Peace Prize Prez Starts WWIII?!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org


If President Obama bombs Syria any number of things could happen… all speculation, of course.  Syria might decide to get back at us by bombing Israel, our key ally in the region.  Seeing that, Iran might say ‘Cool! A party!’ and jump in with its own bombing campaign against Israel.  Then, playing along here, the US starts tossing bombs Iran’s way and comes to Israel’s defense.  This pisses off Egypt who also joins in the lets-just-get-rid-of-Israel thing with its own attacks.  Great Britian now joins our side as does France and CanadaRussia and North Korea are more than happy to join the side of the Syrians and Iranians.

Did the President of the World just start world war III?!

Okay, I admit that’s a whole lot of “if’s.”  However, when you read it, does it really seem that far off?  Do you really say, ‘No way! That can’t happen!’ Or do you simply hope it doesn’t happen.

So his Barackness, the first white-black President of the United States of America (hey, if Zimmerman was a white-Hispanic, then Obama is a white-black), gets a peace prize.  He didn’t do anything to earn the prize.  The lefties at the Nobel Peace Pipe Prize committee just figured they’d smoke some bad weed, give him the prize, and sing ‘Joy to the World!’  This was a preemptive awarding of the prize because they were so sure, 100% certain, he was going to stop the oceans from rising and get the late Rodney King and everyone else on the planet to just get along.

The Nobel prize is a joke now because of this.  It is a meaningless award from a bunch of socialists.

Peace Prize? The guy who’s asking congress to let him bomb another Mid-East nation?  That’s peace?  This guy is a dope and is getting us in some very scary situations.

He demanded Bush have clear objectives.  What are his? Why does he want to do this? Is this blood for oil as his supporters chanted against Bush? Is this a war for oil?  Is he fighting for freedom of the people like he criticized Bush for doing?  How could he be fighting for freedom when you have a dictator on one side and terrorists on the other side.   This is not a war fought for freedom.

Peace sticker

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