Racist Eric Holder Calling it Quits

impeach holder trial balloon
Holder Quits
Reports out today say the nation’s first racist black Attorney General will be stepping down soon.

Thank God. Good riddance.

Holder will resign his post serving the country he said was a “nation of cowards.” He’ll be resigning in disgrace after turning the Department of Justice into nothing more than a political arm of the unlawful Obama administration. He dropped a case of voter intimidation against the new black panthers… after they already won the case! He’s apparently a graduate of the Rev. Jesse Jackson school of stupidity where they believe black people are not capable of breaking the rules. He stood by and did nothing as the administration illegally changed laws, used the IRS to illegally target conservatives, used the IRS to audit political opponents, and on, and on and on.

This has prompted Moe Lane to wonder aloud if Holder will be one of those granted a pardon by His Barackness.

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