Jeff Flake needs to Shuddup

For decades now Conservative Americans have had no choice but to plug our noses and vote for the GOP nominee. We supported Mitt Romney. We supported Johny Maverdick McCain.

Now some entrenched republican cry-baby insiders like Arizona’s Jeff Flake (and Romney and McCain) are trying to make names for themselves by proudly and loudly stating they just can’t plug their nose and support Trump. Give us a damn break.

Shame on these spoiled little brats. We supported them! But they don’t care. This is different, they say. Just ask George Will. Oh give us a break. The only difference is your candidates lost this time. Get over yourselves.

People like Flake should shuddup and sit down. These clowns in the dying GOP who expect us to fall in line behind them and their pre-selected candidate every election just don’t know what to do now that their guys lost.

Hey Flake, you loser, do the same damn thing we have done year after year and support the nominee. If you can’t do that then switch parties and support Hillary you little weasel.

Media Lying about who pays for Trump’s Wall

Annoying little media dweebs like Chucky doll Todd want you to actually believe they actually think Donald Trump will ask Mexico to write a check to pay for the wall.

Todd and the other Clinton campaign workers in the so-called press know damn well that’s not how Mexico will pay for the wall. But they all go on TV and feign surprise that Trump didn’t ask the Mexican President for a cashiers check yesterday when the two met.

The press understands fully that taxing Mexican imports, for example, could be one easy way Mexico would pay for the wall. They could also agree to level the trade deficit, sending enough money back to the USA in purchases to fund the wall. Todd knows this but pretends to believe that Trump, that silly guy, will just ask them for a check. Gosh, isn’t he stupid?

The only ones Todd and the others think are stupid are their viewers. And with Obama winning twice, perhaps they have a point.

If Obama had a son, he’d look like Colin Kaepernick

The quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers thinks he is making a difference in the world by snubbing his American fans and sitting down through national anthem. In reality, this is a selfish stunt by a very spoiled child.

This half-black prince is only thinking of himself and how cool and important he thinks he will be by spitting on Americans of all colors including those who fought and died for his freedom to be so selfish.

He thinks blacks are oppressed and he is helping? Oh c’mon. His half-blackness is so oppressed that he makes millions. Half-blacks are not oppressed in this country. Heck, we even have one as President. Of course that guy also didn’t care for the flag much either and only put on a flag lapel pin when shamed into doing so in 2007.

If Obama had a son, he’d look like Colin Kaepernick!

The #MilwaukeeTrump Can Win


The new Donald Trump we have seen and heard from this week can win this election. It’s the Donald we all wanted to see after he won the primary and with the right staff now in place, he is finally here. I love that he went to Milwaukee to invite black Americans to give him a chance after 100 years of things getting worse under the demo-socialist destruction team.

Apparently he’s getting some help from the correct speech writers now too. Great wording choices. Excellent populist content. And enough to keep conservative Americans happy… especially with Mike Pence on the team.

Don’t listen to the Clinton-BS (CBS) network and its affiliates from the Clinton campaign team like David Muir at ABCDE-mocrat News. They’re trying to tell us its all over already. BS! 80 days is an eternity in politics.

Time for #Rubio to Get Out

Marco Rubio owes it to The United States to drop out of the race today. He has no way forward. The only thing he may be able to accomplish by staying in the race is to prevent Conservative American Ted Cruz from getting the nomination.

In fact, if Rubio gets out now Cruz can beat Trump. Rubio should do what’s best for all and suspend his campaign today. He should be joined by Kasich and Carson and the three of them should appear on stage united with Cruz to dump the Trump chump.

C’mon Marco, do the right thing. Call Cruz today. Get the VP promise if that’s what you want and join forces with Cruz. It’s Rubio’s only chance for an office in the White House in 2017.

If #Conservatives Stay Home, #Trump Wins Anyway!

The conventional wisdom is that after tonight, there won’t be much that can derail the Trump train or the Shrillary Clinton train wreck.

While that may be true, another ‘conventional wisdom’ is wrong. That one says that in the general election, if fed up conservatives stay home or vote Libertarian, they’ll be handing the victory to child rapist lawyer, Hillary Clinton. Not hardly. What that conclusion fails to realize is that many demosocialists don’t like Madame Shrillary and won’t vote for her. Many of them do like Donald Trump.

I predict at least 10% of normal democrat votes will go to Trump and he’ll win the general election with, or without conservative votes.

If Ted Cruz is out, I don’t know what to do. I don’t believe Trump is conservative. So who is the Libertarian candidate?

Tiny Trump Teeters?

Did Donald Trump teeter in Saturday’s debate? He certainly let people see that he turns red with rage, likes to yell and scream and doesn’t act very mature.

In fact, the huge Donald Trump looked pretty tiny over the weekend when he said that George W. Bush had not kept us safe because 9/11 happened on his watch. Is the Donald trying to claim that if he had been president we never would have been attacked? That’s pretty foolish.

It will be interesting to see how South Carolina voters react this weekend. If Trump voters have second thoughts, where do they turn? Rubio? Bush? Cruz? Carson?

Republican Field Getting Smaller

Carly Fiorina is putting her campaign on hold today after a poor showing in New Hampshire and reports are that Chris HugObama Christie will do the same.

William Whalen has a great piece at Foxy Blondes News today where he suggests only 5 republicans still have a shot; Trump, Kasich, Cruz, Breck girl Rubio and Jeb Bush.

Kasich however, has little money and not much ground game in the coming states. I think his campaign is bound to go the route of those before him who also made the mistake of betting it all on New Hampshire. I predict Kasich will be a one-hit wonder and fade quickly after South Carolina.

With the stronger than expected showing of Jeb Bush, and Rubio’s poor debate performance, Marco’s efforts may be short-lived as well. His momentum is in reverse, never a good thing!

So, I ‘d cut Whalen’s list to three leaving Trump, Conservative American Ted Cruz and republicrat Jeb Bush remaining. The fact there are three or five dividing the non-Trump vote may result in Trump being unstoppable.

Rubio is the New ‘Breck Girl’ Candidate

Marco Rubio Breck Girl

The only thing more canned and rehearsed than Marco Rubio’s words is his hair! Once it was demo-slime John Edwards (who was cheating on his dying wife) who was the Breck Girl candidate. This time around it’s Marco Rubio!

John Edwards was the first Breck Girl candidate according to Rush Limbaugh

John Edwards was the first Breck Girl candidate according to Rush Limbaugh

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