Obamacare Rationing – Coming Soon to a Sickness Near You

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Nearly one year before the Unaffordable Uncaring Act (Obamacare) was passed, the Obama administration knew it would result in rationing the health care you need.  You know, that same healthcare you can no longer get from the plan you liked but no longer have?  The same care that you can no longer receive from the doctor you liked?

President Obama himself said during an ABC Town Hall event at the end of June in 2009 that the rationing patients would face under his government-run healthcare would not be any more “draconian” than what patient already experienced under the health plan they had and liked.

That is a LIE!

A few days later, reporter Shikha Dalmia noted at Forbes online that…

This is complete nonsense. The left has been trying to address fears of rationing by trotting out an old and tired trope, namely, that rationing is an inescapable fact of life because every system rations whether by price or fiat. But there is a big difference between the two. If I can’t afford caviar and champagne every night, any rationing involved is metaphoric, not real. Genuine rationing occurs when someone else controls access–how much of a particular good I can consume.”

At that time, Dalmia report that the President’s stimulus bill had allocated more than $1 billion for research to evaluate the merits of various health treatments!

As Conservative American Sarah Palin has pointed out so many times, a “death panel” made up of bureaucrats will be making decisions.   Dalmia said a board will “direct financing” toward approved, standardized treatments!

So much for your chances of getting new medicines or new treatments.  They won’t be considered “approved” or “standardized.” From Forbes…

“This is exactly along the lines of the British system, where breast cancer patients were denied Herceptin, a new miracle drug, until enraged women fought back.”

This is the Amerika of the nation’s first socialist President, Barack Hugo Obama.  The man who would prefer to be dictator or President-for-life or King, is settling a vendetta that he thinks God put him on this earth to resolve.


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