President Wants Obamacare to Fail

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar.


obama doesn't care about you
…about you.

Does President Barack Obama want his Obamacare plan to fail? I think he does.  As things continue to get worse, I believe by design, watch for the rhetoric of blame to increase.  The President will blame the republicans, that party that has ‘been invested in seeing Obamacare fail’ from day one.  The President will blame fat cat insurance company CEO’s and their evil corporate jets for creating the ‘real problems.’

As our own David Kraemer pointed out last November

“The Saul Alinsky training Obama received taught him to create chaos. Once the chaos is in place, you personify and blame the enemy (you know, that one faction of one party in the congress thing?).  And when all hope is lost, and nothing can fix the chaos, you show up with the government answer to the problem. Only the government can help those in chaos. Not their families or friends or evil corporations or worse yet, Conservative Americans. Only the government. Only HIS government. Only Barack Obama can help you now, can free you from the Chaos.”

Then he’ll send out some poor cabinet member to float the trial balloon by suggesting perhaps the only fix now is to go to a total socialist government takeover of healthcare (they’ll call it single payer).  This will be followed by the fake studies and news stories about how single-payer is actually a ‘really good thing.’

Obama wants his legacy.  He wants to be viewed as the best socialist-democrat this country has ever seen.  He wants to be known as the one man who could finally get socialist healthcare in place.  At that point, the socialist-union-democrats will control education, the courts, the government and your most precious asset; your health.

Your voting record won’t have anything to do with the healthcare you receive, right? Of course not!  That’s silly to suggest.  It’s not like the government will have the NSA spying on you or anything.  It’s not like the IRS might audit you based on how you vote.  It’s not like they’ll have all of your health records… oh… wait.

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