Palin More Qualified than Clinton or Dean!

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

During the 2008 campaign, we all got tired of hearing coastal media liberals saying Sarah Palin was “not qualified” to be Vice President. Reasons cited included the fact she was a woman and that she came from Alaska. Their amazement that anyone smart could be in Alaska was insulting and the insult was personified in liberal actress Tina Fey. The liberals lamented, “Alaska was too far away. Alaska is too small. No one actually lives in Alaska. Her state budget must be teeny tiny…how could she be qualifed? Alaska is not on the East coast, is it?”

Let’s look at some facts like state populations, budgets and size. While these things don’t guarantee brilliance, they do speak to the job that Sarah Palin has as Governor of Alaska and they put to rest any ridiculous assertion that, because she is from Alaska, she is less than bright, uninformed (as Baba Wawa said on ABCDEmocrat News), or somehow unqualified for national office.

First, let’s look at the size of her state. Sarah Palin is in charge of more geography than any other governor. It is the largest of the 50 states by far. It’s nearly three times the size of Texas and makes California look small!

Source: AlaskaHeritage.com. If we superimpose Alaska over the contiguous states (image above), Alaska would stretch from Georgia to California! From Alaska Heritage:

“Check the Chart [Alaska Heritage.com] created below to see how many of your states could fit inside Alaska. Area: Land 570,375 sq miles (1,477,268 sq km), or Land and Water 656,425 sq miles, Alaska is one-fifth the size of the Lower 48 states combined.

States Ranked for Total Area & Size Comparison with AK
Rank State

Sq miles

Size Comparison

1 Alaska 656,424 1 Alaska= 1 Alaska
2 Texas 268,601 1 Alaska= 2.44 Texas(s)
3 California 163,707 1 Alaska= 4.01 California(s)
4 Montana 147,046 1 Alaska= 4.46 Montana(s)
5 New Mexico 121,598 1 Alaska= 5.40 New Mexico(s)
6 Arizona 114,006 1 Alaska= 5.76 Arizona(s)
7 Nevada 110,567 1 Alaska= 5.94 Nevada(s)
8 Colorado 104,100 1 Alaska= 6.29 Colorado(s)
9 Oregon 98,386 1 Alaska= 6.65 Oregon(s)
10 Wyoming 97,818 1 Alaska=6.70 Wyoming(s)
11 Michigan 96,810 1 Alaska= 6.76 Michigan(s)
12 Minnesota 86,943 1 Alaska= 7.53 Minnesota(s)
13 Utah 84,904 1 Alaska= 7.71 Utah(s)
14 Idaho 83,574 1 Alaska= 7.83 Idaho(s)
15 Kansas 82,282 1 Alaska= 7.95 Kansas(s)
16 Nebraska 77,358 1 Alaska= 8.46 Nebraska(s)
17 South Dakota 77,121 1 Alaska= 8.48 South Dakota(s)
18 Washington 71,303 1 Alaska= 9.18 Washington(s)
19 North Dakota 70,704 1 Alaska= 9.26 North Dakota(s)
20 Oklahoma 69,903 1 Alaska= 9.36 Oklahoma(s)
21 Missouri 69,709 1 Alaska= 9.39 Missouri(s)
22 Florida 65,758 1 Alaska= 9.95 Florida(s)
23 Wisconsin 65,503 1 Alaska= 9.99 Wisconsin(s)
24 Georgia 59,441 1 Alaska= 11.01 Georgia(s)
25 Illinois 57,918 1 Alaska= 11.30 Illinois(s)
26 Iowa 56,276 1 Alaska= 11.63 Iowa(s)
27 New York 54,475 1 Alaska= 12.01 New York(s)
28 North Carolina 53,821 1 Alaska= 12.16 North Carolina(s)
29 Arkansas 53,182 1 Alaska= 12.31 Arkansas(s)
30 Alabama 52,423 1 Alaska= 12.48 Alabama (s)
31 Louisiana 51,843 1 Alaska= 12.62 Louisiana(s)
32 Mississippi 48,434 1 Alaska= 13.51 Mississippi(s)
33 Pennsylvania 46,058 1 Alaska= 14.21 Pennsylvania(s)
34 Ohio 44,828 1 Alaska= 14.60 Ohio(s)
35 Virginia 42,769 1 Alaska= 15.30 Virginia(s)
36 Tennessee 42,146 1 Alaska= 15.53 Tennessee(s)
37 Kentucky 40,411 1 Alaska= 16.19 Kentucky(s)
38 Indiana 36,420 1 Alaska= 17.97 Indiana(s)
39 Maine 35,387 1 Alaska= 18.49 Maine(s)
40 South Carolina 32,007 1 Alaska= 20.45 South Carolina(s)
41 West Virginia 24,231 1 Alaska= 27.01 West Virginia(s)
42 Maryland 12,407 1 Alaska= 52.75 Maryland(s)
43 Hawaii 10,932 1 Alaska= 59.86 Hawaii(s)
44 Massachusetts 10,555 1 Alaska= 62.00 Massachusetts(s)
45 Vermont 9,615 1 Alaska= 68.06 Vermont(s)
46 New Hampshire 9,351 1 Alaska= 69.98 New Hampshire(s)
47 New Jersey 8,722 1 Alaska= 75.03 New Jersey(s)
48 Connecticut 5,544 1 Alaska= 118.04 Connecticut(s)
49 Delaware 2,489 1 Alaska= 262.93 Delaware(s)
50 Rhode Island 1,545 1 Alaska= 423.56 Rhode Island(s)

Governor Sarah Palin is in charge of an area of our planet that is larger than many countries! She is the leader of an area which is more than twice the size of France. Maybe we should check with Alaska before we take military action instead of worrying what the French will think of us! It’s nearly three times the size of Spain. Alaska is seven times the size of Great Britian. It is nonsense to suggest this woman does not know what she is doing! if we use the state’s size as a criteria, she is more qualified to be President of the United States than any other governor.

