Obama’s UN Pick says Bush Failed to Protect Blue States!

Is Susan Rice mature enough to be a UN Ambassador?  Susan Rice, soon to be nominated for UN Ambassador, is a far left looney blogger from the Huffington Post! She calls conservatives “hacks” and says she “cussed and spat” when George W. Bush spoke of Iraq.  She also believes Bush deliberately decided not to protect states which voted democrat from terrorists!

Does that sound like someone we want in charge of anything?


Earlier we reported that she wants UN Troops on the ground in Darfur along with rapid response troops from NATO.  She is also suggesting that her boss, the Office of President Elect Barack Obama, use the US Air Force to carry out a no-fly zone over Darfur AND attack Sudanese military forces.  The libs always said Bush had a war.  They called it “Bush’s war.”  Well, Susan Rice wants to waste no time in starting “Obama’s War.“  Looks like a third Bush term is what we might expect from Barack Obama.

Her petty and juvenile huffing and puffing and blowing your house in posts on the lefty blog site have included topics like:

  • Why Karl Rove Has To Go -in which she calls conservatives “hacks“
  • Is Bush for Real? – “every time for the last couple years when Bush said “we are fighting the terrorists abroad so we don’t have to fight them at home,” I’ve cussed and spat: “Stop insulting our intelligence!!!” We know Al Qaeda is a multi-headed hydra with cells in some 60 countries, including our own. Just because we are fighting jihadists in Afghanistan or Iraq doesn’t mean they cannot and will not attack us here. It’s not like 9/11 took a lot of men, or money, or was a high-tech attack.” & “But last night it hit me: what if Bush really believes this inanity? OhmiGod!!“ & she notes what she calls Bush’s “failure to protect the most vulnerable (blue) states,” implying he deliberately decided against protecting states which voted democrat.  No president, madame, not even one from your side, would do that.  Maybe it is you we should worry about.  Also, as for Bush’s statement about fighting terrorists abroad, he has been 100% correct, Ms. Rice.
  • C’mon Senators Clinton, McCain – a quote from that post: “Senators Clinton and McCain failed the judgment test when they voted for George Bush’s Iraq war — a war which has made America less safe and is the greatest strategic blunder of our generation — without even bothering to read the full National Intelligence Estimate.” Yet she proposes Obama’s war start immediately!!
  • Ready to Lead Day One? – She knocks her new co-worker, Mrs. Clinton, and says Obama will get us out of Iraq “withdraw combat forces at the responsible pace of one to two brigades a month, with the aim of having all of our combat brigades out within 16 months”
  • Who’s Got the Foreign Policy Experience? – Apparently not our new Secretary of State nominee. Rice writes, “The osomotic insights Senator Clinton gained from her time in the White House and her travels abroad can only be beneficial, but they are far from sufficient to qualify one for the Presidency, as surely Betty Ford, Rosalyn Carter, Barbara Bush, and perhaps even Laura Bush would concede.”
  • Blackwater Tip of the Iceberg – “Blackwater is just one piece of an entire outsourcing system for which there is no accountability. Congress is presently debating a number of bills that would reign in this whole mess of outsourcing gone wild.”  We’ll see how your gang does on Obama’s War.
  • Iraq: We Should Leave When We’re Done – Wrongo, Susan.  We should leave when we’ve WON. She argues against any permanent military base in Iraq.

The Susan Rice lefty blogger posts were written from 2005 to 2007.  We need to rally conservatives to oppose the confirmation of this woman as ambassador to anything.


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