Pay Freezes? Budget Cuts? What Kind of Nut is Bobby Jindal?!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

By Peter Andrew
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As the federal government just voted for the largest expansion of government-ever, despite the fact we’re broke, some weird Governor down South is cutting his state’s budget and freezing employee wages!

The crazy nut is Conservative American Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. Gov. Jindal apparently is unaware that expansion of government and the hiring of more government workers paid union wages with union guaranteed pay hikes is what “change” is all about. Didn’t he hear President Obama say, “This is what change looks like!”



What Kind of Nut is Bobby Jindal?

Conservative Bobby Jindal with his wife and child

However, consider the source. Jindal is a right wing Conservative nut job. How else could you explain the nonsense of cutting budgets just because a government agency is out of money? Or what about the insanity of wage freezes? Where is the compassion in that? 

Clearly, Gov. Jindal isn’t getting the message. WWL Radio saysJindal has state agencies preparing for the worst,…

“…State economic analysts said this week the state could be another $400 million short for the fiscal year that ends June 30th. Jindal cautions, though, that the full picture won’t be known till March revenues are in. “At this point, no decis ions have been made,” Jindal insisted. “At this point, we’re simply asking agencies -based on the unspent state general funds they still have- what would they do in case these numbers in March turn out to be consistent with February?” The governor has issued also an executive order immediately halting all pay raises for unclassified state workers.”We’ll be sending out some other executive orders to cut back on spending.”

Other executive orders to CUT spending?!! The man has lost his mind. If we can say one thing good about him, it is that he is only Governor of Louisiana. We certainly couldn’t ever have someone as radical as this man in Washington, D.C. Next thing you know, we’ll find out he’s pro-life.


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