Obama’s Bad Track Record with Iran & North Korea

Once upon a time, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton promised consequences if North Korea kept testing missiles. They did keep testing. There were no U.S. consequences at all. The supposed consequence from the U.N. was that we might watch their ships and ask if we can board!!

The White House has also failed in the past to deliver on its promise of consequences for Iran. The Iranian leaders know that. So, why would they take Obama seriously now? This new deal Barack Obama reached that allows Iran to keep developing nuclear weapons, is a joke. And they know it. Once again, Obama has blown it on foreign policy.

By Peter Andrew
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From Fox News in early 2010 came this paragraph half way down a story about Iran.

“Iran dismissed an end-of-2009 deadline imposed by the Obama administration and its international partners to accept a U.N.-drafted deal to swap most of its enriched uranium for nuclear fuel. The deal would reduce Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium, limiting — at least for the moment — its capability to make nuclear weapons. The U.S. and its allies have demanded Iran accept the terms of the U.N.-brokered plan without changes.”

They simply “dismissed” Obama’s deadline! They weren’t worried about any consequences. And Why should they be? They watched the ‘awful consequences’ (not) that we had for North Korea (we sent them Bill Clinton!) and they figured they would take their chances. Heck, maybe Jimmy Carter will be sent to Iran!

Here’s a recap of the awful consequences the Obama administration delivered to North Korea for its defiance of an Obama deadline…

11/17/9 – Nokomon at ConservativeAmerican.orgSeven months ago, back in April, we told you Hillary Clinton promised to get tough with North Korea if they launched test missiles: “There will be consequences,” she threatened. We waited.

In May, Obama promised “stronger international pressure.” What happened to the U.S. having tough consequences? Nope, we handed it all over to the weak United Nations. Hillary might as well have made a 3 A.M. call to the White House to look for consequences. The only thing we could find was Nancy Pelosi asking China to talk to North Korea. Not much of a tough consequence. North Korea was not worried.

They took two American journalists hostage and demanded a “good will gesture” from the U.S.! That’s the tough consequence?! A freaking good will gesture?

On June 10th, the cussing and spitting Susan Rice announced a consequence from the UN. The new sanction would allow foreign countries to stop and search ships heading to and from North Korea, “pending approval from the country whose flag the vessel was flying.” So, if we say ‘Pretty please,’ maybe…just maybe…the country might let us on the ship to look around?! No teeth at all.

A poll shows most Americans think Obama has been way too easy on North Korea. We actually watched a North Korean ship (I’m not kidding, all we did was watch!)

Back in 2009, We started covering this cartoon of events with posts of a PokeMon style battle between the evil NoKo-mon of North Korea and the rookie President, Obama-mon! Obamamon finally punished Nokomon by sending Billy Bob Clinton to the country to bring the hostages home. Mr. Clinton was not going to go until he heard he could get two interns alone on a plane!

Nokomon fired even more test missiles. Still no consequence with any teeth. Zero. Zilch. The promise of a tough consequence was a lie. Today, the leaders in Iran know they do not have to take Obama seriously. He has proven that before.

Back in 2008, Obama started his empty threats to Iran! From the Haaretz website: “U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama told an audience at the second U.S. presidential debate on Tuesday that he would deliver a tough and direct message to Iran that if they did not change their behavior there would be dire consequences.”

From David Ignatius at the Washington Post came this observation in January of 2010: “Can we curb Iran’s nuclear program? The clock on President Obama’s timetable for engagement was supposed to run out New Year’s Eve. But the administration is adding a little extra time by keeping the door open for talks before a vote on new U.N. sanctions, probably in March or April.”

Even ABCDEmocrat News reported on Team Obama’s empty promises. “The President’s Senior Adviser, David Axelrod…“there will be consequences” for Iran if they continue to buck the international community on their alleged nuclear weapons program…Axelrod added, “nobody has any illusions about what the intent of the Iranian government is.”

Nobody has any illusions? Uhm, hey Mr. Axelrod, seems your old boss has illusions!

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