Obama’s Liberal Judge List

Judge Diane Wood…next Supreme Court Justice?

So who will President Barack Obama appoint to be a liberal wacko judge on the US Supreme Court to fill the vacancy being left by the retirement of liberal judge David Souter? The top name on the list likely is Diane Wood of Chicago.  Obama has certainly shown an affinity for bringing Chicago-style politics to D.C. and this would fit in nicely.  However, she is white and that may not fit in with some of Obama’s comments he has made about the Supreme Court. Here are some possible candidates: Marsha Berzon, lefty from the wacko 9th Circuit Richard Paez, another lefty from the wacko 9th Circuit Anna Diggs Taylor,  helped team Obama by saying Bush broke the law Alex Kozinski, Chief lefty of the wacko 9th Circuit Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Attorney General Eric Holder White House Lawyer Greg Craig Homeland Security Chieftess Janet Napolitano (please no) Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm Solicitor General Elena Kegan, Diane Wood, Chicago Appeals Court…hometown girl and probably the front-runner Sonia Sotomayor, New York Appeals Court…after scaring the heck out of New York, he may want to pick a New Yorker. What has Obama himself said?

“SEN. OBAMA: I would not appoint somebody who doesn’t believe in the right to privacy. But you’re right, Wolf, I taught constitutional law for 10 years, and I — when you look at what makes a great Supreme Court justice, it’s not just the particular issue and how they rule, but it’s their conception of the court. And part of the role of the court is that it is going to protect people who may be vulnerable in the political process, the outsider, the minority, those who are vulnerable, those who don’t have a lot of clout. (Applause.) And part of what I want to find in a Supreme Court justice — and Joe’s exactly right, sometimes we’re only looking at academics or people who’ve been in the court. If we can find people who have life experience and they understand what it means to be on the outside, what it means to have the system not work for them, that’s the kind of person I want on the Supreme Court. (Applause.)”

So basically he wants a minority who has been trampled on.  He’s more interested in that then he is in finding a qualified candidate.  You can bet your life he will have a pro-abortion litmus test as well.

Fox News has a list of possible names now too. One on their list is Harold Koh from the Scandals List. Koh would be the most outrageous pick of all…so he probably has a good shot!

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