Redskins Controversy

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

Can this nation ever get away from everything centering around a being judged or insulted by something relating to skin color?!  Who cares what color a person’s skin is?

Ironically, it is the Conservative Americans who have taken what Martin Luther King, Jr., said to heart.  We have no interest in judging someone on the color of their skin.  We’re simply not interested.  It doesn’t matter.  It bores and annoys us that others constantly make this an issue.  We judge on the content of a human being’s character.  Meanwhile, the union-socialist-democrat party garners the huge majority of votes from minorities while it constantly wants to focus on, talk about and use skin colorYes, “use.”  They use it as a distraction, a wedge, a divider, and a tool to drum up Astroturf hate for others.

Washington Redskins name

No one seeing this Washington Redskins fan (above) is concerned about the color of her skin, right? (Washington Redskins Photo)

The latest issue seems to be that a few Native Americans (that is what we are supposed to call them now, right?) are ticked off about the name and logo of the Washington Redskins NFL team.  They have decided now that this proud brand, this name the team wanted to associate with winning and championships, with strength, endurance and pride, now is insulting?

A handful of these types showed up at the Green Bay Packers game yesterday.  Interesting.

The Native Americans (don’t say ‘Indians’ anymore, that is apparently insulting) decided they would let people know that they view this name as a symbol of an awful time of scalping and beheading.  This is clearly not what the team intends the name to mean.  These few protesters have a right to protest loudly and a right to their opinion.  I respect that.

However, you might find it interesting to note that in Wisconsin, where the protest happened, the Native Americans hold a festival each year on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.  What do they call it?  They call it “Indian Summer!!

Indian Summer.

That doesn’t seem right does it?  I thought they were Native Americans?!

The bottom line is someone is always choosing to be offended by something and the nation must stop adhering to the wishes of the minority in the name of political correctness.

When I was a kid, we actually played outdoors (I know, weird, right?).  We frequently played Cowboys and Indians, wearing cowboy hats and using pretend hand pistols, or making hats with a feather and using a stick as a pretend bow.  We took turns being the Cowboy or the Indian.  It didn’t matter to us.  We weren’t taught that one was good and one was bad.  We weren’t taught that one was strong and one was weak.  In fact, we always viewed “Indians” (it was okay to say that then) as strong, proud warriors who were great fighters.

The terrible battles fought were between the nomadic lifestyle that was destined to disappear as population grew, and the land-ownership that came here from Europe.  Were there terrible injustices? Yes.  Were promises made and broken? Yes.  What does that have to do with the Washington Redskins?  We don’t know and we don’t care.  It’s not about skin color anymore.  People love the Redskins!

The Washington Redskins should keep their name.

What do you think?

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