Obama’s Broken Net Spending Cut Lie and 2,200 Other Fabrications!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

“If Obama Had Kept His Campaign Promises, We Wouldn’t Have a Deficit Today… the president not only pushed for the increased spending but also has fought budget cuts at each step along the way… President Obama is no more willing to cut spending now than when he first became president. He repeatedly promised “a net spending cut” during the 2008 presidential debates and on the campaign trail. And yet federal spending under his watch has soared from 20.9 percent of GDP in 2008 to 24.3 percent in 2011.”
John Lott

pickleheadThe list below contains all of the Obama Administration mistakes, blunders, broken promises, flip flops, gaffes, lies, etc. That’s too long of a name, so we called it “the Official Obama Administration Scandals List.” This list covers Barack Obama and his pals from day one through September 4th, 2011. At that point, the list was discontinued. We present this list to you as an accurate and complete historic detail of the Legacy of Lies President Obama leaves behind for the time period starting with his youth and going until September 4th, 2011. Not responsible for any broken or out-of-date links. They worked when we posted them. Some may redirect you to the wayback machine.

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  1. Obama’s Fake Debt Concern Speech – Lie # 24 –Calls a Tax Increase a “SPENDING CUT!!!”
  2. untitled25 4/13/11 This one may be my favorite of the day! President Obama is tangled up in so many untruths and lies, he can’t even come up with new ones that make any sense at all! He now claims that increasing taxes is “reducing spending!” Here’s what he said: “The fourth step in our approach is to reduce spending in the tax code. In December, I agreed to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans because it was the only way I could prevent a tax hike on middle-class Americans. But we cannot afford $1 trillion worth of tax cuts for every millionaire and billionaire in our society. And I refuse to renew them again.” So, he will increase taxes on the ones he decides are wealthy (watch for the definition of wealthy to drop rapidly) and call that “reducing spending” in the “tax code!” The tax code doesn’t spend any money… oh, why do I even bother? And, to reverse his new brazen lie, he says deductions are “spending” as well! Ridiculous! “the tax code is also loaded up with spending on things like itemized deductions.

  3. Obama’s Fake Debt Concern Speech – Biden so Bored He Fell Asleep!!
  4. 4/13/11 Vice President Joey Buttafuoco Biden fell asleep listening to the President’s tired old lies today!

  5. Obama’s Calls Federal Union Workers “SLUGS!”
  6. 4/15/11 The champion of the socialist democrat union workers party let slip what he really thinks of the little people! Barack Obama said the little middle class union people working for him in the federal government are “SLUGS!” From Mark Knoller at CBS News: “He did opine that some employees “are slugs and not trying to do their job. But that’s true of any large institution.” — Uh huh. At least in any large GOVERNMENT institution run by union democrats!

  7. Obama’s Flip-Flop-Flip-Flop-Flip on Bush Tax Rates
  8. 4/15/11 Gateway Pundit catches this pancake house spatula! “During the 2008 election and most of last year Barack Obama railed against the successful Bush tax cuts… Then in December Obama changed his tune saying the Bush tax cuts were a “good deal for America.” — ConservativeAmerican.org notes that reelection at hand, Obama has now decided that the Bush tax rates really are bad for America after all!

  9. Obama Regulators Make Deals with Banks Too Big to Punish!!
  10. 4/15/11 St. Louis Today points out: “The 2008 financial crisis introduced most Americans to the concept of “too big to fail.” Now comes a not-unrelated corollary: “too big to punish.” Federal banking regulators have begun signing deals with 14 mortgage-servicing companies — some of them arms of “too big to fail” banks — that would enable the servicers to avoid as much as $20 billion in fines for finagling foreclosure documents. The consent agreements would end the government’s investigation into the so-called “robo-signing” scandals that erupted last fall…”

  11. Obama Offers African Dictator Professorship !
  12. 4/15/11 ABCDEmocrat News: “When former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo refused to step down following a loss to his political rival in last November’s election, the US floated several offers to entice him to cede power, according to US officials. Among them was a professor position at Boston University, which is home to an African President-in-Residence program. “I can say that after the November 28th election, the State Department did reach out to Mr. Gbagbo’s staff and contacts to discuss the results of the election, first and foremost, and the need for him to step aside and allow for a transition to take place,” State Dept spox Mark Toner says…” – ConservativeAmerican.org says great idea, eh? Giving a dictator a desk job here!

  13. Obama Flip-Flops on Debt Limit
  14. 4/15/11 The other day, the Associated Democrat Press reported that, “The White House says President Barack Obama regrets his vote as a senator in 2006 against raising the debt limit.” Bull! He’s thrilled he voted against it when a republican was in the White House that he knew he would be running against. Now, he’s suddenly all for raising the debt limit since his own reelection but is on the table! Flip-Flop.

  15. Obama’s Top Ten Flip-Flops – Renditions
  16. 4/15/11 The U.K. Telegraph has run a post where they outline ten of Obama’s amazing Flip-flops. They were all already on our list except two. First, this one: “In a 2007 Foreign Affairs article, Senator Obama gave a strong indication that he would end the Bush administration practice of rendition of terror suspects: “To build a better, freer world, we must first behave in ways that reflect the decency and aspirations of the American people… This means ending the practices of shipping away prisoners in the dead of night to be tortured in far-off countries, of detaining thousands without charge or trial, of maintaining a network of secret prisons to jail people beyond the reach of the law.” But, as The New York Times reported in August 2009, the Obama administration’s Interrogation and Transfer Task Force announced that it would retain renditions, but with what The Times referred to as “more oversight”.

  17. Obama’s Top Ten Flip-Flops – National Sovereignty
  18. 4/15/11 The U.K. Telegraph’s other one added to our list is: “In July 2009 the president made a striking defence of the principle of national sovereignty in a speech he gave at the New Economic School in Moscow. President Obama spoke in eloquent terms of: “America’s interest in an international system that advances cooperation while respecting the sovereignty of all nations. State sovereignty must be a cornerstone of international order. Just as all states should have the right to choose their leaders, states must have the right to borders that are secure, and to their own foreign policies. That is true for Russia, just as it is true for the United States. Any system that cedes those rights will lead to anarchy.” His administration, however, has done all it can to advance the pooling of national sovereignty in Europe, and the rise of a European superstate. In her meeting with EU Foreign Policy chief Baroness Ashton in January, Hillary Clinton described the Lisbon Treaty, a blueprint for a European federal superstate, as “a major milestone in our world’s history”, and Obama’s Ambassador to London, Louis Susman, told a group of MEPs in Brussels that “all key issues must run through Europe.”

  19. Obama Appointment Scandal #182 – Elizabeth Warren
  20. 4/15/11 President Obama may be prepared to nominate an anti-business lefty to run his new “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.” The liberal Couric-BS News website says republicans just don’t like Elizabeth Warren because she has been “a Wall Street critic.” The Couric-BS report says Obama is close to naming Warren because no one else wants the job! This is one of Obama’s many newly created positions. The bureau itself is seen only as another liberal government agency designed to attack evil, fat-cat, corporate-jet flying CEO’s and their companies.

  21. Obama’s Lie About Reducing the Deficit!
  22. 4/15/11 John Lott at FOXy Blondes News reports Obama said his first budget plan released in February cut the deficit by $1-Trillion: “Unfortunately, it isn’t so. The Congressional Budget Office, designated by the White House as the ultimate referee on spending questions, reported a few weeks ago that Obama’s February budget plans will actually increase the deficits over the coming decade by $1.2 trillion. That is a sharp contrast to the $1.1 trillion reduction touted by Mr. Obama. The CBO dismissed the president’s figure, saying he underestimated how much more both existing and new programs will cost…”

  23. Obama’s Smoke & Mirrors Deficit Deception
  24. 4/15/11 John Lott at FOXy Blondes News reports: “There are still more oddities to Mr. Obama’s counting methods. The CBO numbers examine spending and revenue over 10 years, the length of time government accounting has consistently examined, while the president, with no explanation, included an additional two years for a total of 12 years. The president himself has never previously used this length of time, and he did it to exaggerate his deficit reductions, hoping that people won’t notice that the cut per year will be smaller.” — We noticed.

  25. Obama’s Fake Debt Concern Speech – Lie # 25 – Obama is Lying About Conservative Paul Ryan!
  26. 4/15/11 ryanJohn Lott at FOXy Blondes News: “His Wednesday speech however gave us a better understanding of what the Mr. Obama will refuse to cut. Entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare are all off the table. Worse Obama falsely demonizes Republicans as cutting Medicare benefits when Rep. Ryan’s plan ensures that payments will keep up with inflation. Such false claims poison the debate and make serious budget cutting very difficult to accomplish…”

  27. Obama Libyan Scandal # 51 – Broken Libya Promises
  28. 4/15/11 The liberal website, Salon, says Obama’s Secretary of Defense promised the U.S. would no longer be taking “an active part in the [air] strike activities.” However, “…this is what has actually happened: ‘U.S. fighter jets struck three Libyan anti-aircraft sites overnight, U.S. military officials told NBC News on Wednesday, as the Pentagon revealed for the first time that U.S. pilots have continued to strike Libyan air defenses after turning the mission over to NATO.’ The strike — on portable anti-aircraft launchers — was the third time in the past week in which U.S. fighter jets have attacked Libyan air defenses, the sources added. It’s fair to say that pretty easily qualifies as “an active part in the strike activities.”

