200 for individuals and $27,500 for families. It also raises revenue by increasing the Medicare payroll tax for those earning more than $200,000, plus a new 3.8 percent tax on unearned income for these earners. The bill also imposes new taxes on drug makers, medical device manufacturers and health insurers that are likely to be passed on to consumers.”
  5. Obama Screws Up – Pre-Existing Coverage For Kids is NOT in the Bill! 3/24/2010 Associated Press: “Hours after President Barack Obama signed historic health care legislation, a potential problem emerged. Administration officials are now scrambling to fix a gap in highly touted benefits for children. Obama made better coverage for children a centerpiece of his health care remake, but it turns out the letter of the law provided a less-than-complete guarantee that kids with health problems would not be shut out of coverage. Under the new law, insurance companies still would be able to refuse new coverage to children because of a pre-existing medical problem, said Karen Lightfoot, spokeswoman for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, one of the main congressional panels that wrote the bill Obama signed into law Tuesday. However, if a child is accepted for coverage, or is already covered, the insurer cannot exclude payment for treating a particular illness, as sometimes happens now. For example, if a child has asthma, the insurance company cannot write a policy that excludes that condition from coverage. The new safeguard will be in place later this year. Full protection for children would not come until 2014, said Kate Cyrul, a spokeswoman for the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, another panel that authored the legislation. That’s the same year when insurance companies could no longer deny coverage to any person on account of health problems. Obama’s public statements have conveyed the impression that the new protections for kids were more sweeping and straightforward.” Rush Limbaugh discussed the AP story on his show today.
  6. Obama’s Hypocrisy on the Environment Buys Two Health Reform Votes 3/24/2010 The American Thinker: “Something’s fishy in the state of California, and it stinks of political corruption most foul. The water supply to the San Joaquin valley was shut off on December 2008 and remains off today, destroying thousands of lives and livelihoods of the farmers, small business owners and their employees who live and work in the valley. Additionally, it has crippled our domestic crop production, of which about 12% was grown in this area. This tremendous sacrifice was absolutely necessary, at least according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Obama administration. A valuable endangered species, the Delta Smelt, was being threatened by the diversion of water into the valley. Local salmon and steelhead were threatened, as well. The overwhelming menace to the Pacific ecosystem was so extreme that no amount of pleading from California politicians such as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger or Senator Dianne Feinstein could persuade Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, or President Obama to turn the water back on. On this, they had to take a principled stand. What courage these brave men possessed to steadfastly defend such a sensitive moral and ethical issue. Our natural resources and environmental sanctity must rightly outweigh the lives of 40,000 citizens and 12% of the nation’s food supply. Uh well, not quite. Apparently, the Obama administration values something even more than all the endangered species, American lives, and food shortages combined. That would be the two ObamaCare “yes” votes miraculously garnered from two previously undecided Democrat congressmen, Reps. Costa and Cardoza, whose districts are coincidentally affected by the government-imposed drought…”
  7. Obama Team Exempts Itself from the ObamaCare Nightmare! 3/24/2010 Fox News: “Come 2014, all 100 U.S. senators, all 435 representatives in the House and every one of their personal aides will have to go to the newly formed state exchanges for health insurance — just like everyone else in the country who isn’t covered by their employer. But select congressional leadership staffers — some of whom wrote the health insurance act — won’t. And neither will White House staffers and Cabinet members — nor the president himself. They will be allowed to keep their current plans, which are offered to all other federal employees. And now many congressional aides who like their current health insurance policies and will be forced to switch are asking: Why? They want to know: If an exchange is good enough for them, why isn’t it good enough for the people who wrote the plan? Why isn’t it good enough for the president and his Cabinet?Jon Kraushar at Fox asks, “Why does Obamacare exempt some in Congress and the White House from having to buy the same health care plans that the law forces other Americans to purchase: President Obama, Vice President Biden, Cabinet members, top White House staff, congressional committee staff and leadership staff, such as those who work for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)?”
  8. Biden Gaffe: Admits they were “Dead” Without ObamaCare Passing! 3/24/2010 Fox News: “”If we were unable to move the ball on this issue, not only in the political sense might we be dead,” Biden said, according to the pool report filed on the event. “But in terms of being able to deal with other major issues on our plate, we would’ve been done. Absolutely done.”” — ConservativeAmerican.org points out Biden has this upside down and Bass Ackwards… BECAUSE they passed ObamaCare they are “done. Absolutely done!”
  9. Obama Repeats Healthcare Lies in Iowa

3/28/2010 David Mastio at the DesMoines Register writes: “In his Iowa City speech last week, the president continued with two of his administration’s biggest lies. “They will see that if Americans like their doctor, they will keep their doctor. If people like their plan, they will keep their plan. No one will be able to take that away from you,” he told Iowans. Yet he has already admitted that isn’t quite true. The government is rewriting the rules for every health-care plan in the country. They will all change. As the rules change, doctors will reconsider which plans they participate in as will hospitals and medical groups. Businesses will make decisions based on the new rules about what plans they offer and whether they offer insurance at all. Nobody knows how the 2,000-page legislation will play out in the market, but one thing we do know is that there will be lots of change. To claim otherwise is a lie.”

