Putin Laughing at Obama – Called it.

Putin Laughs at Obama
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By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right with creative and fun Conservative news and views.

The Fox News headline today is “Russia… Laughs off US Sanctions.” Yep. Just like we said they would. On February 19th, Leading the way Right, we predicted what would happen with Russia and the Ukraine…

” “Obama Threatens Consequences for Violence in Ukraine!” – Yawn. We’ve heard that lie before from the ‘President who Cries Consequences.’ …Gosh, what will the scary “severe consequences” be this time? …President Obama is a complete foreign policy failure. The United States has gone from being a force to be feared under George W. Bush to a laughingstock that takes advice from Vladimir Putin (Syria) on foreign policy.”

Then, 3 weeks ago, we pointed out that John Freaking Kerry had started the process with threats no one would believe.

OMG! I can’t believe the Obama Administration thinks any nation takes it seriously anymore! Yesterday, former Vietnam liar, John Kerry — who got promoted to Secretary of State as a reward for his lies — said Russia better not get involved in the Ukraine or else! Really? OR ELSE WHAT?! You mean Team Obama might really, really, really do something this time?! Yeah right.

From FOX (“Oh look, another blonde news anchor”) News today:

“Moscow showed no signs of flinching in the dispute that has roiled Ukraine since Russian troops took effective control of the strategic Black Sea peninsula last month. In fact, one of the Russians named openly mocked the sanctions. “Comrade Obama, what should those who have neither accounts nor property abroad do? Have you not thought about it?” Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin tweeted. “I think the decree of the President of the United States was written by some joker.”

The next President of the United States will have some work to do to re-convince the rest of the world that when we say we’re going to do something, we actually mean it. That repair job could actually be harmful. Will the next President to too reluctant to issue threats for fear of criticism if something changes? On the other hand, the President could be too quick to issue a threat and act on it just to prove the point.

Thanks, Obama.

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