Obama’s Fake Fix

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

An Obamacare fix?!  What fix?

Nothing was fixed.  This democrat mess, remains a democrat mess.  All the President did today was say that he, as Dictator in Chief, will be a benevolent leader and allow insurance companies to continue to offer plans that they just cancelled, BUT…

  • only for a few months, till the end of 2014
  • and the plans are described as “the same KIND of plan” these people used to have
  • and these plans can only be offered to people who already had them


This is not a fix.  What was fixed?  These people still will lose their plans they liked and still will lose the doctors they liked.  This still is is not fixed. Only delayed a few more months.

So much for providing cover for democrats.  Maybe we need to call Obamacare, “Democare!” And to think, these democrat congressmen and senators actually entertained the thought that Obama cared about them.

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