  1. Obama Spends $3.4-Billion to Buy 11 ObamaCare Votes! 3/29/2010 Fox News: “The 11 House Democrats led by Rep. Bart Stupak who dropped their opposition to health care reform legislation mere hours before the final vote have requested $3.4 billion in earmarks — and one watchdog group wants to know whether the money represents business as usual or political payoffs. The Sunlight Foundation says it plans to track the earmark requests, which were put in one day after health care reform cleared Congress, to see whether they’re approved and whether it appears lawmakers are being rewarded for their vote.”
  2. Even More ObamaCare Nightmare Lies Exposed! 3/30/2010 John Lott, author and Fox News commentator, adds a few more to the huge list! ” “Obama promised that his plan’s $50 billion to $65 billion price tag would be paid for by discontinuing Bush’s tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000 a year.” — from candidate questionnaire during 2008 presidential campaign. The $940 billion health care bill just passed by the House is between 45 and 88 percent more expensive than Obama promised during the campaign. And this excludes the additional $208 billion so-called “doc fix,” which restores some of the cuts in Medicare reimbursements written into the bill to doctors. The latest Congressional Budget Office estimates indicate that the law won’t be budget neutral — increasing total deficits by $260 billion over the next 10 years, and this ignores many of the costs…”
  3. Even More, More ObamaCare Nightmare Lies Exposed! 3/30/2010 John Lott, author and Fox News commentator, adds this one too! “Promises to strip out special deals from the health care bill – Just in the new reconciliation bill, 11 states and Washington D.C. are given $8.5 billion in special federal funds to provide health care coverage. Likewise, rural areas in some states, such as Oregon, got a last-minute deal to increase Medicare reimbursement rates. Various unrelated deals were made to buy the votes of some congressmen. For instance, take the additional water supplies given to central California to buy the votes of California Democratic Reps. Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa. Or the promised push for legalizing illegal immigrants that was granted by the president to get the vote of Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D.-Ill.). And then there was the money for a single hospital in Connecticut, special funds for Montana, and the Louisiana Purchase (a $350 billion aide package one for Louisiana). “
  4. Obama Administration “Expected” Businesses to Lose Billions of Dollars with Passage of ObamaCare Nightmare!!! 3/31/2010 This one is amazing. Obama pal, and White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett says the big losses being reported by AT&T, John Deere and others were not “unexpected.” John McCormick at Bloomberg reports, “Jarrett said the charges taken by companies such as AT&T weren’t unexpected.” McCormick reports Jarrett, “…doesn’t believe businesses are trying to damage the image of the health-care overhaul with accounting charges tied to the law… AT&T, based in Dallas, announced last week that it was taking a $1 billion charge because of the change in law. Moline, Illinois-based Deere, the world’s largest maker of farm machinery, announced a $150 million charge. And Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar, the world’s largest maker of bulldozers, has claimed a $100 million charge. “The companies who are reporting this charge against their net earnings aren’t pushing back, they’re following the law,” Jarrett said.” — ConservativeAmerican.org asks if Jarrett told McCormick these huge losses were “not unexpected,” then why didn’t the Obama Administration admit ahead of time this bill would clobber big employers?! Jarrett apparently didn’t get the DNC memo from Congressman Wormtail Waxman! McCormick reports, “Representative Henry Waxman called March 26 for the CEOs of several companies to provide evidence to support costs they plan to book as a result of the change.” — ConservativeAmerican.org points out Waxman apparently thinks the companies are just playing games and trying to hurt the Progressive-Socialist Democrat party! He apparently is unaware of SEC regulations requiring companies to report immediately on changes like this.
  5. Obama Lies about Heritage Foundation

4/2/10 Rush Limbaugh: “Now, here’s a lie. And of course most of the previous sound bite was a lie. Matt Lauer finally said, “A lot of people wonder how a bill could be good for the American public in general when it didn’t receive one single Republican vote, when a recent poll said 50% of people aren’t in favor of it, how do you respond to that?” OBAMA: ‘When you actually look at the bill itself, it incorporates all sorts of Republican ideas. I mean a lot of commentators have said, “You know, this is sort of similar to the bill that Mitt Romney, the Republican governor and now presidential candidate, passed in Massachusetts.” A lot of the ideas in terms of the exchange, just being able to pool and improve the purchasing power of individuals in the insurance market, that originated from the Heritage Foundation.’ RUSH: And they are fulminating at the Heritage Foundation because it’s an out-and-out total fabrication, Obama claiming a central tenet came from them. Actually you just heard it, he tried to explain that the insurance exchange he envisions being built by government is an idea that came from Heritage in the first place, and nothing could be further from the truth.”

