Obama’s Executive Order About Missing Malaysian Airplane

CBS News pic - Click2Visit
CBS News pic – Click2Visit

President Obama today issued an executive order changing the status of that Malaysian airliner from “Missing” to “Not Missing.” Apparently the White House now says there is no missing plane.

Hey, why couldn’t it happen? Is it really that far fetched?

President Obama says lies are not lies, laws of the land are not laws of the land, Benghazi was caused by some video, and combat soldiers are not combat soldiers. He apparently either has, or thinks he has, the ability to switch things back and forth from fiction to truth, or truth to fiction. If this all-powerful faux-messiah, the one the socialist-union-democrats were waiting for, has such unlimited power, why not just issue an order indicating the plane is no longer missing?

After all, this was the President who told us in 2008 that, “This is the moment” when history would look back and say the waters of the ocean began to go down (apparently the democrat ‘messiah’ also had the power to control nature and force more ocean waters to freeze).

Here’s the truly sad thing that actually could destroy our great nation. Even in polls today, you’ll find roughly 25 or 30% of Americans who still believe everything this man says. You would think he would at least issue such an order to calm those people down. He should do so out of some sense of kindness.

After all, they’ll believe it!

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