  29. Obama Libyan Scandal # 52 – Broken Libya Promises (AGAIN)
  30. 4/15/11 The liberal website, Salon, says the President promised, “… And when this transition takes place, it is not going to be our planes that are maintaining the no-fly zone. It is not going to be our ships that are necessarily involved in enforcing the arms embargo. That’s precisely what the other coalition partners are going to do.” Salon says: “U.S. planes are still very much involved in maintaining the no-fly zone: ‘A senior military official said the American warplanes, assigned to NATO, have remained part of the NATO mission since the handoff on April 4. According to the official, “We didn’t explain that very well.” ‘ The officials insist that these American fighter jets are assigned only to enforcement of the “no-fly zone” and have not taken part in airstrikes against Libyan ground forces. The U.S. aircraft can be used when needed to take out enemy defenses as part of the enforcement of the no-fly zone. It’s hard to read this as anything other than a straight-up broken promise from Obama.” — ConservativeAmerican.org says we’d call this one a straight-up LIE.

  31. Obama Flip-Flop on the “Other Party!”
  32. 4/15/11 From the Riehl World View website: “Obama, January 2010: “We’re not going to be able to do anything about any of these entitlements if what we do is characterize whatever proposals are put out there as, ‘Well, you know, that’s — the other party’s being irresponsible. The other party is trying to hurt our senior citizens. That the other party is doing X, Y, Z.” Obama today [4/13/11] in his speech. “One vision has been championed by Republicans in the House of Representatives and embraced by several of their party’s presidential candidates…This is a vision that says up to 50 million Americans have to lose their health insurance in order for us to reduce the deficit. And who are those 50 million Americans? Many are someone’s grandparents who wouldn’t be able afford nursing home care…”

  33. Obama’s 60-day Flip Flop on Evil, Black, Oil!
  34. 4/15/11 From the Robert Bryce website: “Obama, during his State of the Union Address, condemned oil — calling it “yesterday’s energy.” He reversed course Wednesday, asserting that the U.S. should be “finding and producing more oil at home.” That was not the only reversal. He had said America must “eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies.” But at Georgetown, he said his administration will “provide new and better incentives that promote rapid, responsible development” of oil and gas. Those incentives could include changes in the royalty structure to “encourage more rapid production.” Thus, in 60 days, oil went from yesterday’s energy, to a resource we should be producing more of it…”

  35. Obama’s Ethanol Lie
  36. 4/15/11 From the Robert Bryce website: “…the administration declared that corn ethanol is “making a significant contribution to reducing our oil dependence.” That claim has no basis in fact. Between 1999 and 2009, U.S. ethanol production increased seven-fold — to more than 700,000 barrels per day. Yet during that same time, America’s oil imports increased by more than 800,000 barrels per day. Obama has done more to promote the corn ethanol scam than any president in U.S. history. And he continues to — despite the fact that it is driving up food prices. Right now, 40 percent of U.S. corn — that’s 15 percent of all global corn production or 5 percent of all global grain — is being diverted to ethanol distilleries to produce the energy equivalent of 0.6 percent of global oil needs…”

  37. Obama Slams a Key Arab Ally
  38. 4/16/11 Politico catches this one from Couric-BS News: “President Obama told reporters on Thursday that his meeting with Qatar’s emir was cordial and useful, complete with banter about tickets for the 2022 World Cup. But he struck a different tone later that night at a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago, saying Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani isn’t doing enough to promote democracy in his own country, even as the TV news network he sponsors promotes democracy to the entire region…”

  39. Obama Libyan Scandal # 53 – Lie About the Reason for His Illegal War
  40. 4/17/11 Uber-lefty FireDogLake says Obama did not tell the truth about the reason for the war in Libya: “It took less than a month to figure out that the main casus belli for the military campaign in Libya — the protection of civilians — may have been a lie. As Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) pointed out in a House floor speech on April 4, “We’re told that the president has legal authority for this war under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, but this resolution specifically does not authorize any ground elements. Furthermore, the administration exceeded the mandate of the resolution by providing the rebels with air cover. Thus, the war against Libya violated our Constitution and has even violated the very authority which the administration claimed was sufficient to take our country to war.” It now appears that NATO allies are over-reaching even further by adopting a stated policy of regime change, which was clearly not authorized by Resolution 1973. In a joint op-ed published on Friday, David Cameron, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy make it clear that while protection of civilians remains central to NATO’s operation in Libya, “we are determined to look to the future” — a future without Ghadafi…”

  41. Obama’s Department of Obstruction of Justice!
  42. 4/17/11 Debra Sanders at the San Francisco Chronicle: “With all the real problems facing law enforcement, there is no rational explanation for the Obama Department of Justice’s decision to investigate states’ supply of drugs for lethal injection. Or as I wrote in today’s column: No wonder people think the government is too big: The DOJ has directed the DEA to investigate corrections departments for possessing a drug in shipments approved by the FDA for a punishment upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court…”

  43. Obama’s Fake Debt Concern Speech – Lie # 26 – Unity in Opposition to Free Markets
  44. 4/18/11 FrontPageMag.com adds another to our list: “…Obama opened his speech by stating that Americans have historically “put our faith in free markets and free enterprise as the engine of America’s wealth and prosperity … we are rugged individualists, a self-reliant people with a healthy skepticism of too much government.” So far, so good. But Obama continues: “But there has always been another thread running throughout our history – a belief that we are all connected; and that there are some things we can only do together, as a nation.” This is un-American, and it is a lie. American unity doesn’t occur in opposition to free markets, but in defense of them. This is typical [Saul] Alinsky. By purposefully confusing principled individualism with principled communitarianism, suggesting that Americans are characterized by both, Obama begins the slow march to fascism…”

  45. Obama Breaks Signing Statement Promise Again
  46. 4/18/11 It’s not the first time he has used them after promising not to do so (and blasting Bush for using them), but Obama shafted the GOP when he signed the continuing budget resolution and then using a signing statement to say he’ll simply ignore parts of the plan! So he just got done lying to the GOP to get them to sign on to the deal, then simply goes back on his word and shafts the republicans. Seems Team Obama agreed to dump some of the Czars, then “gotcha!” he went back on his word. No big surprise there. Unless you’re John Boehner. Good information here on this flip flop from Big Dog’s Weblog.

  47. Michelle Obama’s Mouth Strikes Again
  48. 4/18/11 As a guest host on the liberal talk show The View, Queen Michelle Obama said, “I want to embrace the country that I love. The country that I know is positive and fair and there’s so much of that out there, that’s it very easy to kind of push the other stuff aside and not take it in. It’s easier than you’d imagine.” She WANTS TO embrace the country she loves? Okay. What’s stopping her? Why isn’t she doing it? What did she mean that “she wants to?” It certainly implies that she is not doing it now, but wants to. A very odd statement indeed. And, as Rush Limbaugh noted the next day on his radio show: “What country is she talking about?!”

  49. Team Obama Orders: Don’t Arrest Illegal Aliens Trying to Enter the Country!
  50. 4/19/11 They call the order “TBS,” for “Turn Back South.” FOXy Blondes News reports: “Upper management has advised supervisors to have agents ‘turn back South’ (TBS) the illegal aliens (aka bodies) they detect attempting to unlawfully enter the country … at times you even hear supervisors order the agents over the radio to ‘TBS’ the aliens instead of catching them,” one San Diego border agent wrote in an email to Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever. “This only causes more problems as the aliens, as you know, don’t just go back to Mexico and give up. They keep trying, sometimes without 10 minutes in-between attempts, to cross illegally,” continued the email, which was among a number of communications to Dever reviewed by FoxNews.com. “This makes the job for agents more dangerous.” — ConservativeAmerican.org points out Obama can’t just catch these union democrat voters… er, uh… illegal aliens because then they won’t be able to vote for him!!

  51. Obama’s “Few Percentage Points” Lie
  52. 4/19/11 FOXy Blondes News: “”We lost by a few percentage points in Texas,” Obama said. But [reporter Brad] Watson corrected the president, saying that he lost by 11 percentage points to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. “If what you’re telling me is Texas is a conservative state, you’re absolutely right,” he said.

  53. Obama Rewards Democrats with Space Shuttles!
  54. 4/19/11 FOXy Blondes News: “The president also disputed the notion held by some Houston Republicans and Democrats that his administration skipped the city to award retired space shuttle orbiters to states that would play a key role in his re-election bid. “That’s wrong,” Obama said. When Watson pressed him further, Obama replied testily, “I just said that was wrong. We had nothing to do with it. The White House had nothing to do with. There was a whole commission, a whole process. That’s how the decision was made.” — ConservativeAmerican.org doesn’t buy that at all and neither should you.

  55. Obama Blows Off the Bayou on BP Oil Spill Anniversary
  56. 4/19/11 Rush Limbaugh today reported that Barack Obama’s $20-Billion fund he required BP to create to help those hurt by the Gulf Oil Spill remains at $20-Billion. None of the money has been spent! No one has been helped! Not one person! Seems the Bamster is just keeping the money! So much for all his criticism of Bush and the New Orleans Hurricane. Obama doesn’t care about those impacted by the oil spill! The Bayou Buzz reports: “The moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, followed by the delayed permitting process has hampered an industry already in trouble. The result has been a loss of jobs, rigs leaving the country and the United States more heavily dependent on foreign oil.”

