Progressive Dems Cut Food Stamps for the Poor!

By Peter Andrew
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What price will Progressive Democrats pay to save the jobs of Progressive Democrat Union Teachers? Well, Team Obama is tossing the poor, many of whom are minorities, under the bus!

Nancy Pelosi is calling congress back to pass a bailout for the Socialist Democrat teacher’s union that she claims will save 100,000 votes… er, uh… jobs.

Malini Wilkes at Fox News reports today that the bill will be paid for through tax increases and spending cuts. Yeah right. The spending cuts, she reported, include cutting Food Stamps starting in 2014!

So to all of the poor people who vote for Socialist-Democrats because you think they stand for you, wake up and smell the air… you can’t smell the coffee because you won’t be able to buy it anymore… at least not with Food Stamps!

Progressives want you to think the nasty republicans are the ones who want to cut benefits for seniors (though the Dems do it with ObamaCare) and the GOP members are the ones who want to cut food for the poor… WRONGO! It is Team Obama members who could care less about you!

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