One More Reason Bob Costas is an Idiot

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

Remember Bob Costas lecturing America about guns and what a fool he made of himself?  As you know, he has done it again.  This time Costas declared that the Washington Redskins is a racist name and “always has been.”

Really?  Always has been?

Here’s why that is one of the dumbest things he has ever said.  The word has its origins from white men trying to describe how these new men they came into contact with were different.  People knew that some people were black.  But this was something new.  They were described as having “red” skin, being red-skinned, or redskins.  In time, some racist people took the word and used it as a negative term, in some cases related to scalpings.  This was wrong and racist and did not last.  The word is not used in that manner today.   So, does that mean the name of this sports franchise has “always been” racist?!

So You know how people say follow the money?  Well, do it in this case and you’ll quickly see how wrong Costas is.

Okay, you’re a rich dude and you decide to buy and expansion team in the NFL (or NBA, or baseball, or whatever).  You need a name for your new team.  You know darn well that you will make much more money if your team wins than you will if it loses.  You want a great name for your team, like the Steelers – imagine… men made of steel!  You want a name that is strong.  The Pussycat Dolls probably would not work.  You want your team to be made up of fearless, ruthless fighters.  You want champions!  You settle on a name, one you chose because it represented America, pride, strength, endurance, skill and determination.  You pick The Redskins, representative of all native American warriors, proud, strong, unbreakable.

It is beyond reason to claim that the name was racist from the start, or when the team was formed.  After all, when you fill out a job application, you have to indicate if you are WHITE or not.  They still call us WHITES.  Why?  Because we are WHITE, we have WHITE SKIN, the Whiteskins!  This is not offensive.

No one setting up a sports franchise would ever choose a name out of hatred for a certain race.  If you hate someone, why would you name your team after them?  If you think they are somehow less human than you or have less ability than you, why would you name your team after them?  Are you looking for a team of weak, sub-human wimps?!  Of course not.  You want to make money and you don’t want to offend a group of people who might buy tickets.  This simply would never happen.

Washington Redskins nameTo this day, the Redskins team has a strong and proud heritage.  Fans buy items with the logo on them and calendars with the cheerleaders on them!  None of them do that because they hate native Americans.  They do it to support their hometown warriors!  Their champions! The men they are counting on for victory.

If anything, the name is a tribute to the strength, pride and abilities of native Americans.  It was never a racist sports team name and it remains a name that is not a racist sports team name. .

You want racism?  You want political correctness?  Ask the native Americans in Wisconsin what they call their summer festival.

The Washington Redskins should keep their name. They should keep their logo.  They should keep their cheerleaders in swimsuits.

The NFL leaders should try to show that they too once were men, and let this team keep its proud heritage going.  Don’t give in to the politically correct government Bob Costas-nannies who want to send you to your room for being a big meanieBe a man.  Defend this name and let them keep it.

What do you think?

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