  57. Obama Flip Flops on Government Spending!
  58. 4/19/11 President Barack Obama means nothing he says. The nation’s first Socialist president, the man who has
    quadrupled the federal deficit in two years with his out-of-control spending,
    announced to college students today that “We can’t spend more than we take in.” Say WHAT?! That is what he has done himself since day one in office. It is what he is doing today. And it is what he will be doing the day he leaves office. The pretend flip-flop to now claim he suddenly cares about spending more than we take in is outrageous and infuriating.

  59. Obama Admits He Won’t Stop Spending More Money Than We Take In!
  60. 4/19/11 Moments later, His Hussein-ness promised the students, “I’ll tell you what I’m not gonna do. We’re not gonna reduce the deficit by sacrificing investments in our infrastructure.” So, he’s not “gonna” stop spending just to reduce the deficit! I mean, c’mon! Obviously he intends to fight for HUGE tax increases then IF (and it’s a mighty big IF) if you
    believe him when he says he suddenly gives a rat’s rear end about the deficit!

  61. Obama Lie: “I Don’t Want To Punish Success!”
  62. 4/19/11 Rush Limbaugh commented on the Presidents’ statement: [OBAMA] “We don’t want to punish success.” [RUSH] The he__ you don’t! The whole point of redistribution is based on the successful don’t deserve it, because they’ve done nothing to earn it. They have been lucky — and more than that, they’ve been lucky probably by cheating the people that don’t have as much as they do. So he says, “This is not because we want to punish success.” The he__ they don’t. They da__ well do. It’s one of the leftist credos: punish achievement!”

  63. Obama’s Major Deficit Distortion!
  64. 4/19/11 From the Beaufort Observer: “A part of that plan is to raise the top marginal tax rates. He proposes rescinding the Bush Tax cuts on those making more than $200,000 a year ($250,000 per couple). In other comments he says that the Republican plan that makes those tax rate cuts permanent cost $700 billion. All of that is a dishonest distortion of the facts. The fact is that the $700 billion was the total “cost” of the Bush tax cuts and this included “middle class” taxpayers, not just “the rich.” But here’s the major distortion. As you can hear in the video of his speech, (about 52 minutes into it) Obama makes it appear that even if he were successful in the spending reductions he would still raise taxes to reduce the deficit. But then he talks only about raising taxes on “the rich.” The problem with this façade is that even if the tax rates on “the rich” were raised to 100% it would not be but a drop in the bucket in lowering the deficit…”

  65. Obama’s Medicare Hypocrisy!
  66. 4/20/11 Dick Morris writes at FOXy blondes news: “Piously posturing as the savior of Medicare, President Obama lashed out at the House Republicans for embracing the budget proposed by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). But a comparison of the president’s own plans for Medicare with those in the Ryan budget shows that the Democratic cuts are far more immediate and drastic than anything in the GOP proposal. While the Republican Medicare changes only take effect in 2021, Obama’s cuts will begin hurting seniors right away. The president’s healthcare legislation imposed a hard spending cap on Medicare – the first time it has ever had one – which he has just proposed lowering by another one-half of 1 percent of GDP (a further cut of about $70 billion a year). Obama’s cuts, which will take effect immediately, are to be administered by his newly created Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) of 15 members appointed by the president. Its recommendations for cuts in Medicare services or for reductions in reimbursement will not be subject to congressional approval but will take effect by administrative fiat. Right now…” — ConservativeAmerican.org notes this Advisory Board “panel” will decide what care is justified for what illnesses, deciding indirectly who lives and who dies. This is the Obama Death Panel.

  67. Obama’s Tax the Rich “Like Me” Hypocrisy!
  68. 4/20/11 Linda Chavez writes at TownHall.com that Obama could spare us all the hypocrisy: “”As a country that values fairness, wealthier individuals have traditionally borne a greater share of this burden than the middle class or those less fortunate. Everybody pays, but the wealthier have borne a little more,” the president said. So he wants to raise the top marginal tax rate to 39.6 percent and eliminate itemized deductions for the top 2 percent of earners. What the president didn’t say is that he has taken full advantage of each and every tax deduction available to him in order to lower his taxes on his more than $5 million per year income. No one forces Obama to take these deductions, which he objects to so strenuously for everyone else in his income bracket…” ConservativeAmerican.org points out that as usual, the President means nothing he says.

  69. Obama Lie: Coal causes Asthma!
  70. 4/22/11 CNS News has the latest lie: “[OBAMA] “The challenge with coal is that although it’s very cheap, it’s also dirty. And it can create the kinds of air pollution that not only is contributing to climate change but is also creating asthma for kids nearby,” Obama said in answer to a question about balancing deficit reduction with government spending on clean energy. “You got asthma? Okay. And so sucking that stuff in is not ideal,” said Obama. “So what we’ve said is, let’s invest in clean coal technology that potentially can capture some of these particulates and some of the carbon dioxide that’s going into the atmosphere.” Asthma, however, is not caused by coal, or the emissions from coal-fired power plants, as the president suggested. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) the true cause of asthma is unknown, although scientists believe it is caused by a confluence of genetic and environmental factors or early viral infections…”

  71. Obama Statement Helps Hamas Terrorists and Harms Ally, Israel!
  72. 4/22/11 Even ABCDEmocrat news recognizes this Obama error. “…few Americans took note of the goal President Obama set during the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting last September — he set September 2011 as a target date for achieving a Middle East peace deal that would allow for U.N. recognition of Palestine. The rest of the world, however, heard Obama’s words, and that could mean some difficult decisions for the U.S administration in the months ahead… “It is irresponsible, particularly at a moment when the Middle East is in flames,” said Ruth Wedgewood, an international law expert at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. “It jumps the gun in the way that destroys the roadmap process that, ironically, the U.N. was party to. It allows Hamas to say Israel is crossing an international border and illegally waging war.”

  73. Obama Administration Makes Special Golden Parachute Deal For Education Official! The Robert Shireman Scandal
  74. 4/23/11 Robert ShiremanThe Daily Caller has the scoop here: “…Robert Shireman, a top force at [the Department of] Education pushing “gainful employment” regulations, continued to receive generous federal benefits after he became an intermittent consultant for the agency. A correspondence summary shows officials arranged to begin his consulting contract “immediately following his departure from his position as Deputy Undersecretary in the Office of the Under Secretary so he could retain his federal benefits.” [Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington] CREW says the arrangement violated federal personnel policies, which prevent intermittent consultants like Shireman from receiving sick leave, health care and other benefits, and is asking an inspector general to investigate. “Mr. Shireman got one heck of a deal: benefits available to federal employees without the bother of a full-time job,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan…”

  75. Obama Libyan Scandal # 54 – Says We’re Not At War in Libya!
  76. 4/23/11 The Atlantic nails the absurdity of this Obama claim, and the weakness of Congress: “Barack Obama was appalled, rightly, by Muammar Gaddafi’s decision to unleash deadly force on his fellow Libyans. He then decided that the right thing to do about it was to go to war. The President may deny that it is a “war” but Americans have been firing weapons at Libyan soldiers and at civilians who support the Gaddafi regime. Armed drones have been sent to fire on Libyans. The President may play semantic games but, we’re at war in Libya and we are there without the constitutionally-required authorization by Congress. Except for a few critical voices, in fact, members of Congress have been embarrassingly silent. When the President asserted (wrongly) that the Constitution gives him the power to act without legislative assent, the silence on Capitol Hill spoke volumes about the ignorance or cowardice at the Capitol. When the President pointed to the authorization he had received from the United Nations, few spoke up to declare that the constitution gives our representatives, not the French or British, the authority to commit the United States to military action…”

  77. Obama Lays an Egg for Easter
  78. 4/25/11 President Barack Hussein Obama, who has no problem issuing statements about Islamic holidays or even earth day, decided to simply skip offering a proclamation about Easter, the holiest day of the Christian year. He did manage to skip a Sunday from his Golf Course Church to head to services though. The guy who was preaching says racism doesn’t have to hide anymore because it is on talk radio. Good pick for an Obama-style radical preacher. When asked about skipping the statement, White House Spokesman Jay Carney just laughed it off.

  79. Obama’s “We Always Have” Lie
  80. 4/27/11 – President Obama said the press should spend more time talking about real issues like the budget instead of the controversy surrounding the location of his birth. He said he was confident that republicans and democrats could come together and work out the budget problems. “We always have,” he pronounced. No, you have not! If both sides had always come together to work out the problems, we would not have a 14-Trillion dollar federal debt and requests before congress to raise it even further! This is nonsense. If both sides had always come together, we would not have a President proposing to spend $1.6-Trillion more in a single year than the federal government takes in. This is a foolish comment and he knows it.

  81. Obama’s “If We Just Make Stuff Up” Lie
  82. 4/27/11 Oh, this is cute. The President is telling US not to make stuff up!! Talk about the Obama Pot calling the kettle black! Obama said we could not solve the real issues facing the nation, like unemployment and rising gas prices, “if we just make stuff up,” referring to the ongoing debate over the location of his birth. If we just make stuff up?!! Look in the mirror, pal! How about the whole “Saved or Created” jobs statistic you just made up! If your slate is clean, Mr. President, then you can
    throw stones.

