Obama’s Worst Day (so far)

This is President Barack Hussein Obama’s Worst Day. The Obamanomics plan of huge government spending to fix an economy has failed. His efforts to increase taxes in the midst of a double-dip Great Recession have failed (thank God). He has failed to show any leadership and the stock market let him know that by dropping 633 points today.


By Peter Andrew
A bright golden amulet of hope in the midst of Obama’s Super Freakonomics!

Obama's worst day

The President has no new ideas. He came out today to calm the market and only made it worse as he proclaimed “the good news” that He knows what the problem is and He knows how to solve it! Apparently, Wall Street disagrees. The whole nation disagrees!

Obama does NOT admit the problem is HIS galaxy-sized overweight spending increases, HIS failed economic stimulus plan, HIS failed economy. He really DOES NOT know what the problem is!

Nor, does he know how to fix it! He spews “SHARED SACRIFICE” when what he really means is that those rich bastard 52% of Americans who actually pay taxes must all pay more! More! MORE! How he can call that shared sacrifice when it is the opposite only makes sense in Obamaland. He ignores the need for the 48% who pay no federal income tax at all to “SHARE” in the “SACRIFICE!”

And why always the word “sacrifice?!” Is he some kind of God that we should kneel down and make sacrifices to him for his Socialist, racist-chip-on-his-shoulder hatred of what has made America great?

We warned you about this guy and we have listed more than 2,500 lies, flip-flops, scandals and broken promises on our website. The list seems to grow daily and sometimes, like lately, we can’t even keep up with it!

The Obamanator also talks of a “Balanced” Plan, when what he means is he wants to balance his bloated sea-sick budget on your back! By balanced, all he means is to tax! Tax. TAX!

So when he came out to calm the seas and part the waters after the downgrade in US Credit, all he did was to make the storm worse by announcing he still has no ideas other than to TAX AND SPEND even more!!

While Democrats launch a lame attempt to blame the Conservative American Tea Party, the only one who ever threatened default was President Obama. The only one who ever threatened to take away Social Security from seniors was Obama. It’s all part of his scare tactics. Another part of those tactics is to accuse the other side of using scare tactics!

Any Democrat that does not begin to distance him or herself from this man pronto, will also lose reelection in 2012. Time to jump ship.

Democrats in 2012? Has any Democrat called Hillary yet?

Published on August 8, 2011 ·

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