Hillary Clinton Has Some Good Lines?

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

By Peter Andrew

Well, Hillary Clinton scored points for her own future career last night.  She was very kind in endorsing Barack Hussein Obama and generally said what she had to and then left.

She had some good lines that could be used to hurt McCain.  The best was, “We borrow money from the Chinese to give to the Saudi’s to buy oil.”  No one wants to borrow money from the Chinese communists.  No one wants to give money to the Saudi terrorists.  And all her friends from Ferngully hate oil.  The line could be framed and used in ads against McCain.  I’m not at all saying I agree with her, just that it was a good line.

You don’t have to look to hard to find the Clinton’s in bed (sorry, bad choice of words) with the Chinese.  And, her own hubby was also in charge when we were buying oil from the House of Saud.  So it is cute that she suddenly doesn’t like the Chinese or oil from the Saudis.

Her “No way. No How. No McCain,” was catchy too.  However it can be flipped and works better with the last name Obama.  “No way. No How. NObama.”

Unfortunately her talk tells us she is not going away soon.  We’ll have at least 4 more years of Bill’s smug looks.  I about puked watching him last night. Did you see him grab the two people next to him and lift them up physically as he said “Stand up now. Stand up!” His reactions were as fake as Hillary’s “support” of Obama.  Enough about him.

Biden, Pelosi Criticized by Catholic Church

By Peter Andrew

It’s about time.  Finally at least a few of the Archbishops of the Roman Catholic Church are showing a small amount of backbone and speaking up to defend the Church.  Fox news’s Bill Sammon reports that Pelosi told Tom Brokaw of NBC that “the doctors of the church have not been able to make that definition and that St. Augustine said (life begins) at three months.” However, Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington says she’s wrong. Fox quotes him as saying, “The current teaching of the Catholic Church on human life and abortion is the same as it was 2,000 years ago. From the beginning the Catholic Church has respected the dignity of all human life from the moment of conception to natural death.”

Joe Biden is not winning points with conservative Catholics either.  As a pro-choice democrat, Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput has told him to forget about taking Holy Communion at Mass.

So whoopee, 2 bishops in the USA stand up for the Church and its members who believe its teachings.  When Kerry ran, 10 bishops stood up to them.  Where in the world are the other bishops?

Unfortunately the Catholic Church has not only pro-choice members, but pro-choice priests and perhaps even bishops, though I know of none.

The First Black Presidential Nominee?

Monday, August 25th, 2008

By Peter Andrew

Boy the mainstream media love this Barack Obama guy.  They decided to anoint him at the John Kerry DNC Convention.  Since then his name has been tossed around as possibly the first black presidential nominee.  Now that he is the presumed nominee (does Hillary have anything up her sleeves this week?), there will be a huge deal made this week of his blackness.

Let me ask a simple question.  He’s just as much white as he is black.  Who decided he was the first black presidential nominee?  Don’t you have to be black to claim that title?  Wouldn’t people in the black community want someone all the way black to be the first “black” presidential nominee?  I guess half way is better than nothing at all?  If he is half black and half white, why is he always referred to as a black candidate?  Is the half that is black bigger than the half that is white? Did he get to decide in Kindergarten when he chose to grow up and be president that he was all of the sudden more black than white?

Why isn’t he referred to as partially black? How about half-black? Or “part minority?” I’d like to call him a half-black half-a**ed candidate, but that’s not nice, I suppose.  I don’t know, come up with something accurate to call him!  I just don’t understand how he gets to claim he is black when he is only half black.  Why does the media just accept that and never mention that he is half-white?

He will be crowned the heir-apparent to Martin Luther King (an actual black man) this week when he gives his acceptance speech.  No one will mention his white half.  Why not? Why shouldn’t he be proud of all of his heritage? Why are he and his wife only proud of their black heritage?  Oh, I forgot, Michelle has only just become proud to be an American.  Is she proud of her two partially white kids? So I guess we have to forget her and her two 25% white kids.  Might as well forget Barack’s half-brother (all-black) too.  He did.

Why is racism is only a label given to republicans and Conservative Americans, never to Democrats-Socialists?  They get to decide what is racism and what is not.  They get to decide who can use the awful N-word and who cannot (no one should, not even the gangsta rappers).  They apparently now even get to decide who is black and who is not, who is black enough and who is not.  They even called Billy Bob Clinton the first black president.  I’m not sure he has any black heritage.  Hmmmm.

I don’t get it.

Democrats: The Party of Color?

By: Peter Andrew




The Democrat-Socialists have had the support of the African-American community forever. For decades, this party has preached the word that it is the home of the poor, the working class and the minorities, primarily blacks.They have told that lie for so long, they actually believe it.

They have help. The Democrat-Socialist Media have helped to spread this Gospel of Lies for years. We’ve all heard that blacks vote Democrat-Socialist and Republicans don’t care about minorities. Republicans, we are told, are the party of the old, grey-haired, rich and racist, white male. Conservative Americans must be even worse! Here’s one funny thing; many Republicans also believe the lies! They agree that they are indeed the party of the rich and the white. There may even be some who like it that way.

Conservative Americans do not believe the bull feces that the Democrat-Socialists care more about the poor, the workers, black people or any minority group. We’re smarter than the Drino’s (Democrats-in-name-only & Republicans-in-name-only) too, who tend to believe this nonsense.