  83. Obama’s “If We Spend Time Vilifying” Lie & Hypocrisy
  84. 4/27/11 President Obama also suggested today that Washington will not be able to solve the nation’s problems “if we spend time vilifying” each other! The Audacity of Hypocrisy from this man is unprecedented! He’s the one who had his press team wage war with Fox News trying to vilify them, with some success. He’s the one who told republicans they had to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, using a Saul Alinsky tactic to personify the enemy via Rush Limbaugh! He’s the one who vilified insurance companies during the ObamaCare Nightmare debate. He’s the one who vilifies Sarah Palin for her honest and accurate observation about his “health boards” who will decide what treatment is appropriate, thus determining who lives or dies… it’s a death panel! He’s the one who even today is vilifying “Big Oil” as some dark, dirty, black, slimy, evil corporate-jet flying , fat-cat CEO-ish villain! The President joked today with the press, but the only thing funny was HIM telling US to stop vilifying!! Gag.

  85. Obama’s “Distracted by Side Shows” Lie & Hypocrisy
  86. 4/27/11 President Obama said the issue about where he was born is amusing, and nothing more than silliness. He said we can’t get the important things done if we “are distracted by side-shows.” Hmmm. Then why hold the press conference and draw EVEN MORE ATTENTION to the side-show distraction, eh, Mr. President? Here’s the artist of side-shows, diversions and astro-turfing blaming the GOP for the birther issue and suggesting republicans stop trying to distract people with side-shows. So, what’s REALLY going on today that he doesn’t want the nation talking about? Why would he rather have the country talking today about where he was born? Is it because he doesn’t look so good since Paul Ryan stood up, showed some leadership, and became the de-facto President? Is it because the less-than-conservative Donald Trump is showing quite strongly in the polls, frightening Obama into making a joke out of Donald and Trump’s whole Birther stance to make sure he deflates that balloon? Is it because he’s supposed to be Commander in Chief of three wars but finds time to go on Oprah’s show today? Mark my words, this was a calculated move. There was no honest reason for Team Obama to suddenly have a change of heart today (why today?) and release the full birth certificate (click to see it online). Why didn’t they do that ages ago? This was done for a reason. This was done to create a side-show distraction and try to boost Obama’s plummeting poll numbers. This was done for Obama 2012.

  87. Obama’s Lie About His Birth Being the Top Story
  88. 4/27/11 Jake Tapper at ABC News adds this one to our list: “The president said he was prompted to act “two weeks ago, when the Republican House had put forward a budget that will have huge consequences potentially to the country, and when I gave a speech about my budget and how I felt that we needed to invest in education and infrastructure and making sure that we had a strong safety net for our seniors even as we were closing the deficit, during that entire week the dominant news story wasn’t about these huge, monumental choices that we’re going to have to make as a nation. It was about my birth certificate. And that was true on most of the news outlets that were represented here.” But the president was wrong. According to Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, that week the dominant news story was without question the economy. The ridiculous claims about the president’s birth certificate actually was the No. 4 story for the week – receiving about one tenth of the coverage devoted to stories about the economy.

  89. Obama 2008 Campaign Apparently Under Investigation for Possible Illegal Activity
  90. 4/30/11 Roll Call has the scoop: “The potential for the FEC’s audit became increasingly more likely as the FEC questioned some of Obama campaign filings. In all, the FEC wrote 26 letters to Obama for America warning the campaign that if it did not adequately respond to the agency’s questions that it “could result in an audit or enforcement action.” These letters totaled more than 1,500 pages of questions and data that outlined compliance concerns — including the longest one ever sent to a presidential candidate…” Meanwhile Al Cardenas at the American Conservative Union says, “We are not going to sit by and allow him to take contributions from foreign nationals, create fictitious donor names and mislead the Federal Elections Commission. We, at ACU, are prepared to undertake a massive communication program exposing the President’s activities.”

  91. The Obama Lie that Inspired the Birther Controversy
  92. 4/30/11 Jack Cashill at the great American Thinker website says Obama’s lies only inspired the birther movement: “Something about Selma apparently inspired Obama to manufacture facts more flagrantly than usual. Obama Sr. grew up speaking English and attending Christian schools. He was working as a clerk in Nairobi, not a goatherd, when he came to Hawaii in 1959. He came not on any formal airlift but as an independent student. The Republican Eisenhower, not the Democrat Kennedy, was the president when he came to the United States. Although born in Kansas, Stanley Ann Dunham (Ann), Obama’s mother, was not exactly Dorothy. She spent her formative years in the Seattle area where she earned the nickname “Anarchist Annie” under the tutelage of her hipster teachers. Selma had nothing to do with Obama’s birth in any case. He was conceived four years before anyone outside of Alabama ever heard of the town…”

  93. The Marriage of Obama’s Parents May Have Been a Lie as Well!
  94. 4/30/11 New documents shed light on the issue. The American Thinker says, “According to divorce papers filed in 1964, Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham married in Wailuku, Maui, on February 2, 1961. One has to wonder, however, whether it was a marriage in anything but name or whether there was a marriage at all. The immigration authorities certainly wondered. An April 1961 memo notes, “If his USC [United States Citizen] wife tries to petition for [Obama Sr.] make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bona-fide of the marriage.” In his memoir Dreams from My Father, Obama says, “In fact, how and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I’ve never quite had the courage to explore.” No family or friend attended a wedding. In fact, no one in Obama Sr.’s clique seemed to know there was a relationship, let alone a wedding. Clique member Pake Zane could not recall Ann at all. When current Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie and Zane visited their friend in Nairobi in 1968, Barack Sr. shocked them by never once inquiring about his presumed wife and 6-year-old son…”

  95. Obama Lied About his Mom in Seattle!
  96. 4/30/11 Here’s another one from Jack Cashill at the American Thinker: “After the birth of baby Barry in August 1961, Ann left for Seattle as soon as the doctors cleared her to travel. Once there, she enrolled at the University of Washington, not Washington Sate. Barack Sr. stayed behind in Hawaii. The apolitical Washington state historical blog, HistoryLink, now confirms Ann’s presence in the fall of 1961, identifies her Capitol Hill apartment in Seattle, names the courses she took, and documents an extended stay by Ann and little Barry into the summer of 1962. If that is not proof enough, the 1961-1962 Polk Directory confirms an “Obama Anna Mrs studt” at the Capitol Hill address. Somehow, this information escaped Obama’s official campaign biography, Dreams, and four book-length biographies I consulted when researching my book Deconstructing Obama. Remnick’s 2010 biography, The Bridge, concedes Ann’s escape to Seattle but fudges the dates…”

  97. Obama’s “Abiding Faith in this Nation’s Possibilities” was a Lie!
  98. 4/30/11 OMG! This President will stoop to any low and lie about everything! The American Thinker recalls Obama’s convention speech in 2004 where he said his Mom and Dad had an “abiding faith in this nation’s possibilities.” From AT: “Even Janny Scott, the New York Times reporter who wrote the new biography, A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother, plays with the timeline. Ann Dunham promptly became pregnant, Scott writes in a New York Times excerpt, “dropped out of school, married him and gave birth shortly before their union ended.” No, based on these documents, the union, if there was one, ended before Obama was born. By the time mom and son returned to Hawaii in the summer of 1962, Barack Sr. had long since left for Harvard. There was no Obama family, never was, no “abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation” save on the teleprompters at the 2004 convention.

  99. Obama’s Lie to School Kids About His First Two Years!
  100. 4/30/11…Obama knew all of this when he gave his televised Big-Brotherly talk to America’s coerced schoolchildren in September 2009. It did not stop him from dissembling. “I get it,” he told the kiddies. “I know what that’s like. My father left my family when I was two years old, and I was raised by a single mother.” Jack Cashill at the American Thinker asks: Does it get lower?…” He clearly lied about the first two years of his own life!

  101. Obama Breaks Vow with Jobless Blacks
  102. 4/30/11 From DeWayne Wickham at USA Today: “The poor in urban America, he said in that 2007 speech, “suffer most from a politics that has been tipped in favor of those with the most money, and influence, and power.” And then he asked rhetorically, “How can a country like this allow it?” To which he answered, “We can’t.” But so far, under his leadership, he has allowed it. Finding work for the jobless is the best anti-poverty program this nation can mount. But while the Obama administration spends $608 million during the first 17 days of its involvement in Libya’s civil war — it can muster neither the money nor the will to combat black unemployment... the gap between whites and blacks without work widened as the black unemployment rate inched up. In December 2009, when the black unemployment rate was just 5.5 percentage points higher than the national rate, Obama told USA TODAY that he didn’t think he needed to do anything special to close this gap. Now that it is nearly 7 percentage points higher, black leaders should demand that the president devote as much attention on this problem as he has on ending the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy…”

  103. Obama Scandal: Turns Medicare into Rationing!
  104. 5/1/11 That’s what Michael Gerson writes at the Washington Post: “…Obama, in contrast, has largely failed the deficit test, combining unrealistic proposals with politically charged attacks on alternatives. The administration’s approach is also radical — but few fear it because it is so unlikely to be applied. Obama’s continual tightening of cost controls within Medicare is eventually indistinguishable from government rationing. This becomes a scandal when moved from a budget chart to a hospital room…”

  105. Obama Breaks Promise to Help Space Coast
  106. 5/1/11 Matt Reed at Florida Today reports, “Today, we explore the anatomy of a broken promise — a political promise and an economic one. After months of task force meetings, project pitches and reports to the White House, the $40 million that President Obama pledged last summer for Space Coast job and business development has disappeared from budget plans.” — ConservativeAmerican.org notes that Reed spends the next two pages wondering aloud who is at fault for this broken promise, republicans or democrats or both? If Obama made the “pledge” and was not able to fulfill it, seems to us it would be his fault. If wanted to make sure this was in the budget deal, it would have been in the budget deal.