  1. Obama is Lying About Big Bad Insurance Companies!

4/5/2010 In a shallow move that only is designed as populism, Barack Obama continues to talk about Americans not wanting to “put Insurance companies back in the driver’s seat” of health care. Karl Rove, in a recent appearance on Fox News, says this is all a lie. Rove says the truth of the matter is that ObamaCare is a $466-Billion handout to those same evil insurance companies Obama pretends to hate!

  1. Obama Logic: When a Tax is Not A Tax

4/6/2010 Jay Ambrose from Scripps-Howard News Service writes, “…Defenders of a penalty for people who don’t buy health insurance say it’s just a tax and is therefore OK under the Constitution, but it cannot conceivably be a tax. That would break a Barack Obama promise… I remember his saying emphatically, sternly, with all the sincerity capable of being conveyed by that wowing oratorical style of his, that he would never, ever even as much as consider a tax on anyone making less than $250,000 a year… (he) has repeated that promise maybe 100 times or more, and this penalty in this new health law he is so proud of would affect literally millions of people who don’t make anywhere near that kind of money. So if the penalty is a tax that would mean Obama has been kidding us with that promise. How could that happen? Easily, I am afraid.” Ambrose then adds that “People who keep track of such things say Obama has now broken something like 15 major campaign promises on top of a great many lesser ones…” — ConservativeAmerican.org is keeping track, Mr. Ambrose. There are hundreds of broken promises, not just “15!” They all are on our Official Obama Administration List of broken promises, flip flops, lies and scandals… a list of more than 1,340 items!

  1. ObamaCare Nightmare will give Viagra to Convicted Sex Offenders!

Sen. Coburn 4/7/2010 You can’t make up stuff this stupid! Republican U.S. Senator and Doctor Tom Coburn of Oklahoma tried to get language into the ObamaCare bill to prevent this nonsense. But tricky Dicky Durbin said it was just a “gotcha amendment” designed to be difficult for Democrats to oppose… huh? What the heck does that mean?! It should be difficult to oppose! Why the heck would you want to oppose it?! The Coburn language was defeated. So Fox News reports the Congressional Research Services office has confirmed that Coburn was right all along!
ObamaCare will provide taxpayer-funded Viagra and other ED drugs to convicted sex offenders who are not in prison. Great idea the Progressive-Socialists had, eh? NOT!

  1. ObamaCare Won’t Prevent Massive Premium Increases He Promised to End

4/13/2010 From Republican House Leader John Boehner, “As a candidate for pres ident, then-Sen. Barack Obama laid out a clear benchmark for health care reform by stating that his plan “reduces every family’s premiums by as much as $2,500.” It was a major component of the Obama “change” agenda, and one which OMB Director Peter Orszag repeated on behalf of President Obama as recently as last spring, in a May 15, 2009 op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office determined, however, that millions of families would actually see their premiums increase by as much as $2,100 as a result of Democrats’ government takeover of health care. Now, millions of Americans may soon be hit with a “unexpected jolt in the pocketbook” because President Obama’s new health care law won’t prevent the massive premium increases he promised to “end,” according to today’s Los Angeles Times.”

  1. Obama Even Lies About His “Not One Dime” Tax Promise!!!

4/16/2010 Remember Candidate Obama promising not to raise any taxes, “not one dime,” on those making less than $250K a year? Well, he doesn’t remember! Americans for Tax Reform reports he is even lying about the promise he made!!! “President Barack Obama is now attempting to alter the terms of his central campaign promise – a pledge that families making less than $250,000 per year will not see “any form of tax increase” Obama now claims his pledge only applied to income taxes, as evidenced by this excerpt from his most recent weekly radio address: “And one thing we have not done is raise income taxes on families making less than $250,000. That’s another promise we’ve kept.” Obama broke his “any form of tax increase” pledge when he signed the healthcare bill, which contained seven tax hikes that unquestionably hit some families making less than $250,000 per year.”

  1. ObamaCare Nightmare will RAISE (not lower) Costs — Just Like I told You it Would

4/23/2010 ObamaCare and Sebelius AbortionCare – Numerous news outlets are reporting now that the ObamaCare Nightmare will actually increase health care costs, not reduce them. To be honest, I hesitate even putting this lie or scandal or whatever on this list. It’s a big yawner. We knew this would happen all along. I doubt there were many beyond the die-hard Progressive-Socialist-Democrats who believed it might actually lower costs. Most of them knew it wouldn’t lower costs too and they just didn’t care. The so-called “rich” are going to pay for it anyway, right? Obama’s own Health & Abortion Services Department came out with this latest report about the huge costs. No smooch for Kathleen Sebelius today.

