Obama’s Angry Victim Mentality Foreign Policy

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Photo from Politico Click2Visit

Photo from Politico Click2Visit

Ever the victim, President Barack Hussein Obama is dealing with serious foreign policy issues through the lens of his belief that he must be the champion of victims like himself.

With up to 300 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria, Americans are left wondering why the response is what Rush Limbaugh calls “Hashtag diplomacy.” Michelle Obama sends out a tweet just to let the world know she cares. Caring is what it’s all about, not action?!

Hillary RahmRod Clinton also sends out a tweet about this “terrorist” group. Interesting that candidate Hillary has suddenly found the word “terrorist” in her vocabulary. It was not a word she was willing to use as an Obama employee when she refused to mark Boko Haram as a terrorist organization. And the President’s response simply consisted of his “thinking of” the girls when he woke up one morning and “wishing” he could help… as if he cannot help!

Here’s the issue. President Obama sees his mission from his God as champion of the victims. From the Official Obama Administration Scandals List #6: “Obama also made the bizarre spiritual claim that his own eternal fate remains tied up with the fate of the African American community….”That my individual salvation is not gonna come about without a collective salvation for the country.”

He believes his eternal fate depends upon finding justice for victims and putting America in its place to obtain its “Salvation.”

So, who are the victims in Africa? In Nigeria? In his view, it’s certainly not the ruling Christian government. If they weren’t such big bullies, he thinks, and just tried to understand and welcome the Islamist Radicals of Boko Haram, then there wouldn’t be problems like this. The victims, he believes, are those in Boko Haram. The victims are the ‘innocent’ Islamist terrorists who only behave as they do because of the USA, Israel, Christians and Jews.

Think I’m way off here? Think again.

Egypt. We abandoned our ally because the poor victim Islamists in the Muslim Brotherhood were being abused. We stepped aside and allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to come in and reverse course, persecuting the Christians and Jews for a change. To Obama, this is a victory. Turning the tables. Let the other guys see how it feels. Now everyone can just play nice.

His child-like view of foreign policy is unable to see that Islamists are not interested in playing nice. They want everything and everyone ‘Western’ to die. The President is a foolish little boy playing on a very serious world stage.

Syria. The victims of course are the Islamist extremists, in Obama’s victim mentality foreign policy. That’s why he set up a “secret” operation in Benghazi, Libya to sneak weapons to Islamist terrorist groups (the same ones who blew up our buildings and killed our people just 13 short years ago) so they could battle the bully Syrian leader, who is far from an Angel himself.

Iran. The President wants to reach out to the Islamist terrorists running that nation, to sit down for tea and chat with them. He warned them about missing deadlines. He promised serious consequences. Then instead snuck a letter to their leader asking him to play nice. We have completely wimped out on Iran and abandoned our strongest ally in the region; Israel. After all, if the USA had stayed out of the area and Israel would just go away, then the tables could turn. Obama could be the hero. He would not only set those Islamist terrorist victims free, he would turn the tables. Let the Islamists destroy the Christians and Jews for a change. That’ll show em.

Libya. The leader had called the USA offering to step down and get out of the country. Obama wasn’t willing to take that 3:00 A.M. phone call. How would that allow the poor Islamists to turn the tables? To get their revenge? It’s all about him being a hero to the victims.

Barack Obama has always viewed himself as the victim. He has made his own racist comments on numerous occassions. He’s always felt sorry for himself and the anger that has developed inside him has consumed him. It is who he is. His father just walked out and abandoned him. The other kids had a father. His mother’s family had even owned slaves (it’s # 24 on this list). His skin was half white and half black. The other kids were either black and fit in, or white and fit in… what about him? His white grandmother, who did most of the work of raising him, was afraid of black people and Barack knew that he was 50% black. He was influenced early on by communists like his parents. He attended a Muslim school in Indonesia. Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer for a reporter once and called it one of “the prettiest sounds on earth” (it’s # 27 on this list). He lied about his Muslim upbringing (# 49 here). These people were like him, victims.

These are tough things for any child to deal with. Most of them manage, through a sometimes messy and difficult journey, to emerge as positive young adults and members of the community.

Not Barack Obama. He held onto his identity as a victim. This made it easy to choose to be with blacks more than whites. After all, he is equally white and black. Whites are not victims though. Anger built up inside this man.

Revenge offers a tempting flavor of intoxicating sweetness that is too much for him to resist.

Barack Obama makes all of his decisions through the lens of the victim. He tours the world apologizing for the way the USA has victimized others. He appoints a racist Wise Latina and an anti-military gay woman to the Supreme Court. He appoints a chip-on-his-shoulder racist to be attorney general and sends the self-described “cussing and spitting” Susan Rice out to lie to America about Benghazi.

Why send in troops that were an hour away to help the Americans in Benghazi? They aren’t the victims! The victims were the Islamists. Let them have their revenge. There were only a few people on the ground there anyway. Study your fundraising speech for the next day, then go to bed knowing you are a hero who is FINALLY getting revenge.


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