Politico-me on!

So the Hillary Clinton Super PAC website called Politico wants you to think Conservative American Ben Carson is a lying liar. Working on behalf of Team Hillary, Politico came out with a report questioning claims Carson made about being invited to attend the West Point military academy.

You see, if Carson’s a big fat liar, then he should be O-U-T of the running and out of Hillary’s path to the White House.

Did they really think this one through? We’re supposed to get rid of Carson for a lie that wasn’t a lie, but keep Hillary for hundreds of documented lies?!!

Politico is the same site that said when Hillary was caught red-handed lying about Benghazi to the faces of the family members of the victims that it was a “good week” for her.

Come on Politico, give us a break. Your Ted Cruise-defined bias is showing.

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