Reid: If You Have Obamacare Probs, You are a Liar!

Harry Reid as Harry PotterYesterday, Socialist-union-democrat Harry Reid-er took to the Senate floor at Hogwarts to announce that every single person who has come forward to claim they have had problems caused by Obamacare is a liar!  He said every single one of these people is lying and was put up to it by those evil, Slytherin republicans.

The Half-Black Prince said once that republicans cling to their God and guns. It seems dumbocrats are clinging to their Obamacare.

No wizardry will get them out of this mess in November, though.

The scarred Harry Reid-er is already retracting a small portion of what he said.  He now claims that not every single one is lying, but the “vast, vast majority” of them are.  Uhm, Mr. Reid-er, sir? That’s not much better than the first thing you said! And he continues to blame republicans.  To make his magic potion seem a bit more believable, he added in a dose of the Koch brothers too.

These people are pathetic.

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