Our “Obamacare Nightmare” Phrase Finally Catching On

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

Back in 2009, we started referring to the affordable care act (Obamacare) as the Obamacare “Nightmare.”  We were the first to do so.  We thought it was kind of clever and that the name might catch on.  It did notAt least not at first.

Now, in 2013, as this Halloween season Nightmare unfolds, more and more are following our lead and referring to it as the Obamacare “Nightmare.”

Fox News TV had a promotional video yesterday that referred to the current mess as the Obamacare Nightmare! Jim Angle used the phrase for Fox today.

One of my favorite writers, Jim Geraghty at National Review Online used the phrase last week.

USA Today, not one of my faves, used the phrase to describe the debacle of a launch the Obamacare software is having.

Stella Paul writing at the American Thinker was ahead of her time!  American Thinker is another one of my favorite websites.  Paul used the phrase last year!

The GOP has been using the phrase lately.  Breitbart.com has used it.  The Heritage Foundation and World Net Daily have used it.

We thought at the beginning that the phrase accurately described the socialist takeover of healthcare by the federal government.  We’re pleased to see the phrase finally catching on!  We even made a shirt way back when (still available).

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Click to order! Proceeds support the operation of ConservativeAmerican.org


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