Obama’s Stupid Examples: Public College, Post Office

By Peter Andrew
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Remember the dumb example President Obama gave at a health care town hall when he compared his plan to the problems the post office is having? Well, he came up with a new one last night when he compared funding of Obamacare to funding of public colleges.

In a speech that must not have been proofread or rehearsed ahead of time, President Obama promised taxpayers won’t subsidize a public option. There are factual problems here. One can’t be started without public subsidies to get it going, for example. However, he then said his public option won’t kill private insurance. He compared the situation to public colleges and universities not killing private ones. However, it was all in the context of how to fund Obamacare. It was said to demonstrate there will not be a public subsidy for Obamacare. Public colleges is the best example you can find? They get HUGE public Subsidies!!!

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This entry was posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2009

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