  1. Obama Administration Hid the Fact ObamaCare would INCREASE Costs until after the Vote!!

ObamaCare and Sebelius
Health & Abortion Services Director Kathleen Sebelius knew ObamaCare would increase, not lower, health care costs before the vote in Washington and withheld the information until after the vote! The
American Spectator notes, “The economic report released last week… had been submitted to the office of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius more than a week before the Congressional votes on the bill , according to career HHS sources, who added that Sebelius’s staff
refused to review the document before the vote was taken . “The reason we were given was that they did not want to influence the vote,” says an HHS source. “Which is actually the point of having a review like this, you would think.” The analysis … set off alarm bells when submitted. “ We know a copy was sent to the White House via their legislative affairs staff,” says the HHS staffer, “and there are a number of meetings here almost right after the analysis was submitted to the secretary’s office. Everyone went into lockdown, and people here were too scared to go public with the report.” UPDATE 4/29/2010: The Week website has a post saying the Spectator is all wrong about this story. You can read it here

  1. The Obama Audacity of Hypocrisy! – Says GOP does things Behind Closed Doors!!

4/27/2010 From the White House: (OBAMA) ““I am deeply disappointed that Senate Republicans voted in a block against allowing a public debate on Wall Street reform to begin. Some of these Senators may believe that this obstruction is a good political strategy, and others may see delay as an opportunity to take this debate behind closed doors, where financial industry lobbyists can water down reform or kill it altogether.” — ConservativeAmerican.org calls that a brazen statement coming from the man who pushed the Socialist ObamaCare takeover behind closed doors where health industry lobbyists helped draft the plan! Clearly, lying is part of Barack Obama’s political strategy. He assumes most of the American public is stupid and will simply believe what he says (even when he contradicts himself!) because he is the President.

  1. Obama Claims the ObamaCare Nightmare is Already helping Millions!

a> 5/9/2010 The Lonely Conservative reports, “AP: The new health care law already is helping millions of people through tax breaks for small businesses and assistance for families with young adults, President Barack Obama said Saturday… He must not be talking about employees of medical device manufacturers whose jobs may be on the block. He didn’t mention the large employers who may drop health insurance coverage altogether. And there was no mention of the paperwork nightmare imposed on small businesses. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for the nightmare known as Obamacare. But he’ll still sit there and lie to the American people…”

  1. Obama Hid True Cost of the ObamaCare Nightmare – Big Surprise (Not!)

5/12/10 ABCDEmocrat News reports, “The director of the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday that the health care reform legislation would cost, over the next ten years, $115 billion more than previously thought, bringing the total cost to more than $1 trillion. The revised figure is due to estimated costs to federal agencies to implement the new health care reform bill – such as administrative expenses for the Internal Revenue Services and the Department of Health and Human Services — and the costs for a “variety of grant and other program spending for which specified funding levels for one or more years are provided in the act.” — ConservativeAmerican.org is sure they didn’t know about any of this ahead of time… riiiiiiiiiiight?

  1. Even Progressives Say Obama is a Liar! – His Lie for Blanche Lincoln

Doomed Democrat Blanche Lincoln – LA Progressive Pic
5/13/10 The LA Progressive >website says President Obama lies in a new advertisement
he recorded for Blanche Lincoln, Democrat for Arkansas. “…because she also filibustered health care reform and killed the public option, Democrats don’t like her either. She now faces a primary challenge from Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter. The White House has endorsed Lincoln because she’s the incumbent, and last week did a radio ad for her. But in the ad,Obama says she “took on big insurance companies” to pass health care. Of course,nothing can be further from the truth … Arkansas is just the most extreme example this year of Obama standing up for doomed incumbents who have frustrated the progressive agenda that got him elected in the first place

  1. Obama’s Latest ObamaCare Nightmare Lie is Exposed by AP!

5/21/10 The Partisan Dialogues reports, “when he ran the numbers, Hoffman discovered that his office furniture company wouldn’t get any assistance with the $79,200 it pays annually in premiums for its 24 employees. “It leaves you with this feeling of a bait-and-switch,” he said. When the administration unveiled the small business tax credit earlier this week, officials touted its “broad eligibility” for companies with fewer than 25 workers and average annual wages under $50,000 that provide health coverage. Hoffman’s workers earn an average of $35,000 a year, which makes it all the more difficult to understand why his company didn’t qualify. Lost in the fine print: The credit drops off sharply once a company gets above 10 workers and $25,000 average annual wages.”

