Over Par on 4th Hole, Obama Blames Caddie

By Peter Andrew -ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

While President Barack Obama spends his Sundays on the Church of the 18th Hole, he took time yesterday to point out his poor performance is not his fault. He blamed his advisers, tossing them under the bus for offering him poor advice.

Mr. Obama shot over par on the 4th hole and blamed the caddie! Apparently the caddie handed him the wrong club.

By now you realize my tongue is firmly in cheek with this one. But I am not far off. President Obama doesn’t take responsibility for anything going wrong. It’s all about him when Osama is killed. When the war with ISIS is too little, too late, that’s not his fault. He had… wait for it… lousy intelligence!

You mean like George W. Bush with lousy intelligence about weapons of mass destruction?!! OMG. President Obama is now using the Bush excuse that he campaigned against.

Here’s a fact on the battle with ISIS: President Obama refuses to acknowledge his victim-mentality foreign policy is failing. In his mind, the oppressors have always been the Jews and the Christians, not the Muslims. Because he views his own salvation as tied to helping victims like himself, he always sides with the victims. In his mind, members of ISIS are only misunderstood Muslims who have been victimized for so long by the USA, they are temporarily having a hard time defining right and wrong. Thus, the hesitation to destroy (maybe we’ll just… I dunno, “Degrade” instead) ISIS.

He has failed as a leader to admit he (personally) was wrong and is now taking steps (if he were) to make sure this mistake does not happen again.

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