Despite the fact that the HUGE majority of African-Americans continue to vote for the Democrat-Socialists year after year, that party does not, in fact, give two hoots about the fate of the African-American Minority. Let’s look at the facts…


A. WELFARE IS HURTING AFRICAN AMERICANS…Here’s a huge, tax-and-spend, government entitlement created by the Democrat-Socialists to “help” those in need. Perhaps good intentions created the idea for the program. Certainly voting for it made the Democrat-Socialists feel wonderful. It demonstrated to each one of them that they themselves cared so much about the poor. Look at the results though. This program has destroyed the African-American family make-up by creating Welfare families. The government tried to replace the traditional role of the father by stepping in with a huge “we’ll save you” bureaucracy only to find that it resulted in many thousands of single mother’s raising kids. They learned quickly that more kids meant more money. Generations of kids have grown up without fathers in the African-American community. Today, 70% of black children are born to a single-mother. Mothers taught their children (by example) to have babies to survive resulting in teen mothers having their second or third child out of wedlock. This happens to white families too, but the largest negative impact has been on the African-American population. The African-American hero, Bill Cosby, speaks about this frequently; black males not taking responsibility for the children they created


(click this link to hear him http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&fg=rss&vid=114b17e3-6bd8-4798-923e-cc44a34c67fa&from=34.) His new book, “Come on, People!” encourages minorities to stop seeing themselves as victims. That ‘revolution,’ he says, begins in the home. While Bill is likely still a Democrat, he is recognized as a hero by Conservative Americans who applaud his courage in speaking the truth. Here’s the dirty little secret: the Democrat-Socialists don’t care about blacks on welfare. They have stood by year after year watching the African-American family disappear. The important thing to them, the thing they DO care about is votes. The African-American vote stays with them because of a false belief that government’s role is to take care of them. They foster that belief and build upon it by offering new handouts. That’s what they care about; loyal voters. To them, the program is a success. A true Conservative American would want a situation where African-Americans could succeed, one where all minorities could grow up in strong families with solid Judeo-Christian values and a strong work ethic.


B. INNER-CITY CRIME…So-called “black-on-black” crime is a terrible thing that is destroying many African-American families. One Sports Columnist, Jason Whitlock,


referred to this as “the Black KKK.” Jason Whitlock brings “his edgy and thought-provoking style to FOXSports.com.Columnist for the Kansas City Star, he has won the National Journalism Award for Commentary for “his ability to seamlessly integrate sports and social commentary and to challenge widely held assumptions along the racial divide.” He wrote about the outcry of anger, shock and dismay when the white KKK was killing blacks. He pointed to the fact there is no outcry over blacks killing blacks (Click here to see his article in full… http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/7499442). Here’s the dirty little secret: the Democrat-Socialists don’t care. At first glance, it would seem they should care. Each death eliminates a voter for them! Two issues must be raised here. First, racism. White racists in ANY political party simply don’t care when an African-American kills another African-American. The Democrat-Socialist Media have a dirty little secret too: they don’t care either! If you don’t believe that, just watch your local news. What gets more coverage…the story about a black man killing another black man (we all assume that’s just a drug deal gone bad or two gang members shooting, in other words criminals eliminating each other) or the story about a black man killing a white man? The story involving the killing of a white gets much more prominent and extensive coverage. Is that because it happens less frequently? Only the reporters know why the coverage is different. Second, the Democrat-Socialists to need poverty and troubled inner cities and broken down family structures to continue. They need these bad things to keep happening so they can keep blaming theRepublicans and rushing in to “fix” the problem and show how much they care. Republicans have plenty of blame here too.While most major cities are run by the other guys who year after year can’t fix this problem, Republicans have votes too and also have not solved this problem. A true Conservative American wants a situation where African-American murders are no more frequent that white killings and where all races can feel equally safe in their neighborhoods. A true Conservative American is not a racist and realizes that neighborhoods made up of people from various races are a good thing. These neighborhoods have people of similar financial means and social standing living together with equal opportunities to succeed!


C. RACIST EDUCATION… The Democrat-Socialist Teacher’s Unions have secured their power by holding back minority children. I know that sounds very harsh, but consider the facts. Inner-city schools, like those in Milwaukee, are awful. The Milwaukee Public School system produces the kids with the worst writing skills in all of the United States. Most of the students are black. Here’s the dirty little secret: the Democrat-Socialists Teachers Unions don’t care. The Democrat-Socialists don’t care either. The fact Milwaukee Public Schools are awful is nothing new. It has been that way for years. The Democrat-Socialist party mayors do nothing about it. The Democrat-Socialist party Governor does nothing about it. If Governor Doyle,


who himself adopted two black children, truly viewed the terrible schools in Milwaukee as a crisis, he could step in today and take over control of the school district and start to fix the problem. He won’t do it though.That would upset the union that bought and paid for Governor Doyle. It’s not just Milwaukee. All around the nation, the Democrat-Socialists don’t care. They fight solutions like educational vouchers and choice schools every chance they get. Any effort to improve the education and the plight of poor, inner-city minorities is fought by this party and the unions. The unions are merely parts of the Democrat-Socialist Party now and are no longer independent organizations sticking up for workers. Both groups recognize that without holding people down, their very reason to exist disappears. It is nothing short of criminal and racist to provide this sub-standard education to inner-city minority children. The WELFARE and the CRIME contribute. Kids don’t have parents at home to get them to bed on time, get them up on time, feed them breakfast and get them to school on time. No one is making sure homework is done. 19-year-old mothers who dropped out of school at 13 to have a baby are not very capable of making sure their kindergarten daughter’s schoolwork is done. A true Conservative American wants the federal government to get out of the education business, only stepping in when a state fails to do its job. Give the responsibility to the states. A true Conservative American wants the states to make certain that quality education is provided to all regardless of skin color, financial status or street address. To allow racist education to continue is not something we can support.

So why in the holy freaking crap do people still believe that the Democrat-Socialist party is the best one for African-Americans to support? Nothing could be further from the truth. Their home, their hope, their future, their potential, their greatness…all lie with the Conservative American Party.

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