  107. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 1 – Obama Lied During Announcement that Osama Bin Laden was Killed
  108. 5/1/11 President Obama told the nation late tonight that he made the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden a “top priority” and instructed CIA Chief Leon Panetta to make this job number one. That’s great! If only it were true. Unfortunately this is another example of Obama’s revisionist history. Obama Flip Flopped on Capturing Osama Bin Laden January, 2009 – Politico: “During the presidential debates last year, Obama declared that capturing or killing Osama bin Laden “has to be our biggest national security priority.” In his first TV interview after winning the election, he said the terrorist leader was “not just a symbol. He’s also the operational leader of an organization that is planning attacks against U.S. targets,” and that the additional troops being sent to Afghanistan would hunt him down because “capturing or killing bin Laden is a critical aspect of stamping out Al Qaeda.” Bin Laden’s significance to Obama dissipated during the transition. By the time Obama gave another interview in early January, he said killing or capturing bin Laden was not necessary to “meet our goal of protecting America.”

  109. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 2 – Obama Flip Flops on Navy SEALS over Osama Bin Laden Death
  110. 5/3/11 Remember Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe? He was one of the brave Navy SEAL heroes forced to stand trial by the Obama Administration for roughing up a terrorist thug murderer. This story was our number one on our Top 10 Obama Scandals from 2009 The terrorist got a bloody lip (poor fellow… NOT) from three Navy SEALS who, rather than being thanked, were forced to stand trial. The Commander in Chief could have put an end to the nonsense but chose not to do so. That’s when it was cool for him to be against everything George W. Bush was. For President Obama, sacrificing the careers of three fine Navy SEALS was well worth it to please the wacko leftists. And the gutsy and courageous Barack Hussein Obama put them on trial for giving the slime bag a bloody lip. Now compare that to Obama and the Navy SEALS who actually KILLED a murdering thug terrorist slimeball. So Commander Obama is pissed off when a murdering thug gets a bloody lip, but he’s cool with it when those same highly trained Navy SEALS shoot another murdering thug in the head? Give me a freakin’ break!

  111. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 3 – Obama Administration Flip-Flops on Release of Photos – # 1
  112. 5/4/11 CIA Director Leon Panetta said yesterday thatphotographs of a dead Osama Bin laden would be released yesterday afternoon. It didn’t happen. The President said today he would not release the pictures for fear they could inspire violence against Americans. Hmmm, that’s interesting… See next item

  113. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 4 – Obama Administration Flip-Flops on Release of Photos – # 2
  114. 5/4/11 The Obama administration couldn’t wait to release thousands of photographs of alleged abuse of military prisoners that took place on Bush’s watch. They weren’t worried then about the photos inspiring any violence against Americans!! Now they say the release of just a few pics of Osama Bin Laden as a dead man, could inspire violence. Hypocrites! – Reuters has released pics of dead men at the compound anyway. They are very bloody and gross. If you want to see them, click here.

  115. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 5 – Obama Administration Assassination – Legal Flip-Flop
  116. 5/4/11 Remember how Eric “Let ‘em Go” Holder and Barack Obama wanted to put some Bush administration lawyers on trial for okaying the use of waterboarding? That’s the same waterboarding, by the way, that resulted in information leading to the death of Osama Bin Laden. Anyway, wonder if Holder or Obama will suggest their own lawyers be put on trial for okaying an assassination in a foreign land?!

  117. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 6 – Obama Administration Flip-Flop on Osama’s Wife, Daughter, or Just Some Lady!
  118. 5/4/11 The unimpressive
    intelligence chief, John Brennan, first announced that Osama Bin laden had used one of his own wives as a human shield and that she was shot and killed. ABCDEmocrat news reports: “President Obama’s counterterror chief John Brennan also initially said that bin Laden used one of his wives as a human shield and the woman was killed in the gun battle. That has turned out to be incorrect and officials attributed the mistake to the confusion that usually accompanies a fast moving gun battle, or “the fog of war.” ConservativeAmerican.org comments: Shouldn’t the intelligence chief be someone we can count on to gives us real and accurate information? Rush Limbaugh said today that the woman in front of Bin Laden may have been one of his daughters.

  119. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 7 – Obama Administration Was Not Forthright Regarding “Capture or Kill” Mission
  120. 5/4/11 . ABCDEmocrat news reports: “We were prepared to capture him if that was possible,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said. But even though bin Laden was not carrying a weapon, Carney said he had “resisted” and several people in the compound were armed and firing at the American special operators. “Resistance does not require a firearm,” Carney said. When the SEALs entered the room in which bin Laden was hiding, his wife charged them and was shot in the leg, Carney said. Bin Laden was then shot in the chest and head…” — Yet Rush Limbaugh noted today that the genius John Brennan said this afternoon that the heroes in Navy SEAL Team 6 were told to kill Bin Laden unless he was naked. The fear was that Osama could have been wearing explosives in some kind of suicide vest. This would indicate the mission really was a “Kill” mission, not a “capture or kill” mission. ABCDEmocrat news reports: “According to former White House counterterror advisor and ABC News consultant Richard Clarke, it’s unlikely the SEALs ever planned to take bin Laden alive. “I think it was the assumption all along that this was an assassination operation,” Clarke said. “It’s unpleasant to say that and there may be some lawyers that object and say that you have to contend that he was resisting arrest. But I don’t think that at the operational level there was ever any desire to take him alive.”

  121. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 8 – Eric Holder Can’t Say “Waterboarding!”
  122. 5/4/11 The same lunatic Attorney General who won’t say “War on Terror,” or “Islamic Radicals,” also won’t say “Waterboarding!” Eric Holder runs the
    Department of Justice for Blacks-Only and is the guy who called Americans “Cowards” on racial matters. Talk about a coward! He won’t even name our enemies! The taxpayer-funded National Progressive Radio (NPR) reports: “On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, he fielded questions about the role of torture in intelligence breakthroughs that located bin Laden.”There was a mosaic of sources that led to the identification of people who led to,” Holder began.” – Notice how the libs at NPR call waterboarding “torture” and present that opinion as if it is fact. Then Holder himself calls waterboarding part of a “Mosaic.” You know mosaics; those pretty little things made out of little colorful tiles?! But Yahoo News notes: “Rep. Dan Lundgren [asked] whether enhanced interrogation methods helped lead U.S. intelligence operatives to bin Laden’s Pakistan hideout. “Were any pieces of that (intelligence) mosaic the result of enhanced interrogation techniques?” asked Lundgren. “I do not know,” answered Holder.” – ConservativeAmerican.org notes that’s a LIE! He does know. And he knows, as CIA Director Leon Panetta and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Peter King of New York, that waterboarding resulted in a broken Khalid Sheik Mohammed who coughed up info that helped lead to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Not only will Holder not admit it, he won’t even use the word! Coward!

  123. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 9 – White House Spokesman Disagrees with CIA Director and Homeland Security Committee Chair on “Waterboarding!”
  124. 5/4/11 Jay Carney had this interaction with a reporter at the White house: “REPORTER: Were any results of such techniques used in helping to track down bin Laden? MR. CARNEY: Mark, the fact is that no single piece of information led to the successful mission that occurred on Sunday, and multiple detainees provided insights into the networks of people who might have been close to bin Laden. But reporting from detainees was just a slice of the information that has been gathered by incredibly diligent professionals over the years in the intelligence community. And it simply strains credulity to suggest that a piece of information that may or may not have been gathered in eight years ago somehow directly led to a successful mission on Sunday. That’s just not the case.” – ConservativeAmerican.org notes two important things. First, Carney does not directly deny that helpful information, that one piece of the puzzle used to kill Bin Laden, did, in fact, come from waterboarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Second, he lies saying that a piece of information gathered years ago did NOT lead to a successful mission in killing Bin Laden, “That’s just not the case.” He might want to check that comment with the CIA Director who says that just IS the case! Or he may want to chat with the Chairman of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Peter King, who also says this just IS the case!

  125. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 10 – CIA Director contradicts White House Claim on Bin Laden
  126. 5/4/11 Leon Panetta confirms to NBC’s Brian Williams that the waterboarding of detainees at the prison in Guantanamo did, in fact, contribute to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. He tells Williams that “Clearly some of it [intelligence used to find and kill Osama] came from detainees. “ At about 3:50 in to the video below, Brian Williams asks if Panetta would deny that waterboarding was one methods that resulted in information that made the finding and killing of Osama possible? “No,” replies Panetta. And enhanced interrogation methods include waterboarding, right? “That’s correct,” he says.

