Paul Ryan concedes to Trump

There are reports out today suggesting establishment republican Paul Ryan conceded the election early last night to Donald Trump. The report even claims Ryan thanked Trump for helping the GOP to keep control of the US House of Representatives.

At least Ryan conceded early unlike his running-mate, Hillary Clinton. She initially refused to accept the results of the election and did not offer the traditional election night concession speech. Horrifying!

Time will tell if the Trump victory will cause Ryan to get on board or suddenly decide to be the leader of the opposition (to Trump) party.

If #Hillary Wins, Will She Pick Bill or Huma as First Lady?

Leading the Way Right

So, if Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes the first bisexual elected as President of the United States, she will have a dilemma on her hands. Who to pick for First Lady?

Huma Abedin could be first lady
Who will be First Lady? Bill or Huma?

She could pick her male partner, Bill Cosby-Clinton, who gave her the only qualification she has to be President… her last name. Or, she could pick her female partner, the Muslim Huma Abedin Weiner. So, we’d go from having, at best, a Islamist-sympathizer as President to having a Sharia-law lover as First Lady.

Democrats enjoy pretending they are first. They pretend, with the media’s never-failing help, to have the first black president when everyone knows Barack Hussein Obama’s mama was white. That makes him the first HALF-black, or mutli-racial, president. We have not had a black president yet. Not nasty women like the Native-American pretender Elizabeth Warren campaign to give us the first “woman” president. In reality, she would not be the first woman president, would she? Does she identify as a woman in her pantsuits? Does she use the male restroom or the female restroom? What makes her more comfortable? Maybe she likes peeing standing up. Who knows. If you believe the U.K. Daily Mail report, Hillary RahmRod Clinton would be the first nasty, half-woman, bisexual President. That’s not the only media report suggesting Hillary goes both ways. Sean Hannity had guests on his radio show today discussing this topic.

If there’s any good news, I suppose it could be that the door is still open for an actual woman or an actual black person to be the first woman or the first black in the White House.

The One #Debate Question Chris Wallace Must Ask

With the only “issue” being discussed anymore in the 2016 presidential election being inappropriate sexual behavior, I think there is one crucial question Chris Wallace must ask Hillary Clinton during the final debate.

In one form or another, the question from Chris should go like this…

“Mrs. Clinton, you’ve been critical of the comments and actions of Donald Trump toward women. You’ve said they disgust you and they are wrong. If these comments and actions are so very offensive to you, would it be fair to say that if you were married to Donald Trump, you would divorce him?”

She would never answer the question of course. But it should be asked. Her own husband, Bill Cosby-Clinton, has said and done things far worse. He’s an accused rapist and she’s a child rapist lawyer, for God’s sake. If she thinks what Donald has done and said is so terrible, then why didn’t she divorce her husband who did things far worse? The debate is Wednesday night on Fox News. It’s a tough, but very fair, question. Why? Because somehow Hillary Clinton is claiming the high moral ground in this argument and the lamestream in-the-tank media (which Chris Wallace is not part of for either party) is allowing her to stand up there on that mountain. She has no right to do so, and cannot claim any sort of moral high ground in a “fair and balanced” debate.

Tune in!

Name-Calling to the White House

Between Hillary RahmRod Clinton calling republican voters deplorable to Bill Cosby-Clinton calling them Rednecks, the Clinton clan may name-call its way back into the White House.

The Hypocrite Hillary said yesterday, she didn’t care what Donald Trump called her, but it was “what he says about you” (her voters) that upsets her. That’s pretty darn funny coming from her.

She’s an enabler, a child-rapist lawyer, a woman who destroys Joy Behar’s “tramps” and an awful human being.

Sanders Could Help Trump Win

Let’s face it. Bernie Sanders sold out. Hillary Clinton must have offered to cover all of his campaign debt if he signed up to help her win. He’s sure in the tank for her despite all the leaked emails showing how she and the DNC worked together to rig the system against him.

But, just because Bernie sold out, it doesn’t mean his voters have. Many Bernie supporters are NeverHillary voters who will support Donald Trump. That won’t show up in the polls because many of these young people never voted before and wouldn’t be counted in the so-called “Likely voters” pool.

Feeling Berned? Vote Trump! – That bumper sticker slogan might actually help propel the outsider, Donald Trump, into the White Hosue.

Don’t believe all the polls saying Hillary has already won.

Republicans Gleeful to Have Excuse to Dump Trump

Democrat politicians would never, ever dump their candidate for President. They stood by Bill Clinton. They stand by Hillary Clinton. Bill is a rapist, a philanderer, and a sleaze ball. He’s Bill Cosby for Pete’s sake. But the democrat politicians stood by him. Hillary lies about Benghazi to ensure she could run for President. She lies about everything and may have even had people killed. But they stick with her. She’s a child rapist lawyer for God’s sake.

So ask yourself… why are Republicans so willing and eager to dump Donald Trump? And they’re actually willing to abandon him (thanks Paul Ryan) over words? Over something stupid he said years ago?

Why can’t republicans toughen up?

It’s because they are simply unable to cope with the American people picking a candidate from outside their club.

Paul Ryan should join Hillary on the unemployment line in November. What the hell is the matter with him? He’s never tough on Hillary Clinton. His morals and ethics are never offended by her.

The system is so corrupt and out of control it is unbelievable. The United States is dying and it’s because of corrupt entrenched democrat and republican politicians.

Why @HughHewitt & @BenSasse are Wrong

Ben Sasse and Hugh Hewitt are calling for Donald Trump to step aside now that stupid comments Trump made about women digging him have been made public.

The comments were stupid. I won’t defend them. However the words of Donald Trump are nothing when compared to the actual actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Cheating Bill has attacked and even raped women. In response, Hillary ran campaigns to destroy and discredit the women Bill attacked.

Hewitt and Sasse should be pointing this out and calling for Hillary to step down, not Donald. At the very least they should call for both to step down. Makes you wonder who’s side they are on. But we know the answer to that.

They’re on the same side as Paul Ryan and Mike Lee. They’re on the side of the status quo and they’d rather have Hillary win to maintain their power and comfort than give Trump a chance to shake things up.

This is insane.

NSA Contractor Harold Martin & Hillary Clinton

So the press is calling NSA contractor Harold Martin “Snowden 2.0.” I dunno.

Using the Hillary standard, I doubt the FBI will recommend charges. I mean if there’s no intent, then he’s innocent, right? FBI director Comey might just call him careless for taking documents home.

He should have used bleach bit. No worries though, the justice for Hillary department will accept the recommendation not to file charges.

Let the guy go already.

#Wikileaks vs. Hurricane Matthew

Julian Assange to the rescue? Wikileaks is scheduled to release dirt on Hillary RahmRod Clinton tomorrow in Berlin. It could be big news. It could harm Madame Hillary, a former lawyer for a child rapist. It could help Donald Trump.

Too bad the democrat media already has a built-in plan to bury the story. Whatever Assange releases may be treated as no big deal with attention going instead to monster storm Hurricane Matthew.