  1. Obama Lied About Taking Public Option out of the ObamaCare Nightmare – It’s in There!

5/21/10 From the Washington Examiner: “The truth is the public option is alive and well, residing in Section 1334, pages 97-100, of the new health care law. That section gives the U.S. Office of Personnel Management — which presently manages the federal civil service — new responsibilities: establishing and running two entirely new government health insurance programs to compete directly with private insurance companies in every state with coverage for people outside of government. Quoting the new law, former OPM director Donald Devine notes that it makes the OPM boss a health care czar, with power to set “‘profit margin premiums and other such terms and conditions of coverage as are in the interest of enrollees in such plans.’ That’s open-ended. You can do anything…”

  1. Even Obama’s own HHS says He Lied About ObamaCare reducing costs!

5/21/10 From the Washington Examiner: “Obamacare was going to reduce federal health care spending. Now, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the president’s own Department of Health and Human Services estimates federal health spending will increase at least $311 billion.”

  1. Even Obama’s own HHS says He Lied About ObamaCare lowering Insurance Premiums!

5/21/10 Again, from the Washington Examiner: “Obamacare was not going to raise insurance premiums. Now another CMMS report says premiums are going up because of Obamacare’s provision allowing children to stay on their parents’ policies until age 26.”

  1. New Data Again Shows Obama Lied About You Being Able to Keep Your Health Insurance

6/15/10 Yeah, we already knew this was a big lie. This is just more evidence. As the Recliner Commentaries notes: “…White House officials now estimate up to 69 percent of employer plans would be forced to buy a NEW plan because their current plans would not meet the new requirements of Obamacare.” The largest mistake the American voters have made, was to trust in and believe in Barack Hussein Obama.

  1. Obama Appointment Scandal #158- Obama to Skip Senate with Dr. Berwick Appointment!

7/7/2010 Both parties use recess appointments. The problem here is that President Obama is appointing a man who loves the European Socialist model of healthcare to be in charge of Medicare and Medicaid! Dr. Berwick’s name came up during the whole Death Panels debate. From the CATO Institute: “…in fairness, with a few minor exceptions governing Medicare reimbursements, the law does not directly ration care or allow the government to dictate how doctors practice medicine. But if President Obama wanted to keep a lid on that particular controversy, he just selected about the worst possible nominee for director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the office that oversees government health care programs. Obama’s pick, Dr. Donald Berwick, is an outspoken admirer of the British National Health Service and its rationing arm, the National Institute for Clinical Effectiveness (NICE)…To Dr. Berwick , this is exactly how it should be. “NICE is not just a national treasure,” he says, “it is a global treasure.” And, Dr. Berwick wants to bring NICE-style rationing to this country. “It’s not a question of whether we will ration care,” he said in a magazine interview for Biotechnology Healthcare, “It is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

  1. Obama Violates Own Executive Order: ObamaCare Paying for Abortions!


ObamaCare and Sebelius
From Christian Newswire >: “The Department of Health and Human Services under radical abortion promoter Kathleen Sebelius has approved the first disbursement of federal tax dollars to pay for abortions, despite an Executive Order that promised the American people such abortion funding would not be permitted. As part of Obama’s health care plan, Pennsylvania will receive $160 million to fund a “high risk” insurance pool. Those in the pool will qualify to have any abortion legal in the State of Pennsylvania paid for by taxpayers. “
We knew when Obama signed the Executive Order that would have allegedly blocked tax funding of abortion that it wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on >. Now that has been proven to be true,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is shocking and disturbing to see the ease at which Obama and Sebelius can flat-out lie to the American people and apparently get away with it. This kind of dishonest treatment of the American people and disregard for agreements made and signed shows that the word of both Obama and Sebelius cannot be trusted, which makes them unfit to serve – something we have been saying all along.” — ConservativeAmerican.org asks if the President will face a question on this from the White House Press Corps? Will he be made to explain his lie? >This is another example of ruling against the will of the people as most Americans do not want their taxes used to kill babies.

  1. Limbaugh Notes Another Obamacare Nightmare Lie!

8/24/10 From Rush the Magic Hero… “The expiration date on this one has arrived. That’s the speech that Joe Wilson shouted “You lie,” when Obama’s out there talking about how his health care plan is gonna permanently reduce the deficit, lower health care costs, and now the Democrats say, “Don’t say it.” Because, see, Obamacare would have had a sunset provision locked in if it did not claim to reduce the deficit. That’s some newfangled law that they’ve had in the budget requirements for a while. The tax cuts have to sunset because the CBO said they wouldn’t reduce the deficit. If it doesn’t reduce the deficit, then it’s gotta be ended at some point. So they had to say that health care was gonna reduce the deficit in order to make it permanent. Folks, we were lied to, scammed. This is fraud and deceit, and it’s admission now by the Democrats with this slide show is profound. To get Obamacare through the reconciliation — you remember all of this? To get Obamacare through the reconciliation process without a sunset provision, the CBO claimed it would reduce the deficit by $118 billion. Remember they remember massaging and manipulating this to say it was never going to cost more than a trillion because that’s what the Iraq war had cost and the regime was out there saying, “Oh, health care is going to cost less than the Iraq war.” It was all lies, and Joe Wilson shouted that, and look what happened to him. So now we have… It’s unconscionable. This entire regime has been a lie. It is an ongoing lie…”

