Obama’s Administrative “Fix” is Illegal

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

President Obama met the deadline today to come up with a “fix” for millions of people who are losing the health plan they liked and the doctor they liked. We’ll see if his “fix” is enough to satisfy democrats, or if they will vote tomorrow with the GOP to change the law and require the President to live up to his promise.

So the President decided to grant himself (once again) the authority to change a law passed by congress. He also granted himself the authority (which the Constitution does not allow) to tell the CEO’s of private insurance companies what they have to do!

He said he’s going to just require those companies to extend into 2014 the millions of cancelled plans people liked. Does that mean this is only a one-year “fix?” Parts of his talk left more questions than answers when he met with the press today. At one point he said that these millions can extend into the new year with the “same kind of plan.” What the hell does that mean? Same kind? So similar maybe, but not the same? Who knows. Very short on specifics today.

The Congress has a duty to step in and remind this out-of-control president that he does not have the authority to change laws or play dictator and tell businesses what they have to do. As Rush Limbaugh said today, “This isn’t America, folks.”

Of course Dictator Obama said he will not stand for any repeal that would “drag us back” into a broken healthcare system, a system that of course, was not broken. In fact, it was the best system in the world without question.

Obama did say “we” (not I) “We fumbled the rollout.” As for when the Obamacare Nightmare will be fixed, he said he was confident that “next year” people will say how great Obamacare is. Uh-huh. How about he holds his breath until that happens. He offerend the lame promise to work “as hard as I can” for people who found their plans cancelled. He claimed that he was not informed the website was in such bad shape prior to launch.

“With respect to the pledge I made,” Obama said referring to his -If you like your plan you can keep it. Period – comment, “There is no doubt the way I put that forward ended up not being accurate.” Ya think?! This was quickly following by, ‘But hey, this is only 5% of the people. C’mon you guys.’ and ‘But hey, some people in congress made this promise too, why don’t you look over there you guys’ and he followed that with a new lie.

He said that the remaining 95% of insured folks can keep their plans. OH REALLY? One year from now, if not sooner Tens of Millions of Americans who have health plans they like through their employer will be told they can no longer keep their plan because the employer is dumping them into the Obamacare Nightmare. He knows this now. He is lying now. The media won’t care now. They will pretend to be surprised when it happens.

He said he thought his plan would give people (more) better polices for (less) lower or the same cost. So he thought that companies would just offer to do more and lower their prices?!! Is he stupid? Or still just a compulsive liar. “That’s on us…,” he stumbled and then quickly added, “That’s on me. That’s something I deeply regret because it is scary.”

Scary indeed. That’s why we call it the Obamacare Nightmare!

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