Obama’s Most Unwanted List!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

By Peter Andrew
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Van Jones is only one of Seventy-Two Barack Obama Appointment Scandals. Van Jones is just the tip of the iceberg. We thought you’d like to know who the other 72 are…

…And who’s on Obama’s Most Unwanted List! That’s the list of Obama appointees that are the most “unwanted” by the public!

Obama's Most Unwanted List!

Obama’s Most Unwanted List!

Every one of the 73 is featured on our Official Obama Administration Scandals List. Some of these public figures (highlighted in bold below) are nuts and should never work for us!

UPDATE 9/19/9: See How Sean Hannity’s “The President’s Top 10” compares to our list!

Others (shown bold and red below) need to be next on the Van Jones departure list. These nine people make up Obama’s Most Unwanted List! Republicans, Honest Democrats and Conservatives should work together to bring attention to these 9 people until they are shown the Van Jones door!

Obama Appointment Scandals List

Obama Appointment Scandals List

Below is a complete list of all of the Obama Appointment Scandals so far! You’ll find the Official Obama Administration Scandals List page number that the appointee is listed on. You can click on the page number to read more about each person.

We also rank them for you on the EXCLUSIVE
Obama Nut Job Scale!:

* = Appointee has problems, or is just a stupid pick
** = Appointee obviously not vetted properly
*** = Appointee is a big time radical nut job, or huge partisan hack!
**** = Obama is the radical nut job for appointing this person!
***** = Raging Lunatic, should be next to resign!

Scandals #51-100
(You can click on each page number to learn more about the people listed on that page)

  1. Tim the Tax Cheat Geithner **
  2. Cussing & Spitting Blogger, Susan Rice **** A personal favorite that received very little coverage.
  3. Robert Gates *
  4. Bill Richardson *
  5. Liberal Blogger and Deficit Flip-Flopper Peter Orszag ***
  6. Leon Panetta **
  7. Socialist Carol Browner *****
  8. Eric “Let em Go” – “Nation of Cowards” – Put the CIA in Jail – Holder ***
  9. Hillary Clinton *

Scandals #101-#150

  1. Abortion Radical James Steinberg ***
  2. Lobbyist Mark Patterson *
  3. Tom Tax Cheat Daschle **** – “I consider this a mistake on my part, one that I intend to fix and correct and make sure that we’re not screwing up again,” Obama said. He has “screwed up” 60 times since making that promise!!!
  4. Samantha “Hillary’s a Monster” Power *
  5. Nancy Killefer, 3rd appointment with tax problems **
  6. John Brennan **
  7. David Playboy Ogden **
  8. Hilda Solis, Tax Problems, Obama tells press he has “learned” you can’t have “two sets of standards.” He just learned that??!! **
  9. Shauna Dirt Digger Daly ****
  10. Judd Gregg. Obama calls the news “something of a surprise.” His 5th appointment screw-up since promising not to screw up again! *
  11. John Deutch **
  12. Louis Susman *

Scandals #151-200

  1. Gary Locke ***
  2. Abortion Extremist Kathleen Sebelius ****
  3. Adolfo Carrion, Jr. ***
  4. Ron Kirk, more tax problems **
  5. Charles “Chas” Freeman **
  6. Celbri-Doc Sanjay Gupta *
  7. Caroline Atkinson, tax problems **
  8. Annette Nazareth **
  9. H. Rodgin Cohin *
  10. Vivek Kundra ****
  11. Abortion supporter, Acorn Volunteer David Hamilton ****

Scandals #201-250

  1. Christopher Hill *****
  2. Joseph Cannon **
  3. Rahm Emanuel helped Ruin the Economy ****
  4. Neal Wolin deregulated the banks! ****
  5. AIG Board Member Martin Feldstein *
  6. Harold Koh – Okay with Sharia Law in the U.S. *****
  7. Greg Craig, Lawyer for Man who Killed U.S. Soldier **
  8. Dawn “Compared Pregnancy with Slavery” Johnsen *****
  9. Kal “Kumar” Penn ***
  10. Pope-hating liberal Harry Knox ****
  11. Pro Abortionist Caroline Kennedy for Vatican position?? ****
  12. Radical Islamist Apologist Dalia Mogahed *****

Scandals #251-300

  1. Rosa Bailout the Press Brooks, who compares Bush to Hitler *****
  2. Steve Rattner, Auto Czar ****
  3. Fannie Mae Prez Herbert Allison, Jr. named to run TARP! ****
  4. John Holdren – Total Freaking Nut Job! *****
  5. Obama Nominated Philip Mudd, deeply involved in Bush Interrogation Tactics ****
  6. General Jim Jones Tossed Under the Bus *

Scandals #401-450

  1. Donald Remy **
  2. Capricia Marshall **
  3. Mignon Clyburn *

Scandals #451-500 –

  1. Ron Bloom ***

Scandals #501-550

  1. Cass Sunstein – Wants Animals to File Lawsuits! Total Nut Job! *****
  2. Van Jones ***** OUSTED ALREADY!
  3. John Roos *

Scandals #551-600

  1. Dr. Regina Burger King Benjamin **
  2. Mark Lloyd, Radio Czar ****
  3. Pete Rouse **

Scandals #601-650

  1. Charles Bolden **
  2. Lobbyist Naomi Walker **
  3. Ash Carter **
  4. Lanny Breuer **
  5. Philip Reitinger **
  6. Margot Rogers **
  7. James Shelton **
  8. Aaron Williams **
  9. Valerie Jarrett **
  10. Jonathan Kravis **
  11. Chris Weideman **

Scandals #651-700 This page features the latest items! (at the time of this writing)!

  1. Kevin Jennings – Just Added due to Hannity TV special!! ****

Are these the next people Glenn Beck will tell you about? Glenn Beck promised “people will go to jail” over what he will be putting on his TV show this week. UPDATE 9PM: The LA Times lists three Glenn Beck is “after.” Two of them are on our Obama’s Most Unwanted List, scoring 5 *’s on the Obama Nut Job Scale. The third, Mark Lloyd, we gave 4*’s. From the Times…

Other conservatives, smelling blood in the water, are sharpening their knives. Already, Fox’s Beck has alerted his Twitter followers to “find everything you can on Cass Sunstein (the regulatory czar), Mark Lloyd (FCC diversity czar), and Carol Browner (energy czar).”

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