  1. Obamacare Nightmare could Force 3-Million Seniors to Switch Plans!!!!

8/26/10 As Newsmax reports, so much for keeping your plan! “A Medicare plan to try to make it simpler for consumers to pick drug coverage could force 3 million seniors to switch plans next year even if they don’t want to, says an independent analysis. That risks undercutting President Barack Obama’s promise that people can keep their health plans if they like them. And it could be an unwelcome surprise for many seniors who hadn’t intended to make a change during Medicare’s open enrollment season this fall…”

  1. Obama’s Milwaukee Lies – # 4 We’re Helping Make College Affordable

9/8/10 Again from Opelka at BigGovernment.com; “(OBAMA):That’s why we eliminated tens of billions of dollars in wasteful taxpayer subsidies to big banks that provide student loans. We’re using those savings to put a college education within reach for working families.” (OPELKA:) Once again, Obama saves the little guy from the (evil) wasteful “Big Banks.” (Ever notice that “Big” is always bad when it comes to Banks and Oil, but good when it comes to Government?) Obama conceals from his audience how the school loan program was surreptitiously folded into the Health Care Bill, thus giving the government a virtual monopoly on the control of who receives educational loans…”

  1. Obama’s Milwaukee Lies – # 5 ObamaCare Nightmare Gives YOU Control!!

9/8/10 The next one from Opelka at BigGovernment.com is: “(OBAMA:) That’s why we passed health insurance reform that will make coverage affordable; reform that ends the indignity of insurance companies jacking up your premiums at will or denying you coverage just because you get sick; reform that shifts control from them to you.” (OPELKA:) Obama continues to perpetuate the lie (“If you like your current health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”)…As countless analysts…have shown, nothing could be further from the truth. If losing one’s health care plan and doctor is “shifting control from them to you,” what would relinquishing control look like?…”

  1. Malkin: Sebelius is Giving Waivers out to Favorites so They Don’t Have to Follow Obamacare Nightmare!!


From ManWithBlackHat.Blogspot.Com

Michelle Malkin : “After an embarrassing leak about the dire potential consequences of forcing one of America’s largest companies to abide by onerous Obamacare coverage mandates, HHS Secretary Kathleen “Torquemada” Sebelius decided that McDonald’s, a major teachers union, and several other firms deserved a break today. Old promise: Everyone gets to keep their health insurance. New promise: You can keep your health insurance…if you BEG hard enough for an Obamacare waiver. Will only high-powered, politically connected corporations and Big Labor groups be spared? Where’s the transparency in how these decisions are being made?…” Seemore Michelle Malkin here Rep. Tom Cole saysl>the McDonald’s Waiver is hurting White Castle: “The family-owned White Castle hamburger chain covers 70 to 89 percent of the premium costs of its full-time employees but could still be fined $3,000 per worker under a provision that penalizes companies whose employees pay more than 9.5 percent of household income in premiums. This one provision is expected to consume over half of White Castle’s profits by 2014.”

