Rand Paul Gets It – Proposes $500-Billion in Cuts!

  • Published February 16, 2011
  • Conservative American U.S. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky gets it. He’s one of very few national politicians who actually understands the Tea Party movement and the desires of the American people to have the feds live within their means.By Peter Andrew
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    Rand Paul is Right. The House GOP leadership’s plan to cut $30-billion in federal spending is so insignificantly small that it would take 60 years to accomplish anything. Paul told WLS Radio today that America doesn’t have that much time to avoid financial disaster.

    You can read Rand Paul’s “Cut Federal Spending Act of 2011″ by clicking here. A more easily understood summary can be found by clicking here.

    Paul makes common sense suggestions like ending support for Amtrak and NPR and he also dares to look at a Conservative sacred-cow; the military budget. ConservativeAmerican.org has advocated increased spending on military pay and benefits and we still support that idea. However, as Paul points out, you can find much waste in the Department of Defense budget that can be cut. We agree.

    Conservative Rand Paul

    The freshman senator from Kentucky has offered the most bold proposal to cut federal spending ever. ConservativeAmerican.org applauds him for that. It’s about freaking time that someone in Washington at least tried to understand and LISTEN TO the American people. Hats off to you, Senator Paul!

    We call on other Conservative Americans, like Senator Jim DeMint and new Senator Ron Johnson, to sign on to Paul’s plan or to present their own, even-larger proposals.

    While nervous little professional republicans whine and complain about Paul’s proposal being way too large, and spend time worrying about how they can keep Sarah Palin out of Washington, Rand Paul has stood up and behaved like a real Conservative American.

    We need more senators brave enough to propose and support such logical ideas. Thank you, Senator Paul.

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