Replace “English” Class with “Communications” & Other Education Fixes

Some schools still teach cursive handwriting. Not sure why. Today’s 20-somethings only use it for signatures. Those younger than 20 cannot read cursive writing. It is out of date and public schools do not need to teach it anymore. Many have already stopped.

Here’s another one for the Education-types to figure out. We still force kids to sit in so-called “English” classes in elementary, middle and high school. They also take English in college. This is where kids learn all the grammar rules and how to build proper sentences, etc. Anyone under 40 uses all of the new methods of communication. They use things like texting, instant messaging, facebook, twitter, etc. Like it or not, these methods of communication do not follow the standard rules for writing “English.”

Isn’t the goal of an English class to teach people to effectively communicate their ideas and messages?

If so, it is time to at least discuss ditching the old method of teaching English. Thee new methods of communication use abbreviations, even letters like OMG and LOL. Regardless of what your grade school English teacher thinks, this is effective communication in the modern age.

Time for Education to catch up.

While we’re at it, public schools need to start offering foreign languages in Kindergarten instead of waiting until high school

One more – Colleges and Universities need to dump the whole notion of a 4-year “liberal arts” education. The time for that kind of degree has come and gone. The institutions of higher learning need to develop and market two-year bachelor’s degrees. This will happen in time, regardless of which liberal professors despise the idea. It’s time to quit wasting time forcing kids to learn about rocks when they want to be a computer engineer. It’s time to make education more affordable. Cutting the time and tuition in half would sure help!

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