Racist, Sexist Dem Senators

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

It's okay for us to be racist and sexist, it's only bad if the republicans do it.

It’s okay for us to be racist and sexist, it’s only bad if the republicans do it.

Democrat-Socialists are amazing sometimes.  They claim republicans and conservatives are racists, when in fact its the dems who act like that.  They project the bad things about themselves onto those they hate.  They claim republicans and conservatives are sexist, when in fact they are the ones who behave like that.

Take this direct quote from Fox News today as an example:

Not white. Not male. Not a career judge. Those were just some of the criteria senators outlined Sunday as they discussed their hopes for the next Supreme Court justice. With Justice David Souter retiring this summer, Democrats in particular said the vacancy is an opportunity for President Obama to diversify the high court — not just by choosing a woman or minority justice, but a candidate with a resume that includes something other than years on the bench.

The Democrats Hypocrites lead by the Hypocrite in Chief, Barack Obama, also make a huge criticism of wimpy republicans over the abortion issue in picking a Supreme Court justice. They say how awful it is, and the media agree, for republicans to have a “litmus test” to make sure a judge is pro-life. Wimpy republicans have no such test. I wish they would! At the same time as democrats behave like sexist, racists in picking a nominee, they also demand a pro-abortion litmus test be passed.Of course it would be a scandal covered as the top story by nightly democrat news broadcasts for weeks if a republican president named someone who was not a judge or a lawyer to the court. It is obvious that President Obama sent these senators out to the press to help pave the way for his bizarre pick. Clearly he has someone in mind who is not white, not male and not a career judge. Obama is floating his trial balloon out there and the media willingly plays along to help their president out.

DRINO (democrat-or-republican in name only…makes no difference) Arlen Specter said the pick doesn’t have to be a judge, or even a lawyer! Yeah, who needs legal experience just to make the most important legal decisions in our nation? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! These guys don’t believe this nonsense. They’re just doing what Obama and Rahm Emanuel tell them to do. Democrat-Socialist Senator Patrick Leahy:

“I would like to see more people from outside the judicial monastery, somebody who has had some real-life experience, not just as a judge.”

Yeah, we don’t need “just a judge” to be one of the top judges in the nation. We need someone who has felt the pain of minorities and women and can be a wacko activist on the court!Republican Senator Orrin Hatch:

“We all know he’s going to pick a more liberal justice. Their side will make sure that it’s a pro-abortion justice. I don’t think anybody has any illusions about that,” Hatch said. “The question is, are they qualified?”


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