Oprah to 39 Dems? You are Racists Too!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

A whopping thirty-nine democrat representatives in the U.S. House admitted this week they are racists and don’t like black people! It’s a stunning revelation.

Now, what would you think if you read that sentence again and it was on the BBC website?

Here’s my point:
We’ve been told for years that anyone who dares to disagree with President Barack Obama is doing so only because that person is a racist. In the last few days this has once again come into the headlines with the BBC interview of Oprah Winfrey where she repeated the lame claim that people are against Obama because of his skin color.

Hey, Oprah? If that’s true, doesn’t that mean that your democrat pals in the U.S. House are racists now? She can’t claim that opposition to Obama is all from whites and all about Obama’s half-blackness and then add in the modifier that says, “Oh, well, I only meant republicans against Obama!” Can she?!

If Oprah thinks its all about race (while she gleefully accepts a medal from Obama for her… uh… because she… uhm… for being Barack’s pal), then we can all expect her statement this week denouncing these 39 Democrats as racists. Right?

Oprah needs to let Democrat Representatives like Ron Barber, Patrick Murphy, Kyrsten Sinema, Cheri Bustos, John Garamendi, Sean Patrick Maloney and Bruce Bradley know that they are racists now.

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