  127. The Obama Administraton’s Faked Bin Laden Announcement Photo
  128. 5/6/11 From the Liberal LA Times: “Could the Obama White House communications folks have found anything else to step in over the presentation this week of their boss and the dramatic recounting and re-recounting of the execution and really rapid remains disposal of Osama bin Laden? It turns out now that all of the non-White House still photographs of the president’s dramatic entrance down the hall into the East Room and the late Sunday evening speech itself were faked. They were not taken during the actual event, which was photographed only by official White House photographer Pete Souza during the live TV broadcast. The widely distributed press photographs were, in fact, shot during a reenactment of the entrance…”

  129. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 11 – “Firefight”
  130. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News reporters James Rosen, Ann Marie Riha and Steve Carlson: “Asked if bin Laden was “involved in firing [a weapon] himself or defending himself,” one of the briefers replied: “He did resist the assault force. And he was killed in a firefight.” That answer marked a significant elaboration on the president’s baseline narrative: Now bin Laden had perished not after a firefight, but in one. In addition to altering the timeline of events, this assertion also strongly implied that bin Laden had been an armed participant in the firefight… One of the intelligence briefers, responding to a question about whether bin Laden died “peacefully” or “violently,” repeated his Pentagon colleague’s earlier line and answered somewhat impatiently: “He died during a firefight, Barbara.” [later in the article]…The Al Qaeda chief, he [John Brennan] said, “was engaged in a firefight with those that entered the area of the house,” and “was killed in that firefight.” The image of bin Laden going down in a hail of bullets, while firing off his own as-yet-unspecified weaponry, was now indelible.” — Turns out Bin Laden was not armed and was killed by two bullets.

  131. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 12 – “Resistance”
  132. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “At 11:30 a.m. on Monday morning,…Here for the first time, the Obama administration advanced the notion that the “resistance” bin Laden had exhibited, against what the White House briefer had called “the assault force,” had come during this fabled firefight. One reporter asked: “Last night, you said that he had resisted, but you didn’t specify what the resistance was. What was the resistance that the American team met in that compound?” “The American team engaged in a firefight, and as indicated last night, Usama bin Laden did resist,” one of the senior Pentagon officers said. The implication was clear: that bin Laden had resisted during the firefight… This opened up a world of new questions [Jay] Carney did not want to have to face. “[I]f he didn’t have his hand on a gun, how was he resisting?” asked one member of the press corps. “I think resistance does not require a firearm,” Carney shot back. “But the information I gave you is what I can tell you about it. I’m sure more details will be provided as they come available… [Fox News:] bin Laden was [later]said to have exhibited the “resistance” officials had cited, later reported to have been a reach for one of two nearby weapons – an AK-47 assault rifle and a Russian-made 9 millimeter Makarov semi-automatic pistol – that led the Americans to shoot and kill him.””

  133. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 13 – “Women as Shields”
  134. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “This same official then elaborated on the statement made during the White House briefing about a woman having been killed “when she was used as a shield by a male combatant.” After scoffing at bin Laden’s luxury lifestyle compared to his surroundings, the Defense briefer picked up on this thread: “He and some other male combatants on the target appeared to use – certainly did use women as shields.” Note here that the number of offenders has at least tripled, from solely bin Laden to “[bin Laden] and some other male combatants” – a formulation that suggests that at least three men demonstrated this particular brand of cowardice. Presumably, as well, bin Laden and his cohorts did not all hide behind the same woman; thus the briefer’s pluralized reference to “women.” …[Jay] Carney [later] said[:] “[T]here was a lot of information coming in. It is still unclear. The woman I believe you’re talking about might have been the one on the first floor who was caught in the crossfire [and killed]. Whether or not she was being used as a shield or trying to use herself as a shield or simply caught in crossfire is unclear. And we’re working on getting the details that we can… [later in the Fox story:] …and finally bin Laden [was] himself [killed], in the presence of his wife. She is said to rushed the assault team, at which point she was shot in the leg. ” No one was used as a shield.

  135. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 14 – “40-minute Firefight”
  136. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “a DOD briefer provided the first estimate of how long the gunfire lasted. “[T]hrough most of the 40 minutes during which U.S. special operators were on the compound,” he said, “they were engaged in a firefight.” …Still, [Jay] Carney clung to the notion that the “volatile” firefight, which he said had comprised “a great deal of resistance,” had persisted “throughout the operation.” This left the impression that although bin Laden himself was unarmed, the shooting battle had taken place throughout the forty-minute duration of the raid… Still, as the raid is now commonly understood to have transpired, the “firefight” that was said to have lasted for “most” of the forty-minute operation (as the senior DOD briefer alleged), or “throughout” it (as the statement that DOD prepared for Jay Carney stated), which was said to have persisted even as the SEALs “were making their way up the staircase in that compound” (as Leon Panetta told PBS), and which was believed to have “killed” bin Laden (as John Brennan claimed), was later revealed to have been, in fact, a volley of gunfire that erupted at the very outset of the raid; ended quickly; and involved only one resident of the compound: Abu Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti, the courier to bin Laden who was the first to confront the Navy SEALs. The Americans shot and killed Al-Kuwaiti, and a woman with him, in a guesthouse they had to traverse before reaching the main house, on whose third floor bin Laden himself awaited. After the shoot-out with Al-Kuwaiti, the U.S. forces were never fired upon again.”

  137. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 15 – “Was Bin Laden ‘Captured’ Or Not?!”
  138. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “The president introduced the subject of the week’s great accomplishment in the war on terror by mentioning the “sense of unity” that had prevailed in the country after Americans learned about the “operation that resulted in the capture and death of Usama bin Laden.” Applause at that moment obscured the detail the president had let slip: that bin Laden had been subjected not only to death but also to “capture.” One of bin Laden’s daughters, only twelve years old, breathed further life into this notion when she told Al-Arabiya that U.S. forces had indeed captured her father, and shot him dead within the first few minutes of the raid. CIA officials soon waved reporters off the claim, dismissing Obama’s remark to the lawmakers as a simple misstatement…”

  139. The Obama Administraton’s Botched info on the Osama Killing – # 16 – “Real Time Visibility”
  140. 5/7/11 From FOXy Blondes News: “Did you actually see Usama bin Laden get shot?” [Jim] Lehrer followed up. “No,” Panetta answered. “No, not at all. We – you know, we had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound.” Here was the first time any senior Obama aide admitted to being in the dark for some parts of the raid – to enjoying access to something less than what Brennan had described, with deliberate broadness, as “real-time visibility into the progress of the operation.” — FOXy Blondes News employee Dana Perino had a fair observation of the numerous botches: “I don’t think it takes away from their achievement. I think that criticism will be relatively short-lived. However, for those people who might be critics of the administration, or have a little bit of distrust for the stories that are coming out of the White House, this will feed that. And it doesn’t help build credibility.” — Fair enough.

  141. Obama’s ‘Common’ Mistakes # 1
  142. 5/10/11 President Obama has invited a rapper who writes lyrics about burning George W. Bush to be his guest at the White House! This is nuts. After hanging out with Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. (known as “Common” for some bizarre reason) in October of 2010 in Chicago at a liberal loon convention, Obama thought it would be cool to have him over to hang at the White House. Of course, pro-regressives call this a “Non-controversy!” People like Joe Pompeo want you to think all of Obama’s radical extremist friends are just a Fox-News-created non-story!

  143. Obama’s ‘Common’ Mistakes # 2
  144. 5/10/11 President Obama has told Americans the the debate must be civil. He wants political talk to be nice. What a liar! Now he invites poet “Common” to the White House, an expert at the uncivil political talk who once wrote about burning George W. Bush! So much for “Civil!” Still the Obama 2012 press, like Zack Greenburg at Forbes want you to think Common is some super clean, nice guy because after all, he does work for PETA and commercials for MicroSoft! Besides he writes, Sarah Palin is worse, so na-na-nuh-na-na!

  145. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 1 – Glad to Give Commencement Address to Illegals!
  146. 5/11/11 The President told a crowd in Texas he was glad to have given the graduation talk at Miami Dade Community college. “Many of the students were immigrants themselves, coming to America with little more than the dreams of their parents and the clothes on their backs. A handful had discovered only in adolescence or adulthood that they were undocumented. But they worked hard and gave it their all, and they earned those diplomas.” — ConservativeAmerican.org says yep, they earned ‘em. And we paid for them. Hard working Americans paying taxes to send illegals to college. This is nuts! Obama: “…it broke my heart knowing that a number of those promising, bright students – young people who worked so hard and who speak to what’s best about America – are at risk of facing the agony of deportation.” Why doesn’t it break his tiny little heart to know that hard working legal citizens are busting their butts to pay taxes to educate these people who are not even here legally!! Nope. He doesn’t care about Americans, just the illegals. They are the ones who break his heart!

  147. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 2 – Hypocrisy over Illegal Immigration
  148. 5/11/11 Speaking in Texas, Obama said, “…anyone can write the next chapter of our story. It doesn’t matter where you come from; what matters is that you believe in the ideals on which we were founded; that you believe all of us are equal and deserve the freedom to pursue happiness. In embracing America, you can become American. And that enriches all of us.” – ConservativeAmerican.org: Uhm, isn’t one of those ideals on which we were founded following the law?! How does the Obama policy of open borders abide by our ideals of following the law? What he meant to say was, “It doesn’t matter where you come from; what matters is that you are here and that you’ll vote for me!” Oh, he used words (just words) to talk about the law, but his actions don’t match his rhetoric. Obama said, “…we also recognize that being a nation of laws goes hand in hand with being a nation of immigrants. This, too, is our heritage. This, too, is important.”