Now people will say, “yes, it is big, but size does not matter. No one lives there!” Okay, let’s now look at population in terms of if she would be qualified to be President of the United States. The following information if from the US Census Bureau as of July 1, 2006.

By population, Alaska is the 4th smallest state, ranking 47th out of 50. Interestingly enough, it has more population than former Governor Howard Dean’s Vermont. I think I remember Howard Dean running for President once. Yes, yes…it is coming back to me now. No one said Dean was “uninformed” just because he was from a smaller state in both size and population. No one questioned Howard Dean’s qualifications because he was “just” from Vermont or “only” a man! The obvious difference is coastal liberals live in Vermont. Of course they thought he was qualified, he is one of them! Heck, they even made him chair of their national party!!!

Senator Joe Biden…let’s see, he ran for President too, didn’t he? Yes, yes he did. His state is 45th in population compared to Palin’s 47th. It has fewer than 200,000 more people than Alaska. No one questioned Joe Biden’s qualifications coming from such an “insignificant” state (no, I don’t believe Deleware is insignificant, I am merely demonstrating the double standard of the liberals gone coastal). No one said he was too dumb to be President or too uninformed to be one heart beat away from the oval office. Yet he made far more gaffe’s than Sarah Palin.

Democrat Bill Richardson, also a presidential candidate, comes from a state that is 36th in population. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her former President husband, Bill, came from Arkansas. Arkansas was 32nd in terms of population, not a large state by any means. No one questioned Richardson on his qualifications. No one said he or either Clinton had a “lot of hubris” (like Charles H. Hubris Gibson told Sarah Palin on ABCDEmocrat News) just for thinking they might be qualified to be president. (Man that Gibson guy gets my blood boiling. What an unfair piece of slime!)

If size does matter and you’re looking at the state’s populations as your only consideration, the top two democrat candidates for President would be Rod Blagojevich (have heard that name before too) of Illinois and David Paterson of New York. On the Republican side it would be Rick Perry of Texas and Charlie Crist of Florida (obviously the Governator is not able to run for President…thank God for small favors!). Romney, Pawlenty, Palin and Jindal would all be far behind if this was the determining factor in intelligence. Obviously it is not that factor, but the liberals insisted anyone from that far up north simply could not be qualified, eh.

Okay, so size of the state and even how many people live there doesn’t matter, right? What about the size of the “business” they are the CEO of? Let’s look at expenditures by state and see if Alaska is a real state after all, or just some small Mom-and-Pop “business”-state. The following information is from the National Governor’s Association and the National Association of State Budget Officers. It was released just this month.

The Governor’s Assocation report says states realize how important it is to have budget reserve balances to address fiscal downturns.  Under Sarah Palin, Alaska increased the state budget reserve by 47%.  That put her second behind only Rick Perry of Texas.  Wisconsin had the worst state budget reserve.

If we use the budget size data to put Alaska in perspective with other states, you can see that Governor Billy Bob Clinton from Arkansas was far less qualified than Sarah Palin to be President. No one doubted Clinton or his lying eyes! Yes, this is 2007 data, but not much has changed. Clinton’s state is 37th on the list. Howard Dean’s state budget was 47th out of 50 states! It certainly took a lot of hubris (excessive pride and arrogance) for Howard Dean to think he could be qualified to be President of the United States! Palin’s budget size is 32nd on the list. That makes her more qualified than Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton or Howard Dean.

Richardson’s state is 29th, very close to Palin’s. I guess Richardson is just as “uninformed” as she supposedly was. If you rank your presidential candidates by size of the state operation they run, It is Governor Perry of Texas who should be the next republican nominee in 2012. Romney’s state has a huge budget as does Crist in Florida. Jindal, Pawlenty and Palin again are further down the list.

The blanket false assumptions about Sarah Palin that the liberals, democrats and socialists made were based on nothing. The media ran with all of them and asked no questions. They needed to fulfill the predetermined outcome of their story; the first black president. They couldn’t even get that one right (he is just as half white as he is half black). Still, they blasted Palin and made fun of her every chance they got. Much of that came at the expense of Alaska residents who were thrown under the bus along with Palin. The democrats just viewed that as an expense of doing business. No big deal to insult the few people who actually live in Alaska, right?

If the liberals are going to criticize someone on our side (and some deserve it), it might be good if they had a fact or two to base their comments on. They had no such evidence with Sarah Palin. The internal memo went out that Obama & Biden were scared to death of this woman and the political forces were put in place to destroy her reputation. We have demonstrated here that the attempts based on her being Governor of Alaska were completely baseless. They had no facts and the smears were rooted only in a desire to destroy this decent woman.

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