  1. ObamaCare Nightmare Could Be End of Catholic Hospitals! “Obama’s Nun” Scandal!!

10/12/10 The great Warner Todd Huston writes at RightPundits: “…democrats will assume they have the power to force religious-based healthcare providers to perform abortions and this will cause thousands of facilities to close down. This will, of course, make care even harder to get in many cities across the nation as hospital beds are lost in great numbers. In fact, we are already seeing this disastrous situation of closing hospitals playing out in Scranton, Pennsylvania where three Catholic-operated hospitals are likely going to be shut down and/or sold off because of the negative affects Obamacare will have on these facilities. Kevin Cook, the CEO of Mercy Health Partners, the company that operates these three hospitals, told WNEP TV News that Obamacare “absolutely” playing a role in the decision to sell off the facilities. “Health care reform is absolutely playing a role.” Cook said. “Was it the precipitating factor in this decision? No, but was it a factor in our planning over the next five years? Absolutely.” –UPDATE 10/18/10: The American Spectator notes that Cook said “Absolutely” twice. Then came a nun from the Catholic Health Association blasting the initial press reports and claiming the ObamaCare Nightmare had nothing to do with the hospital sales. As the Spectator notes, “WHY IN THE WORLD would a Catholic nun be so revved up as to denounce in such strong language what Mr. Cook insisted was a fact — that ObamaCare was “absolutely” and yet again “absolutely” playing a role in the hospital sale? democrat activist carol keehan on team obama or team catholic? Carol Keehan, Angry Runaway Nun Allowed to Lead Catholic Health Association! Why the hair-trigger fire-breathing response. From a simple Catholic nun named Sister Carol [Keehan, DC]? And why in the world would Mr. Cook feel compelled to issue not one but two re-statements of the rationale behind the sale of the three Mercy hospitals?… the proposed sale of the three Mercy hospitals becomes a harbinger of what will happen nationally as a result of ObamaCare slowly tightening its government tentacles over the private health care system… But who is Sister Carol Keehan? What’s the big deal here with her? Why would a statement from simple Catholic nun appear to cause so much consternation with Mercy Health Partner CEO Kevin Cook in Scranton, Pennsylvania?… LET’S GO BACK to that presidential signing of the health care reform law. There were 21 very powerful people in that little group who received signing pens from the President. As mentioned that included the Vice President, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy’s widow Victoria Reggie Kennedy. And someone else.That would be Sister Carol Keehan . Impressive, no? The Catholic News Agency thought so, and prominently noted the story here. It also noted that
Sister Carol was receiving her presidential pen from the President himself because she had been “supporting health care despite bishops’ objections.” ” — ConservativeAmerican.org wants to know why the Catholic News Agency would run a prominent story on this renegade nun? Look at her picture! This is an angry, bitter woman. You can see it in her angry, liberal face. Who runs the freaking Catholic News Agency if not the Catholic Bishops?! And, she gets honored for slapping the Bishops in the face?!! >Do any of these U.S. Catholic Bishops have any guts left at all? Will not one of them stand up to this angry little woman with a political score to settle? This is nonsense!!
Archbishop Timothy Dolan , the figurehead leader of the U.S. Catholic Church as the New York Archbishop, should certainly step up to the plate here and issue a statement. Will he? Or is the Catholic Health Association a joke too? What makes it “Catholic?!” Keehan certainly is putting her politics before her religion! She should be fired. UPDATE 10/26/10: The Wall Street Journal reports “Nearly a third of U.S. hospitals are currently operating in the red and will get steamrolled by ObamaCare, and many of them will be annexed by national chains and larger local systems.”

  1. Obama Wrong About Humana and Medicare!!

10/14/10 Humana was right! Medicare Advantage seniors will pay more and get less! Remember when Team Obama made Humana Insurance sit down and shut up about this? Now the Government Accountability Office says Kathleen Sebelius and her Health & Abortion Services Department was wrong to stomp on Humana’s 1st Amendment rights AND was wrong in claiming Humana was not telling the truth!!! Turns out Humana was right all along (told ya). Peter Johnson, Jr. reported on this on Fox & Friends today.

  1. Obama’s Rescinds “Fantastic” Lie on Kids Health Insurance!

10/17/10 Remember how kids with pre-existing medical conditions were to be covered for cheap or even free? Well, the “Down on the Pharm” Blog reports, “…knowing they’d curl up and DIE under this regulation, [Ins. Co.’s] stopped offering new insurance plans for sick kids. NOW OBAMA HAS RESCINDED his policy. Insurance companies will be permitted to raise the rates of these policies for pre-existing conditions on child only policies outside the open enrollment period…”

  1. Obama Lies to Seniors – ObamaCare Increases Their Costs!

10/22/2010 Rasmussen reports: “How many “Big Lies” has Obama told? Frankly, it’s becoming difficult to keep track of them. Most recently, the top actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid – a pair of programs that shouldn’t even exist in the first place – revealed that millions of American seniors will have to pay increased out-of-pocket health care costs next year for “less generous benefit packages” as a direct result of Obamacare. This is due to government’s failure to acknowledge basic economic realities – which is already costing taxpayers hundreds of billions each year (even as these programs’ unfunded liabilities continue to soar)…” –ConservativeAmerican.org special note to article author Howard Rich: Don’t worry Howard, we’ll continue that difficult task to keep track of Obama’s Big Lies!!

  1. Obama Lied About ObamaCare: “We want competition!”

10/26/10 President Obama said in February, “In a lot of states, the problem is just you don’t have competition at all. We want competition.” Uh-huh, suuuuuuuure you do. You lie! What Obama really wants is no competition, government-run healthcare. The Wall Street Journal reports ObamaCare “actively promotes provider consolidation” and a “wave of consolidation is washing over… with almost no public scrutiny… and the result is going to be higher costs… the most concrete effect of this wave of consolidation may be to increase private health spending significantly… the health bill… is leading to much larger hospital systems and physician groups, and fewer insurers dominated by a handful of national conglomerates.” — ConservativeAmerican.org interjects: Conglomo running Healthcare?! That’s what the libs voted for? I thought they hated fat-cat CEO’s working out deals for huge corporations in smoke-filled rooms of corporate jet airline hangars!! WSJ: “ObamaCare was sold using the language of choice and competition, but it is actually reducing both.”

