Religious Leaders Lie with “War on Prayer!” Website

By Peter Andrew
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A group of so-called religious leaders from the New York area has banned together in an organized and funded effort (Nancy Pelosi will no doubt want to investigate their funding sources) to portray the battle against the Ground Zero Cordoba-Trophy Mosque as a “War on Prayer!” And they say YOU ARE A HATER if you disagree…

The Hebrew Bible teaches (Lev. 19), “Do not hate your brother in your heart.” The New Testament (1 John) teaches, “If anyone says, ‘I love God,’ yet hates his brother, he is a liar.”

Where is the real hatred here? No one in this debate is against prayer. People are against the location of a house of worship. That’s it. The hate in the debate comes from those who support terrorism and the Islamist Radicals at war with us, people like the Imam in charge of this Mosque (who refuses to say Hamas is a terrorist organization).

War on Prayer? Hardly.

The holier-than-thou who sign this letter, and have put together a video commercial, seem to ignore some facts...

  • No one is saying that a person of any faith cannot pray. That’s a lie.
  • No one against the Ground Zero Mosque (Sorry AP) is against prayer. Shame on these supposedly principled and religious leaders for portraying those who disagree with them as being against Prayer!! They know it isn’t true, and they do it anyway.
  • Their website starts out with a lie: “We don’t tell anyone where they can and cannot pray.” Ahem, can Christians pray in school? I think not. Are all church locations approved? No. Some are denied for various site and zoning reasons. This is a blatant and stupid lie. These liberal people assume you are too dumb to think this one through.
  • 9/11 families, websites like ours, and the majority of Americans are against this Mosque because of its location, not because a Muslim wants to pray. It is immature to suggest otherwise.
  • Has any of these religious leaders tried to explain why the Imam leading this Ground Zero Mosque effort calls it the “Cordoba Project?” I doubt it. Their choice to ignore history and portray those against them as full of hate is ignorant and annoying.
  • Hello? Can the “Faithful” who signed this letter hear any of us now? The Muslims can pray. Let them go to any of the other Mosques in New York and do so. Let them build a new Mosque if they want, just not a Cordoba Trophy Mosque less than 600 feet from the brutal murders of nearly 3,000 people (some of them Muslims who liked to pray, dare I remind our religious friends) carried out by Islamist Radicals who want us all dead.
  • These Naive religious types claim that it is all about hating prayer and wanting to deny prayer to Americans! Bullogna! They state, “We believe it is time to shine light on the hypocrisy of politicians and pundits who expound on the freedom of religion for their chosen sects while seeking to tell our Muslim brothers and sisters where they can and cannot worship. Using a political podium to bully a religious community threatens one of our most fundamental freedoms.” Give us a break. The hypocrisy of these holy people who don’t fight for the right to pray in school is beyond imagining. They use their parish pulpits and the internet to bully the American community with the implication their opponents are haters. Their naivete is what threatens our freedom. They fail to recognize we are at war with a sect of radical Islamists who want us dead. This has nothing to do with prayer. Religious leades blatantly lying to their own communities and the American people. That’s a shame. They know that WE DO TELL people where they CAN and CANNOT pray. They have chosen to lie. Shame on them!
  • Hey pastors, here is what this is about: wanting to deny a shining military Jihad trophy to Islamist Radicals at war with us, like the Imam in charge of this. Are you who sign the “War on Prayer” lie also in favor of this Imam’s position that Hamas is NOT a terrorist organization? Or, are you dangerously naive like the President, in believing that if we just play nice with the Islamic Radical kids, then they’ll put their IED’s away and come play in our sandbox… as long as no girls are in the sandbox, that is. This is not about prayer.
  • How many of these Pro-Regressive pastors use the phrase “War on Terror?” Do any of them? Is there a war on terror?
  • To use their own faulty logic, one could claim all who signed this nonsense are against WOMEN!! After all, they are supporting an effort to oppress women and girls! They are supporting an effort to prevent females from learning and to deny them freedom! These holy people are so full of themselves! Their pompous arrogance is out of control. “Oh, we’re holier than you, so you should listen to us and stop hating others.” *Gag*
  • Another Lie: “We support the rights of all Americans to worship in their chosen place, through a climate of respect, dignity and peace.” No they don’t! If they did, where is their website, their commercial and their publicity about prayer in schools? Hypocrites!


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