  149. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 3 – Suggests GOP is afraid of Immigrants! Hypocrisy over Illegal Immigration
  150. 5/11/11 Wait, what? President Obama: “And the truth is,…” [note: that’s your clue he’s lying again] “…we’ve often wrestled with the politics of who is and who isn’t allowed to enter this country. At times, there has been fear and resentment directed toward newcomers, particularly in periods of economic hardship.” That’s right. He just said republicans resent Mexicans because the economy is bad. Nonsense! Republicans, including Americans legally here from Mexico, have nothing against people from any nation or of any skin color who are here legally. It’s the dems who focus on skin color all the time.

  151. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 4 – Admits He’s Playing Politics with Illegal Immigration!!
  152. 5/11/11 The President today admitted that for him, “…it’s easier for politicians to defer the problem until after the next election. And there’s always a next election. So we’ve seen a lot blame and politics and ugly rhetoric.” – ConservativeAmerican.org is impressed with his sudden introspective honesty here. Yes, he has offered only a Latino Let Down so far and preferred to put off the issue, breaking a promise, until after his next election. “The question is, will we summon the political will to do something about it? And that’s why we’re here at the border today.” Yep. And he still has no intention of doing anything about it. He also no longer has the power to do anything about it with the republicans controlling the U.S. House.

  153. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 5 – Claims Letting Illegals in Will Help The Middle Class!
  154. 5/11/11 President Obama said in Texas: “Well, one way to strengthen the middle class is to reform our immigration system, so that there is no longer a massive underground economy that exploits a cheap source of labor while depressing wages for everyone else. I want incomes for middle class families to rise again. I want prosperity in this country to be widely shared. That’s why immigration reform is an economic imperative.” – ConservativeAmerican.org asks, seriously… who is this guy? You want to help the middle class by getting rid of the underground economy of illegal aliens? Fine! Get rid of the illegal aliens. Shut down the flood gates that let them in. That would eliminate your so-called underground economy and improve life for the middle class! Obama amnesty would only make it worse.

  155. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 6 – Wants Illegals to Start Businesses Here and Employ Americans
  156. 5/11/11 See, if we were only nice to illegal immigrants, they could all give us jobs! Here’s what the Bamster said, “But our laws discourage them from using those skills to start a business or power a new industry right here in the United States. So instead of training entrepreneurs to create jobs in America, we train them to create jobs for our competition. That makes no sense.” You’re right, Mr. Prez. That makes no sense! So stop forcing American taxpayers to pay to educate illegal aliens. No free college, no free public education, no free healthcare, etc.

  157. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 7 – Despite High Unemployment Obama says We Need Illegals to fill Jobs!
  158. 5/11/11 Unemployed? You’re not alone. The unemployment rate stands at 9% as of this writing. Unfortunately for you, your President cares more about finding jobs for those who break the law and come here illegally than he cares about finding you a job! From his own words: “In a global marketplace, we need all the talent we can get – not just to benefit those individuals [illegals], but because their contributions will benefit all Americans.”

  159. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 8 – Lies About Yahoo!
  160. 5/11/11 The President told a half-lie today about Yahoo! President Obama: “Look at Intel and Google and Yahoo and eBay – these are great American companies that have created countless jobs and helped us lead the world in high-tech industries. Every one was founded by an immigrant.” The lie here depends on what he means. If he means that the families of the founders immigrated here from other places… uhm, couldn’t you say that about every single American company that was not started by a Native American? If that’s what he meant, it’s just a silly comment. So, he probably meant that more recently these founders, or their families, had come from elsewhere. One of the two Yahoo! Founders may have come from an immigrant family. However, co-founder and Chief Yahoo! David Filo and his parents, and his grandparents were born in the United States of America. So it’s at least half untrue. “In recent years, a full 25 percent of high-tech startups in the U.S. were founded by immigrants, leading to more than 200,000 jobs in America.” Again he plays with words. With the exception of native American business owners, aren’t we ALL immigrants Mr. President?!

  161. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 9 – Admits He’s Just Like Bush (AGAIN)
  162. 5/11/11 Obama: “Well, we now have more boots on the ground on the southwest border than at any time in our history. The Border Patrol has 20,000 agents – more than twice as many as there were in 2004, a build up that began under President Bush and that we have continued.” You mean he inherited a program that worked and he continued it?! Hmmm. Sounds just like the Iraq war, the Afghan war, Club Gitmo, enhanced interrogation, etc., etc.

  163. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 10 – Makes Joke of Immigration Issue
  164. 5/11/11 President Obama told people in Texas that those wascilly wepublicans will always want more. “They’ll say we need to triple the border patrol. Or quadruple the border patrol. They’ll say we need a higher fence to support reform. Maybe they’ll say we need a moat. Or alligators in the moat. They’ll never be satisfied. And I understand that. That’s politics.” Mr. President, sir, we could be satisfied if you actually DID secure the borders, which you haven’t done. And stop lying to people about the fence being complete, it isn’t! Stop the floodgates of your new illegal socialist-union-democrat immigrant voters coming in to our country! Hey, you copied Bush here again. He failed and so have you. You’re just a 3rd Bush term!

  165. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 11 – Apologizes for Kicking a Few Illegals Out of the Country
  166. 5/11/11 “But the truth is,…” That’s your cue that he’s lying again. Now, I know that the increase in deportations has been a source of controversy.Really?! Controversy? What controversy? Who’s mad that you kicked out illegals? Other illegals? Obama: “But I want to emphasize: we are not doing this haphazardly; we are focusing our limited resources on violent offenders and people convicted of crimes; not families, not folks who are just looking to scrape together an income.” Yeah, so don’t worry. The rest of you law-breakers are safe. The President of the United States swears an oath to uphold and defend the law of the land. He is basically admitting here that he won’t do it. “Even as we recognize that enforcing the law is necessary, we don’t relish the pain it causes in the lives of people just trying to get by. And as long as the current laws are on the books, it’s not just hardened felons who are subject to removal; but also families just trying to earn a living,” – yes, and families just trying to earn a living ILLEGALLY!

  167. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 12 – Arrogance on Parade
  168. 5/11/11 Rush Limbaugh called the comments of Obama in Texas today huge displays of arrogance. In the same sentence in which he plays politics, he says republicans shouldn’t do that. Obama: “So, the question is whether those in Congress who previously walked away in the name of enforcement are now ready to come back to the table and finish the work we’ve started. We have to put the politics aside. And if we do, I’m confident we can find common ground.” Outright lies and bull! So, he says, the question is if the republicans who “walked away” from his socialist-democrat amnesty plan “in the name of enforcement” of the law of the land will come back and agree to doing it his way!! Then he has the high and mighty arrogance to blurt out “We have to put the politics aside!!!” Every word out of his mouth is politics. It’s all about him. It’s all about how he can get reelected and score points. It’s about how he can once again lie to Latino voters and convince them that this time, he really, really (cross his heart) is on their side! Nonsense! He’s only on their side if he needs their votes. “I will do my part to lead a constructive and civil debate on these issues,” he said. WRONG! He is already doing his part to lead a destructive and dividing debate, but he will continue to blame others for the chaos he causes.

  169. Obama’s Texas Trash Talk # 13 – Twists words of Rupert Murdoch
  170. 5/11/11 President Obama got creative in trying to claim the owner of Fox News is on his side when it comes to amnesty reform. “One CEO had this to say about reform. “American ingenuity is a product of the openness and diversity of this society… Immigrants have made America great as the world leader in business, science, higher education and innovation.” That’s Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, and an immigrant himself. I don’t know if you’re familiar with his views, but let’s just say he doesn’t have an Obama bumper sticker on his car.” Rupert Murdoch did not say that ILLEGAL immigrants made America great. The President wants you to think Murdoch said that, but he didn’t. Obama used the comment to then conclude: “So there is a consensus!” Give us a break. The only consensus right now is that Obama will lose in 2012.

  171. Obama’s Flip Flop on Faking Photographs!
  172. 5/16/11 And the follow up to our listing from May 6th (above) also comes from the lefty LA Times: “In genuine flip-flop, Obama White House ends faked news photo practice – …So, some admitted fakes on the controversial death announcement in a conspiratorial world suggested there might be other fakery involved. Late last week a White House spokesman said it was ending the little-known practice [of staging fake pics]. “We have concluded that this arrangement is a bad idea,” said Josh Earnest. For the record, Earnest only made the statement one time.”

