Clinton Obama use IRS illegally Again!

Sure seems like someone at the Obama IRS used the agency for political purposes again. This time Harry Reid-Er probably got a call from the half-black prince telling him to use his hogwarts magic to once again get illegal info on the GOP nominee.

harryreiderbook-199x300No doubt Madame Hillary has a hand in this too… you mean like with a cloth or something?!

Ah, but the Clinton-owned NY Times can’t be bothered with how they got the illegal information about Trump. To them, it’s all an getting Hillary in the White House.

It’s amazing how corrupt politics is now. It’s time for an outsider to run things.

The Debate Yawn

One of the best comments we heard about the debate last night was, “How do I get that 90 minutes back?” It’s a good point.

Let’s be honest. The debate changed few, if any minds. It was mostly a big yawn. Trump failed to pounce given several opportunities. The liberal moderator was far harder on Trump. Hillary made strange faces and looked like a witch.

I just don’t think any of it mattered. All it did was keep us up late and leave us yawning today.

Cruz endorsement makes “Lyin’ Ted” a Reality

Ted Cruz has lived up to his fictitious name given to him by Donald Trump. This endorsement is full of more crap than a cow pasture and smells even worse.

Conservative American ex-Champion Ted Cruz, (R) US Senator from Texas
Conservative American ex-Champion Ted Cruz, (R) US Senator from Texas

1. We endorsed Cruz and were 100% behind him
2. When he lost and became a crybaby, culminating with his failure to endorse Trump, we instantly lost our admiration. Like hell if we’ll support him, we figured, if he ever runs again
3. Reince Priebus announced a week or 10 days ago that any failed candidate who doesn’t endorse Trump can kiss any hope of running in the future as a republican goodbye. We figured that would do it for the selfish Ted Cruz.
4. We were right. All of the sudden little Teddy pops up and gosh, what a coincidence right? He just happened to decide it’s time to back Trump. This has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with Ted.

At least some of us can see right through it.

Sean Hannity chose not to see the truth or connect the dots. He called Cruz “brave” for doing this. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Too late Ted!

#NBCnews ignoring Bill Clinton Cheating on Hillary

It seems like a hundred years ago when a guy named Gary Hart ran for President. When questioned about a rumored extra-marital affair, he not only denied it but encouraged the media to try to prove it.

By today’s standards this is an obvious mistake. But the Colorado democrat grew up in an era when everyone in the media knew John F. Kennedy was unfaithful to his wife but none of them dared to report it. Hart must have figured it would work for him too. It didn’t. The Miami Herald went after him.

Have things gone backward to the JFK days? NBC news, Lester Holt, and the rest of the media have simply decided to ignore the reports that the spouse of a current presidential candidate is having at least one extra-marital affair. General Colin Powell discussed it in one of his leaked emails saying its common knowledge that Billy Bob Clinton is still blank-ing bimbos in his New York home while Hillary is out of town.

Is that true? If so, where’s the Miami Herald now? Where’s Lester Holt? Why no reporting on this? Would it be the same if Holt found out Melania Trump was getting it on with one or more young studs while Donald was out campaigning?! Of course not.

Sean Hannity even reports the secret service has a code name of “the energizer” for Bill Clinton’s true love. So what’s Hillary ‘s code name? The deflator?!

If it’s so public, why the news blackout? Hey Lester, still claim to be neutral?

Press Ignores Obama Racism

President Obama said it would be a personal insult to him if black people vote for Donald Trump.

What an awful, racist remark.

Imagine if President George W. Bush had said it would be a personal insult to him if white people voted for Obama. You can bet the media would have been all over that story.

Yet with Obama, they ignore it.

Powell Blames Trump for Hillary Creation

Retired General Colin Powell got part of the story right in his hacked emails. The supposed “post-partisan” says the Obama birther movement was racist. That’s true.

However, Powell takes the easy way out blaming Trump for the birther effort. That’s a lie and Powell is supposed to be smart enough to know that. It was Hillary Clinton who first came up with and promoted the idea that Obama wasn’t even born here.

Powell is a national disgrace.

Learn more here:

Deplorable Me!

We’re none of the things Hillary Clinton said about Trumpists. She put the Trump supporters into a “basket of Deplorables.” We’re not racists or bigots or anything else. But if being against Hillary Clinton makes us Deplorables then so be it.

Hillary called Trump supporters Deplorables

Proud to be The Trump Deplorables!

Trump Deplorables

NBC & Lauer Tilt Forum to Clinton

One republican got to ask Hillary a question tonight during the NBC military forum. Meanwhile 3 democrats got to ask Trump questions. That’s fair right?

Also Lauer pulled the Charlie Boy Gibson hubris question out of his rear end by badgering Trump about how a private citizen, a businessman, could claim to be ready to be commander in chief. That’s odd… No one cared that Obama had no experience in anything. No one cares that Hillary has no experience with military decisions at all. Why didn’t he ask her what makes her think she’s ready?

Of course we know the reason. No doubt Lauer is a Clinton Foundation donor. He may as well be!