  1. ObamaCare Nightmare was DESIGNED TO Reduce Competition!!

10/26/10 The Wall Street Journal reports “a major goal of ObamaCare is to convert these companies [1,200 insurers doing business in the U.S.] into de facto public utilities… Medium-sized carriers will collapse… State insurance commissioners warned the [Obama] Administration this month that “improper or overly strident application… could threaten the solvency of insurers or significantly reduce competition in some insurance markets.” They also implied that bankruptcies are likely”

  1. ObamaCare Nightmare Eliminates Insurers Ability to Design Own Products!!

10/26/10 The Wall Street Journal reports “Size is also important in a low-margin business…” — ConservativeAmerican.org points out the obvious WSJ error: they said “low-margin” business referring to Insurance Companies. That can’t be true! The Libs keep saying these insurance companies are filled with rich, white, corporate-jet flying CEO’s! back to the WSJ: “Once insurers lose the freedom to design their own products, they’ll essentially be selling commodities and survival will depend on enrollment volume and market share.”

  1. You Really CAN’T Keep Your Doctor (Or Find His Office!) – ObamaCare Nightmare Expanding

10/26/10 The Wall Street Journal reports “Hospitals are now on a buying spree of private physician practices… Doctors are selling because complying with the ever-growing list of mandates has become more cumbersome.” When docs sell to Democrat-Created Conglomo Health, “they also lose the autonomy of independent practice.” So your doc may still be in business, but he’ll be working for Conglomo, which may not be covered by your plan!! The WSJ also notes: “Hospitals are also scooping up practices to lock in referral sources and make up for ObamaCare’s Medicare cuts.” ConservativeAmerican.org wonders if the left
heard that… “ObamaCare’s Medicare CUTS!”
“As it is, two-thirds of hospitals lose money today on Medicare inpatient services, according to Medicare.”

  1. Team Obama “Vastly Expands Federal Authority” over Health Insurance

11/23/10 Rush Limbaugh reported today that Director of Health and Abortion Services, Kathleen Sebelius, announced new federal rules today designed to limit the profit of private industry! Sebelius and Team Obama are using the power of an executive order to tell health insurance companies what percentage of their income can go to profits and what percentage must go to providing healthcare. Even the liberal New York Times called this a vast expansion of federal authority. It starts with insurance companies. Who’s next?

  1. Obama’s White House Denies Medicare Rule is “New!”

12/27/2010 Politico: Palin famously dubbed a senior counseling policy as a Death Panel Politico reports , “…a new Medicare directive guides doctors if a patient is too sick to make health decisions, but it doesn’t specify that they should discuss expensive treatment to keep them alive for longer, as outlined in draft legislation that Democrats scrapped during the health care debate after Sarah Palin referred to “death panels.” The Obama administration says the new directive is different from the legislation…” – ConservativeAmerican.org agrees with “This Week ” in asking if this is the Return of Death Panels?!UPDATE: From the Washington Times : “Those death panels that the White House first promised were never a part of Obamacare and then promised had been removed from Obamacare are back in Obamacare, but the White House promises us it’s nothing new. If this doesn’t trouble you, I’ll make a promise of my own: When your mother gets caught in the cross hairs, it will. The liberal intelligentsia, prisoners of their own conditioned reflex response, mocked Sarah Palin when she warned America in a Facebook post of the Obamacare death panels. The excitable Keith Olbermann even crowned it a 2009 “Lie of the Year.” Specifically, the ex-governor of Alaska referred to the Advance Care Planning Consultation provision in the Affordable Care Act, Section 1233 of H.R. 3200, which specifically called to pay doctors to discuss – some say encourage – withholding end-of-life care with their elderly patients once every five years. The White House denied impropriety but removed the provision when fellow Democrats balked. Only then did the bill pass by a single vote…”

  1. Obama’s Broken Inaugural Promises – American Thinker – # 7

1/2/11 Lee Cary’s # 7: “Obama said, “We will restore science to its rightful place and wield technology’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its costs.” But the legacy media never asked, “Just what does ‘restoring science’ mean?” And anyone today who thinks that Obamacare will lower costs is delusional…”

  1. Health Care Reform Obama’s “Choice and Competition” Lie!

1/5/11 The Washington Times reports, “When President Obama signed his health care plan into law, he promised it would foster “choice and competition.” Nine months later, Americans can count this as another Big Lie. Obamacare has instead reduced competition in the marketplace for health services. The New York Times recently reported that Obamacare has spurred a wave of mergers among doctors, hospitals and other providers “eager to share costs and savings, and cash in on the incentives.” The Wall Street Journal noted a growing trend of hospitals merging into large regional networks and purchasing physician practices to lock up guaranteed sources of patients…”

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