Reasons for Al & Tipper Gore Split

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

By Peter Andrew
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Al Gore and wife Tipper are separating after a 40 year marriage. Poor Al. His whole world is falling apart. He lost the White House, tried the whole radical beard thing, his climate hoax scam is falling apart and now his marriage too.

Peter’s top possible reasons for Gore split:

  1. Tipper always leaves the lights on and uses too much hot water in the shower.
  2. Tipper actually liked the beard.
  3. While she tried to deny it, as icebergs grow, even she now realizes the whole Global Warming Carbon Credit scheme is a fraud.
  4. It could be that Tipper wants to move to a smaller home with less of a carbon footprint.
  5. After years in the dark, the lights were on during an evening of intimacy. Looking at Al, Tipper suddenly realized he did not, in fact, invent the internet.
  6. Tipper secretly enjoys eating red meat from gassy cows.
  7. Things got “cold.”
  8. As Al mourned the loss of his predicted scorching of Mother Earth, he was depressed looking at cooling global temperature data. Even his wife had become frigid.
  9. Al threatened to run for President again in 2012.
  10. Well, she couldn’t just kill him!
  11. Even Viagra failed to produce the desired global warming in the bedroom.

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