Paying for Tax Cuts

Here we go with this stupid argument again…”You have to pay for tax cuts.

Originally posted on April 25, 2009
The Wall Street Journal reports President Obama wants some new budgeting rules, including one that requires tax cuts to be paid for.  He wants to legislate a lie. Of course his new budgeting rules won’t take effect until after he enacts the largest budget increase ever!
The Obama Pattern strikes again.  First he says he wants to cut spending and get rid of programs that don’t work, then he enacts the largest-ever increase in government control and size, then he says okay NOW we will start being responsible with these rules!!!  He only wants the new rules to be in place AFTER he is done breaking all of them!  And by then, who cares?  It will be too late! The rules don’t matter once he has approved everything he could ever have dreamed of in his budget.  He knows that.
This whole thing is a smoke screen.  This is nothing but showmanship.
Also, the tired old line about “paying for tax cuts” drives me nuts.  Willing reporters just repeat it without pointing out it is nonsense.  Every time major tax cuts have been implemented, the government actually takes in MORE money than it did before the tax cuts.  The cuts spur economic action, which results in prosperity that the government taxes.  Obama knows this.
As he tries to pretend he is King of the new Camelot and as Michelle gets compared to Jackie Kennedy (gag), he should remember that this worked for John F. Kennedy. The notion that cuts in spending have to be made to “pay for” tax cuts is silly.  The concept they try to sell is that if taxes are cut, then obviously income will go down.  If income goes down, then budget cuts will be required.  The huge lie is that income to the government will go down if taxes are cut. Not true.
If this is so important, why not enact it before he passes his Hardees Monster-Burger-sized federal budget?
If it is so good for America, let’s have him explain how he will pay for his massive new spending? How will he pay for huge increases in the deficit that his own budget director, Peter Orszag, says could cause a financial meltdown?
If “paying” for tax cuts is so very critical to our new President, just exactly how did he “pay for” the tax cuts (tiny as they were) that he claims he gave to 95% of Americans?  Even Rush Limbaugh asked how Obama will pay for the tax cuts (after we asked the same thing)!
NOTE: The tax cut for 95% is another lie, but don’t get me started on that. 

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