Obama’s Mideast Epic Fail

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

obama one faction of one party imageSenator Barack Obama had no interest in foreign policy when he ran for President and that didn’t change when he took office.  His lack of interest, lack of a plan, empty threats and broken promises have given us quite a BIG MESS in the Mideast.

Israel knows they can no longer count on us under this Commander in Chief.  If they want to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program, they will have to do it themselves.

Syria, and the rest of the nations in the Mideast know they don’t have to take the United States seriously.  Red lines mean nothing.  North Korea could have told them that.  Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised major consequences for North Korea if they continued testing weapons.  They kept on doing it. The only punishment they had to endure was a visit from Billy Bob Clinton, who only went after learning he would be bringing home not one, but two interns.  Two of them, all to himself, on a nice long plane ride.  Oh, and we also said we MIGHT board ships heading to North Korea and searched them IF North Korea okayed that first.

They kept on doing it. Nothing happened. Early on in Obamaland, Iran missed numerous deadlines by King Barack.  No consequences despite threats from both Hillary and Obama.

And let’s not forget the citizens of Iran rose up to fight their oppressive government and, while Obama had promised to be a “light” for those under the darkness of tyranny, the U.S. did nothing to arm or support those willing to fight and die for freedom.  Nope, under the could-careless Obama administration, the decision was made not to meddle.

Syria still is a mess. And team Obama thinks it is fine to meddle there. Obama’s grand plan was to arm the Al Qaeda militants fighting the Syrian leader.  Think about that.  Less than a dozen years after 9/11, the United States was (still is?) funding Al Qaeda to try to get rid of Bashir Al Assad. Amazing.  Part of the illegal plan (no authorization from congress – strikingly similar to the Iran-Contra Affair) was to funnel arms through a “diplomatic post” in Benghazi, Libya.  The same post where four Americans were murdered (according to Hllary 2016 Clinton) ‘because of some video.’

So, the citizens of Iran are left with little hope of Freedom.  The citizens of Iraq recently freed by brave American warriors, now have little hope they will remain free.  John Plastic Kerry promises moral support. Some good that does for those in Fallujah today.  We lost Egypt as an ally.  Israel isn’t sure what to think of us.  Syria is in an awful civil war. Lebanon now is getting tossed into that. Oh, and he wants out of Afghanistan asap.  Thanks, Obama.

The U.S. at first seemed to back Bashir Al Assad by not getting involved in Syria, then switched teams and drew red lines, then ignored the red lines, told congress to chill out and let Russia’s Vladimir Putin take the front seat while Obama moved the U.S. to the back of the bus.

John Plastic Kerry now says he’ll let Iran help negotiate for peace in Syria!!  So, now we sit down for tea with our enemies and let them dictate to us!  Wonder if he’ll also let Iran negotiate for peace in (takeover of) Iraq?!

Barack Obama, still on vacation, is in large part responsible for this big mess.

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