  173. Obama’s Flip Flop on Drilling for Oil!
  174. 5/16/11 From Rush Limbaugh: “”Amid growing public unhappiness over gas prices, President Barack Obama is directing his [regime] to ramp up U.S. oil production by extending existing leases in the Gulf of Mexico and off Alaska’s coast and holding more frequent lease sales in a federal petroleum reserve in Alaska. But the moves won’t calm spiraling prices at the pump any time soon.” This is his own AP, upset that he’s writing or that he’s flip-flopping here on drilling. His own AP, in a news story, inserts that last sentence: “But the moves won’t calm spiraling prices at the pump any time soon.” Let me tell you something, AP: He’s not doing it to change the price of gasoline or oil. He’s doing it for votes! Everybody understands it’s a losing proposition to run around and give the Brazilians $10 billion and help others drill for oil and shut down our own industry as the price of oil is going up; and it makes no sense for the average American to hear that more oil is not the answer. It clearly is! So Obama was digging himself his own political grave. Here are rising gas prices because of rising oil prices, and the regime goes out and says, “Well, more oil is not the answer.” Give me a break! Of course it is! People are not foolish. So the regime does a 180 here, and AP not happy. Now, here’s the dirty little secret: Obama could go say whatever he wants to say; the EPA can still refuse to grant the leases — and that’s the way this is gonna happen…”

  175. Obama’s HUGE Lie About Oil Company “Giveaways!”
  176. 5/18/11 From The Jim Vicevich radio show and RadioVICEonline: “President Obama and Democrats can’t admit that what they refer to as major “subsidies” are simply ordinary business expenses. Now Obama has used the word “giveaways” in a direct email campaign looking for donations… What the lefty/progressive/statists want people to think is that the federal government provides handouts of cash – your tax dollars – to big oil companies to help them run their business, make more profit and screw the taxpayers. Don’t you dare tell me this is not how they want to present the issue. They are liars. Are you actually believing this crap? …Business expenses are not tax giveaways, oil companies are not receiving one dime of taxpayer money. Those are outright lies. What you have to remember here is that for Barack Obama, the left/progressive/statists and socialists, the money does not belong to you. It does not belong to business – it belongs first and foremost to the federal government and they will “dish it out” as they see fit. As far as they are concerned … it’s not your money.”

  177. Obama’s Economic Stimulus Money went to 3,700 organizations that owed the Feds back-taxes!!
  178. 5/24/11 From Rush Hudson Limbaugh: “So the slush fund, the stimulus bill directed money at organizations and companies that owed back taxes. In other words, the government, the regime forgave these organizations and companies their back taxes by paying them the money that they owed. “The Government Accountability Office, in a report being released today, said at least 3,700 government contractors and nonprofit organizations that received more than $24 billion from the stimulus effort owed $757 million in back taxes as of Sept. 30, 2009, the end of the budget year.” So 3,700 contractors and nonprofits, organizations, owed a grand total of $757 million, and collectively they got $24 billion. So they got enough money to pay their back taxes and then, and then some, and then some more, and then some more. It’s $24 billion to pay off $757 million. So they still had $22 billion left over to play with, government contractors and nonprofits. I wonder what they had in common besides being tax cheats? Might they have been contributors to the Democrat Party?”

  179. Obama Plans to Deal with the Disaster in Joplin, Missouri… AFTER His Vacation, of Course!
  180. 5/24/11 The worst Tornado in terms of fatalities to hit the nation in more than 50 years and where is Obama? On vacation. Rush Limbaugh: “By the way, for those of you in Joplin, some comfort for you who have been ravaged by tornadoes over the last few days. President Obama has announced that he will personally tour Joplin, Missouri, after his European vacation is over, maybe as soon as Sunday. This is Tuesday. Maybe as soon as Sunday, those of you in Joplin, President Obama will personally tour your region. We certainly hope here at the EIB Network that you are not too distracted trying to put your lives back together to give the president a suitable welcome, because that will be what the media will be looking out for, making sure that you are appreciative that the president has taken time-out, well, five, six days from now he’ll show up, and just make sure that you give him a suitable welcome. ”

  181. Obama Breaks Patriot Act Promise (AGAIN)!
  182. 5/27/11 Once again his Barackness has broken his promise to get rid of the Patriot Act. Seems it is a far more valuable tool once you actually win an election. From the H.R. Huff-n-Stuffington blog: “Minutes before a midnight deadline, President Barack Obama signed into law a four-year extension of post-Sept. 11 powers to search records and conduct roving wiretaps in pursuit of terrorists. “It’s an important tool for us to continue dealing with an ongoing terrorist threat,” Obama said.” Wow. Quite a change in tune from his 2008 hopey changey talk. His next campaign will have to be Samey Samey.

  183. Team Obama’s 2012 Medicare Lie!
  184. 5/27/11 From Betsy McCaughey at Newsmax: “A toxic political strategy is spreading across the land, one that involves Medicare. It threatens to bamboozle voters and allow the 2012 election to turn on a lie. Democrats are making the obscenely false claim that they will “save Medicare as we’ve known it.” On Wednesday, Democrats used this deceptive strategy to take the special election in the 26th congressional district in western New York. Sadly, this corrupt strategy is likey to be repeated. Voters need to know the facts. The truth is, the Obama health law, passed by Democrats last year, already eviscerated Medicare — though seniors won’t feel the effects for some time. And the reform plan Democrats are attacking — Rep. Paul Ryan’s vision — would undo much of the damage to Medicare while charting a new course to ensure the program doesn’t run out of money…”

  185. Obama’s Rich are Getting Richer!
  186. 6/1/11 High unemployment. Inflation rising. High Gas Prices. High Foreclosure rates. And even more limo’s?! President Obama and his let-them-eat-cake Queen Michelle are sooooooo far out of touch! He golfs and rides limo’s that bottom out while she vacations around the world and plans weekly Wednesday night parties at the White House! Fox & Friends today reports the number of stretch limo’s the federal government owns has nearly doubled since Obama took office! With President Bush, a little more than 200 limo’s were in the fleet. While the poor suffer, the rich are getting richer under Obama who now has more than 400 limo’s in his federal fleet! What? No concern for the environment? No worries about gas guzzling limo’s that only help rich, fat cat, corporate-jet flying CEO’s from evil, black slimy oil companies?!!! Hypocrites!

  187. Obama’s Poor are Getting Poorer!
  188. 6/1/11 For decades the lame democrat politicians have continued to tell voters that under republicans-only, the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. What choice do you have then, other than to vote for democrat politicians?!! The facts paint a different picture. Food stamp use by the poor, who keep getting poorer, has skyrocketed under Obama! With Bush, just more than 30-million people were on food stamps. With Obama, food stamp use is up 61% according to Fox & Friends! Now, since Obama brought us all the hope and change, more than 43-million Americans need food stamps. It’s the economy, stupid. And Obama will lose the election in 2012.

  189. Obama’s Robust Growth Lie
  190. 6/5/11 The Death by 1,000 Papercuts website notes: “Yet even in the face of horrendous new job numbers, Barack Obama is out on the campaign trail telling the “Big Lie” – and claiming that his policies have created robust job growth across the employment spectrum…”

  191. Obama’s Economic Lying
  192. 6/5/11 M. Catharine Evans writes at the American Thinker that the members of Team Obama lie like they breathe! “They spin fantastic tales of a rebounding economy, a country “continuing to move in the right direction.” A May report by the president’s National Economic Council highlights the administration’s accomplishments… If the fast approaching economic tsunami hurts the president’s chance for reelection, they’ll just “jump-start” the economy with another arsenal of lies.”

  193. Obama’s Latest Economic Flip Flop!
  194. 6/5/11 FOXy Blondes News reports Obama Adviser Austan Goolsbee is now saying only the Private Sector is key to economic recovery!! He might need to check that comment with his boss! From the Official Obama Administration Scandals List: “Obama’s Brookings Bull # 10 – Only Government Can Solve These Problems! FACTS: On January 8th, 2009 Obama said that both government and business will create the jobs, but “only government can provide the short-term boost necessary to lift us from a recession this deep and severe,” Obama said. “Only government can break the vicious cycles that are crippling our economy — where a lack of spending leads to lost jobs which leads to even less spending; where an inability to lend and borrow stops growth and leads to even less credit.” – Goolsbee is the economic advisor that Obama at first denied even knowing when it was revealed that Obama had sent Goolsbee to the Canadian Embassy in Chicago to tell them to ignore everything Obama was saying publicly about getting rid of NAFTA!

  195. Obama’s GM Campaign Lie!
  196. 6/5/11 The Daily Caller says signs point to Team Obama using GM as a campaign issue: “No one at GM is happy” that it is “going to be used as one of President Obama’s success stories,” a source familiar with the internal dynamics of GM’s business told The Daily Caller, adding that the car company is not exactly on the same page as the White House in terms of declaring victory…”

  197. Another ObamaCare Nightmare Lie!
  198. 6/10/11 The Hill reports on yet another healthcare lie of Barack Obama: “President Obama was claiming he was fighting for the public option on the healthcare bill long after his aides had privately surrendered the public option in secret meetings with lobbyists. Call this what you will, but when Obama said he was fighting for the public option it was not the truth. Then certain White House aides who surrendered the public option while the president was saying he supported it, demeaned liberals for championing the public option the president claimed he supported.”

  199. Obama Lying About Cause for Lousy Economy!
  200. 6/10/11 From the American Thinker and the Wall Street Journal: “Pro-administration analysts, including Mr. Obama himself, argued that the economy was battling tough but temporary “headwinds” such as Asian tsunamis or Midwest tornadoes that disrupt supply chains. In defense of the integrity of the government’s data gatherers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics put out a statement that “We found no clear impact of the disasters on the national employment and unemployment data for May.” Oops – had he had more time I am sure he would have blamed the bad weather on global warming – and Republicans.”

On 9/4/11, ConservativeAmerican.org discontinued the list. It was simply too much work to keep up with all of the Team Obama lies and broken promises. And, the majority of voters were not even willing to listen to the truth about Obama. As history taught us, President Obama was easily reelected in 2012. People still believed the “If you like you plan, you can keep it” lie. Only after the President broke that promise, one that impacted tens of millions of Americans, did citizens start to wake up and realize who the REAL Barack Obama is. This list is presented to all of those now willing to look into Obama’s past.

You can visit all the pages of the Official Obama Administration Scandals List!

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