Oprah Forgot Obama is White

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Can’t we all just be colorblind?

I read something a few months ago that said even black people now think that other black people are more racist than white people.  When, for the love of God, will we ever live up to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream that we wouldn’t judge people on the basis of skin color, but rather on their character?

Oprah Winfrey was encouraged by a BBC TV reporter to bring it all up again.  At about 4:00 in this video (below), he ensnared her with his question, but she was willing to play.  She ignored the fact President Barack Obama is just as much a white man as he is a black man.  The left, and those who gain by continuing to promote hatred against whites, demand that Mr. Obama be called the nation’s first black president. We could, more accurately, describe his as the nation’s first mixed-race president, or the nation’s first half-black president.  But this crowd is creating, living and starting to believe its own lie that he is the first black president.

After all, if he had white in him, they could no longer say that everyone who is against him is a racist…


Oprah says the level of disrespect shown to President Obama is unfair.  She uses Congressman (she thought he was a Senator) Joe Wilson’s shout of “You lie!” during a presidential speech as an example of what she thinks is racism.  Nevermind the fact, that President Obama did, in fact, lie and that Joe Wilson was right.

To Oprah, who cannot allow people to speak against the President she shared a Church and a white-hating racist pastor with, this outburst of Wilson’s was only because Obama “is African American.”  Wrong.  He’s half-black, or half-African American. How would she react if ABC News suddenly started calling President Obama a white man?  What if it were Fox News?  While people do tend to run when a discussion on race is raised, the fact is that it is just as accurate to call Mr. Obama a white man as it is to call him a black man.

When the media was confused about how to describe his skin color (again, God… someday can we get over this?), the President described himself as a “mutt,” comparing himself to the term used for a mixed-race dog.  He said that, not me.

Then she suggests people have a level of disrespect “for the Office” of the president.  She might be right.  The worst offender is the person sitting in the Oval Office.  How is it respectful of the Office to use it to lie repeatedly to the American people.  And then to lie again to cover up the first lies?  How is it respectful of the Office or the oath of office for this man she loves to “leave men behind” in the battle of Benghazi?

Oprah is wrong when she says this disrespect takes place “in some cases, or maybe even most cases” because President Obama is “African-American.”  Wrong.  I don’t care what color his skin is.  He could be green and it wouldn’t matter.   I do respect the Office and he has brought embarrassment and shame to the Office and the nation.  He has used the IRS to audit political enemies, to stop the Tea Party in its tracks, to illegally share private information.  He has used the NSA to illegally spy on every single American (and continues to do so). He ran guns into Mexico so he could blame the USA for killings in that nation and use that media to achieve gun control.  He left four men behind to die in Benghazi, rather than sending the help we promise all of our soldiers.  He should be impeached.  Oprah, who does pay attention to skin color and does judge people based on their skin color rather than the content of their character, would be leading the charge to impeach any white republican who did even one of these things.

Shame on Oprah for insulting good American people of all colors, races and religions who find her Church-mate to be a lousy President. She insists that “maybe even in most cases” these people, people like you and me, are racists.

Still focusing on skin color, Oprah.  You’re an influential person.  Why not use that for good to get people to quit focusing on it instead of using it to defend indefensible actions?  Why not start with yourself? Refuse to be dragged into questions like that.  Remind the reporter that Martin Luther King, Jr. said we should judge people on the content of their character and state that those who disagree with this President have different political views, views that you strongly disagree with, but that you do NOT attribute this to race.

If it’s all about awful white people picking on your Rev. Wright-inspired pal, Oprah, then why is it white women voters put him into office twice?  Race is not the issue here, Oprah.  And you are smart.  And you know it is not the issue.  But, like your leader, you choose to lie to protect him.  You choose instead to try to preserve the myth of the first black president.  Shame on you.



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